Fantasy Football Week 13 Start Em, Sit Em Lineup Advice and Projections

The Week 17 start em, sit em lineup advice post is up.


Well, I was not a very good QB prognosticator last week.

I looked at Tony Romo’s struggles and his matchup (OAK) and figured he was a good sit candidate. What I failed to consider was his consistently strong play on Thanksgiving Day. He ended up busting my QB sit ’em pick.

I looked at Carson Palmer playing the Browns and figured he was about as slam dunk a start candidate as there was, especially after the Browns made Matthew Stafford look like Drew Brees last weekend. Palmer, however, threw only one TD pass and had only 110 yards passing overall. Solid numbers, but probably not top 10 or 12.

Other than the QBs though, I was pretty solid, nailing the Justin Forsett start for the highlight of the week.

We’re now one monster fantasy game (New England-New Orleans on Monday night) away from Week 13, so let’s take a quick peek into the future and answer your burning start ’em, sit ’em questions for this week.

A quick look back at last week:

  • Start ’em hits: Justin Forsett, SEA; Zach Miller, OAK; New York Jets D/ST; Derrick Mason, BAL
  • Start ’em misses: Carson Palmer, CIN;
  • Sit ’em hits: Kevin Smith, DET; Braylon Edwards, NYJ;
  • Sit ’em misses: Tony Romo, DAL;

I’m posting this Sunday night, so I don’t know yet how Jeremy Shockey, and the New Orleans and New England D/ST units did.

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Fantasy Football

Week 13 Start ‘Em, Sit ‘Em Lineup Advice

Week 13 Start ‘em, Sit ‘em Picks: Quarterbacks

Start ’em: Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers (vs Baltimore Ravens)

fantasy football week 13 start em, sit em lineup advice, projections: aaron rodgers, eli manning, mendenhall, beanie wells, ochocinco, terrell owens, greg olsen, kevin bossThis was a tough one to decide. My first instinct was to say Philip Rivers, who has a great matchup against Cleveland, but I figured that was too obvious. I almost put Carson Palmer for the second week in a row, but Week 12 proved that Cincinnati is content to ride its running game to victory even when more passing yards might be there. Other interesting guys are David Garrard (home versus Houston), Jay Cutler (home versus St. Louis), Alex Smith (at Seattle), etc.

I finally settled on Aaron Rodgers as this week’s QB start ’em because I don’t want you to see his matchup and get scared.

First of all, look at Rodgers’ numbers. He’s thrown 22 TDs against only five INTs. His QB rating is 104.9. He’s rushed for three TDs. This guy is really putting together an incredible fantasy season and is basically a must-start on a weekly basis. His biggest issue this year has been taking too many sacks, but he has been much better in this area recently.

As for Baltimore, they are still very good defensively but not as dominant as they once were. Going into Sunday night’s game, the Ravens had given up 11 TDs in ten games, but realize that they’ve played Cleveland twice this year. The Ravens also give up 217.9 yards passing per game. Plus, Baltimore is solid against the run, which means Rodgers may need to throw the ball more.

Ultimately, I just don’t want you to overthink it. Don’t look at Jay Cutler playing St. Louis and think that you should bench Rodgers. Obviously it’s possible that Cutler could have the better week, but Rodgers has earned my trust to be a start, even against Baltimore.

Aaron Rodgers Week 13 fantasy projection: 250 yards passing, 2 TDs, 0 INTs, 1 fumble lost

Other start ’em QBs for Week 13:

  • Well, as mentioned above, I like all of the following: Rivers, Palmer, Garrard, Cutler, Smith
  • Tony Romo is a good start this week. He seems to be back on track after a solid start against Oakland and the Giants have not been doing a very good job against the pass.

Sit ’em: Eli Manning, New York Giants (vs Dallas Cowboys)

fantasy football week 13 start em, sit em lineup advice, projections: aaron rodgers, eli manning, mendenhall, beanie wells, ochocinco, terrell owens, greg olsen, kevin bossIt’s no so much that the Cowboys are a terrible matchup (they’ve given up a middle-of-the-pack 15 TDs this year and have only picked off seven passes), but there are just way too many questions surrounding Eli’s health and the Giants’ offense to trust him here. Even though guys like David Garrard, Alex Smith, and even Jay Cutler may not have the same “name value” as Manning, I’d rather have all of them starting this week.

Manning was awful on Thanksgiving night against Denver, and now apparently has a “stress reaction” in his foot that could lead him to be sidelined as soon as this weekend depending on how the week goes. None of this gives me confidence in Eli’s ability to recapture the momentum that he seemed to have in Weeks 9 and 11.

If I were you, I’d sit Manning until he proves that he and his offense are healthy enough to produce at a high level.

Eli Manning Week 13 fantasy projection: 210 yards passing, 1 TD, 1 INT

Other sit ’em QBs for Week 13:

  • I’m not telling you to sit him, but Drew Brees is facing Washington’s very good pass defense. Make sure you have a really good alternative if you are going to do it, but this could be a week where sitting Brees is justified.
  • Matt Ryan was injured in Week 12 and his status is unknown. Even if he does play, Philadelphia isn’t the greatest of matchups. Why not wait a week and see how much the injury affects him?

Week 13 Start ‘em, Sit ‘em Picks: Running Backs

Start ’em: Rashard Mendenhall, Pittsburgh Steelers (vs Oakland Raiders)

Honestly, choosing a start ’em running is pretty damn easy and formulaic. Go here and click on the “TD” column. This will show you which defense has given up the most rushing TDs this year, with Oakland and Buffalo “leading” the charge. You’ll notice other fantasy-friendly names like St. Louis, Houston, and Cleveland on that list.

Rashard Mendenhall is this week’s start ’em, very simply, because the Steelers are playing the Raiders. Oakland has given up 17 TDs on the ground this year and they surrender more than 161.1 rushing yards per game. Thomas Jones, whose Jets play Buffalo, was a close second.

I like Mendenhall because we don’t know yet if Ben Roethlisberger will play in Week 13. He probably will, but if not, the Steelers will no doubt want to pound the ball with Dennis Dixon at QB. And even if Big Ben is in the lineup, Mendenhall has been a pretty reliable runner this season. He’s averaging 5.1 yards per carry and has four TDs (going into Sunday night’s game), and that TD total will undoubtedly rise against Oakland.

