NFL Week 7 Picks, Point Spreads, TV Schedule and Announcer Pairings

Update: The NFL Week 17 TV schedule, point spreads, and picks post is up.


As I post this while getting ready for the Monday battle between Denver and San Diego, I am hoping the Chargers can prove me right and cover the 3.5 spread. If they do, it would allow me to sneak through a pretty forgettable Week 6 with a 7-6 record. (Update: Well, they didn’t, so I went 6-7. Awesome.)

Otherwise, I’ll have my first sub-.500 week of the season.

I’m still sitting a 49-36 heading into tonight’s game, so at worst I’ll be 12 games up, and I guess that’s no so bad. (Update: Current record: 49-37.)

But as we always do on Monday nights here at MSF, it’s time to look forward to next week. Hence, here we are with our usual look at next week’s TV schedule and point spreads, plus spread picks for each game.

And Myles and I will be here later in the week with the 4th and Short Podcast, where we discuss and pick the most compelling games on the schedule. So bookmark this page and come back, or be on the lookout Wednesday night/Thursday morning on the homepage.

A couple of quick things to keep in mind:

  • The Ravens, Broncos, Lions, Jaguars, Seahawks, and Titans are on their bye.
  • All times are ET.
  • Some games do not have all of the information filled in as of this post being published (i.e. a few games don’t have spreads yet and the announcer assignments have not yet been announced). I’ll up date this post as soon as the information is available at
  • Point spread and over-under listings are as of Monday night, and obviously subject to change throughout the week. If you want update point spread info, or some expert advice as you make your weekly picks, below are a few helpful links.
  • DocSports: NFL Odds
  • DocSports: NFL Picks

And with all that said, here is your mood music and the Week Seven TV schedule, point spreads, announcers, free picks, and byes.

nfl week 6 picks, tv schedule, point spreads, announcers, over-unders, spread picks, odds

NFL Week 7 Viewer’s Guide

TV Schedule – Announcers – Kickoff Times – Byes

Point Spreads – Free Picks – Odds – Over-Unders

nfl week 6 tv schedule, point spreads, announcers, odds, over-unders, free spread picks

Indianapolis Colts at St. Louis Rams

  • Colts-Rams Date: Sunday, October 25th
  • Colts-Rams Kickoff Time: 1:00 PM
  • Colts-Rams TV Network: CBS
  • Colts-Rams Announcers: Kevin Harlan and Solomon Wilcots
  • Colts-Rams Point Spread: Colts -13.5
  • Colts-Rams Over-Under: 45
  • Colts-Rams Spread Pick: After what happened between the Eagles and Raiders last week, I’m wary of a spread this big. But I’m going with the Colts anyway because they are coming off of their bye, and I just don’t think the Rams have any chance of a) stopping Indianapolis or b) coming anywhere close to keeping up offensively. Colts-Rams free pick: Colts -13.5

San Diego Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs

  • Chargers-Chiefs Date: Sunday, October 25th
  • Chargers-Chiefs Kickoff Time: 1:00 PM
  • Chargers-Chiefs TV Network: CBS
  • Chargers-Chiefs Announcers: Dick Enberg and Dan Fouts
  • Chargers-Chiefs Point Spread: Chargers -4.5
  • Chargers-Chiefs Over-Under: 43
  • Chargers-Chiefs Spread Pick: I know that the Chargers have been struggling, but this has always been a team that plays its best football with its back against the wall. Well, 2-3 would qualify. I know this is another road team that I’m taking with the points, but it is what it is: Chargers-Chiefs free pick: Chargers -4.5

New England Patriots at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  • Patriots-Buccaneers Date: Sunday, October 25th
  • Patriots-Buccaneers Kickoff Time: 1:00 PM
  • Patriots-Buccaneers TV Network: CBS
  • Patriots-Buccaneers Announcers: Jim Nantz and Phil Simms (in London)
  • Patriots-Buccaneers Point Spread: Patriots -14.5
  • Patriots-Buccaneers Over-Under: 45
  • Patriots-Buccaneers Spread Pick: Yet another game with a huge spread; and remember, this game is being played in London. It will be interesting to see how the young Bucs handle the trip overseas. I like the vets Brady and Belichick to be in a much better position for success than the young Bucs Raheem Morris and Josh Johnson. Oh, and like Tennessee, Tampa Bay doesn’t do a great job against the pass. Patriots-Buccaneers free pick: Patriots -14.5

