Fantasy Football Week 15 Start Em, Sit Em Lineup Advice and Projections

The Week 17 start em, sit em lineup advice post is up.


Update 12/19: I am all updated on the questions in the comments as 7:30 this morning. I will do my best to answer questions between now and kickoff, but please have patience if it takes a little while to answer. I’ll be out Christmas shopping and doing all other kinds of running around today. Halelujah for the iPhone.

The playoffs are here (unless, of course, your playoffs started last week), which means that each of us will be agonizing over and obsessing about every lineup decision we are faced with this week.

Before I get into this week’s start ’em, sit ’em picks and projections, I want to give you two very important pieces of advice: don’t outthink yourself and remember that stars are stars for a reason.

I tell you this because while taking a glance through the QBs, it dawned on me that Jason Campbell might very well be a better start in Week 15 than Tom Brady.

Sounds crazy right?

Well, Campbell has throw seven TDs over the past three weeks and faces a Giants defense that would probably give up 200 yards passing and a couple of TDs to Navy. Tom Brady, on the other hand, has thrown only three TD passes over the last three weeks and faces Buffalo’s very stiff pass defense.

When you look at the stats that way, it almost looks like a slam dunk that you should start Campbell right?

Well I wouldn’t. And you know what? I wouldn’t sit Randy Moss either.

At the end of the day, Tom Brady is a superstar future Hall of Famer because he can produce against any defense and can do so in the toughest of situations. And if you did sit Brady, wouldn’t you be terrified that he and Randy Moss would come out with an Eff-you attitude and party like it’s 2007?

There is no guarantee that Tom Brady will have a great day this Sunday, and in fact Jason Campbell could very well put up better stats. But it’s the playoffs. And for me, it all comes down to trust.

Who do you trust? That is who you should be starting.

Despite his struggles the last month, I still trust Brady over Campbell. If I’m going to lose in the playoffs, I’m going down with my Hall of Famer, not a guy who has had three good weeks now that the pressure is off.

If you beat me with Campbell and I have Brady, I’ll tip my hat and congratulate you, but I won’t second guess myself. There is nothing worse than making a playoff exit and second guessing a decision.

Remember that.

Okay here is a quick look back at Week 14, which was another pretty good week for me:

  • Start ’em hits: QB Matt Schaub, HOU; RB Jamaal Charles, KC; WR Michael Crabtree, SF; Baltimore D/ST;
  • Start ’em misses: TE Heath Miller, PIT; Pittsburgh D/ST;
  • Sit ’em hits: QB Brett Favre, MIN; RB Cedric Benson, CIN; WR Antonio Bryant, TB; TE Zach Miller, OAK
  • Sit ’em misses: Denver D/ST;

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Fantasy Football Week 15

Start ‘Em, Sit ‘Em Lineup Advice and Projections

Week 15 Start ‘em, Sit ‘em Picks: Quarterbacks

fantasy football week 15 start em, sit em projections - tom brady, randy moss, brett favre, moreno, benson, roddy whiteStart ’em: Tom Brady, New England (at Buffalo)

After that intro, you knew that I had to go with Brady here, right?

Now stop looking at me like I’m crazy. I know how abysmal the stats have been recently, and yes I saw Randy Moss loafing through the Panthers game, but I don’t care. If Tom Brady is my #1 QB (and assuming I don’t have someone like Matt Schaub or Tony Romo on the bench) he is starting this week.

First off, it’s Tom Brady. And I trust him. New England is facing a must-win divisional game with Miami and the Jets nipping at their heels, and I think we will see a very focused team. As for Moss, I think the unconditional support that Brady and Belichick showed him this week will result in the kind of Eff-you attitude that I described above.

I know that Buffalo’s D is good, but they aren’t good enough to cover a motivated Randy Moss.

Plus, consider that in 15 career starts against Buffalo, Tom Brady has thrown 32 TDs and only 11 INTs. Earlier this year he threw for 378 yards, 2 TDs, and an INT, and all everyone could talk about is how bad he looked.

Granted, the Patriots have not played well on the road this year. And yes, the weather could end up being bad this weekend. (Goodness, I could probably talk myself out of this pick if I really kept this up!)

But as I said above, it’s Tom Brady. If I’m in the playoffs, he’s my guy. I admit that this is more of a gut feeling than anything suggested by the stats, but it’s not like he isn’t capable and doesn’t have the weapons.

Tom Brady Week 15 fantasy projection: 315 yards passing, 3 TDs, 1 INT

Other start ’em QBs for Week 15:

  • I wouldn’t start him over Tom Brady, but Jason Campbell is still a very solid start this week.
  • Umm, Kurt Warner is facing Detroit. You’ve been noticing what teams are doing to Detroit right? Warner will most likely be your high scorer in Week 15 if he plays into the 2nd half.
  • Aaron Rodgers is a good start this week against Pittsburgh, which has been very susceptible to big plays in the passing game without Troy Polamalu.
  • And since I know that you will ask, yes I would start Peyton Manning this week. You need to track what is coming out of Colts’ camp, but it looks like Manning will at least play a half and probably more. I’d be more worried about Week 16 and Week 17, but the Colts don’t want Manning sitting for three straight weeks.

fantasy football week 15 start em, sit em projections - tom brady, randy moss, brett favre, moreno, benson, roddy whiteSit ’em: Brett Favre, Minnesota (at Carolina)

Yes, I am telling you to sit Brett Favre for the second week in a row. It’s not so much that I think Favre is playing poorly, I just think the matchup is not optimal and that the Vikings seem to really want to go back to being a power running team.

Here are Favre’s TD passes the last four weeks: 4, 3, 2, 1. Obviously you can see where the trend is headed, and it’s not good.

As for the matchup, Carolina has allowed the third fewest (tied with five other teams) TD passes in the league: 13. For those of you who are mathematically challenged, that is less than one per game. Cincinnati presented a similar matchup last week (13 TDs given up headed into the game) and held Favre to less than 200 yards and a only one TD in the Metrodome.

Most importantly, I think that this will be another dominant game for Adrian Peterson, which means that Favre will take a back seat. That means that if you have a decent option, I’d get him ready for Week 15.

[FYI: for those of you wondering how I can say sit Favre and start Brady when there appears to be no discernible difference in trends, recent stats, or matchup, here is the difference: Brady and the Pats’ passing game has something to prove and they are fighting for a playoff spot. Favre and the Vikings are not. In the NFL, having something to prove and play for late in the season can often lead to big weeks where they might not be expected.]