Rashard Mendenhall Week 13 fantasy projection: 130 yards rushing, 2 TDs, 2 rec, 15 yards

Other start ’em RBs for Week 13:

  • Thomas Jones has a great matchup against Buffalo, as does LaDainian Tomlinson against Cleveland.
  • Matt Forte has been up and down this year, but Week 13 (vs St. Louis) is a great spot to use him.
  • Knowshon Moreno has had three straight very productive weeks and has a nice matchup this week against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Sit ’em: Beanie Wells, Arizona Cardinals (vs Minnesota)

Damnit Beanie. Just when we all thought you were safe to start, you go and lay an egg like you did in Week 12.

Granted, Tennessee’s run defense has been much better lately, but I think we all still expected more. Considering that Wells is a rookie, I guess we should not be surprised at the up and down nature of his season.

I place Wells in the sit ’em column for a couple of reasons:

  • Minnesota gives up only 81.6 yards rushing per game and has yielded just three TDs on the ground all year.
  • A couple of weeks ago, Justin Forsett had a nice game out of the backfield for Seattle against Minnesota, but it was all as a receiver. Tim Hightower will be the one getting the receptions, not Wells.
  • Wells is a rookie, and has a role that seems to shift from game-to-game. If you’re researching fantasy info in Week 13, it is probably because you really need a W. Why entrust one of your RB positions to a young guy with an undefined role and a tough matchup?

It would not shock me to see Wells rebound and score a TD, but it just seems unlikely. I know it’s tough to sit guys playing in primetime games, but if you want to do right by your roster, sit Wells in Week 13.

Beanie Wells Week 13 fantasy projection: 30 yards rushing, 0 TDs

Other sit ’em RBs for Week 13:

  • You’re crazy if you play any Oakland RB with Pittsburgh on the schedule.
  • With Tennessee’s run defense improving by the week, Joseph Addai isn’t as safe a start as usual.
  • Ryan Grant is a guy I’d sit if I had good alternatives. Baltimore doesn’t yield many rushing TDs to running backs.

Week 13 Start ‘em, Sit ‘em Picks: Wide Receivers

Start ’em: Chad Ochocinco, Cincinnati Bengals (vs Detroit Lions)

Chad Ochocinco spent the first half of the season re-establishing himself as a weekly must-start at the WR position. However, over the past four weeks, he has not been anywhere near as productive, with only 14 receptions and no touchdowns. So I know that some of you will be questioning Ochocinco’s spot on your roster.

Don’t. At least for this week.

The Bengals play the Lions who I have watched for the last two weeks because they played my Browns and then because we all were forced to watch them on Thanksgiving. Their pass defense is absolutely terrible, and the numbers back that claim up: 27 TDs allowed in 11 games.

I bet Cincinnati relies heavily on their running game, as they did against Cleveland, but Carson Palmer and Ochocinco will hook up at least once for a TD this week.

Chad Ochocinco Week 13 fantasy projection: 6 receptions, 115 yards, 1 TD

Other start ’em WRs for Week 13:

  • Jacksonville is at home, which means David Garrard will probably throw a TD or two. Mike Sims-Walker is usually on the receiving end, so I’d have him back in your lineup.
  • Carolina’s passing game is awful, but I think even Jake Delhomme can get one deep ball on Tampa Bay’s secondary. If he does, it will probably be to Steve Smith, who I think should be in your lineup.
  • Desean Jackson has a concussion, which puts his Week 13 status in doubt. If he’s out, look for Jeremy Maclin to be targeted more by Donovan McNabb, with a solid matchup against Atlanta.
  • Pierre Garcon continues to impress and the Colts will no doubt be throwing against Tennessee. Start him.

Sit ’em: Terrell Owens, Buffalo Bills (vs New York Jets)

I know that T.O. is currently the feel-good WR story of the last few weeks, but I’m not buying him in Week 13. Despite consecutive weeks with a touchdown, I think Owens will go back to being his relatively unproductive self in Week 13 when he has to face the New York Jets and Darrelle Revis.

Question: do you think T.O. is better than Steve Smith? I don’t. Well, Smith was held to one catch and only five yards in Week 12 when Carolina played the Jets. And yes, I know that Jake Delhomme has sucked for a while now, but do you really trust Ryan Fitzpatrick?

The Jets-Bills tilt on Thursday night is going to be a terribly boring defensive battle. I do not expect a lot of big plays in the passing game because both QBs are inexperienced and both secondaries are outstanding. So even though you may have enjoyed two straight weeks of the old T.O., I think you’ll just the old (as in age) T.O. in Week 13.

Terrell Owens Week 13 fantasy projection: 4 receptions, 31 yards

Other sit ’em WRs for Week 13:

  • I wouldn’t play any Jets WRs either, including Jerricho Cotchery.
  • Chris Chambers has been a very nice late season for many of you, but he plays Denver and Champ Bailey this weekend, which is not all that attractive.
  • I know that Santana Moss had a TD in Week 12, but he still is too hit-or-miss for me to trust him, even against a secondary that is dinged up like New Orleans’.

Week 13 Start ‘em, Sit ‘em Picks: Tight Ends

Start ’em: Greg Olsen, Chicago Bears (vs St. Louis Rams)

Olsen has not scored since his three-TD outburst in Week 9, but he continues to catch 6-7 balls per game, and that is excellent production from the tight end position. He is clearly a favorite of Jay Cutler and has a very favorable matchup this weekend. Outside of Vernon Davis, Tony Gonzalez, Dallas Clark, and Antonio Gates, there aren’t many guys I’d rather have as my TE than Greg Olsen.

Start him this week, and make sure that you have a pretty damn good alternative in any week that you decide not to start him.

Greg Olsen Week 13 fantasy projection: 7 receptions, 80 yards, 1 TD

Other start ’em TEs for Week 13:

  • Fred Davis continues to be a solid start for those of you were burned by injured or ineffective TE draft picks.
  • Jason Witten has not caught many TDs this year, but he is still getting five catches per game and had 100+ yards in Week 12. Keep in your lineup and hope for a red zone target or two against the Giants.

Sit ’em: Kevin Boss, New York Giants, (vs Dallas Cowboys)

I generally like Boss because he does get a decent amount of red zone targets and seems to do his best work at the end of seasons. However, he has two 2-catch games in the last four weeks and faces a Dallas D this week with very good linebackers and that does not surrender many TDs through the air. Combine that with Eli Manning’s injury issues and there are just too many guys I like more than Boss for this week.

