Fantasy Football Week 10 Start Em, Sit Em Lineup Advice and Projections

This post is from 2009!!!

Click for the 2010 Start em Sit em picks for Week 10.


Week 9 was very interesting for me from a real and fantasy picks perspective.

I went to sleep last night thinking I’d lost by 0.5 points in one league because of Miles Austin’s one catch. But, as so often happens in leagues with IDPs, the stats had changed by Monday morning and I led by 3.5. I’m hoping this holds up once the totals become final tomorrow.

From a picks perspective, last week was unique in that I really went out on a limb picking David Garrard over Matt Schaub. Then the defense opposing Schaub (Indy) lost two key starters and I issued a change to my recommendation regarding the Texans’ QB.

And then, naturally, Schaub went out and had a pedestrian day (311 yards, 1 TD, 2 INTs) that did not eclipse what Garrard was able to do against Kansas City (264 yards, 1 TD, 0 INTs, 29 yards rushing).

In hindsight, I should have stuck with my guns; but, the truth is that I did stick with my principles in issuing my Schaub retraction. It was the right decision. Remember, we’re trying to predict a game in which Chris Chambers can be one of the top scorers at WR during the same week he got cut by San Diego and ended up in Kansas City.

Without much rhyme or reason, all you’ve got is your principles. My principles have me above .500 and in playoff contention in all six of my leagues.

And this is what I always tell people who ask me for advice on tough questions: what are your princples? Go with them.

And if you don’t have them, get them. I’ll be happy to help if I can.

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As we always do, here is a quick look back at Week 9 to keep myself accountable for my picks:

  • Start ’em hits: Vincent Jackson, SD; Brent Celek, PHI; Seattle D/ST
  • Start ’em misses: Jamaal Charles, KC;
  • Sit ’em hits: Hakeem Nicks, NY; New York Giants D/ST; Knowshon Moreno, DEN
  • Sit ’em misses: Greg Olsen, CHI (HUGE MISS!!! SORRY!!!!);
  • Ughs: Matt Shaub and David Garrard; honestly, these guys were basically just middle of the road guys and don’t deserve to be classified as hits or misses.

Now let’s break down the Week 10 start ’em, sit ’em picks. Remember to sit your Texans and Giants, as both teams are off this week.

Fantasy Football

Week 10 Start ‘Em, Sit ‘Em Lineup Advice

Week 10 Start ‘Em, Sit ‘Em Quarterbacks


Start ’em: Brett Favre, Minnesota (vs Detroit)

Ladies and gentleman, this is what you call a no-brainer. I know that Brett Favre has been dealing with some injury issues concerning his groin, but I honestly don’t care. In fact, I would not be surprised if Favre only plays 2-3 quarters in this game, but, again, I honestly don’t care.

Here is what matters to me:

  • Brett Favre has thrown 16 TDs and only three INTs on the year; plus, he’s coming off of a bye and should be rested and ready to go. And by the way, his TD:INT ratio is 8:1 at home.
  • Detroit is 31st in the NFL against the pass and has given up 19 TDs.

What is there not to love? Start Favre and enjoy three TDs in the first half as the Vikings roll.

Brett Favre Week 10 fantasy projection: 225 yards passing, 3 TDs, 0 INTs

Other start ’em QBs for Week 10:

  • Joe Flacco is taking on the Browns. You could do worse.
  • Drew Brees is playing St. Louis, but if you need this article to tell you to start Brees you should have your team taken away from you.
  • Tony Romo is a must-start right now. He’s playing great football and while he may not be putting up the WOW numbers, he is consistently giving you solid production. Get him in your lineup against Green Bay unless you’ve got a really good alternative.

fantasy football week 10 start em sit em lineup advice projections - favre, garrard, charles, collie, portis, calvin johnson, fred davis

Sit ’em: David Garrard, Jacksonville (at New York Jets)

There are obvious sit ’ems, and then there are obvious sit ’ems. Here are your numbers:

  • The Jets are second in the NFL, giving up only 165.2 yards per game. They also have only allowed five TD passes all year (they shut out Drew Brees, remember) and have seven picks.
  • The Jets are coming off of a bye and playing at home. They’ve had to listen to Rex Ryan’s craziness all week…I think they’ll be riled up.
  • David Garrard has only six TD passes on the season and all of them have come at home.

Seriously, what more do you need to know? David Garrard is a guy I’ve been counting on all year in one league and I’m considering starting Felix Jones over him. That’s how little faith I have in Garrard to do anything against the Jets this weekend.

Honestly, I hope not too many of you are counting on Garrard as your starter in a 1-QB league, but I know that many people with Garrard as their second QB in 2-QB leagues will be wondering about his prospects for this week. I think that if Garrard is your option, this is a very good week to break the principle of always playing a second QB in an open flex spot.

