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First of all, my apologies to anyone who asked questions in the comment section last week from Friday afternoon on. I was hoping I’d have time to get some of those answered once I got to Cleveland, but I did not.

I don’t have any more trips planned between now and the NFL playoffs, so that should not be a problem again.

Secondly, my apologies to anyone who started Jay Cutler and Greg Olsen last week. I really miscalculated how the Bears-Bengals game would go — as did most everybody — and had to take my medicine on that one.

Otherwise, Week 7 was relatively prosperous. The good: Laurence Maroney, Austin Collie, and the Patriots D/ST as starts; Donovan McNabb, Jerome Harrison, Zach Miller, and Steve Smith (Carolina…if you needed a TD) as sits. The bad: Cutler and Olsen obviously, and the Pittsburgh D as a sit.

Now let’s look forward and gaze into the crystal ball for Week 8. A little bit different format this week; hopefully you like it.

Fantasy Football

Week 8 Start ‘Em, Sit ‘Em Lineup Advice

fantasy football week 8 start em sit em lineup advice projections - matt forte, miles austin, kyle orton, greg olsen, brent celek

Week 8 Start ‘Em, Sit ‘Em Quarterbacks

Start ’em: Kyle Orton, Denver Broncos (at Baltimore Ravens)

Did you know that Baltimore is 23rd in the NFL against the pass and has surrendered nine touchdown passes on the season? And that Kyle Orton has throw two TDs in the each of the Broncos’ last three games? Denver is going to be able to score against Balitmore. Take advantage.

Kyle Orton Week 8 fantasy projection: 245 yards, 2 TDs, 1 INT

Other start ’em QBs for Week 8:

  • David Garrard is facing Tennessee’s 32nd ranked pass defense (19 passing TDs allowed).
  • Matt Hasselbeck should be fresh coming off a bye, more in sync with his WRs, and is facing Dallas’ 22nd ranked pass defense (10 passing TDs allowed).
  • Matt Ryan and the Falcons face New Orleans, a team that has given up only five passing TDs this season and has picked off a whopping 13 passes. However, we know that the Falcons will have to throw a lot to stay in this game, especially with their struggling run game, and Ryan is good enough to find some success.

Sit ’em: Eli Manning, New York Giants (at Philadelphia Eagles)

What the hell happened to Eli? He and his WRs came out of the gates like gangbusters but have really struggled since. Manning has barely over 400 yards to go with two TDs and four INTs over the last two weeks.

This week, he and the Giants face an Eagles’ D that is 9th against the pass. There are better options and I’d sit Manning until he proves he can play effectively against good defenses with his foot injury.

Eli Manning Week 8 fantasy projection: 195 yards, 1 TD, 2 INT

Other sit ’em QBs for Week 8:

  • Alex Smith the new starter in San Fran and threw three TDs in the second half last week. The Colts are sixth in the NFL against the pass and have only given up two TDs. Yes, Smith will be passing a lot, but I’d only start him in an emergency.
  • Donovan McNabb has only one TD pass over his last two games. The Giants’ secondary has been struggling, so make sure you have a good alternative, but I wouldn’t rate McNabb among the top 10 QBs for this week.
  • Joe Flacco is having a terrific season so far, but Denver is 8th against the pass and has given up only three TD passes all year. You can do better (I hope).

Week 8 Start ‘Em, Sit ‘Em Running Backs

Start ’em: Matt Forte, Chicago Bears (vs Cleveland Browns)

Matt Forte owners, I know how pissed and upset you are. I am in your boat and I feel your pain. Forte was drafted in the first round by many of us and has rewarded our faith in him by recording all of one TD this year. Whoopdie-f’ing-do.

However, you have to start him this week against the awful Browns. And if you don’t believe me, ask frustrated Ryan Grant owners how last week worked out. (I’m one of those too! And it worked out great: 148 yards and a TD). The Browns give up 170.6 yards per game on the ground and have given up 10 TDs this year.

‘Nuff said.