Kevin Boss Week 13 fantasy projection: 3 receptions, 30 yards, 0 TD

Other sit ’em TEs for Week 13:

  • Dustin Keller has to face a very good Buffalo pass defense.
  • Dante Rosario had a nice game in Week 12, but I don’t trust Jake Delhomme or Rosario, and neither should you.

Week 13 Start ‘em, Sit ‘em Picks: Defense / Special Teams Units

Start ’em: Cincinnati Bengals D/ST (vs Detroit Lions)

Cincinnati allows the fewest points in the NFL and swept through the AFC North, yet their D is currently only owned in 81% of Yahoo fantasy leagues. I think that needs to change.

Yes, the Bengals have had the good fortune of playing the Browns twice, but the fact of the matter is that they have played very well defensively against everyone. A primary reason for that is the fact that Cincinnati has two very good cornerbacks who make the entire defense better.

With INT-machine Matthew Stafford on the other side of the ball in Week 13, the Bengals are an easy start ’em pick.

Cincinnati D/ST Week 13 fantasy projection: 14 pts or less, 3 sacks, 3 turnovers

Other start ’em D/ST units for Week 13:

  • You know I always recommend whoever is playing the Browns, so here you go: start the Chargers’ D/ST.
  • I like both the Bills and Jets in Week 13. They play eachother on Thursday night and I think it will be an ugly game.

Sit ’em: New York Giants D/ST (vs Dallas Cowboys)

Did you know that the Giants have not held an opponent to less than 21 points since Week 5 when they played Oakland? This team has lost five out of its last six games and looks like a shell of its formerly dominant self. Could they come out with their backs against the wall in Week 13? Sure, it’s possible. I’d rather see it before I believe it.

New York Giants D/ST Week 13 fantasy projection: 21 pts or more, 2 sacks

Other sit ’em D/ST units for Week 13:

  • If Kurt Warner is healthy, you might want to consider sitting Minnesota’s D. If Warner doesn’t play, then obviously keep the Vikings in there.
  • I know that San Francisco’s D played well in Week 12 against Jacksonville, but I don’t think they’ll hold Seattle to three points in Seattle.

That’s it. The comment section is yours. Good luck in Week 13!


* – Eli Manning photo credit: SportsbyBrooks via Letters from Alphabet City

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  1. Jerod,

    Nice job on the Jets D last week. Thanks for the advice.

    My weekly QB problem continues. Please help. Would you start VY, Garrard, Alex Smith, Joe Flacco, or Matt Hasselbeck this week? I currently have Flacco, Hasselbeck, and VY. Would probably drop Hasselbeck to make one of the other two happen.

    Would you start the Saints D this week or the Jets D?

    Thanks as always. Hopefully Moss wins my matchup for me tonight. Need 130 yards and a TD. Or 100 yards and 2 tds. Not out of the question.

    • Wow…lots of options there. I would start Hasselbeck and feel pretty good about it. SF shut down JAX last week, but everyone shuts down JAX on the road. The Seahawks usually throw the ball well at home and should find plenty of opportunities against a SF pass D that has not been very good this year.

      I'd play the Jets D against Buffalo.

  2. Hey Jerod,

    Thanks for the advice so far this season. Unless Welker and Brees put up 55 pts together tonight I should be in first place for the playoffs. Anyway on to week 13.

    My RB situation seems to be getting better as Chris Johnson continues to go off and Benson will hopefully be back. If Turner can't go in Week 13 then I'll have to go with 3 WR (1 at Flex). Reggie Wayne starts no matter what…which 2 would you start out of Colston, Sidney Rice, Miles Austin, and MSW? I know I have a lot of talent at WR and it is hard to sit Colston, but Rice continues to impress and MSW is at home where he has performed better than on the road. I'm guessing MSW and Rice for Week 13…thoughts?

    Also Saints D or Cincy D this week?

    Thanks man!!

    • You read my mind. I would start Rice and MSW…and know full well that my two best WRs for the week could end up on the bench! Frustrating, but it's a good problem to have.

  3. Hi Jerod,

    Good calls last week! I could really use a win this week to solidy my playoff footing and break my 2 game losing streak. Here's my current roster:

    QB Peyton Manning/Cutler
    RB Forte/Addai/Maroney/J. Stewart/Ward
    WR's Miles Austin/Occhocinco/Driver/Collie
    TE's Celek/Wisnlow Jr.
    Def Colts/Denver
    K Akers

    rIght out of the gate I'm thinking Peyton/Maroney/Forte/Austin/Driver/Occhocinco/Celek/Colts Def and Akers

    This may be the last game I play Forte but I agree with you against St' Louis he should produce. Ochocinco's been really disappointing lately BUT again I think he'll have a good game also against the Lions. I am very tempted to start Cutler over Peyton beacuse of the juicy matchup for Cutler. Is that insane?

    • Careful with Celek. He has some sprained ligaments in his hand that he is apparently going to play with, but I would assume that has to affect him at least a little bit. I'd go with K2.

      Yes, it's insane to think about starting Cutler over Peyton. Don't do it. Tennessee is good against the run but has been lit up through the air. The Colts will throw a lot and that's good for Manning and for you.

      • yeah I thought about it for a 1/2 a second in frustration after I was getting beat this week by a guy who had Favre, Packer D and Antonio Gates BUT that had nothing to do w/ Peyton underperforming. It had more to do w/ guys like Forte and Ochocinco who haven't been doing much the past three weeks or so on my team and thinking maybe Cutler will have a Favre like day against St. Louis. Manning has been virtually carrying the COLTS and my Fantasy Team all year.

      • I heard Celek is going to play now. He's the leading receiver on the Eagles and Atlanta really has problems with their secondary. Also w/ Desean Jackson OUT for the game Celek may be leaned upon even more by Mcnabb. What do you think?

  4. Also, not sure if Maroney is a better pick in my RB or flex slot than J. Stewart this wk. I was at the Jet /Carolina game and the Panthers actually abandoned the run after the Jets shut down Williams and Stewart.

    Meanwhile, Delhomme aka" the human turnover machine" kept on trying to force the ball to Steve Smith despite Reevis being in his face all game. With Delhomme 's hand hurt,a new QB in and a juicy matchup against tampa Bay, I presume they will try to run the whole game thus making Stewart a decent start. What do you think?

    • Maroney scored ANOTHER touchdown in Week 12, meaning he's scored in six straight games. He's getting consistent carries, which is not something that JStew can say. I'd play Maroney.

