Leadership and Commitment, Miguel Cabrera Style

With the Detroit Tigers reeling and its months-long grip on first place quickly dwindling, you would think that the Tigers’ players would be extra focused. 

More video work, more work in the cage, extra stretching…whatever each player needs to play at his best.

Certainly, as a fan or if I were a manager, I’d at least expect my team’s players to be well rested and, you know, not hungover and in jail until 8:00 on the morning of a huge game.

Miguel Cabrera of the Detroit Tigers, it seems, would not agree.

You may have seen the pictures of Miguel Cabrera’s scratched face, and you may have heard the rumors about Cabrera being out late drinking, then getting into a fight with his wife early on Saturday morning, and ending up in jail.

Turns out that Cabrera’s explanation for the scratches (“my dog did it!”) doesn’t quite jive with reality.

From the Detroit Free-Press:

Miguel Cabrera might be the Tigers’ first baseman on the field. But off the field early Saturday morning, he was one of the boys out too late with his buddies, according to the Birmingham Police.

The buddies were players from the Chicago White Sox, who Cabrera was partying with after Friday night’s game at Birmingham’s Townsend Hotel, Birmingham Police Chief Richard Patterson said.

But when he got home, his wife wasn’t happy he’d been out drinking so late, Patterson said. Roseann Cabrera called 911 at 6:05 a.m. to report the two were fighting, according to reports.


For some reason, the fact that Cabrera was out with White Sox players makes me laugh.

We’ve always known that Ozzie Guillen loves and admires the Twins; who knew that he’d send his players out for a late night carousing session with the Tigers’ best hitter on the even of their biggest games of the season!?

(For the record, because you never know how people will take things, don’t read the above statement too literally, as I’m sure Ozzie had nothing to do with it.)

But hey, at least Cabrera came through in the clutch for the Tigers this weekend. Needing to win two games to avoid having to play in a one-game playoff against the Twins, Cabrera led to the Tigers to just one victory with his sterling 0-11 performance.

Well done Miguel.

Your team is counting on its best hitter to have a good series, and your reeling city is counting on its sports teams to give it some sort of positive diversion. You decide to go out drinking, wind up in jail, and go 0-11.

If you’re going to be a clown, at least be one who gets a few hits and drives in a few runs.

Your teammates and city, I’m sure, are greatly appreciative of your efforts.

Update: For some good perspective on this story, our buddy J. Ellet Lambie over at Eye of the Tigers has an excellent post on the subject.

Update: The audio of the 911 call has been released (hat tip to The Big Lead). Keep in mind, Cabrera reportedly blew a .26 on a breathalyzer, the woman on the line is Cabrera’s wife, and this is at 6:00 am on the morning of one of the Tigers’ most important games since Cabrera signed his $100+ million contract. Jason at The Big Lead is right. This is sad. Miguel Cabrera may have more than just a weight problem.


* – Miguel Cabrera photo credit: Julian H. Gonzalez – Detroit Free Press

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