Matt Forte Week 8 fantasy projection: 120 yards rushing, TD; 5 rec, 45 yards, TD

Other start ’em RBs for Week 8:

  • LaDainian Tomlinson is another Forte-like guy who has disappointed fantasy owners. LT gets Oakland’s 30th ranked run defense this week though, and should be a great start.
  • If you drafted Beanie Wells and have hung onto him this long, this is a week to start him. Beanie is coming off his best game of the season and faces Carolina’s 26th ranked run D.
  • Ricky Williams has to be an every-week start for you right now. He had 138 total yards earlier this year against the Jets and is coming off of a three-TD performance against New Orleans.
  • Lots of people are saying sit Ryan Grant this week against Minnesota. I disagree. He has a career 5.3 yard average against the Vikings and had over 100 total yards against them earlier this year.

Sit ’em: Jonathan Stewart, Carolina Panthers (at Arizona Cardinals)

I’ve been touting Stewart’s virtues in this column over the past few weeks. It worked out two weeks ago but did not work out last week. One thing I have said about Stewart is that he is a matchup play who has the potential for very productive weeks.

This week presents one of those matchups for which I would sit Stewart. The Panthers play Arizona’s #1 ranked run D (67.5 yards per game, three TDs allowed) and any production Stewart gets will have to be stolen away from DeAngelo Williams.

Jonathan Stewart Week 8 fantasy projection: 35 yards rushing, 0 TDs

Other sit ’em RBs for Week 8:

  • LenDale White isn’t scoring TDs this year (only one) and Jacksonville actually has a decent run defense that has surrendered only three rushing TDs all year.
  • Tashard Choice has to be a sit now. His burst of production was nice while it lasted, but until the Cowboys’ coaching staff shows that it will treat Choice like more than a #3 back when Barber and Jones are healthy, you can’t take the chance.
  • Willis McGahee is done. Stick a fork in him. I just didn’t want anyone to forget over the bye week. He has 13 carries for 12 yards over the last three weeks. Ouch.
  • Donald Brown needs to sit as well until he starts getting more touches. Look at the last four weeks: 15, 10, 8, 2. That’s not a good trend, especially with Joseph Addai being more productive.

Week 8 Start ‘Em, Sit ‘Em Wide Receivers

fantasy football week 8 start em sit em lineup advice projections - matt forte, miles austin, kyle orton, greg olsen, brent celekStart ’em: Miles Austin, Dallas Cowboys (vs Seattle Seahakws)

How can I put anyone else in this space?

I admit, I was skeptical of Austin’s breakout performance against Kansas City. However, he then went out and did it again against Atlanta, and not one bit of it has seemed fluky.

Plus, did you know that Austin is 6’3, 214 pounds? I always thought he was smaller. And did you know that he’s in his fourth season in the NFL, when many young WRs break out?  Well you do know.

And you also know to start him.

He can’t possibly keep up his current pace, but he’s clearly earned the trust of Tony Romo and will continue to be a solid player this season. Also, if you needed any more reason to believe in Austin for Week 8, Seattle has a middle-of-the-pack pass D (16th, 220.3 yards per game, 7 TDs allowed).

Miles Austin Week 8 fantasy projection: 5 catches, 95 yards, 1 TD

Other start ’em WRs for Week 8:

  • Vincent Jackson is having a great season that is going under the radar. He has four TDs total and has scored in back-to-back games. He’s a solid play against Oakland.
  • Lee Evans has quietly caught at least four passes and a TD in his last two games. Houston does not have a great secondary. Evans is a solid #3 WR this week.
  • Over the last two weeks, Nate Burleson has been on bye and had a forgettable 2 rec, 40-yard performance against Arizona. But don’t forget about him. He still leads SEA in catches, and has Matt Hasselbeck back. Plus, Dallas’ pass defense is not great (238.5 yards per game, 10 TDs).

Sit ’em: Kevin Walter, Houston Texans (at Buffalo Bills)

This guy has really disappointed me this year. After a breakout 60-catch, 8-TD season in 2008 I was hoping that big things were in store for Walter this year. But he battled injuries early in the season and has not have more than 40 yards receiving since his solid debut against the Jags in Week 3.

This week Houston faces Buffalo, which gives up only 190.4 yards through the air and has picked off twice as many passes as they’ve allowed TDs. I think this will be a great game for Steve Slaton, but not so much for Walter.

Caveat: If Andre Johnson cannot play and Walter becomes the #1 WR, obviously his value increases. But Johnson appears ready to go for Sunday.