Minnesota Vikings at Pittsburgh Steelers

  • Minnesota-Vikings Date: Sunday, October 25th
  • Minnesota-Vikings Kickoff Time: 1:00 PM
  • Minnesota-Vikings TV Network: FOX
  • Minnesota-Vikings Announcers: Kenny Albert, Daryl Johnston, and Tony Siragusa
  • Minnesota-Vikings Point Spread: Steelers -4.5
  • Minnesota-Vikings Over-Under: 45.5
  • Minnesota-Vikings Spread Pick: What a great game this should be. Pittsburgh took advantage of having way more talent than Cleveland last week, but their inability to protect the football was exposed. Minnesota got off to a great start but almost lost to Baltimore. This should be a great game between two QBs playing at a very high level, and while I would not be surprised to see the Steelers win, I do not see them doing so by more than a field goal. Vikings-Steelers free pick: Vikings +4.5

San Francisco 49ers at Houston Texans

  • 49ers- Texans Date: Sunday, October 25th
  • 49ers- Texans Kickoff Time: 1:00 PM
  • 49ers- Texans TV Network: FOX
  • 49ers- Texans Announcers: Chris Myers and Brian Billick
  • 49ers- Texans Point Spread: Texans -3.5
  • 49ers- Texans Over-Under: 44.5
  • 49ers- Texans Spread Pick: I don’t like this game for San Francisco at all. I know they are coming off of a bye, but Michael Crabtree is reportedly going to be starting, they are coming off of a defensive meltdown against Atlanta, and Frank Gore still has yet to play a down since injuring his ankle. I think the Texans may have finally turned a corner towards being a good team last week, and I think they roll at home. I’m not done with S.F. yet for the season, but I just don’t think this is a great matchup for them. 49ers-Texans free pick: Texans -3.5

Green Bay Packers at Cleveland Browns

  • Packers-Browns Date: Sunday, October 25th
  • Packers-Browns Time: 1:00 PM
  • Packers-Browns TV Network: FOX
  • Packers-Browns Announcers: Ron Pitts and John Lynch
  • Packers-Browns Point Spread: No line as of Wednesday
  • Packers-Browns Over-Under: No line as of Wednesday
  • Packers-Browns Spread Pick: Sadly, I will most likely pick Green Bay minus the points that I expect them to be favored by.

Buffalo Bills at Carolina Panthers

  • Bills-Panthers Date: Sunday, October 25th
  • Bills-Panthers Kickoff Time: 4:05 PM
  • Bills-Panthers TV Network: CBS
  • Bills-Panthers Announcers: Gus Johnson and Steve Tasker
  • Bills-Panthers Point Spread: No line as of Monday night
  • Bills-Panthers Over-Under: No line as of Monday night
  • Bills-Panthers Spread Pick: Not sure why there is no line on this one yet.  Waiting to see who is playing QB for Buffalo I’d assume. I’ll wait too.

New York Jets at Oakland Raiders

  • Jets-Raiders Date: Sunday, October 25th
  • Jets-Raiders Kickoff Time: 4:05 PM
  • Jets-Raiders TV Network: CBS
  • Jets-Raiders Announcers: Greg Gumbel and Dan Dierdorf
  • Jets-Raiders Point Spread: Jets -6.5
  • Jets-Raiders Over-Under: 35
  • Jets-Raiders Spread Pick: I am going to be fooled by one good game from JaMarcus Russell. Of course, it’s not like the QB opposing him is all that great either. If the Jets are smart, they will let Thomas Jones and Leon Washington rule this game while mixing up their looks to the inconsistent Russell. I don’t think JaMarcus and the Raiders can put together yet another solid game, and I think the Jets come out with their backs against the wall. They don’t need a big game from Sanchez to beat the Raiders, and I think they ride their backs to a victory by more than a TD. Jets-Raiders free pick: Jets -6.5

Chicago Bears at Cincinnati Bengals

  • Bears-Bengals Date: Sunday, October 25th
  • Bears-Bengals Kickoff Time: 4:15 PM
  • Bears-Bengals TV Network: FOX
  • Bears-Bengals Announcers: Sam Rosen and Tim Ryan
  • Bears-Bengals Point Spread: Bengals -1.5
  • Bears-Bengals Over-Under: 41.5
  • Bears-Bengals Spread Pick: Another tough one. Both are coming off of disappointing losses and Cincinnati learned that Antwan Odom is done for the season. After seeing what Houston did to Cincinnati last week, I have to think that opportunities will be there for Jay Cutler. He has played very well this year in games not on Sunday night, and I expect the Bears to play Sunday. All of the Bengals’ wins have come right down to the wire. I think this game is close too, but I actually think the Bears end up winning it. Bears-Bengals free pick: Bears +1.5

