Week 10 Sleepers and Waiver Wire Steals: Josh Freeman, Vince Young, Ladell Betts

This post is from 2009!!!

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Week 9 is here and gone, and we are now into the shortened prep weeks due to the insertion of Thursday night games. Due to injuries and the Texans and Giants being on a bye in Week 10, or your players just sucking it up, you may need some sleepers to get you over the hump.

Going into week 10, there are a few new faces and a few old names that I have already talked about this year.  But let’s get the buzz name of the week out of the way first: Josh Freeman

Week 10 Sleepers and Waiver Wire Steals


Sleeper Pick / Waiver Wire Steal: Josh Freeman – QB – Bucs

Freeman had his first start of the season last week and gave the Bucs something they had not had all year, a victory! In doing so, Freeman had a rough start, but came around as the game progressed. Freeman finished the game with 205 passing yards, 3 TD’s to only 1 INT. Freeman showed his ability to scramble for yardage and to stretch the play out to give his receivers more time to get open. Josh Freeman also learned that he has a tight end named Kellen Winslow.

Now the question is, could you realistically start Freeman? If you are in need of a starting QB due to yours being injured or on a bye week, I would say yes. His schedule for the remainder of the season is brutal though, with only one game that I would start him myself versus the Seahawks. Freeman will face the Falcons twice, the Saints twice, the Dolphins, Jets and Panthers.

Freeman is that double threat that will score through the air and on the ground, and if you have the space, grab him before someone else does.

Sleeper Pick / Waiver Wire Steal: Vince Young – QB – Titans

As I said a few weeks back, Vince Young will have to play out of his mind when given the opportunity to secure a contract and hopefully a starting job after this season. This is showtime for Young, who has guided the Titans to its first two victories of the season, including a quality win over the 49ers. It does help when you have fantasy freak Chris Johnson in the backfield to take the focus off of you, but Young is playing like a viable starter and also is a dual threat with his legs and his arm.

Sleeper Pick / Waiver Wire Steal: Ladell Betts – RB – Redskins

I draft Betts every year in the last three rounds because the same thing happens every year: Clinton Portis sustains an injury and Betts steals a few games as a quality starter. This season took longer than I anticipated.

When Portis is banged up, or catches the fumblitis, Betts will usually take half of Portis’s carries. When Portis is out, the Skins do not change their philosophy of pounding the ball with their running back, and Betts has shown over the past few years that he can handle the load. Betts finished last weeks game with 70 yards and a touchdown. If Portis is a no-go this week, Betts is a great pick up.

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* – Josh Freeman photo credit: J. Meric / Getty Images via SI.com Fantasy Clicks


  1. Be wary of starting Freeman in this next week. The Packers are not a good barometer for putting pressure on the QB. Once you see a team with a solid line that can keep Freeman on his toes, then you can start him.

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