Kevin Walter Week 8 fantasy projection: 3 catches, 33 yards

Other sit ’em WRs for Week 8:

  • Ted Ginn Jr. continues to drop big passes in key spots. Miami’s coaching staff is about fed up with him and you should be too.
  • I know that Michael Crabtree had a solid debut last weekend, but the Colts’ secondary is much better than the Texans’. I want to see Alex Smith successfully lead the 49ers offense for more than a half, and see Crabtree for more than one game, before I buy into any hype.
  • All Cleveland WRs. I don’t know why I thought starting Mohamed Massaquoi would be a good choice last week (yes I do…because I was going to the game and — like an idiot — thought it would be fun to have someone starting in the actual game starting on my fantasy roster), but I did it in two leagues. Never again. Don’t start any Cleveland WR unless they have two consecutive good weeks. And good luck waiting for that to happen.

Week 8 Start ‘Em, Sit ‘Em Tight Ends

Start ’em: Greg Olsen, Chicago Bears (at Cleveland Browns)

Yes, I’m going back to Greg Olsen. Before last week he’d caught TDs in three straight games, and he still had four catches against Cincinnati, so the opportunities were there. The Browns’ linebackers are not good in coverage and I think Olsen will be able to have a very strong game.

Greg Olsen Week 8 fantasy projection: 5 catches, 69 yards, TD

Other start ’em TEs for Week 8:

  • Vernon Davis is a must start. I told you about him before the season started and I hope you listened. He is awesome.
  • Visanthe Shiancoe is still a guy I like too, despite being down on him early in the year. He scored against the Green Bay earlier this year and has 5 TDs total. Plus, he’s consistent: four catches in each of the last three games.

Sit ’em: Brent Celek, Philadelphia Eagles (vs New York Giants)

This one honestly pisses me off a little bit. Celek was terrific earlier this year and appeared poised to become a weekly starter. Then Donovan McNabb came back from his injury and forgot about his emerging weapon at TE. It hit rock bottom with last week’s three reception, eight yard performance, for which I blame Andy Reid and McNabb more than Celek.

The ability is there, but I’m holding Celek out of the lineup until I see him become a more integrated part of the Philly offense again.

Brent Celek Week 8 fantasy projection: 4 catches, 21 yards

Other sit ’em TEs for Week 8:

  • John Carlson faces a Cowboys D that did a nice job against Tony Gonzalez last week and that struggles more against the deep ball than against underneath and/or over-the-middle passing. Plus, Carlson has had to block more recently.
  • Zach Miller is a sit for me as long as JaMarcus Russell is the QB. Miller may flash his ability every once in a while (like he did two weeks ago), but I don’t want to deal with the games where he does nothing (like last week, as I predicted).

Week 8 Start ‘Em, Sit ‘Em Defense / Special Teams Units

Start ’em: Chicago Bears D/ST (vs Cleveland Browns)

You should be noticing a theme here: START YOUR BEARS! Or, to be more apt, start whoever is playing the Browns!

The Bears defense has not been great this year, but the matchup could not be better. Until the Browns show some competence on offense, opposing defenses will be solid starts on a weekly basis.

Chicago Bears D/ST Week 8 fantasy projection: 13 points or less given up, 3 sacks, 1 INT

Other start ’em D/ST units for Week 8:

  • Arizona’s defense is an underrated unit that faces the Panthers this week. Starting at QB for Carolina will be either INT machine Jake Delhomme or who-the-hell-is-he Matt Moore. Good matchup either way.
  • The Chargers’ D has been up and down this year, but matchups for defenses don’t get much better than Oakland and JaMarcus Russell at home.

Sit ’em: New York Giants D/ST (at Philadelphia Eagles)

What happened to the Giants? The team with the greatest defensive line in the league (or so we thought) has only 16 sacks for the season. The Giants are also a mind-boggling 18th in the league in scoring defense, despite playing no one good through their first four games.

New Orleans and Arizona have exposed the Giants’ D as being very suspect, and now the Giants have to face another explosive offense on the road in Philadelphia. I wouldn’t drop the Giants’ D, but I am taking a wait and see approach right now.