Atlanta Falcons at Dallas Cowboys

  • Falcons-Cowboys Date: Sunday, October 25th
  • Falcons-Cowboys Kickoff Time: 4:15 PM
  • Falcons-Cowboys TV Network: FOX
  • Falcons-Cowboys Announcers: Thom Brennaman and Troy Aikman
  • Falcons-Cowboys Point Spread: Cowboys -4.5
  • Falcons-Cowboys Over-Under: 47
  • Falcons-Cowboys Spread Pick: This is a very intriguing game. We’ve seen two straight great performances from Atlanta, whereas Dallas has not played well since Week 1. The Cowboys are getting 4.5 points because they are at home, but I’m not sure I trust them enough yet to lay more than 3 points. I would not be shocked to see Atlanta win this game, and I certainly would not be surprised to see it be a very close one. Falcons-Cowboys free pick: Falcons +4.5

New Orleans Saints at Miami Dolphins

  • Saints-Dolphins Date: Sunday, October 25th
  • Saints-Dolphins Kickoff Time: 4:15 PM
  • Saints-Dolphins TV Network: FOX
  • Saints-Dolphins Announcers: Dick Stockton and Charles Davis
  • Saints-Dolphins Point Spread: Saints -6.5
  • Saints-Dolphins Over-Under: 47
  • Saints-Dolphins Spread Pick: I really want to pick Miami in this game. I really do. And a part of me thinks they can cover, considering that they are coming off of their bye and New Orleans is going on the road after a huge home game against the Giants. Could the Saints overlook Miami? One thing the Dolphins have going for them is the ability to run the ball and control the clock, which could keep Drew Brees and the Saints off the field. But in the end, it’s Drew Brees against Chad Henne, and I just don’t think Miami can do enough to keep this one within a TD. Saints-Dolphins free pick: Saints -6.5

Arizona Cardinals at New York Giants

  • Cardinals-Giants Date: Sunday, October 25th
  • Cardinals-Giants Kickoff Time: 8:20 PM
  • Cardinals-Giants TV Network: NBC
  • Cardinals-Giants Announcers: Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth
  • Cardinals-Giants Point Spread: Giants -7.5
  • Cardinals-Giants Over-Under: 46
  • Cardinals-Giants Spread Pick: I think New York will win this game and bounce back just fine, but it will be a close one. Arizona is really starting to click, on both sides of the ball, and they are more than capable of taking the Giants well into the 4th quarter. This should be a very entertaining game Sunday night, and I honestly wouldn’t not be shocked to see Arizona win. I don’t think it will happen, but I do think they will cover. Cardinals-Giants free pick: Cardinals +7.5

Philadelphia Eagles at Washington Redskins

  • Eagles-Redskins Date: Monday, October 26th
  • Eagles-Redskins Kickoff Time: 8:30 PM
  • Eagles-Redskins TV Network: ESPN
  • Eagles-Redskins Announcers: Mike Tirico, Ron Jaworski, and Jon Gruden
  • Eagles-Redskins Point Spread: Eagles -7.5
  • Eagles-Redskins Over-Under: 37.5
  • Eagles-Redskins Spread Pick: Normally this would look like a pretty exciting game, but the Eagles are coming off of a terrible performance and the Redskins are just…terrible. With so much flux at QB and in their coaching staff, I just can’t see Washington playing well enough against an Eagles team that has to be spitting mad after losing to Oakland. I think this one gets out of hand early and the Eagles roll. Eagles-Redskins free pick: Eagles -7.5

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  1. you lost 8 games last week. and if you were 43/31 last week with 6 losses this week like you claim (excluding chargers,) shouldn't you have 50/37 losses?

  2. Thanks for reminding me that I needed to update this after the Monday Night score. I lost it, which dropped me to 6-7 for the week. I was 43-30 after last week, so that makes me 49-37 overall. I'm sure it's possible I could be a game or two off overall since I do this relatively quickly, but the record is within 1 to 2 games of that, if not that exactly. I wish I was at 50! Damn Chargers let me down.

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