Brett Favre Week 15 fantasy projection: 200 yards passing, 1 TD, 1 INT

Other sit ’em QBs for Week 15:

  • Matt Ryan is an obvious sit if he starts as Atlanta is facing the Jets’ D, which has given up seven TDs all season long. Chris Redman is also a sit.
  • David Garrard was at home and had a very nice matchup in Week 14 (Miami) and he stunk. On short rest with the 13-0 Colts coming to town, I’d prefer to sit Garrard if I could.
  • Don’t get cute and think that starting Matt Cassel is smart just because he’s facing the Browns and gets Dwayne Bowe back. Bowe will likely be rusty, the Browns’ D has been playing better lately, and Cassel, well, he sucks.

Week 15 Start ‘em, Sit ‘em Picks: Running Backs

Start ’em: Knowshon Moreno, Denver (vs Oakland)

Readers, I trust you enough at this point to know that I don’t need to recommend Jamaal Charles anymore, especially when he’s facing Cleveland’s run D. And I feel fairly certain that you can look at Quinton Ganther’s two TD performance last week, see that he’s facing a Giants D that has given up 17 rushing TDs this season, and know that you should start him too.

And hopefully my pick of Knowshon Moreno this week is obvious as well. The reason I am putting him here is because of his rough outing in Week 14 against the Colts. The rookie carried the call 23 times but generated only 63 yards. Don’t let that scare you off this week though.

Luckily, Moreno draws Oakland’s run D in Week 15, the same defense that surrendered two TDs to Ganther in Week 14 and that has given up 20 rushing TDs on the season.

Moreno could very well be a top-5, top-10 back this week. My prediction below is fairly conservative.

Knowshon Moreno Week 15 fantasy projection: 120 yards rushing, 1 TD, 2 rec, 15 yards

Other start ’em RBs for Week 15:

  • Obviously Charles and Ganther, as explained above.
  • I know that he was underwhelming last week, but I like Justin Forsett this week. He got 13 touches last week at Houston, and if he gets that many in Week 14 against Tampa Bay, he could generate 100 yards and a TD.
  • Don’t overthink DeAngelo Williams. He’s a stud RB and will get more carries with Jonathan Stewart hobbled. I know that Minnesota has a good run D, but Carolina does not have much else.

Sit ’em: Matt Forte, Chicago (at Baltimore)

It is finally time to cut bait folks.

Forte is averaging 3.4 yards per carry this year and has scored a whopping four touchdowns. When did this guy turn into Jamal Lewis?

This week, the Bears head to Baltimore to face a defense that may be aging, but is always fired up at home and is actually playing for a spot in the playoffs, unlike the Bears who are just playing out the string.

There is absolutely nothing to like about Forte right now, and I would only consider him if I did not have another back who will get 15+ touches, or maybe as a flex in a PPR league…if I was desperate.

I know it will pain you to sit your first round pick in the playoffs, but Baltimore has given up only seven rushing TDs on the year. There are better options…much better options.

Matt Forte Week 15 fantasy projection: 60 yards rushing, 4 receptions, 25 yards, 0 TDs

Other sit ’em RBs for Week 15:

  • LeSean McCoy has to sit right now. He’s splitting carries and not even doing much with the carries he gets.
  • I know that Reggie Bush scored two TDs last week, but he still had only 12 touches…which is the first time he’s been in double digits in a while. I don’t like those odds, especially with a desperate Dallas defense coming to town that has been playing pretty well lately.
  • I’m scared of Cedric Benson again. He has scored only one TD in the last four weeks, and last week was the first time in the last four weeks that he has averaged more than 3.4 yards per carry. Plus, San Diego has given up only eight rushing TDs all year, and showed Dallas last week that they can be tough around the goalline.

Week 15 Start ‘em, Sit ‘em Picks: Wide Receivers

Start ’em: Randy Moss, New England (at Buffalo)

So, guess which game I am going to be watching closely this weekend?

I can already foresee many of you asking me if you should take Randy Moss out of your lineup. I may go down in flames saying this, but I say no.

There is no receiver in the NFL who is more dangerous when motivated than Randy Moss when Tom Brady is under center. I think that there was friction between Moss and Bill Belichick that surfaced in his play in Week 14. Now that Belichick has publicly supported Moss, despite obvious evidence that Moss was loafing, I think the hatchet can be buried.

If the Patriots weren’t competing for a playoff spot, and if Moss didn’t respect Tom Brady, I would not be so confident. But Moss is a prideful player who knows that all eyes will be on him this week.

I would stake my playoff hopes on him rising to the occasion, and I am recommending that you do the same, bad matchup, bad trends, and all.

Randy Moss Week 15 fantasy projection: 7 receptions, 115 yards, 2 TDs

Other start ’em WRs for Week 15:

  • Miles Austin has been outstanding for three straight weeks. With Dallas playing New Orleans, we know that they will need to score points and that Tony Romo will have to air it out. Take advantage.
  • Santonio Holmes has been a very solid receiver over the last four weeks: 27 receptions, 402 yards, two TDs. For the season, he now has 70 catches and is already over 100 yards. Green Bay gives up a lot of passing TDs, making Holmes a solid start.
  • The Cardinals are facing Detroit’s terrible defense, and I’d bet that Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin don’t play the whole game. That could open up some opportunities for Steve Breaston, who should have a very good day.

Sit ’em: Roddy White, Atlanta (at New York)

There are a lot of things working against Roddy White this week:

  • He is coming off of a subpar two-catch, 41 yard performance in Week 14.
  • His quarterback is injured and won’t be 100% even if he returns this week.
  • The Falcons are playing the Jets in New York…in December…which means the weather could be nasty.
  • The Jets possess Darrelle Revis, who shuts down everyone.

I could probably go on, but do you need me to? This is a week to sit Roddy White unless you are really desperate.

Roddy White Week 15 fantasy projection: 3 receptions, 43 yards, 0 TDs

Other sit ’em WRs for Week 15:

  • What the hell is up with Mike Sims-Walker? I’ve got to think that he is nowhere close to 100% but is trying to gut it out with Jacksonville in the playoff race. But two catches and 18 yards over the last two weeks means a spot on the bench this week.
  • I still don’t like Terrell Owens. He’s too up and down for my tastes.
  • Antonio Bryant was an obvious sit last week facing the Jets, but I’d be worried about using him this week too. The reason? The rookie playing QB.

