Video: Matt Stafford Wired During Browns-Lions Game

Credit for the tip goes to @TheBigLead. Pretty entertaining video (after the jump) of the Browns-Lions game with Matt Stafford wired.

I just watched it with my mom, who was thoroughly unimpressed. She’s not a big fan of cocky quarterbacks though. Now, had it been Dan Marino, she would have thought it was the greatest thing since sliced cinnamon bread. Such is the thought process of a lifelong Dolfan.

I don’t think a thrilling performance over the porous Browns proves that Stafford will be a star, but it’s pretty evident from the video that he already has the respect and admiration of his teammates and, unquestionably, the toughness he showed last Sunday is a major reason why.

Video: Matt Stafford Wired During Browns-Lions Game

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  1. …nice timeout, Magina.

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