      • Right on Jerod. Maroney was the lone bright spot for New England last night and scored 2 TD's. I'm definitely playing him this week over Stewart. Since I'm also going w/ Forte(Easy matchup St. Louis he's due), Ocho Cinco(playing Detroit) and Mile Austin(going against Giants terrible secondary) would you start Driver(against Baltimore) or Addai(Tenn) this week? I'm thinking even though Driver had a great game against Detroit he's facing Baltimore this week and may not hit paydirt. Meanwhile Addai is at home and will get his touches even though Tenn has been playing better

        What Def do you think has better value for the Fantasy Playoffs Denver or Tenn? I already have the Colts def(wk 13 Tenn, wk 14 Denver, wk 15 @ Jacksonville) and will keep their Def but Denver(wk 13@KC wk 14@Indi, wk 15Oak) & Tenn(wk 13 @ Indi,wk 14 ST Louis wk 15 Miami can be picked up on waivers in my league and I can drop my Atl Def for another Def

        Thanks for your help!

  5. Hey Jerod,

    So I'm tied for last place in a PPR league in which 6 of 8 make the playoffs. I need a win this week and I'll almost be guaranteed to make it because I have more points than some of my close opponents and they are all playing each other. Basically I'm looking for a high risk high reward team because the only way I will make the playoffs is with the same record as the other bottom teams but with more points.

    I have at QB Brees and Roethlisberger
    WR Steve Smith (NYG), Hines Ward, DeSean Jackson, and Derrick Mason
    RB LT, Cedric Benson, Jamaal Charles, Justin Forsett
    I need to start 1 QB, 2 WR, 2 RB, and 1 Flex

    I'm happy with my TE as Visanthe Shiancoe, and NO Defense but do you think it would be better to pick up Kaeding as my kicker to replace Carpenter on Miami?

    Thanks for all your help this year, you have great advice.

  6. Week 13: Tough but good dilemma I guess:

    Mendenhall or T. Jones? (other RB is C.Johnson)
    2 of these 3 at WR: OchoCinco, Colston, and S.Rice?
    Right now I'm leaning towards T. Jones, Colston and Rice.


  7. Hey Jerod,

    So a win this week gets me in the playoffs a loss and well…I'm OUT!

    My lineup is pretty much set:
    Smith (NYG)
    Green Bay

    I need 1 more RB/WR. I have Charles, Caddy Williams or Donnie Avery. I'm leaning Charles because he's sat on my bench the last 3 weeks and put up solid numbers, while Caddy's been a bit of a let down.
    I also have Denver on my bench but I think I like GB vs Baltimore in the D/ST slot this week. What do you think?

  8. Hey Jerod,

    I need some advise for my lineup. I need one of each.

    WR 2 = Sims-Walker, Garcon, or Steve Smith (NYG)
    RB 2 = Jamaal Charles, McCoy, or Moreno


  9. sorry…misspelled advice.

  10. Sims-Walker…always a good play when JAX is at home.

    I'd go McCoy. I trust him, his offense, and his matchup (ATL) more than the others. But…it's very close. I could make a case for all three. If you have a strong gut feeling one way or another, I'd run with it. My gut feeling is McCoy.

  11. Man is that a tough one. My first instinct was to say Driver, who has been great. And considering that I said Rodgers was my start 'em QB, it's hard to argue with that. But I could make a very good case for Addai as well, especially considering my propensity to award tie-breakers to running backs.

    I'm going with…

    (damn you George…)

    Joseph Addai. By a hair. I can't even tell you why…hence why I went with the RB. It's a lot easier for Addai to get a cheap TD than Driver.

    I like Tennessee's D going against STL and MIA. Denver has a nice matchup against OAK, but that @INDY is tough. I'd love to mix and match each week, but I'd go with Tenn and sit them this week if forced to pick.

    • I agree, Addai will get the necessary touches. I have clinched a playff spot already so I'm not going to sweat it this wk but I feel better w/ Addai. Addai also has only been below 12 Fantasy points a few times this year..

      Ok another issue If I win this week I finish first but all the other playoff contenders have very good teams and a few of them are the only teams that beat me all year. They had better mactups those weeks. I can pick up either J Avant or J Macklin off of waivers to solidy my playoff roster. With Desean Jackson hurt this week which player has more upside for a possible flex play either this wk or in the playoffs. The eagles play @Atl this wk then @NYG in wk 14 and play SF at home.


      • Boy oh boy…I don't even know that I can really separate them. Avant has more experience but Maclin is more explosive. I think I'd rather have Maclin because without DJax, he'll be the guy that McNabb looks to for the deep ball. I also like him more moving forward, despite his rookie status. But it's very close.

  12. hey jerod could you help me out i am in a must win situation and ive been having alot of trouble with WR and RB heres my roster thus far

    Drew Brees
    Marques Colston
    Chad Ochocinco
    Steve smith(NYG)
    Ray Rice
    Rashard Mendenhall
    Vernon Davis
    Greg Olson
    David Akers
    Cincinnati Defense

    I honestly dont know where i need changes i have johnny knox pierre thomas and thomas jones in my backups and indianapolis and denver and i need to know how you feel about this line up


    • Do you have to play 3 WRs? I'd certainly try to get Thomas Jones in your lineup this week as Buffalo is one of the worst teams in the NFL at stopping the run. I would play him over Steve Smith, for comparison's sake.

      And, FYI, even though I listed Greg Olsen as a start above, I would rather have Vernon Davis starting.

      I like Cincy's D playing Detroit.

  13. Jerod: would you go forsett over deangelo this week because of his ankle? Last week left forsett's 30 on my bench and squeeked out a 2 point win with brady,moss, and deangelo tanking it.

    Do you like donald driver again, or would you
    go garcon, avant, steve smith (nyg)? Thanks again for all of you help, I'm in second place with your advice!

    my lineup: brady, moss, WR2 (see above), Ray Rice, Ricky, RB3 (see above), Shank, Bironas, Steeler D, Beason (def)

    I need this win to lock in the first round playoff bye.

    • Well, DAW usually dominates Tampa Bay so I would certainly want him on the field if he's healthy. I understand your concerns, but the matchup is too tasty to pass up. You'll have to track this one throughout the week. If DAW plays, I'd start him.

      I do like Donald Driver. The other three are all solid options, but Driver is clearly Aaron Rodgers' security blanket and gets not only a good amount of receptions, but plenty of opportunities to make big plays and TDs.

