BREAKING: Blonde Woman Taken from Tiger Woods’ Home on Stretcher, Admitted on “Advanced Life Support”

As a good friend of mine used to like to say, “Sweet $hit, man!”

Every time I think that the Tiger Woods story is ready to die down, more bizarre details emerge. And this morning, perhaps the most bizarre details of all are emerging.

woman rushed to hospital from Tiger Woods' homeFirst, TMZ reported early this morning that Tiger Woods was initially admitted to the hospital as an “OD” after his car accident.

And then, in perhaps the most bizarre and stunning detail of this entire week, a 911 call was placed that sent an emergency crew to Tiger Woods’ home where a blonde woman was taken on a stretcher and transported to the hospital where she was listed as an “advanced life support patient.”

This story of a woman being rushed to the hospital from Tiger’s home was first reported by WESH in Orlando.

Orange County firefighters responded to a medical call at the residence of Tiger Woods on Tuesday morning.

The call was received at 2:36 a.m.

A radio log showed an adult woman was transported to Health Central Hospital in Ocoee. The log also showed the patient initally refused transport, but was later listed as an advanced life support patient.

Video from the hospital showed a middle-age woman being removed from an ambulance on a stretcher and taken through an emergency entrance.

There is no word yet on who the woman is. Obviously people want to know if it is Tiger’s wife Elin Nordegren, but I’ve seen no news sources even going so far as to speculate yet. This story comes just one day after reports first surfaced that Elin had moved out of the couple’s home.

As The Big Lead observes, there are conflicting reports that make speculating about the identity of the woman rushed to the hospital from Tiger Woods’ home impossible:

Could it be Elin? Elin’s twin sister? Their mother? Immediately after the ambulance reached the hospital, a Black Escalade pulled up, and according to a caller to FOX News “an attractive blonde woman” stepped out and ran into the hospital. Point being: Nobody is sure who was on the stretcher.

And finally, if you needed a reminder of the source of all this craziness at Tiger’s home, TMZ has posted another picture of Tiger out on the prowl in Vegas.

What an incredible story this is. It just does not stop. And unfortunately, at this point there is really nothing to up the ante other than some kind of tragic development. I certainly hope that whoever was rushed to the hospital this morning is okay and that this story soon blows over with the rest of it.

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