Week 15 Start ‘em, Sit ‘em Picks: Tight Ends

Start ’em: Fred Davis, Washington (vs New York Giants)

How good has this guy been? I nabbed Davis a few weeks back and have been able to enjoy his four TDs in the last three weeks.

This week, Davis faces a Giants’ pass defense that is really struggling. I realize that putting Davis here may be a bit obvious considering how hot he is, but I don’t want anyone to overlook this hidden gem with so much on the line in Week 15.

Fred Davis Week 15 fantasy projection: 4 receptions, 45 yards, TD

Other start ’em TEs for Week 15:

  • I almost put this guy as the official TE start ’em – and I probably should have – so make sure that you start Jermichael Finley. He has 12 catches over the last two games and 22 over the last four. The only stat that has made Davis more valuable is TDs, where Davis has Finley doubled up over the last four weeks.
  • I like Tony Gonzalez a lot this week. Atlanta is going to really struggle throwing to WRs, which could mean even more targets for their Hall of Fame TE.

Sit ’em: Greg Olsen, Chicago (at Baltimore)

I know that you are still nostalgic about Olsen because of his three-TD game from earlier this year, and you are afraid to leave him on your bench because he could explode at any second; and you’re right, he could…but I’d leave him on my bench rather than risk another two-catch performance like what we’ve seen for two straight weeks.

Baltimore is going to present a lot of problems for Jay Cutler and the Bears offense, and Olsen is just too up and down for me to trust him in the playoffs. There are plenty of other TEs that are guaranteed to give you four or five catches and at least some positive production. Go with one of them and make sure you get at least some points out of your TE slot.

Greg Olsen Week 15 fantasy projection: 3 receptions, 25 yards 0 TD

Other sit ’em TEs for Week 15:

  • John Carlson scored a TD in Week 14, but he still only has seven catches over the last four weeks. Not enough targets.
  • Dustin Keller has two catches for eight yards over the last two weeks. Why is he still on your roster?

Week 15 Start ‘em, Sit ‘em Picks: Defense / Special Teams

Start ’em: Denver Broncos D/ST (vs Oakland)

Yes, this one is pretty obvious, but I’m picking them anyway. With Bruce Gradkowski out, the Raiders will be starting either Charlie Frye or JaMarcus Russell (cue: laughter). If the Broncos could pick of Peyton Manning three times, what do you think they will do to Oakland with either of those guys playing QB?

Denver Broncos D/ST Week 15 fantasy projection: 13 points or less, 3 INTs, 4 sacks

Other start ’em D/ ST units for Week 15:

  • I like Baltimore against the Bears, especially if Ed Reed is back. With Jay Cutler throwing INTs like he is Santa Claus handing out presents, Reed (or anyone else in Baltimore’s secondary) could have a chance to take one to the house.
  • I really like how well the Jets’ D is playing right now, especially with the Falcons’ top two offensive players hobbled.
  • Seattle, Arizona, Minnesota, and Houston all have very nice matchups.

Sit ’em: Cincinnati Bengals D/ST (vs San Diego)

The Chargers have won eight games in a row and simply are not turning the ball over very often. Plus, they are an automatic bet to put up 20+ points. With so many other great options out there, why would you even think about running the Bengals out there this week?

Cincinnati D/ST Week 15 fantasy projection: 20 points or more, 1 INT, 1 sack

Other sit ’em D/ST units for Week 15:

  • Washington’s D has been a decent play this year, but the Giants’ offense has been playing much better lately. Stay away.
  • I’d think twice about New Orleans’ D this week. They are giving up more points lately and Dallas’ offense is not turning the ball over, but just hasn’t been great in the red zone. New Orleans is a decent play this week, but there could be a really nice matchup you might rather take advantage of.

The comment section beckons below. As usual, I will do my best to get to all of your questions. As always, try to get them in by Friday, although I will try to answer as many as possible on Saturday and leading up to kickoff on Sunday.

And don’t forget that we now provide constant fantasy updates at our nfl page: Bookmark that page to stay up-to-date with the latest fantasy football news. You can also follow me on Twitter.

Finally, good luck in Week 15 everyone. I hope to see you all back here next week as we set our lineups for Week 16 and get ready to take home some championships.


* – Brett Favre photo credit: Jeff Wheeler/Minneapolis Star Tribune/MCT via

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  1. alright i need:
    2 qb brees farve and big ben
    3 wr moss meachem jennings s. smith (NYG) breaston and britt
    2 rb b. wells mendenhall steven jackson maroney

    im thinking brees and farve, moss meachem smith, and wells and maroney.

    • QBs: Favre and Ben
      WRs: Moss, S Smith, Meachem
      RB: SJax, Maroney

      • Jerod! Thanks for the confidence last week on Ganther and the Tenn D!!! I played him as my flex last week and he delivered. Who needs Forte right? I was able to keep it very close against an opponent that had Chris Johnson and Jammal Charles. He had better matchups and I'm only down by 3 pts heading in to the second part of my playoff w/ him. This time I have the better matchups so I ready to rock & take the lead this wk. My options in my non ppr league are:____QB Peyton@TENN(Will he or won't he play)?/Cutler@BALT(playing a little better lately__RB A&TENNddai(resting??),Maroney@BUF( great matchup against Bills),Ganther(playing Giants at home)Forte(BUST)J Stewart(MINN)__WR Mr 85@SD(his QB is struggling),Driver@PITT(less targets these days), Miles Austin@NO(still consistent)__TE Celek(consistent targets),*I could pick up Fred Davis off of waivers also btw__K Akers@PHIL__Def Denver(OAK)Arizon(@DET)____I'm thinking: Peyton/Addai/Maroney(Ganther(Flex),MR 85,Miles Austin/Celek & Denver. I like Ganther on the mon night because he may shine on the big stage plus my opponent has no mon night players. It's tough to sit Driver though because he's more proven. __

        • Hey Jerod I have a couple more for you:

          Would you play Fred Davis or J Finley over Celek this week?
          DO you think ADDAI and PEYTON will play this week? Should I consider picking up Jason Campbell off of waivers for the next few weeks for starts? Cutler is my backup now.

          Thanks for all the advice and for writing a great column !

          • I do think Addai and Manning will play this week, and play enough to be solid contributors. But it's early in the week, so you have to see if their public pronouncements change at all.