      Best of luck!

  14. jerod: Beachem is on my wr bench too. thanks.

  15. Gotta go Charles! And I like GB's D as well.

  16. Hi Jerod
    I need three RB's & 3 WR's My choices this week are:
    RB1 Johnson, RB2 & 3 (LT, Charles, Forsett, Jackson & Smith)
    WR1 Wayne, WR2 & 3 (Walker, White Britt, Mason, Smith NYG & Coles)
    TE's (Olsen or Shiacoe)
    Going forward into the playoffs is there someone I should drop for a better week to week match up.

  17. RB – CJ
    RB – LT
    RB – Jackson (I assume you mean Steven Jackson)
    WR – Wayne
    WR – Sims-Walker
    WR – D Mason
    TE – Shiancoe

    I'd have to know who is out there to pick up, but I don't think that Coles offers a tremendous amount of value going forward.

  18. Hi Jerod,

    I'm on the cusp and need a win to make the playoffs. I'm in a 12-team, ppr league. I have Fitz starting at WR but beyond him need some help deciding on the best play for my other WR and Flex. Here are my options, S. Smith – NYG, Pierre Garcon, Devery Henderson are my other WRs. Justin Forsett, Correll Buckhalter and Sammy Morris are my RBs. Jason Avant, Kenny Britt , Johnny Knox, Jerrious Norwood are some options available on my wire. Who are the best two choices for this week?

    Also, I've been starting Matt Hasselbeck who's been a huge dissapointment. Do I stick with him this week or should I pick up Alex Smith or Vince Young? Who is the best option going forward?

    Thanks for all the help and let's hope I'm back next week.


  19. Hey Jerod,

    I need some help deciding who to start this week, so many choices with all of these questionable injuries…herer's my lineup as of now…let me know what you think

    QB: Aaron Rodgers
    RB: Pierre Thomas
    RB: Justin Forsett
    RB/WR: Jamaal Charles
    WR: Roddy White
    WR: Mike Sims-Walker
    TE: Kellen Winslow
    D/ST: Saints (want to go Bengals but the Saints have outperformed every week I start Cin.)
    K: David Akers

    Michael Turner
    Beanie Wells
    Mike Bell
    Greg Jennings
    Steve Smith-Car.
    Brent Celek
    Bengals D/ST

    I'm trying to get Laurence Maroney and Knowshon Moreno off of WW in exchange for Mike Bell and Beanie Wells…If I get them I would definitely like to use them…maybe Moreno over Charles and Maroney over Thomas (Saints backfield is really unpredictable, but the matchup is nicer than Maroney's). I'm also thinking of dropping Jennings or Smith for Garcon? Thanks for your help Jerod, you're the man!!!

    • I like your RB choices, especially with Turner most likely out.

      Hard to sit Jennings and Smith, but I think you honestly have four guys that are toss-ups. I could make a case for any of them. Go with your gut. (Personally, I'd play Jennings and Sims-Walker…remember that White is without Matt Ryan).

      I like both Moreno and Maroney as starters this week if you can get them. And no, I would not drop Jennings and/or Smith for those other guys. They're not as proven.

  20. Hey Jerod,

    Thanks for all your help so far. I am hoping for the playofffs and control my own destiny – win the next two weeks and I am in for sure. Win one, probably 50-50.

    Need to start 3 (2 RB plus flex):
    DeAngelo Williams (yes), Cedric Benson, Jamaal Charles, Tim Hightower, Rock Cartright, Jason Scnelling, Jamal Lewis.

    Need to start 3 WR (PPR):
    Sidney Rice (yes), Hines Ward, Mike Wallace, Hakeem Nicks, Kenny Britt

    Other team —
    Need 3 (2 RB and Flex):
    Stephen Jackson (yes), Barber, Pierre Thomas, Justin Forsett, Jonathan Stewart

    3 WRS (PPR):
    Sims-Walker (yes), Manningham, Devin Hester, Robert Meachem. Roy Williams is also available.

    Thanks for all your help!

    • If he plays DAW is a great start, as he always torches Tampa Bay. After that I'd rank your banks: Charles, Benson (only because of uncertainty with carry split between he and Johnson), Snelling (if Turner can't go), Higtower, Cartwright. Lewis is done. You can plan based on that, depending on injuries.

      At WR I'd go Rice, Ward, and Britt, with Nicks and very close 4th.

      SJax, Forsett, Barber, with JStew a close 4th (love his matchup, just not his workload)

      Sims-Walker, Manningham, Hester; I love Meachem, but tough matchup against Washington this week and Hester has a great one against the Rams.

      • Thanks, Jerod. Much appreciated.

        I am likely to adopt the above advice wholly. Yeah I think Nick and JStew are close, just hard to be know exactly what you're getting week to week (esp., will the TDs come or won't they?)

      • Is either Wallace or Antonio Bryant an upgrade over Britt (or Nicks). I forgot I had Wallace and just picked up Bryant. Of those 4, which 1 or 2 would you be most inclined to cut. I need to make room for a kicks and maybe a 3rd QB in prep for the playoffs (hoping!) (have to start 2 QBs – have Manning, who may have nothing to play for, and Stafford, who is not always rocksteady).

        • I don't like either of those guys over Britt or NIcks. Maybe Bryant, but the rookie QB scares me in terms of consistency. I'd probably cut Wallace because he's a rookie and the one most capable of dud weeks.

  21. Hey Jerod,
    Happy to announce I've cinched 1st or 2nd place thanks in no small part to your sound advice! Still want to go for total domination, though, as last week I managed to avoid an upset by only a few points (I went against your suggestion and started MSW over Mason, for one thing). Also left a lot of points on the bench in the form of Chris Chambers, who I'm now thinking of playing this week over Mason, MSW, or Jennings (must start 2 of these) and Chester Taylor, who I'm very seriously considering starting over Brandon Jacobs, who's team's offensive ability seems to have vanished completely. Thanks for the Advice once again, good luck in your league(s).

    • Glad to hear it!

      At WR, I'd actually go with any of your 3 WRs other than Chambers. He's facing Denver this weekend, which means he's matched up with Champ Bailey. I don't trust Chambers enough to play that one. I like MSW and Jennings myself.

      Jacobs really has sucked lately and Dallas has a pretty good defense. I don't think you can start Taylor over him though. Jacobs is still the Giants' #1 back and will get goalline carries. As much as it hurts, I think you have to bite the bullet and keep starting Jacobs.

