Thursday WYNTR: The Baseball Playoffs Get Infinitely More Interesting After a Bad Day for ESPN

The biggest on-field news in the sports world yesterday obviously revolves around the Philadelphia Phillies beating the LA Dodgers to reach the World Series.

The biggest off-field news in the sports world yesterday involved ESPN, Deadspin, and some pretty lurid tales of sex, ego, and quid pro quo. We discussed this as it was happening, but there have also been new developments in the “ESPN Horndog Dossier” since we signed off yesterday.

But that was yesterday. It’s now Thursday, and we already have the most important news of today and it’s not even 6:30 CT yet: Ozzie Guillen will be working for Fox as a studio analyst during this year’s World Series. Yep, this is going to be great.

And now the rest of What You Need To Read for Thursday, October 22nd, brought to you by…Kate Beckinsale.


Hot topics

It wans’t just Deadspin throwing out the salacious ESPN stories. The Big Lead got in on the action as well, although they weren’t quite as upfront with the names.

Last note about the Steve Phillips’ story. Answer this question honestly: if someone had told you a week ago that one of the three people pictured here would be involved in a sex scandal with Steve Phillips, who would you have guessed it would be? I would have guessed the one on the right.

Times are tough for SEC officials. The crew that blew calls in the Florida v Arkansas game has been suspended.

A-Rod is definitely the story of the playoffs so far this year.

Sam Bradford appears headed for season-ending surgery.

This one shouldn’t surprise anyone: Tiger Woods is the most popular athlete in the world.

It’s NFL Power Rankings time. Go here, here, here, and here.

You’ve probably heard by now that Steve Largent defended his friend Jim Zorn against the crimes being committed against him by Dan Snyder, Vinny Cerrato, and the gods of the NFL. But who really cares. You should click on this link simply for the unintentionally hilarious picture of Largent and Zorn from yesteryear. And if the words “Brokeback Seahawks” or “Brokeback something” don’t pop into your head…well, you’re lying. Or Jim Zorn.

kate-beckinsale-13Midwest sports news

In Big Ten news, the Purdue-Notre Dame series has been extended to 2021 while the buzz builds for the Boilermakers 2009-10 basketball team. Also, Terrelle Pryor’s teammates apparently think he has hit rock bottom and Joe Paterno is not intimidated by the Big House.

In Browns news, not only does half the team apparently have the flu, but the good folks at Cleveland Frowns are wondering why Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone is so obsessed with Eric Mangini.

In Bengals and Bears news, former Bears bust Cedric Benson apparently feels emboldened by his strong start to the 2009 season and has forgotten just how bad he sucked in the Windy City. The guy who would now be Benson’s QB, had Benson not sucked so bad and been jettisoned from Chicago, just got an extension that the guys at NQTC think was a good move for all involved.

In Packers news, the team has dipped into its past to sign Ahman Green again. And amazingly, Green is only 46 yards away from setting the franchise record for career rushing yards. The guys at Rumors and Rants regale us with a list of things that were popular back when Ahman Green was relevant.

Blogging, social media, and other stuff

Here is a fun dare — do something different! — from one of my favorite non-sports bloggers.

Ha, ha, ha

There really is nothing more entertaining than walking through Wal-Mart and people watching. The fine folks at Uncoached have compiled some of the best Wal-Mart people photos ever, including gems like a shirt that says “While you were reading this…I farted” and a guy that I would swear is KVB if I didn’t know better.

The guys at Gunaxin have broken down the ten best TV commercials of the always funny Sir Charles.

Tirico Suave gives us other shirts that Jeff Fisher might be wearing soon.

And a little something extra for the fellas

More from Uncoached, some interesting photos of women communing with the outdoors.

Asylum has broken down ten stupid things girls like.

Luckily, Gunaxin counters with the decidedly non-stupid things that guys like: hot girls.

And in case you didn’t know, Kate Beckinsale was recently dubbed the “Sexiest Woman Alive” by Esquire. Here is the video evidence they have put forth in support of their claim. You decide.

And that’s it. Have a great Thursday everyone, and remember to send your tips here.


* – Kate Beckinsale photos credit: Girls.Pic

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