            I would rather have Campbell than Cutler right now.

        • QB – Peyton is at Jackonsville, and I'd start him.
          RB – Maroney, Ganther, Addai, Forte, Stewart (in order)
          WR – Austin, Ocho, Driver (in order)
          TE – I would rank the TEs for this week Davis, Finley, Celek, and honestly I don't know that there is much separating them. I like that Washington is throwing the ball more and the Giants have been terrible against the pass.
          DEF – Denver

  2. Jerod,

    WR advice please. Andre Johnson is a lock. Please pick 2 more to start, out of: Sims-Walker, Sidney Rice, D Mason, H Nicks, and Nate Burleson.

    At RB, will be going with Ricky Williams and Michael Turner (if he plays). If Turner is out, do you like Barber or Beanie Wells? Or should Turner be ruled out totally for one of the other two?

    For a second team, would you go with Flacco, Vince Young, Hasselbeck, or Alex Smith ar QB? At WR, pick 2: Hines Ward, Meachem or Roy Williams? Please pick 2 RBs: Peterson, Ray Rice, Jamaal Charles. And at DEF would you go with the Jets, Saints, or Seahawks?


    • I like Rice and Mason. I just don't trust Nicks yet, even though he has TDs in two straight games, he's dropping a lot of balls too.

      I like Beanie over the corpse that used to be Marion Barber. (Would start Turner over Wells if he plays.)

      Tough question at QB. Flacco and Hasselbeck have solid matchups, but neither has been consistent at all lately. Young is hobbled and was only marginally effective from a fantasy perspective the last few weeks. Smith, however, has 9 TDs over his last four games and Philly's pass D has only been middle-of-the-road this year. I start Smith.

      Ward and Meachem.

      Peterson and Rice…I love Charles, but he's not in the class of the other two yet, even against Cleveland.

      I'd go with the Jets.

  3. Big Lou D. says:

    Hey Jerod,

    Made the playoffs! (we just finished regular season in week 14). I've got a few issues so I may seek your advice on more than one issue.

    Need 3 RBs (2 plus flex):
    DeAngelo Williams, Jamaal Charles, Cedrik Benson, Tim Highttower, Quinton Ganther (get points per rush and reception).

    Quarterback conundrum – NEED 2:
    Peyton Manning (yes – gotta roll with him), Chris Redman (will Ryan play), Matthew Stafford, Josh Freeman. Dolhomme and Russel (Shudder!) are also available.

    • Big Lou D. says:

      I wanted to say thanks again for all your help to date. I have to say that without your insights and advice I'd probably be in the consolation bracket right now.

      So thanks again! Much appreciated.

      • Hey, you made the decisions. It's easy dispensing advice and answering the questions. If you're in the playoffs, you have yourself to pat on the back. Thanks for the kind words and I'm glad to prove any help and insight I can, but if you're in the playoffs it's because you did a great job managing. Well done!

    • Congrats! Glad to have been able to help.

      I'd start DAW, Charles, and Ganther.

      QB: Manning and…ugh. Is Campbell available by chance? I'd try to stay away from the Falcons guys…but like them over Stafford, Freeman, or Russell (who I would rank in that order, fyi).

  4. Hi Jerod.
    Let me know what you think. I am up by only 1 poin in the first round of our two week play off league.
    I need every point possible.

    QB: Drew Brees vs Dal
    RB: DeAngelo vs Min
    RB: Thomas Jones vs Atl
    WR/RB: Joseph Addai vs Jac
    WR: Miles Austin vs NO
    WR: Vincent Jackson vs Cin
    D/ST: Colts vs Jac
    K; Kaeding vs Cin

    QB: Jason Campbell
    RB: Chris Brown vs STL
    RB: Tim Hightower vs Det
    WR: Roddy White
    WR: Sims Walker
    TE: Greg Olson
    D/ST: Jets vs Atl


  5. Big Lou D. says:

    Hey Jerod. One more big question for you.

    Need 3 WRs out of: (PPR League)

    Sidney Rice, Hines Ward, Kenny Britt, Hakeem Nicks
    Available FAs include: Pierre Garcone, Manningham, Chris Chambers, Antonio Bryant, Devin Thomas

  6. Hey jerod,

    2 WR Derrick Mason, DeSean Jackson, Hines Ward, Steve Smith (NYG)
    2 RB Jamaal Charles, Quinton Ganther, Cedric Benson, LT
    1 Flex

    So I am definitely starting Charles and Jackson and I was leaning toward Ganther pretty much because of your confidence in him and me disliking the production of LT and Benson lately. As for other WRs I was leaning toward Ward and Mason for my WR 2 and Flex spot but I am scared that Ward will not perform with a struggling Pitt offense.

    Please send advice on who to start

    Also I have Maroney, Forsett and Arian Foster on my Waiver, are they worth picking up?

    Thank you!

    • WR – DJax and Steve Smith (he's more consistent than Mason and Ward)
      RB – Charles and Ganther
      Flex – LT

      Maroney is a great pickup. I would actually start him at flex this week over LT. They are facing the terrible Bills' run D.

  7. Hey Jerod,

    im in a 2qb, 3wr, 2rb format and was wondering what you would do:

    qb (2 out of 3): schaub, eli manning, vince young
    wr (3 out of 5): devin hester, mike sims-walker, randy moss, jerricho cotchery, austin collie
    rb (2 out of 4): chris johnson (obvious starter), ricky williams, jamaal charles, beanie wells

    thanks for your help,

    • QB – Schaub and Manning for sure
      WR – Moss, Sims-Walker, Collie, Cotchery, and Hester (in order)
      RB – CJ, Ricky (love Charles, but not over the consistency of CJ and Ricky)

  8. Hey Jerod,

    Oh boy, week 15 is here. Your advice for week 14 was solid again.

    Here are my options.

    QB = Rivers & Schaub (whenever I bench one of them, he outperforms the starter…like em both though)
    RB = C. Johnson (no brainer), Charles (no brainer), & Moreno (good matchup…maybe flex)
    WR = A. Johnson (no brainer), Smith (NYG), S. Rice (tough matchup), Garcon (nervous), Mecheem (nervous), & MSW (not too thrilled with him lately)
    TE = Gates & Fred Davis
    Flex = Moreno, Rice, or Smith

    Thanks in advance!