    • Glad to hear it!

      At WR, I'd actually go with any of your 3 WRs other than Chambers. He's facing Denver this weekend, which means he's matched up with Champ Bailey. I don't trust Chambers enough to play that one. I like MSW and Jennings myself.

      Jacobs really has sucked lately and Dallas has a pretty good defense. I don't think you can start Taylor over him though. Jacobs is still the Giants' #1 back and will get goalline carries. As much as it hurts, I think you have to bite the bullet and keep starting Jacobs.

  22. steven hixson says:

    49rs def or bal def? driver, holmes, or T.O. and stewart, mccoy or hightower. right now i have the 49rs def in mccoy in and driver in. So please tell me what you think. thanks in advance.

    • I'd go Bal D. Rodgers will get his points, but I bet Baltimore can get some sacks and turnovers.

      Rank: Driver, T.O., Holmes

      Rank: McCoy, Stewart, Hightower

  23. Hey Jerod,

    Is Chris Redman (Atl) the better one-week play over either Matthew Stafford or Matt Cassell?
    I think the only other FA QBs available are Gradkowski and Boller.

    Your input is much appreciated, as always.

    • I don't really like Redman. The Eagles' D is not a good one to be making your first start (in a while at least) against. I'd rather have Cassel, despite his matchup, because he's the most experienced and probably least turnover-prone of the three.

      • What about as between Redman (vs. Philly) and Stafford (vs. Cincy)? Which one is the better play?

        Thanks for your advice. It is much appreciated.

        • Hmm…tough one. I'd probably play Redman because he has more experience in the NFL and has more talent around him than Stafford. Plus, Cincy is very tough against the pass.

  24. hey jerod playoffs are starting and i need big advice to stay alive.
    start 1 QB, 2RB and 3WR, or 3RB and 2WR, 1K, and 1DEF
    E.Manning(vs Dallas)
    M.Cassel(vs Denver)
    J.Forsett(vs San Fran)great call last week
    J,Stewart(vs Tampa Bay)
    J.Charles(vs Denver)
    P.Thomas(vs Washington)
    F.Jones(at NYG)
    R.Moss(at Miami)
    Larry Fitzgerald(vs Minnesota)
    S.SmithNYG(vs Dallas)
    S.Groskowski(at Miami
    J.Feeley(vs Buffalo)
    Baltimore(at GB)give up alot of sacks
    Carolina(at Tampa Bay)
    Thanks in advance

    • QB – Manning
      RB – Forsett
      RB – J Charles
      WR – Moss
      WR – Fitz
      Flex: JStew
      K – Gosto
      DEF: BAL

      And I think I just answered this same one twice. ;-) Go kick butt this week!

  25. JAROD ROCKS says:


  26. JAROD ROCKS says:


  27. Hi Jerod, Thanks for your help. I have a followup question.
    My previous comment asked about my flex positions: I stated
    "RB1 Johnson, RB2 & 3 (LT, Charles, Forsett, Jackson & Smith) "
    To clarify it is Fred Jackson (Buf). I think this week LT may be one of the RB's (good match up).
    What about the RB3 spot ( Charles, Forsett, Jackson & Smith). I am leaning towards Charles. What to you think?

    • It's definitely Charles or Forsett. I'd go Forsett because SEA's offense has been much better at home and Denver has a defense that could give Charles problems. Both are solid options though.

  28. hey, jarod,
    great, GREAT call on charles last week. i put him in in the 11th hour, he gave me my 18, and i won by 18. i think it's a sign… i'm leaving him in the lineup this week despite the relatively low rankings he seems to be getting.

    anyway, i think i have everything straight this week, but i just wanted give you your props on charles last week. awesome call against the odds.


    • Glad it worked out for you! Best of luck in Week 13.

      • hey, jarod,
        i was hoping i'd get to ride forsett one more week, but it looks like it was not to be. who do you like between snelling and rock cartwright? i like the carries cartwright will probably get (against a somewhat soft run d), but cmon, he's a redskin…i can't feel THAT good about him. snelling has been crazy good lately, but i never like the idea of splitting carries.


  29. Jerod,

    You've steered me into a playoff position no matter what happens this week. Even if I score 0 points I'm in. For that, thanks and one more request:

    Standard league. MJD, Ricky Williams, Justin Forsett, MSW, VJax, Roddy White, Kenny Britt. Sit two. Roddy and Kenny? Thanks for your help! Charging into the playoffs!


    • Yep, I'd sit Roddy and Kenny. See, you didn't even need my advice! (For the record, sit White because his QB is out and Britt because he's a rookie against a pretty good defense.) Best of luck in the playoffs!

  30. Hey Jerod,

    I need to start 3 RB out of these 5…Pierre Tomas, Laurence Maroney, Justin Forsett, Jamaal Charles, Knowshon Moreno…I think Thomas is due some points this week, especially against Washington's pass D, Maroney plays Miami's tough run D but he has scored 8 TD's in the last 6 games, Forsett is a beast but Julius Jones might start this week, Charles has been putting up pretty good numbers the past 3 weeks and he's the starting RB, and Moreno has been consistent on touches and he has a good matchup against KC…what do you think?

    • I'm definitely sitting Thomas. He hasn't had more than 14 touches since Week 9 and faces a tough D this week.

      I think you have to play Maroney right now, and Moreno has been pretty solid lately as well.

      It comes down to Charles v Forsett and I'd give the nod to Charles because, as you say, Julius Jones will be stealing some of Forsett's carries this week. And Jones typically plays well at home.

      Final answer: Maroney, Moreno, Charles

  31. Jerod,
    I would appreciate the advice..Im in a deep league..BIG GAME for me to stay in Playoffs!!! I could use a little help with my WR's:

    I have Sidney & Boldin (Hoping Warner will play) who I assume to START, but for my 3rd WR spot I am having some trouble…

    >>>Should I start AVANT (considering D. Jackson is inactive for this week 13) or D. HENDERSON or COLES (who I am wary of starting even though he is playing the Lions but he is banged up a bit & hasn't been producing much)


    • I like Avant. He's closer to targets than the other guys and plays in a pass-happy offense. He's not as explosive as Henderson, but should be more reliable.

  32. Steven hixson says:

    Hey Jerod

    i have just one question. If deangelo williams doesnt play do you think it would be safer to play jonathan stewart over lesean mcCoy

  33. ok. here's who i have……moreno, felix jones, maroney, MSW, chad johnson, and avant. i need to choose 5. i'm inclined to bench felix jones. is that the right choice? thank you in advance.