David Garrard Week 10  fantasy projection: 205 yards passing, 0 TD, 1 INT, 40 yards rushing

Other sit ’em QBs for Week 10:

  • Kyle Orton is coming off a short week and facing Washington’s very good pass D. Sit him.
  • Vince Young is still not worthy of starting, in case you were wondering. This week the Titans face the Bills, who are a sieve against the run but who have only given up six TD passes all year long.
  • Carson Palmer is facing Pittsburgh’s terrific D. If you have another option, I’d consider it depending on that option’s matchup.

Week 10 Start ‘Em, Sit ‘Em Running Backs

fantasy football week 10 start em sit em lineup advice projections - favre, garrard, charles, collie, portis, calvin johnson, fred davisStart ’em: Jamaal Charles, Kansas City (at Oakland)

Yes, I know that I’m picking Jamaal Charles as my start ’em RB for the second week in a row. And yes, I realize that he was a total dud last week. But I am undeterred and recommending him wholeheartedly for the following reasons:

  • Kansas City released Larry Johnson today, meaning that Charles is guaranteed to continue seeing his role expand.
  • Even though his cumulative totals were not great last week, Charles still averaged 6.0 yards per carry and caught three passes. Yes, nine touches pissed me off too, but I expect it to increase this week.
  • Oakland sucks, we know that. But they especially suck against the run, giving up 161 yards rushing per game and 13 rushing TDs on the season.

I do think that Kolby Smith will get some carries as well, but I still look at Charles as the best guy to own because of his career YPC average and pass catching ability. I promise that if Charles lays an egg this week that I’ll stop recommending him, but I am putting my money where my mouth is and starting Charles in every league in which I own him.

Jamaal Charles Week 10 fantasy projection: 80 yards rushing, 1 TD, 55 yards receiving

Other start ’em RBs for Week 10:

  • Laurence Maroney has scored in three straight games and Indy gives up more rushing TDs than they do passing TDs.
  • Ray Rice is a weekly start, but just in case you were considering benching him, he’s facing Cleveland this week. Unless you’re deciding between Rice and Adrian Peterson or Chris Johnson, you start Ray Rice.
  • Chester Taylor is a sneaky good start if you’re hurt by the Texans/Giants bye. Minnesota will probably blow out Detroit and will no doubt want to rest Adrian Peterson in the 4th quarter. Especially in a PPR league, I’d consider Taylor.

Sit ’em: Clinton Portis, Washington (vs Denver)

Portis left last week’s game against Atlanta with a concussion and is already considered doubtful for this Sunday’s matchup with Denver. I am listing Portis here to take all of the suspense out of your decision: even if Portis somehow plays, sit him.

Denver is third in the NFL in rushing yards allowed per game (although that will probably change after Monday night against Pittsburgh) and had given up only three rushing TDs heading into Week 9. Thus, Week 10 would not present a good matchup for Clinton Portis even if he was completely healthy. Just stick him on your bench and don’t agonize over this one even if his condition improves by week’s end.

Clinton Portis Week 10 fantasy projection: 0 yards, 0 TDs

Other sit ’em RBs for Week 10:

  • I know that Portis is kind of a cop-out considering the fact that he likely won’t play anyway, so here is the one I’ll count when I tally up my successes/failures next week: Julius Jones. I know he was great in Week 9, but that was at home against Detroit. Seattle is on the road this week in Arizona, which has given up only five rushing TDs all year. Plus, Jones is a notoriously crappy player on the road. Sit him!
  • Kevin Smith isn’t even taking advantage of plum matchups this year. I have zero faith in him against Minnesota, especially when the Lions will probably be down and throwing all game.
  • I really hope this goes without saying by now, but sit Jamal Lewis. Baltimore’s D is still in the top 10 against the run and Cleveland simply can’t get Lewis into position for goalline carries.

Week 10 Start ‘Em, Sit ‘Em Wide Receivers

fantasy football week 10 start em sit em lineup advice projections - favre, garrard, charles, collie, portis, calvin johnson, fred davisStart ’em: Calvin Johnson, Detroit (at Minnesota)

No, MegaTron is frustratingly not an obvious must-start anymore. Still, despite his two-catch return from injury last week, and what appeared to be a slight rift between he and his QB on the sidelines, I like Johnson this week. Yes, his talent has a lot to do with it, but there is something else that has a lot more to do with it:

Detroit will be down early and forced to throw the ball a lot.

The Lions are, simply put, in a completely different stratosphere from the Vikings. Minnesota is a bona fide Super Bowl contender, whereas Detroit will be lucky to get to three wins. I think the Vikings will have this game wrapped up by halftime, which will provide a great opportunity for Matt Stafford and Johnson to work on their timing and rapport.

