Reports: Jimmy Clausen Involved in Bar Fight, Notre Dame Still Sucks

I’m an Indiana basketball fan, so you might think I’d have a little bit of empathy for what the Notre Dame football program is going through.


Literally adding injury to insult, Notre Dame starting quarterback Jimmy Clausen was reportedly involved in a fight outside a South Bend bar at 2:30 am on Sunday morning. Clausen apparently sustained at least one black eye as a result of the scuffle.

We have received unconfirmed tips to Midwest Sports Fans that Clausen was threatening to give another bar patron a “golden tate” and the subject of the threat did not take too kindly.

I’m kidding…I think.

jimmy-clausen-punched-bar-fightHere is the report via the Chicago Tribune account of the bar fight involving Jimmy Clausen:

Starting quarterback and team captain Jimmy Clausen was involved in an altercation outside a South Bend, Ind., bar in the hours after a double-overtime loss to Connecticut on Saturday, taking a punch to the face in the incident, sources told the Tribune.

Clausen suffered at least one black eye as a result of the punch, according to a source.

Clausen was apparently at the bar with family members and teammates as they commiserated following Notre Dame’s loss to Connecticut. There was no mention of Clausen showing up for his night of bar hopping in a limousine.

Our friend Paul Banks over at The Sports Bank had the following to say about the Clausen fight, which is just the latest in a series of alcohol-related incidents involving the Notre Dame QB.

The [Tribune] article goes on to remind us all what an egocentric, douchenozzle with a sense of entitlement Clausen truly is. He takes after his coach, who shares his arrogance and misguided belief that the rules don’t apply to him.

Ultimately, I’m sure this story will end up going away after about 24 hours. So Jimmy Clausen has consumed some alcohol while underage and participated in Beer Olympics. Anyone who really has a problem with that either needs to go to college, needs to remember their college years, or should have put down World of Warcraft and had some fun.

And while I don’t doubt that Clausen was probably drinking — what else do you do at 2:30 in the morning on a college campus when you’re out? — it sounds like he may have either been lagaretteblounted or simply got into a little scuffle outside the bar, something that happens on a regular basis on college campuses.

Either way, it’s a fun story for bloggers to post because it gives us all chances to take pot shots at Notre Dame, Jimmy Clausen, and Charlie Weis, but Clausen will be in the starting lineup this Saturday against Stanford and this story will have been forgotten by the time Clausen’s black eye clears up.

So, in conclusion…Jimmy Clausen.


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