    • QB: I'd go with Schaub because of the matchup: St. Louis

      RB: Play all three (Moreno at flex)

      WR: Johnson, Smith, Rice, Meachem, Garcon, Sims-Walker is how I'd rank 'em. Wouldn't surprise me to see MSW bust out in a big way, but I'm not trusting him enough to start him.

      TE: Gates

      Good luck!

    • Disregard this one. I made a decision on the lineup based another question that you've already responded to.

  9. hey jerod – you been fantasy gold for me. now i gotta make a big decision and could use some help. i got an opportunity to pick up andre johnson in a trade, but i'd have to give up either ricky williams or vernon davis. any ideas? im a little sore in RBs, got benson, LT, and maroney, and williams. bo scaife is my backup TE, tho i could pick up finley off waivers. what do you think? thanks again!

  10. Pick 3
    RB- B. Jacobs, DAW, Benson, Moreno, Ganther and Mauroney (Im Thinking DAW, Moreno, and Benson)

    Denver D or Philly D?

    Also If you had a defensive choice would you choose
    D Sharper or J Beason
    Other League
    Wr- Steve Smith (Car), MSW, Meachem, Roy Williams, Manningham, Breaston (Pick 3)
    RB- Ray Rice, Ricky Williams, J. Charles, P. Thomas (Pick 2)
    Def- N.O or Pitt?

    • RB: DAW, Moreno, Maroney (love the matchup against Buffalo)

      I like Denver's D. Oakland sucks.

      I'd go with Beason. Sharper hasn't been as electric lately and Romo is not turning the ball over like he used to.

      Other league…

      WR: Smith, Meachem, and Breaston (esp. if Larry Fitzgerald doesn't play…but even if he does, the Cards are playing Detroit. Enough said.)

      RB: Ray Rice and Ricky Williams

      Def: New Orleans

  11. Great column Jerod! I made it to the semi finals through some valuable insights I gathered here.

    I’m playing QB – D. Brees/ K – G. Hartley and Denver DEF. Need help with the following–
    2 WRs –Welker (obvious choice), Colston and Harvin (if he plays) {Nicks, Bryant, Collie available on waiver}
    2 RBs – MJD (again, obvious choice), Maroney, Pierre Thomas, Arian Foster and Jerome Harrison
    1 TE – Celek, Fred Davis (recently picked off the waiver).



    • Excellent, glad to hear i mike! Let's do it one more week at least.

      WR: Welker and Colston
      RB: MJD and Maroney (love the matchup against Buffalo's run D)
      TE: Fred Davis

  12. Help!!! D-Will of Knowshon this week (first week of playoffs).

  13. Thanks Jerod! I will def check the status until gametime for Manning & Addai.
    I'm trying to look ahead to a possible championship round matches in wks 16 & 17and still could use more RB depth since Addai may be sitting soon and Forte is useless until he plays Det last game of season..

    Whats your feeling on the RB'S Chris Jennings/Browns? wk 15@KC, 16 OAK, wk17 JAC
    Arian Foster/Texans? wk15@ST Louis wk 16 @ Miami wk 17 NE

    Would you start any of those as a flex this wk over ADDAI or DRIVER or just pick em up off of waivers and wait and see how they do this week? I would probably only dump a 3rd defense I've been hoarding for good mathups and maybe Austin Collie or J Stewart. The upside could be good though.


    • Well, Arian Foster is going to a chance to show what he can do this week against St. Louis, But either way, I don't really like matchups after that. (and, he was any good, he would have started earlier in the year.)

      Chris Jennings is coming off of a 20 carry game and has a great matchup in Week 16. He will also be splitting carries with Jerome Harrison and Joshua Cribbs. Still, I'd roll the dice with him over Foster.

      No, I would not start either over Addai or Driver.

  14. Hey Jerod,

    I need some advice.

    QB – Rivers or Schaub
    Flex – Moreno, Garcon, or S. Smith (NYG)

    Thanks in advance!

  15. Hey Jerod,

    Thanks for the advice so far this year as I'm up 25 pts going into the 2nd week of the playoffs. I'm in a non-ppr league with 2RB/2WR/1 Flex.

    I have Chris Johnson and Jamal Charles at RB this week with Michael Turner on the bench unless he plays. With a WR core of Wayne, Colston, MSW, Miles Austin, Garcon, and Sidney Rice which 2 would you start this week? I'm worried about how much Wayne plays, and he hasn't exactly put up many fantasy points since the game against New England. With Rice not putting up double digit fantasy points on the road this year but once, should I shy away from him against Carolina as well? I'm thinking Austin and Colston…thoughts?

    Also for my flex spot, would you go with another WR or with Benson (assuming Turner can't go)? I know you aren't a fan of Benson this week, but is he a better option than my other WR?

    Thanks for your thoughts!! You've kept me rolling all season long.

    • WR – Colston and Austin – I understand your concerns about Wayne, and I'd normally never recommend sitting him, but I think the Dallas-NO game will be a shootout and I trust Colston and Austin the most of all your WRs other than Wayne.

      I'm never a fan of Benson to be honest (screwed me a few years back) but I'd still play him over a WR this week. Touches are gold and it's the playoffs.

      Best of luck!

  16. Scraped out round one of the playoffs thanks to SF D after Rodgers pooped a turd on Sunday. Now were up against an opponent with matchups from heaven in the semi-finals. Here are my problems:

    G. Jennings
    D. Mason
    Chris Chambers
    MSW (planning to sit)

    B. Jacobs
    Chester Taylor

    V. Davis (must start?)
    J. Finely (looking oh so good these days)

    Rodgers is my QB till death do us part.

    Cheers (P.S. no TE in the flex, PPR league)

    • "after Rodgers pooped a turd on Sunday"

      You win the award for most descriptive pissed-off comment of the year. Well done.

      WRs (in order): Mason, Jennings, MSW, Chambers

      RBs (in order): SJax, LT, Jacobs, Taylor

      TEs: V Davis, Finley (love Finley, but not over Davis)

  17. Found mwsf start em sit em this year and it has been key in me making the playoffs this year. Thanks for all the great advice. I have Peyton Manning and Aaron Rodgers….who do I start this week?



    • GLad to have been able to help!

      I'd start Rodgers this week. I know he struggled last week, but Pitt's D has struggled to stop the pass all year. JAX knows Indy and can give Peyton problems, plus we still can't be for sure how much he'll play. If it were anyone else, I'd probably say start Peyton, but your alternative is too good to sit. Rogers.