Would you really be surprised to see the two connect for one or two garbage time TDs in the 4th quarter? I wouldn’t. Stafford and Johnson are the Lions’ future; the second half of this game will be all about the two of them getting on the same page.

Calvin Johnson Week 10 fantasy projections: 9 catches, 125 yards, TD

Other start ’em WRs for Week 10:

  • If I owned Bernard Berrian, Sidney Rice, or Percy Harvin I would start them all.
  • Nate Burleson and TJ Houshmandzadeh should be good starts as well. Arizona is 29th against the pass and the Seahawks will probably be down early and unable to run the ball.
  • Derrick Mason only had three catches last week, and only has seven over his last two games, but the Ravens are playing Cleveland Monday night. Everyone on the Ravens’ O should get back on track.

Sit ’em: Austin Collie, Indianapolis (vs New England)

Calling “sit” on an Indy WR may not seem like such a great choice, but there is both a gut feeling and stats/logic behind it.

  • Gut feeling: the stakes get raised when it’s Indy v New England (i.e. Manning v Brady). I think Peyton is going to be even more predisposed to go to his trusted hands in this game. Reggie Wayne, Dallas Clark, Joseph Addai, and even Pierre Garcon have been with Manning longer than Collie. This ‘aint St. Louis the Colts are playing, if you know what I mean, and Manning is going to be extra focused (i.e. anal and less willing to throw to a rookie).
  • Stats/logic: The Patriots are 4th in the NFL against the pass, giving up only 179.4 yards passing per game. Yes, they have allowed nine TDs, and yes I do expect Peyton to have a big game, but do you really trust a rookie against a Bill Belichick defense? If I had a good alternative, I wouldn’t mind taking it.

Collie has had a very good season thus far for a rookie. He’s already caught four TDs, which places him ahead of many veterans that are considered to be elite. But Indy faced a huge test last week against Houston and Peyton only found Collie twice. In comparison, Pierre Garcon had five catches.

Trust is huge with Peyton Manning and the truth is that Collie simply hasn’t had enough time to build it to be counted on in a game as monumental as every Colts-Pats game is. If you have somewhere else to go (like Garcon), do it this week.

Austin Collie Week 10 fantasy projection: 3 rec, 31 yards, 0 TD

Other sit ’em WRs for Week 10:

  • Obviously I am not high on either Mike Sims-Walker or Torry Holt this week. I do think MSW will get 5-6 catches, so he might be startable as a WR#3 or flex.
  • Brandon Marshall and Eddie Royal are guys I’d consider sitting, Royal for sure and Marshall depending on who else you have. They are facing Washington, which is allowing the fewest passing yards in the NFL and less than a TD per game.
  • Roy Williams is still not a guy I’m buying…yet. I want to see him get some targets in the red zone first. Yes, GB has given up 16 TDs this year, so you could do worse, but continue to be wary of Roy in TD-focused leagues until he proves that he can reach paydirt.

Week 10 Start ‘Em, Sit ‘Em Tight Ends

Start ’em: John Carlson, Seattle (at Arizona)

Umm…did you see what Greg Olsen did to Arizona last week? That would be three touchdowns.

John Carlson is coming off of a six-catch game and will undoubtedly be a key target for Matt Hasselbeck in a game in which I expect Seattle to be down early. Carlson only had seven catches in the three weeks preceding Week 9, but he should be a very solid start in Week 10.

John Carlson Week 10 fantasy projection: 6 catches, 55 yards, 1 TD

Other start ’em TEs for Week 10:

  • Vernon Davis is a must start now and I list him here as a way to gloat about the fact that I was right on him in the preseason and when he struggled through the first few weeks of the year.
  • Visanthe Shiancoe needs to be in your lineup with Minnesota taking on Detroit.
  • Kellen Winslow is facing a weak Miami pass D and we all know that tight ends are the best friends of rookie QBs.

Sit ’em: Fred Davis, Washington (vs Denver)

I know that Fred Davis had eight catches and a TD in Week 7, but he came back to earth in Week 9 with only two receptions and 26 yards. Facing Denver’s D in Week 10, and with constant turmoil on the Washington O, I’m not putting my trust in a guy who should be backing up Chris Cooley.

Fred Davis Week 10 fantasy projection: 2 catches, 20 yards, 0 TD

Other sit ’em TEs for Week 10:

  • Tony Schefler is facing Washington’s top-ranked pass defense.
  • Ben Watson remains far too inconsistently targeted for my tastes.

Week 10 Start ‘Em, Sit ‘Em Defense / Special Teams Units

Start ’em: Baltimore Ravens D/ST (at Cleveland)

The D/ST category is where it’s really nice to have the Browns back in action. I know that Baltimore’s D has struggled the last few weeks, but they are facing Cleveland this week. Ed Reed always seem to have a big play when these two teams play, and Eric Mangini isn’t even naming a starting QB until Wednesday. The Browns are a disaster and you should take advantage.