    • I would bench either Jones or Avant. If you're in a PPR league, I'd definitely play Avant. If not, I'd consider Jones. He played well against the Giants earlier this year and their D is really struggling. He has the higher ceiling of the two. So if you think you might need 10-15 points out of that spot, I'd go Jones. If you just need 6-8 points guaranteed, I'd be more inclined to start Avant.

  34. DeAngelo Williams, Adrian Peterson, or MJD?

  35. Thanks Jerod, I was having a very hard time deciding which one BUT I actually went w/ Maclin over Avant . He has more TD's on the year and has gotten more playing time than Avant. He may be a sneaky playoff start based on the good matchups. The Eagles should be playing their starters throughout the entire schedule because they are trying to make the playoffs. Also their matchups are favorable. I like having him and Celek on my team for the fantasy playoff run.

    Do you think The Colts will start resting Manning and Addai anytime soon? I'm worried that my title hopes may rely on gasp……..Jim Sorgi.

    • It certainly looks like the Colts will rest their starters some once they lock up home field advantage. You should cheer very hard for Tennessee this week! Perhaps if the Colts lose a couple games and their #1 seed is in doubt, they'll allow Peyton owners to have their QB for the playoffs. Just going to have to watch this one, but history suggests they will rest starters.

  36. Hey I was looking for advice on my line-up.
    QB: Peyton
    WR: DJax, Austin, Welker,Maclin,Manningham, and Garcon (Pick 4)
    RB: DAW, Benson, Maroney, McCoy, B. Jacobs (Pick 3)
    TE: Gates
    K: Longwell
    DEF: Philly or Denver
    D Individual: D. Sharper

    Whats your suggestion?

    • Oops and Vincent Jackson too

    • WR: Jackson is out, so obviously you're not playing him. I like Welker and Maclin as the top two, Maclin because he is now the #1 WR for an explosive offense. I think Miles Austin also needs to be there because he is Dallas' #1 option and NY's D has struggled. Between Manningham and Garcon, I'll go with the guy getting more touchdowns and playing the worse pass D…Garcon. Final answer: Welker, Maclin, Austin, and Garcon.

      RB: DAW, Benson, Maroney, McCoy; play Jacobs obviously if DAW does not play (but he should)

      DEF: Denver D, like the matchup against KC.

  37. marcedes lewis or fasano at TE?

  38. need 1 flex player

    roddy white

  39. Hi Jerod,

    I'm on the cusp and need a win to make the playoffs. I'm in a 12-team, ppr league. I have Fitz starting at WR but beyond him need some help deciding on the best play for my other WR and Flex. Here are my options, S. Smith – NYG, Pierre Garcon, Devery Henderson are my other WRs. Justin Forsett, Correll Buckhalter and Sammy Morris are my RBs. Jason Avant, Kenny Britt , Johnny Knox, Jerrious Norwood are some options available on my wire. Who are the best two choices for this week?

    Also, I've been starting Matt Hasselbeck who's been a huge dissapointment. Do I stick with him this week or should I pick up Alex Smith or Vince Young? Who is the best option going forward?

    Thanks for all the help and let's hope I'm back next week.


    • I like Smith because he gets more targets and receptions than Garcon.

      The flex spot is a little rough. I'd probably go with Garcon. He's been producing very well and scoring TDs, and Justin Forsett injured his quad recently plus has Julius Jones back to steal carries. I'd want to watch the situation play out for a week or so.

      I like Hasselbeck a lot this week because Seattle is at home and SF will give up yards through the air. I know he's struggled, but he still has a solid WR corps and should have a solid day on Sunday.

  40. Jerod,

    Forgot to ask you about my 3rd WR spot….You said AVANT over HENDERSON…but i forgot to tell you that I also have AUSTIN COLLIE…Would you still stick with AVANT or put in COLLIE?


  41. Hello,

    Need some help this week as Warner and now Slaton may be out. I win I get the wildcard. Think I will have to start Cutler as of the times the games are played, although he does have a good matchup. If Slaton is out would you go with Chris Brown as a flex or Chris Chambers? Brown could be a good surprise as already gets some goaline carries and may benefit from being the starter? Chambers has been hot but has a tough matchup. What would you do? I play in a 12 team PPR league.


    • I like Cutler this week actually. It's more of a gut feeling than anything, but I think with his matchup and frustration, it could be a very good day for Cutler…finally.

      If Slaton is out, I'd go with Brown. I like Chambers…but not really so much against Denver and Champ Bailey. Chambers doesn't really help too much from a PPR perspective because he'll only get 3-4 catches max.

  42. Hey Jerod,
    Thank you for last weeks advice, it got me locked in for 2nd place in my divison.
    Now for my Start Em or Sit Em question.

    Kickers- It's between Kris Brown (HOU) or Dan Carpenter (MIA)?

    WR- It's between Donald Driver(GB)- who plays a home game against BAL or Kevin Smith (DET)- plays against CIN.
    I;m thinking of starting Driver bc him and Greg Jennings are Rodgers usual go 2 WR's, even though last week Driver didnt do his best. I know, this one seems like a no brainer but I want to make sure i'm making the right choice.
    Thanks for your input.

    • I like Carpenter, mainly because I think MIA will have to settle for more field goals because of their plodding style.

      Yes, Driver. Like him a lot this week.

  43. JEROD ROCKS says:



    • I like Smith (NYG) and Burleson. The Panthers' Smith scares me because he's been so up and down and because they are breaking in a new QB.

      Definitely Maroney at RB. The guy just keeps scoring TDs.

  44. John Most says:

    Hi Jerod,
    Things have changed recently, Forsett likely to get a reduced role assuming he plays(Q). White is "Q" status etc.
    QB Rodgers
    RB1 Johnson
    RB2 LT
    RB3/Flex (Charles, Forsett-Q, & K Smith, or a WR)
    WR1 Wayne
    WR2 MSW
    WR Flex (White-Q, Smith NYG, Avant, Britt, Mason)
    TE (Olsen or Shiancoe-Q) Celek is available but nicked up.
    K Gostkowski
    I am leaning towards Charles, Mason and Olsen . What to you think?
    For the playoffs, Should I Drop one of the tight ends and pick up Celek?
    I Appreciate the advice. Note I need a win and gain +25 pts to win tie breaker for first.