  18. Hi Jerod:
    Things were good for the first half of rd#1, I have a 66pt lead. This week the matchups are much harder and I lost K. Smith so I need some tweaking for the last three weeks. STD League format
    My Roster:
    QB Rodgers, RB's Chris Johnson, Charles,RB/WR(Ganther/LT/F. Jackson)
    WR's: (Wayne ?, Mason ok, Britt ok, Smith NYG ?, MSW?, White?)
    TE Celek ok or Shiancoe Bench
    K Hartley
    Def Jets
    Wire possibles (Jennings, Crabtree,Bowe, Foster, Morris, Forsett) I can pick up two.
    Def (GB, HOU) or keep Jets?
    1# The Question who do I play this week
    2# Should I drop GOST. K.Smith & NYJs for any of the above).
    Regards, Thanks for the advice last week.

    • RB/WR: LT (don't trust Ganther enough yet to start over LT and his 10 TDs)
      WRs (in order): Wayne, Mason, Smith, MSW, White, Britt
      TE Celek

      I like Jennings and Crabtree over Britt. Jennings a little more because of his experience and QB.

      And I'd keep the Jets D. They are really playing well.
      Best of luck this week!

      • Hi Jerod: Thanks for the advice. Since my last message I dropped F.Jackson and Shiancoe and picked up Fred Davis and Foster. Should I play Foster in place of Ganther due to match ups. Same question for F Davis & Celek. Finally I did pick up Jennings & Crabtree. Should I bump any of the Wayne/Mason Smith NY trio to the bench? I think Wayne is ok this week but it may be his last week before his minutes decrease.

        Again Thanks:

        • I think I would still play Wayne, Mason, and Smith. More reliable than the others. I would not play Foster in place of Ganther. Ganther actually has a two-TD game on his resume, unlike Foster, who hasn't done much yet.

          Yes, I'd play Davis over Celek.

  19. Hey Jerod,

    I made first seed of my league(13-1), and I am facing my toughest matchup yet this week.

    My Team –
    QB – Carson Palmer
    RB – Peterson, Mendenhall
    WR – Miles, Boldin, Marshall
    TE – Tony Gonzalez
    K – Nate Kaeding
    DST – Packers

    I'm actually a little bit concerned against my matchup this week. He seems to have the edge.

    Opponents Team –
    QB – Rivers
    RB – Moreno, Williams
    WR – Breaston, Colston, S. Rice
    TE – Todd Heap
    K – Dan Carpenter
    DST – Saints

    He has the big matchup with Moreno and Oakland. The Dallas/Saints game should be a shoot out, and also I think the Saint's D will come up big on turnovers/fumbles. Being that Romo will be playing from behind, and seems to always not produce when needed in December. Receiver wise, I'm also a bit concerned as you said, Fitzgerald and Boldin may not get much playing time – which could definitely affect their stat line. As he had Breaston, I am directly affected by this as he could have a solid game. Colston and S.Rice are kind of up and down as of lately, but I wouldn't be suprised if they put up solid numbers.

    I'm also worried about the Packers D, yes they have been playing very well the last part of this season. They have a few injuries with key starters, and they are going against a battered Steelers team at home – which is still capable of being devastating offensively.

    I guess my first question is. I'm just looking for a little bit of reassurance and positivity that my team can definitely pull out the win this week. I pretty much feel everyone on my team can produce, yet Carson Palmer and the Packers kind of seem like a long shot for week 15. I also have Maroney on the bench, with his matchup against Buffalo, would you start Maroney over Mendenhall this week?

    Sorry for this long drawn out post Jerod, I may be worried over nothing…hopefully.
    What are my chances of winning this week, and going for that Championship?

    • First off, yes, I would start Maroney. Buffalo has the worst run defense in the league (and there is a good chance that my projections for Brady/Moss above were a little optimistic. The fact is that EVERYONE runs on Buffalo and Maroney will probably have a very good day.

      In fact, I look at your backs as the #1 reason why you can win. You very likely have two top-10 RBs this week in Peterson and Maroney. Plus, with Darrelle Revis taking away one side of the field for Atlanta, I think Tony Gonzalez will be targeted a TON. If Atlanta can just get in scoring range against the Jets, he will get plenty of redzone targets.

      Miles Austin will have a very good day, as he's done three weeks in a row, and you have to love Brandon Marshall coming off of his 21-catch performance.

      The one place where he has you is at QB, where Rivers has been much better than Palmer; but, San Diego has to play Cincinnati this week and the Bengals have done a very nice job against the pass this year. This could end up being a wash, and if it is …you're winning based on the other matchups.

  20. Jerod,

    New to this website. Need some help. PPR league

    At RB – have to choose (1) between LT, Forte, or Cadillac Williams
    at WR Have to choose (1) between Roddy White, Greg Jennings or Devery Henderson (actually leaning toward Henderson- I have Brees as my qb and think this may be a shootout)

    and at FLEX (can be qb,wr, or rb) have to choose (1) between LT, Forte, Cadillac, Roddy, GJennings or Freeman(qb)

    Thanks so much

    • Welcome Marc. Glad to have you.

      RB: LT
      WR: Jennings…PIT's D has been prone to deep ball. I just don't trust Henderson week-to-week.
      Flex: Forte…begrudginly. He will get touches, which is why I'd play him, but if you really feel strongly about Henderson I wouldn't argue with you putting him here either.

      • thanks Jerod.

        a couple quick questions- Would snow in that Pitt-GB game change your mind about Greg Jennings?
        No chance that I should start Freeman at Flex? Our league is fairly generous to qb stats. I know he has had 2 terrible games, but this Seattle matchup is tough to turn down. Am I crazy to think about putting him at flex instead of Forte? I feel like it's a gamble either way.

        • Yes, weather might cause trouble. You'll want to track that.

          No, I would not start Freeman under almost any circumstances. 8 INTs in his last two games and he's a rookie on the road in a loud environment. Yuck.

          I would not even think twice about starting Forte over him.

  21. Glad to be of service Paul.

    I would trade Johnson for Davis and pick up Finley. While Davis has 11 TDs and has solid matchups the rest of the way, Finley is a solid fringe #1 TE in his own right. What I love about Johnson, in addition to his terrific production already, are three great matchups to end the season: St. Louis, Miami, and New England, all of whom have suspect secondaries. This also allows you to keep Ricky Williams, who has been Dolphins' work horse this year.