Baltimore D/ST Week 10 fantasy projection: 10 points or less, 3 TOs, 2 sacks, 1 TD

Other start ’em D/ST units for Week 10:

  • Denver’s D didn’t have a great showing against Pittsburgh in Week 9, but they face Washington’s terrible offense in Week 10. Solid start.
  • Miami’s D isn’t the greatest in the world by any means, but they are facing a rookie QB in Josh Freeman that is going to have his ups and downs. You could do worse.

Sit ’em: Indianapolis D/ST and New England D/ST (facing eachother)

I said it in this week’s NFL picks and TV schedule post, and I believe it: the Colts-Patriots game is going to be a shootout. Do you really want to start the Colts D without Bob Sanders going against Tom Brady, Randy Moss. and Wes Welker? And do you really want to start New England’s D with Peyton Manning on the other side, motivated by the fact that he’s lining up against Tom Brady and Bill Belichick?

I would want to stay as far away from this game as possible. You should too.

Indianapolis and New England D/ST Week 10 fantasy projection: lots of points, very few turnovers

Other sit ’em D/ST units for Week 10:

  • San Francisco did not fare well against the Titans last week and I’m not optimistic about their chances to shut down Jay Cutler. The 49ers have been fading as of late, while Chicago’s offense is actually playing pretty well.
  • Atlanta does not stop the run particularly well, while the Carolina Panthers are very good at running the ball. Honestly, I think this game will be high scoring; I’d prefer not to start either D.

And there you have it. The Week 10 start ’em, sit ’em post is in the books; and unlike last week, I don’t foresee writing an addendum to it on Friday.

As always, the comment section is below for your questions. We had over 150 comments on last week’s post, which I believe set a record. I wonder if we can get to 200 one of these weeks…?

I’m counting on you MSF fantasy nation. Let’s get to 200!

Best of luck in Week 10. And remember: if you’re out of the playoff race, don’t quit on your league. Keep setting your rosters like you’re fighting for the last playoff spot. You would want your leaguemates to do it for you, and it builds your fantasy karma for future seasons.

And yes, I believe in fantasy karma.

In fact, I believe it’s why I woke up this morning to a W (as described above) after going to sleep last night lamenting a loss.

I never quit on a league, and you shouldn’t either…not matter how many games out you are.


* – Brett Favre photo credit: Daily Mail

* – Jamaal Charles photo credit: Top Fantasy Football

* – Calvin Johnson photo credit: The Sports Union

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  1. Thanks for the help in the past weeks. I have 2 spots to fill – RB and W/R – I have Steven Jackson (playing NO), Pierre Thomas (playing STL) and Donald Driver (playing DAL) to choose from….any advice on the 2 players I should start for week 10? Thanks a lot!

    • You can't sit Pierre Thomas against STL's terrible D, and I'd have a hard time sitting SJax. He's all St. Louis has. I always like going RB unless the WR in question is a stud. Driver is good, but he's not a stud anymore.

  2. Would you consider picking up and starting Chris Chambers against Oakland?

    • The guy had two TDs last week in his first game with KC, so sure I'd consider it. But Oakland has only given up 8 passing TDs all year, and Chambers is notoriously inconsistent. It would all depend on who your other options are.

  3. Hey Jerod,

    I'm inching closer to securing a playoff spot and am playing another playoff contender this week. These are my options this week in my standard league 1QB/2rb/1flex/2wr/TE/K and Def:

    QB Peyton/Cutler
    RB Forte/J Addai/L Maroney/J Stewart/
    WR Chad Ochicinco/"I can see for Miles" Austin/D. Driver/Malcolm Floyd/Austin Collie
    TE Celek
    K Akers
    Def Colts/49ers

    Off the top of my head I'm thinking Peyton/Addai/Forte/Maroney/Ochhocinco/Miles Austin/Celek/Akers/Colts

    I don't like the Colts Def this wk either BUT I could drop the 49er D and pick up Miami for a spot start. It's hard to sit Driver against that soft Dallas D but the secondary played well against the Eagles(Mcnabb was also off). Also, What Forte will end up with is a complete mystery to me although Chris Johnson destroyed that 49er D last week.

    What do you think? Thanks for your input once again!!!!


    • QB – Peyton
      RB – Addai and Maroney
      WR – Ochocino and Miles Austin
      DEF – Miami
      Flex – Forte

      Yes, drop SF and pick up Miami for the spot start. They're facing a rookie QB.

      Who knows with Forte. I think you need to play him at flex because he's an RB and just hope his O-line can finally open up some holes for him.