    • Flex I'd go Charles. Clearest path to 20 productive touches. I like Smith at your WR3 spot, with Mason as my second choice. They will get the most targets and catches and are the most experience.

      Olsen and Shiancoe are both very good. I don't see much of an improvement from getting Celek.

  45. Jerod: It looks bad for Deangelo at 1:00. Who should I go with as my flex instead of him (Regular Flex: RB or WR)? Pick one: Chris Brown, Jason Avant, Justin Forsett? And do you still like Driver over Avant this week?
    Thanks and I hope that this gets to you before kickoff!

  46. Whats up Jerod, (For Week 14…First Round of playoffs for me)

    Made into playoffs in 5th place…I lost this last week (week 13) 107 to 121,,,Hard week!!!…but I stayed in the top our league this week was the end for playoff battle. This is the the first round of playoffs for me. Need some help though! My 3rd WR spot has been a problem all year! Really need your advice…I got AUSTIN COLLIE vs. DENVER…D. HENDERSON vs. ATLANTA…JASON AVANT vs. NY GIANTS….LAVERNEOUS COLES vs. MINNESOTA…(DOUBTFUL ABOUT THIS ONE)……WHAT DO U THINK JEROD…REALLY COULD USE SOME ADVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also V. Shiancoe (vs. CIN) or Fred Davis (vs.OAK)>>>>What you thinking?

    —–Thank U Jerod! Appreciate it

  47. Al Crownn says:

    i have a BIG problem at the WR position who should i start
    Micheal Crabtree SF
    Mario Manningham
    Steve Smith NYG

    • I like Crabtree this week, but I would not start him over Steve Smith. Smith gets lots of targets and is clearly a favorite of Manning. Crabtree hasn't proven himself enough yet as a TD threat to vault over a top-15 WR like Smith.

  48. Hi Jerod, thanks for your help, a 9 & 4 rookie season wasn't bad.:
    I came close to taking first but lost the tie breaker (overall point total to the Brees team). Wayne , MSW & Olsen disappeared. Now we have our first playoff round (week 14+week 15) format.
    QB Rodjers Note: should I pick up a backup QB, that weather in GB. Young & Smith is available. if yes who to drop?
    RB1 Johnson
    RB2 Charles
    RB3/flex Fred Jackson, Forsett, K Smith or LT (FJ has a good matchup) — Wire : Harrison, Cartwright
    WR1, 2 3 Wayne (tough matchup), Smith NYG, Mason, White, MSW, Britt
    TE Celek or Shiancoe
    K Hartley or no field goal allowed Gostkowski
    DEF CIN or pick up team off of wire GB, TEN ,Jets, WAS, CHI
    Let the games begin

    • Rodgers should start for you every week, regardless of weather. Alex Smith, however, is proving to be a pretty capable guy in case Rodgers gets hurt. I'd drop a kicker. No reason to carry two. Flip a coin between Hartley and Gostowski. I'd probably hang onto Hartley because his home games are in a dome.

      Flex: play Tomlinson. He's really been playing well lately, even though the Chargers are facing Dallas.

      WR1: Wayne, never sit him.
      WR2: Mason, gets plenty of targets and gets to face Detroit's terrible secondary this week
      WR3: MSW, the ceiling is so high with the Jags at home and Miami's secondary in town.

      Defense: I love the Jets this week going up against a rookie QB in Josh Freeman.

      Best of luck this week!

  49. Hey Jerod,

    I need some help for week 14 with my rb and wrs, we run 2rb 2wr and 1 flex

    frank gore, rashard mendenhall, fred jackson, ahmad bradshaw

    greg jennings, to, michael crabtree, hines ward

    i know bradshaw and ward are hurt so that makes it easier, but i just dont know who to pick

  50. Hey Jerod,
    I really need a win this week. I am in PPR league and there is 1 QB 2 WR 2RB 1TE and 1 FLEX. This is my line up.
    A. Rodgers
    R. Moss
    D. Jackson
    K.Boss (TE)
    D. Amendola
    W. McGahee

  51. Hey Jerod,
    I need a win bad in week 14. I need help with my team set up,
    Active I have-
    Manning, Peyton QB IND
    Mendenhall, Rashard RB PIT
    Thomas, Pierre RB NO
    Driver, Donald WR GB
    Manningham, Mario WR NYG
    Sims-Walker, Mike WR JAC
    Clark, Dallas TE IND
    Carpenter, Dan K MIA
    Steelers DST

    On reserves I have-
    Maroney, Laurence RB NE
    Smith, Kevin RB DET
    Crayton, Patrick WR DAL
    McMichael, Randy TE STL
    Brown, Kris K HOU

    I was thinking about letting someonego inorder to get Carson Palmer (QB) but let me know how you would change it.

    • You have to play Crayton over Sims-Walker if MSW doesn't play. He's currently listed as doubtful to check tomorrow morning. Otherwise, I think your choices are solid.

      I would rather have either the Packers or Bengals D than the Steelers at this point. Until Polamalu comes back, Pittsburgh is an ordinary D. Packers would be my top choice.

      Getting Palmer might not be a bad choice. Manning could end up sitting or playing half games at some point.

      And yes, Forsett is a good guy to get. Why keep two kickers and TEs? Drop Brown and McMichael and improve other areas of your team.

    • Good advice Jerod. With Crayton would you suggest that it would be a good idea to pick up Devin Thomas WR and let go Crayton?

      • Yes, I would rather have Thomas than Crayton. Not that he's necessarily better, but because Crayton is so far down the pecking order for targets in Dallas.

  52. Hi Jerod:
    I am in playoffs, std format, 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, TE, DEF, K with 1 RB/WR & 1 WR/TE
    Is my current line up good enough to take on TEAM A, or should bench someone.
    Team A
    Brady, Addai, Hightower, Austin, Moss, Colston, Holmes, Davis Colts, Mare
    Team B
    Rodgers, C. Johnson, Charles, LT, Wayne, White, Mason, Celek, Jets, Hartley
    My Bench (K. Smith, Ganther, F. Jackson, MSW, Smith NYG, Britt).

    Thanks for your all your help.

    • I just listed out your roster and came up with the same thing you did. I would like to get Steve Smith in there, but I can't recommend him over Wayne, White, or Mason, and even though LT's YPC is down (sub-4.0), he is scoring TDs every week, which Steve Smith does not do.

      I like your chances to win this week. Roll with what you've got!

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