    If this is for a keeper league, I'd trade Williams for Johnson. Ricky will not be the undisputed #1 back next year with Ronnie Brown back healthy, plus will be a year older.

  22. Some tough calls here Jerod, I'd value your opinion!

    QB: (1 of 3) – Garrard, Big Ben, Jason Campbell (leaning towards Campbell)
    RB: (2 of 4) – MJD, Forsett, Barber, Beanie Wells (Gonna go with Forsett, I guess my big question is MJD vs. Beanie Wells.. Wells vs SF, aside from the late fumble, looked very strong and I really like that matchup vs. Detroit. But I don't know what's going on with Tim Hightower, and do ya really start Wells over MJD? What do you think?)

    • QB: Campbell
      RB: MJD and Wells – I would actually rank Forsett fourth out of your backs this week. Until his role is more defined in SEA, I'm not trusting him over more established vets or guys getting more touches around the goalline.

  23. Hey Jerod,

    If I have Steve Smith (NYG), Quinton Ganther (Was) and Fred Davis (Was) all playing Monday night do you think these players will take away significant points away from each other? Do you think I would be better off picking up Jermichael Finley and dropping Davis just to spread the wealth?

    • I never look at it as taking points away from eachother. Look at it position by position and just say "which guy is more likely to score more points?" Smith and Ganther are excellent starts and I like Davis just a bit more than Finley this week. Thus, I'd stand pat.

  24. Jerod,

    How would u rank the following defenses for this week in terms of the best chance of scoring the most Fantasy Points?

    Denver home against Raiders
    Texans @ St. Louis
    Cardinals@ DET

  25. JEROD! i'm in a bit of a receiver pickle. i got 2 slots, not sure who to use this week (my first in the playoffs!). any suggestions?
    Sims Walker
    Chris Chambers
    Kenny Britt


  26. Jason witten or Fred davis? Who do i play?

  27. Jerrod!

    So you got me into the playoffs, and a first week bye last week! I'm pretty sure my lineup is set and am actually going for guys on waivers just so my potential opponet next week can't use them against me! I have 1 close call problem:

    Romo or E. Manning this week!

    I really hate relying on either of them this late in the season, as I'm sure their actual teams must too, but these are the cards I've dealt myself and must now play one.


    • Nope, you got you into the playoffs…but I'm glad the advice here helped give you the confidence to make the right decisions.

      QB: Romo…he has actually been playing pretty well lately and I think that Dal-NO game is set up to be a shootout.

  28. Hi Jerod,

    Thanks for all of the help. For my QB do I start Kyle Orton or Matt Hasselbeck? For my flex do you like Garcon, Forsett, Bowe or Chris Jennings?


  29. help needed

    McNabb or Eli

    RB (start 2)
    M.Jones Drew

    WR (Can Start 3)
    Vjax (obvious)

    big week for me could use advice

  30. Hey Jerrod!

    So I need to pick 2 WR out of Austin, Smith NYG, Bowe. I had planned on Austin and Smith but I hear Bowe practiced with the first team today and they are playing the Browns (huge Browns fan…UGH). My RB core is set with Maroney, CJ and Charles, I'm just a little stumped on whether I should start Smith or Bowe especially considering the matchups. Thanks again!

  31. Hey Jerod,

    need some advice:
    WR's- C. Johnson, K. Britt, A. Collie, C. Chambers, R. Williams
    RB- F. Jackson, J. Forsett,
    TE- Celek, J. Finley, Z. Miller
    D- Ravens, Cardinals, Texans
    K-Crosby, Rackers, K. Brown


    • Can I retroactively say Collie now that he's scored a TD tonight?

      Actually, I would have said CJ and Roy Williams, with Collie then Britt next. As you can tell from this and other comments, not a big fan of Chambers.

      RB – Forsett, Jackson (in order)

      TE – Finley, Celek, Miller (in order)

      D – Cards, Ravens, Texans (in order)

      K – Crosby, Rackers, Brown (but it's a total coin flip here)

      • alright, i just picked up Nugent for the cards, and have been hearing crosby may not be a good start on sunday. Btwn crosby,nugent, and brown, who do you like? also, do you still like the Ravens over the Cards and Texans? Calvin or Britt? Thanks Jerod.

        • Kickers are always so difficult to predict on a week-by-week basis. I suppose I'd probably go with Brown simply because he will be in a dome and there is such bad weather out east.

          I dont think you can wrong with either the Ravens or Cards. I'd take the Cards since Ed Reed is not playing.

          Calvin, definitely.

  32. Jerod,

    I have a strategy question. If my opponent plays Jason Cambell as his QB does it make it that more important for me to play Fred Davis as my TE this weekend so I can block his points? I'm in a non ppr league. I like Davis slightly over Celek anyway this week because of the matchup.

    Thanks again for all your help!!!

    • No. You just need to play who you think will score the most points. Personally, I like Davis over Celek this week, but it has nothing do with what team Campbell plays for.

  33. Rivers/McNabb

    heres a tough one…i can start 2 (ppr league)
    DAW, Ganther, J.Forsett, Snelling, Forte, Norwood, J.Stewart

    • Not tough…I go McNabb. SF has been susceptible to pass, last week notwithstanding, while Cincinnati has done a good job of holding other teams' passing attacks down. The stats say go with McNabb, and I agree.

      RB: DAW, Ganther, with Forsett third

  34. I need help,

    WR Starting: Calvin Johnson and Steve Smith (Carolina) Bench: Kenny Brit… who should I start and bench for week 15?

  35. Hey jerod,

    wr(start 3)- austin, holmes, ward, moss
    rb(start 2)- peterson, jacobs, benson
    def- N.O. or Arizona

    thanks, i need some big help for the playoffs

    • Well, if I say Favre at QB then I am completely going against my start/sit above. So I'll say Brady.

      WR – Moss, Boldin, Austin, Holmes (Austin, Ward next)

      RB – Peterson, Jacobs, Benson

      D – Arizona…playing DET!

  36. Jerod,
    thanks for the help last week made it to the second round of the playoffs. need some more help this week, not ppr

    2rbs, 2wrs, 1flex

    frank gore, rashard mendenhall, fred jackson, ahmad bradshaw

    hines ward, greg jennings, crabtree, to, josh cribbs


    • RB – Gore
      RB – Mendenhall
      WR – Ward
      WR – Jennings
      Flex – TO

      Tough to sit Crabtree, but I have more faith in the other guys. TO has a matchup he should be able to exploit against New England, and even though Crabtree is playing well, he still only has two TDs on the season. Since neither Jackson nor Bradshaw is a featured back, and both have relatively tough matchups this week, I went against them.