      • I agree. I'm leaning on playing Forte. Cutler will get him the ball by passing if he can't run it well or has poor O line play. Last week he had around 73 yards in receiveing. As productive as my WR's have been I feel good about going w/ the 3 RB's this wk based on "touches" alone.


  4. hi,

    i have beanie wells, LT, pierre Thomas and Jamaal Charles. i need to start 2. who do you recommend?

    i also need to start two QBs from Phillip Rivers, Matt Hasselbeck and Alex Smith.

    Advice much appreciated. thanks

  5. Jerod, need help to get back to .500

    QB – need 1 – Ryan, Cutler, Hasselbeck
    RB – need 2 – MJD, Rice, D. Williams
    WR – need 2 – R.Moss, R.White, M.Colston, M.Sims-Walker
    Flex – QB/WR/RB – 1 player – I usually pick a WR — this is a PPR league and 6 points for TD pass
    Kicker – Rackers, Prater
    Def – Philly or Pitts


    • QB – Cutler (SF's pass D is not very good)
      RB – how in the hell do you pick two from those three? Because it's a PPR league, I'd go with MJD and Ray Rice (he's playing Cleveland remember)
      WR – Moss and Colston
      Flex – I would normally go QB here, but I'm not all that high on Ryan or Hasselbeck for this week, so I think you have to go RB and get all three of your backs in the lineup. Deangelo Williams is too good to sit for my tastes.
      Kicker – Rackers
      Def – Pittsburgh

    • QB Ryan or Cutler
      RB MJD and Rice
      WR Moss,

  6. need help Week 10
    QB- Orton or Flacco
    RB- need 2 Cedric benson, steven jackson, ray rice or marion barber
    WR- need 3, roddy white, derrick mason lance moore pierre garcon austin collie
    reply PLZZZZZZZ

    • QB – Flacco, no doubt.
      RB – Ray Rice and Steven Jackson (Pittsburgh D scares me with Benson…Rice plays Cleveland and SJax is all STL has.)
      WR – White, Mason, Garcon

  7. I have a problem just for this week!
    here is my team. This week
    QB= Kurt Warner
    WR=Larry Fitzgerald
    WR=Benard Berrian
    WR=Need Help
    RB=Jamaal Charles
    RB=Thomas Jones
    TE=Zach Miller
    K=Ryan Longwell
    BN=TE Fred Davis
    BN=on bye Andre Johnson
    BN=on bye Hakeem Nicks
    BN=RB Julius Jones
    BN=RB Mike Bell
    BN=DEF Ind
    I need a wide receiver who would you pick chris chambers, eddie royal, james jones, or mike thomas. robert meachem is also on waivers. please pick one. Also do you think Im making the right choice siting julius and Fred. Thankyou for your comments!!

    • Yes, you are absolutely making the right choice sitting Julius and Fred. Well done.

      As for the receiver, I would go with…Meachem.

      I was going to say Royal or Chambers, but Meachem has at least two receptions and 47 yards in three of his last four games and has caught a TD in two of them. What tips the scales is the matchup. New Orleans faces a TERRIBLE St. Louis defense and should put up tons of points. I like Meachem to get in on some of that action.

      Jones is just to boom or bust for me (although he does have three TDs in the last four games), Royal has to face Washington's solid secondary, and Chambers has always been inconsistent.

  8. i have PITT defense and Denver defense for week 10. which should i start?

    • I love Pitt's defense, but the matchup for Denver is just too tasty: Washington. I would start Denver, but then not be surprised if Pittsburgh's D has a solid day against Cincy. How can you not pick the team facing Zorn and the boys though???

  9. Do you like Hasselbeck or Flacco this week?

    Burleson or Braylon Edwards?

  10. Hi Jerod,

    Thank you for all of the help recently. I'm looking for a D for the week. Which would you recommend out of this bunch – Arizona, Miami, Tennessee, Oakland, KC.

    Thanks again,

  11. Can you help me with my flex this week? Who would you start – Dwayne Bowe, Mike Wallace or Kolby Smith. I'm in a 12 team, ppr league.


  12. Jerod, thanks for all your help in weeks past.

    I have to start 2 QBs out of David Garrard, Matt Cassell and Chad Henne. I believe Mark Bulger is also available.

    Who would you pick for RB/flex – Jamal Lewis, Jamaal Charles, Tim Hightower or LaDell Betts?
    I also have to cut one (or TO, Mike Wallace or Hakeem Nicks) to make room for a kicker. I don't currently have a K on my roster and need all the points I can in a close matchup this week. Who would you axe?

    • I should mention that the league gives points for both receptions AND rushing attempts.

    • I don't like Garrard at all. I'd go Cassel and Henne. No Bulger for me.

