It’s Thanksgiving, But Bears Fans are Not Thankful for This Season

It’s that time of the year when Americans sit down with their family, eat turkey, watch football, and share with each other what they are thankful for.

One thing that Bears fans aren’t thankful for is this year’s season.

With the signing of Jay Cutler during the off-season, many Bear fans thought this was the end of the QB woes that have plagued Chicago since Jim McMahon.

That has not been the case.

The Bears are a dismal 4-6 with almost no chance of making the playoffs. So-called “Savior” Jay Cutler has thrown 18 interceptions and has shown no leadership qualities at all. If this happens again next season I am not afraid of calling the Cutler signing a terrible waste.

cutler-olsenIt’s not all Cutler’s fault. What I don’t like is he doesn’t have show any leadership qualities. He doesn’t look like the guy who can lead his team to the playoffs, let alone the Super Bowl.

Worst of all, the Bears may have delayed roster progression for years to come. Without a first or second round pick in this season’s draft, the Bears will be forced to try to find a late round sleeper.

Yes the Bears are bad, and they could be this bad for a while.

Management’s ignorance in failing to improve the O-line has finally shown through. Even signings of 1st round draft pick Chris Williams and the free agent signing of Olrando Pace couldn’t help this struggling, high school-playing, O-line.

It seems the hype around this Bears team was was over calculated. Even Peter King fell for it! He picked the Bears to win the Super Bowl! Being a Bears fan I even thought that was a little too much, but I can’t say anything because he IS Peter King and I really do respect him a lot.

The Bears have defiantly been a disappointment this year. Something needs to change, and if that means hiring some new coaches so be it. I think the Bears do need some new coaches, and that they would benefit greatly by getting rid of offensive coordinator Ron Turner.

So have fun this Thanksgiving. Enjoy some turkey and some good old classic Thanksgiving day football. I have certainly not enjoyed this year’s Bear’s football season, nor has anyone else in Chicago.


Jay Cutler / Greg Olsen photo credit: Bears Backer

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