      Tough calls there.

  37. Hi Jerod:
    Std Format Playoff RD #1 second week (2 wk per Round).
    I have a few questions: if Mason -Q does not play (WR 3), 1=Wayne, 2= Smith NY who would I replace him with (white)?. (White, Crabtree, Britt). For week 16 & 17 Should I pick up F. Jackson and if yes who would I drop?
    RB1 C. Johnson, RB2 Charles, RB3 (LT, Ganther, Foster, Jennings). Finally is it time to bench/drop Wayne or ride him a little longer.
    It looks good that I will be in the finals, however the team I would likely play is a monster. Any advice, high risk play or conservative approach.

    Week 16/17 Finals:
    Opp. Team "Tiger Would"
    Brees, Rice, Ricky Williams, MJD,W. Walker, G. Jennings, Ocho, Winslow, Longwell & Saints (P. Thomas, M. Barber, Roy Williams, Shiancoe, Favre).

    My Team: Rodgers, C. Johnson. Charles (Ganther/LT) Wayne, Smith NY, Mason, F. Davis, Hartley, Jets (Crabtree, C. Jennings, Britt, Celek).
    I guess it will come down to what studs will play significant minutes, match ups and quality of the replacement.


    • WR3 I would go Crabtree. I like Roddy White, but he is matched up with Darrelle Revis. You can't afford a donut in the 2nd week of your playoff matchup. Crabtree is starting to find the endzone, always catches 4-6 passes, and Philly's D will give up TDs through the air.

      I would pick up Fred Jackson for either Foster or Jennings (probably Jennings, but it's a toss up between two no-names who are suddenly getting carries)

      Bench Reggie Wayne? I think he answered that question Thursday night…and shoved it in my face after I told someone to sit him (although, in my defense, the guy's options were good). But it's a lesson: always play your stars.

      I like your team. I'd play LT over Ganther, and otherwise I agree with your choices. Best of luck!

  38. Hi Jarod,

    With S. Rice's questionable status, who do you think would be the safest start (PPR), S. Smith (NYG) or Mecheem? I'm leaning with Smith as he is Eli's go to guy, but Mecheem is a little tempting; however, I'm concerned that Bush's role in the offense will vulture some of the receptions that Mecheem might get. Moreover, they have so many offensive options.

    Thanks in advance!

    • I would definitely go wiht Smith in a PPR league. Meachem has the higher ceiling, but Smith is good enough and consistent enough to warrant starting, unless you think you HAVE to get 15-20 points out of that spot to win. Smith is more likely to be within 8-12 fantasy points but Meachem is the guy who could catch 2 TDs and have a huge day. I like the safety of consistency in targets.

  39. I have two slots and four running backs (Jackson, Benson, Ganther, B Wells). I have Ganther in one slot and with Jackson show flu like symptoms I am trying to decide on a backup. Benson seems like a chance play but fantasy sites are projecting 9 points for Wells. I'm I wrong in thinking that with Hightowers thumb and fumble problems, Wells may get extra carries against Detroit and after seeing what Baltimore did to Detroit last week he may be a better choice. Is there something about Wells that I am missing or overlooking?

    Thanks for your advice this season.

    • I really like Wells this week. I'd go with him. Yes, he has fumbling problems, but Detroit sucks and Arizona will be salting this game away in the 2nd half, which will give their rookie plenty of opportunities to run.

  40. Hey Jarod,

    V. Shiancoe or Fred Davis…I'm thinking you may say Davis cause of what you wrote, but i got to ask!!!?? (Not a PPR leauge)
    >>Also what about Boldin…you don't think he will play? & What about Sidney Rice..I saw a thread saying he was questionable?

    Thanks Jerod,

    • I like Davis this week, I really do. The Giants give up lots of fantasy points to TEs. Not that Shiancoe is a bad choice, but if you make me split the hairs I'd side with Davis.

      Last I heard Boldin will play. I don't see any new injury reports on him. As for Rice, he is apparently now questionable with flu-like symptoms. You'll just have to track that leading up to kickoff.

  41. Help please. Who to start at RB? PPR. Moreno, Rice, Ricky Williams, Gore- I need 3 of the 4. At this point i'm leaving Gore out even though he was featured last week with much success. Thanks for your input.

    • Wow…three very good choices, especially this week. I would go with Rice and Gore for sure because of the PPR factor. And even though I think that Knowshon Moreno could have a really solid week, he is still a rookie and doesn't catch many passes. The safer bet is Ricky I think, and probably who I'd go with. (I know that this goes against my advice from above, but you don't usually have four potential top-10 backs to choose from!). So I'd start Rice, Ricky, and Gore because they are more proven, knowing full well that Moreno could take advantage of his matchup against Oakland and have a big week.

  42. Micheal Turner or Quinton Ganther?

    I am torn and running out of time to decide.

  43. Hi Jerod:
    Made it into the finals (2 week format) Std. Need to drop/add bench players just in case or to block. Also what do you recommend for my top 3-4 WR's.
    RBs C. Johnson, Charles, (LT or Ganther) and Bench [(Jennings, Foster) wire F. Fackson or Harrision] Keep/Drop "2"]. *** Rodgers***
    WRs Wayne, White, MSW, Mason ,Smith NY, Britt, Crabtree (wire Bowe) – Drop two
    TE Celek or F. Davis (keep or drop 1)
    DEF S.F, CIN, NYJ, GB, (pick 1)
    K pick 1 (Hartley or Bironas)


    • Glad to hear John!

      RBs in order: Chris Johnson, Harrison, Charles, LT, Ganther, F Jackson, Foster and Jennings are irrelevant.

      WRs in order: Mason, Wayne, S. Smith, MSW, Crabtree, White, Britt, Bowe

      Both TEs are good. Davis scored AGAIN in Week 15. Hard to sit him, but I'd still play Celek in a close one. Gut feeling.

      Def: Love Green Bay this week.

      Kicker: Bironas probably…but who knows with kickers.

      Best of luck this week!!!

  44. Hi Jerod. Like always, thank you so much for the great advice you've provided throughout the season.

    I could use some help with RB decisions..pick 2

    Hillis, Bradshaw, SJax, Ray Rice, M. Turner

    Thanks so much in advance!

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