      Flex has to be Charles or Hightower and while I like Charles, I'd go Hightower because he's more proven.

      I'd axe Owens. He's in the worst offense of the three and is the oldest. He's toast.

  13. Do you think Chris Chambers or Robert Meachum *NO) are better for the rest of the year than either TO, Mike Wallace or Hakeem Nicks? (PPR League).

    What about Chambers or Meachum (NO) over Manningham, Roy Williams or Johnny Knox? (PPR League).

    • I like Meachem over TO. Chambers is a crapshoot and I have no idea how to rank him. He could catch 6 TDs or 0 TDs for the rest of the year and I wouldn't be surprised.

      No, I don't like either over Manningham, Roy, or Knox.

  14. Jerod, need your help to get back in the lead in my division:

    WR – Need 3 – Rice, Hester, Bowe, Sims-Walker
    Def – Need 1 – Arizona, Tennessee

    Thanks a million…..Your advice always leads me to victory

  15. Is Darren McFadden an upgrade over any of these?

    Jonathan Stewart, Jamal Lewis, Jamaal Charles, LaDell Betts?

    • I don't him over Stewart or Charles. Betts it all depends on Portis. Based on what McFadden's shown us, he's not an upgrade over even Lewis and Betts if those guys get consistent carries.

  16. hi jerod!

    need help for week 10!

    i have- Tomlinson, Pierre Thomas, Jamaal Charles, Beanie Wells, Miles Austin and Nate Burleson

    out of those i need to start 2 RB and 2 FLEX. which 4 do you think would be the best bet?

    also, are beanie wells and jamaal charles worth keeping for the rest of the season?

    • RB – PT
      RB – Charles
      WR – Austin
      WR – Burleson

      LT needs to show me a little something before I'll start him over those options. I definitely think Charles and Wells are. The only reason I pick Charles this week is the matchup and because Hightower usually scores the TDs for Arizona. But he's been getting better and better.

  17. I have two RB slots. One will be Steven Jackson but the other is up for grabs. Either Cedric Benson or Ronnie Brown? My other question on Brown is with Ricky Williams also getting carries wouldn't this hurt Brown's stock and maybe make Benson a little more attractive this week. Brown hasn't exactly been a stud the last few games.

    Once again awesome site. Love the interactions and advice.

    • I'd go with Ronnie Brown because Miami is playing Tampa whereas Ced has to go up against PITT's great run D. But I've been wrong going against Benson before. Yeah, Ronnie is splitting carries with Ricky, but Miami runs the ball a ton and they should be able to control the ball much more this week than they did against NO or NE. This week will be more Miami's type of game.

  18. I have two RB slots. One will be Steven Jackson but the other is up for grabs. Either Cedric Benson or Ronnie Brown? My other question on Brown is with Ricky Williams also getting carries wouldn't this hurt Brown's stock and maybe make Benson a little more attractive this week. Brown hasn't exactly been a stud the last few games.

    • I think I answered this one before. If for some reason the commenting system is being lame and the answer doesn't come up, post again and I'll re-post it.

  19. Week 10

    QB (need 1): Rivers or Flacco?
    WR (need 2): Bureleson, Wallace, or Crabtree?
    D/st (need 1): Pitts or Baltimore?

    Happy Veteran's Day to all my brother's & sisters serving everywhere.

  20. would like some advice I need to pick 1 QB 1 WR and 1 RB

    QB I have Sanchez and Freeman

    WR Johnny Knox, Donnie Avery, or Andre Caldwell

    and RB

    Jamaal Charles, Matt Forte, or Mike Bell

    Currently I am leaning toward Sanchez, Knox and Charles.

    My Other Starters are
    QB Romo
    WR Berrian, Austin
    RB Rice

    • QB – Sanchez…I trust neither, but he has more experience than Freeman and is playing a worse defense at home.
      RB – Charles (Oakland's D is terrible and I don't trust Forte right now)
      WR – Andrew Caldwell…had a great game earlier in this season against PITT and scored a TD last week.

  21. What your thoughs? I need 2 RB / 2WR / 1 Flex:
    1.)My RBs are pretty much set:: Ronnie Brown & Michael Turner. I have Clinton Portis but he's out this week, and the best available on waiver is Darren McFadden & Chester Taylor. Would you pick up either these for flex position, or use one of my WRs?
    2.) WRs:
    Marques Colston / Desean Jackson / Mike Sims-Walker / Nate Burleson / Percy Harvin

    The rest of my team consists of Drew Brees QB, Visanthe Shiancoe TE, John Carney K, & Viking Def.

    Thanks for your help last week too!

    Thanks for your help last week!

  22. Oh.. one more thing.. You mention above that you ended up winning week 9 once stat changes were made — Well, that same thing happened to me in week 7, when the Vikings were given an extra sack. However, my league voted to take the point back because my opponent (Commissioner's wife!) threw a fit and said the score should be final once the game ends. I'm new to fantasy football but is that common? There were stat changes in week 2,4 & 6 and no one seemed to mind, until it affected the outcome of the game. I think I deserve the win and I'm still fuming about it in week 10! I'm interested in your thoughts.
    Sorry to be so long winded!

    • Wow that really sucks! In my league the scores are not official until the Saturday after the games. I've had opponents gain as much as 3 points, but never enough to come from behind to win. In my opinion, there should be a set rule on when the stats are final and no one should be able to deviate from that rule. Hope it turns out well for you.

    • What? That's total BS. Stat changes are part of the game, at least they always have been as long as I've been playing it. And regardless, consistency should reign. You can't make changes like that midway through the season. You got screwed!

  23. Jared! Tough decision here.

    TE – Vernon Davis or Antonio Gates?

    Thanks for keeping this going week after week!

  24. Rivers is one fire right now. They can't run so SD is scoring through the air. Flacco has a nice matchup, but Baltimore may do more damage on the ground. I'd start Rivers.

    WR I'm going with Burleson and Wallace. Crabtree still hasn't shown he can get into the end zone.

    D, you got go Baltimore. They own the Browns.

  25. Jerod,

    OK so Charles was a bust for me last week too! I did manage to pull out the win even with that and Portis putting up the goose egg, though! So this week I see you're recommending Charles again. My only other options are Fargas (he's been clutch for me in the couple of matchups I put him in) or Caddy Willliams (just picked up off the waiver wire). I'm leaning Charles again, but I don't know if I can hold off my opponent with a poor showing from him again!

    Anyway, thanks for your insight and lets hope I'm on the road to the playoffs, started the season pretty shaky but on a 3-0 streak now!

    • Oh yea, and if I get my waiver pick up tonight I'll have Betts to work with too. Hmm Charles or Betts?!?!?

    • If it's me, I'm running Charles out there again. He reminds me of Jerome Harrison in Cleveland. He produces every time he touches the ball but for some reason his coaches are too scared to give him 15-20 carries a game. I think this week he does. Remember what Shonn Greene did against Oakland a few weeks back? They cannot stop the run.

      I promise I'll jump off the Charles bandwagon if he stinks it up this week, but I just can't see how he will. As long as Todd Haley isn't a complete douche and actually gives him some touches.

      • I agree, especially with Betts going against a tough Denver D. I'll be starting Charles in my flex spot again this week, but this may be his last chance for me anyway!

        Thanks again.

  26. Yo Jerod. I have a bit of a fantasy quagmire this week. Our league has 5 teams, including me, tied for 3rd place. If I lose this week, I could be in 8th place as I'm low on . The two TE's I have are Vernon Davis and Greg Olsen. Lets just say I started them the WRONG weeks. Missing out on 3 touchdowns sucks. Twice. They play each other this week, and I need to get this right. The rest of my lineup is pretty clear cut, save my D choice (PHI, ATL, CIN). Help a brother out! Thanks Jerod!

    • All I can tell you is that if it were me, I'd go with Davis. He has been the more consistent player throughout the season and SF has far fewer options in the passing game than Chicago, where Devin Hester is the clear #1 option, whereas Davis is the clear #1 in SF. I can't guarantee that Davis is the best pick, obviously, but I can tell you that he is who I would start…and who I'm starting in three leagues.

      Defense is a toss-up. I could make cases for all three. I'll go with Philly because they've been the best D so far, always get sacks, and are going up against a one dimensional SD team that hasn't shown the ability to run.

  27. Jerod: thanks for your help last week; I scored 166 and won by 20.

    onto week 10: (1 pnt per 10 yards & 6 for TD)

    TE: Olsen or Shiancoe? I need to decide quickly, CHG plays Thursday
    K: Jeff Reed or Neil Rackers?


    • I think you have to go with Olsen after his 3-TD performance last week. Also, SF's D is proving to be a bit overrated.

      I'd go with Rackers.

      • thanks. going with olsen and rackers, taking your advice.

        going forward would you cut Tynes and just keep Rackers for the playoffs?. Buckhalter is available
        on the waiver wire if I cut Tynes.


        • I'd rather have Rackers because he's on a better offense…but I don't really put much thought into kickers. They're almost impossible to predict from week to week. I just try and get one on a good offense and roll with it.

  28. Hey Jerod,

    Need some advice again this week. I'm in a non-ppr league with 2RB/2WR/1 Flex. Turner and Chris Johnson are obvious starts at RB and Wayne and Colston the same at WR…so who do I use at Flex out of Miles Austin, Sidney Rice, or Cedric Benson. Judging by your advice thus far I'd go with a WR over Benson this week. Leaning towards Rice…thoughts?

    Thanks again man!!

  29. Week 10

    RB: D. Williams
    RB: J. Addai
    RB: Kevin Smith or Ladell Betts?
    WR: Need 2: Roddy White, Dwayne Bowe, Michael Crabtree or Jerhico Cottchery?

  30. Jerod: Should I go with Rackers for the rest of the year (my superbowl is week 16), and drop Tynes? If I drop Tynes I can pick up another RB on waivers: Buckhalter and Jamal Lewis are available. Any word on Deangelo – is he OK?

    Thanks for your help!!!

  31. hi jerod,

    i need a RB 2 and have to choose between R bush and M Lynch (i think it is tough b/c R bush has been scoring TD's and also last week caught a bunch of passes – i am in a PPR league so M lynch gets way more touches, but never seems to gain many yards and Buffalo never gets close to the goal line so he doesn't get goal line touches)- any insight?
    also should i start the other one over one of these WR's (2wr and 1 flex)
    S smith (carolina) A boldin AND s breaston.


    • I like Bush. More catches and he obviously is on an offense that provides plenty of scoring opportunities.

      I would start Lynch over Breaston. Boldin is back practicing again, so that should be he plays and Breaston's role gets reduced a bit.

  32. Jerod,

    Given what Warner did to the Bears D last week (4tds), and what Palmer did to them before that (5tds), do you think Alex Smith is a good start this week? I know you can't compare Smith to Warner or Palmer, but they did have their biggest games of the year by far against them. Smith's fantasy numbers the last 3 games have been decent. My other option is Flacco. I know he's against Cleveland, but I'm also starting Ray Rice this week and he may be all Baltimore needs.

    The rest of my starters this week are R Moss, H Ward, Burleson, Peterson, Rice, Vernon Davis, Folk, New Orleans D.

    Is Alex Smith over Flacco too big of a gamble, do you think its worth doing?

    Thanks as always.

  33. hi jerod!

    here's my team:

    WRs – Vincent Jackson, Miles Austin, Wes Welker, Reggie Wayne, Nate Burleson
    RBs – Ladanian Tomlinson, Pierre Thomas, Beanie Wells, Jamaal Charles

    as you can see i was thin on RBs and so i traded Welker for Barber. Do you think that was a good trade?

    im in a 2 QB, 3 WR, 2 RB and 2 Flex league

  34. im lost i have a couple questions on who to start this week so unpredictable a little help would be nice

    Pick 2

    Pick 3

  35. wr.starters..D Mason (going againt Cle..last game big numbers),S Smith (car) must start option,neep help on 3rd starter..

    Shiancoe vs. Detroits week defense,S Holmes vs a tuff D (cin),S.Moss vs a tuff D (den)

  36. I am in need of a couple key players.
    Would you trade Michael Turner for Ricky Williams and Miles Austin?
    I also have DAW at the RB position.
    LT is completely useless for me. I need a good flex player now.

  37. Need to start one: Maroney or Jonathan Stewart?

  38. Any word on Deangelo Williams? Is he good to go?

  39. should i start favre or rivers this week?
    i'm thinking that favre will play well but not long due to the lions being… well the lions.
    is rivers a better bet?

    • I love Rivers, but he's obviously got a tough matchup against the Eagles. This is a week I'd roll the dice on Favre. He should do enough in a half to be worth a start.

  40. Jerod,

    Good analysis on Forte. I started him at flex and as I suspected they got him involved w/ the passing game again. He had over 120 yards receiving but the disturbing part is he had 40 yards or so on 20 carries. I'm convinced it's because the O line is really bad this year. At least the whole offense is going through him though.

    btw Cutler was so scary in the red zone last night that I don't think I could ever start him on my Fantasy Team over Peyton unless Peyton has one leg.

  41. Hey Jerod,

    I need to start 2 WRs 2 RBs and a flex position.
    I have Hines Ward, Derrick Mason, DeSean Jackson, Bernard Berrian
    Marshawn Lynch, Jamaal Charles, LT, Cedric Benson (I know my RBs are slacking lol)

    Thank you for your suggestions!

  42. i gave up reggie wayne, denver defense and LT for michael turner.. was that a good trade?
    i still have pittsburg defense and vincent jackson + miles austin + burleson as WRs
    and i still have marion barber, pierre thomas as RBs

  43. Hi Jerod,
    I have a last minute issue. Two of my best guys – Roddy White and DeAngelo Williams are questionnable.

    Who should I put in from my bench if they don't end up playing Sunday?
    RB -Joseph Addai vs. NE or Correll Buckhalter vs. Was – I'm leaning towards Buck because of the matchup.
    RB – Laveranues Coles vs. Pit or Sims Walker vs. NYJ.


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