New York Giants D/ST Week 8 fantasy projection: 24 or more points given up, 2 sacks

Other sit ’em D/ST units for Week 8:

  • The Browns. Haha…just saying this for shits and giggles. If you were thinking of starting them in the first place, you’re an idiot.
  • Baltimore is a D/ST unit that I’d consider sitting this week. I’m wary of sitting them at home, where they can be extra fired up and intimidating, but the Ravens are giving up a lot of yards and points this year and are playing a Denver team that is very sound . The Broncos do not make the type of mistakes guys like Ed Reed can take the other way for seven points. It’s a toss-up for me, so if you have a solid alternative, I’d take it.
  • You have to sit San Francisco’s D against Indy and I wouldn’t talk you out of dropping them. The 49ers are improved, but may have become overrated as a fantasy defense early in the year.

Thanks for reading and for your continued support of our fantasy coverage here at MSF. The comment section is yours for questions and I will do my best to answer them all as promptly as I can. Please report any issues (i.e. comment not showing up, not getting a reply, etc) to me via email: jerod [at] midwestsportsfans [dot] com).

And for more fantasy reading, check out Fraschetti’s columns from earlier this week:

Good luck in Week 8 everyone. In my six leagues I am 6-1, 5-2, and then 4-3 in four of them, so it’s a pivotal week for me just as it is for you. I’ll post a few more times this week with other interesting start/sit or pick-up recommendations I find.


* – Matt Forte photo credit: Sports Maven

* – Miles Austin photo credit: crazylilsportslady at PhotoBucket

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  1. Hey Jerod- I noticed both my bye week replacement QBs in your start em. Who do you prefer Hasselbeck at Dallas or Garrard at Tennessee? and I have a little trouble at WR also, I need to decide between Garcon, Breaston, Holt, Cotchery(may be back) and Gonzalez(may be returning) any insight is appreciated.

    • I like Garrard just because he's healthier and because Tennessee has been playing much worse than Dallas.

      Who many can you play? I like Cotchery the best if he's back and healthy, and I'd take a wait-and-see with Gonzalez so I'd rank him 5th. In between, I'd go Holt, Breaston, Garcon, in that order.

      • That's about the order I was thinking, thanks. I'll probably go with Cotch if he's back and wait to see on Gonzalez. I've got Marshall, Smith (NY) and Dallas Clark as my 3 other starters and I like your advice on Garrard. Wish me luck. You da man!


        • Excellent…our favorite commenter is back for another week!

          • cant you just block him from posting? he's rather annoying and doesnt know what he's talking about.

          • Good question. The answer is yes, and I did block some of his comments last week. However, he did try to be reasonable in some and his "No" post made me laugh…so I left it. I am hoping that, like 99.9% of the commenters here, he will use tact from now on and attempt to further the discussion of whatever post he's commenting on.

            If not…DELETE!

  2. Hi Jerod,

    Thanks for all the help this season. I have Dwayne Bowe on a bye and I'm looking for a flex play for this week. I'm in a 12-team, ppr league. I have Correll Buckhalter, Tory Holt and Nate Washington on the bench. I'm also looking at the wires for an option. Devery Henderson, Bryant Johnson and Mark Clayton are all available. Which is the best option for this week?

    Also, are any of these wire players good long-term options? I'm considering them along with Mike Wallace, Laveraneus Coles and Chris henry to help with a week 10 bye.

    Thanks again,

    • For this week I like Torry Holt, since it's PPR, but long term I like Buckhalter. Even though Moreno is there, it looks like Buckhalter will keep getting 13-15 touches per game and at least 3-5 catches.

  3. Jerod,

    Thanks for encouraging me to start Driver(you got to see him do his thing live huh?), Maroney last wk and to sit Forte. It worked out great. I scored the most points yet. Oh and Ocho Cinco did a great job too bad I sat him…… well I put Miles Austin in over him so I lucked out. This wk is a bit tougher. I lost Leon Washington for the season and Maroney and Mr. 85 are on byes. I'm left with:

    QB Peyton Manning/Jay Cutler
    RB Matt Forte/Joseph Addai/Derrick Ward/Jonathan Stewart
    WR Miles Austin/Donald Driver/Mo Mass(M. Masseqoui)/Austin Collie
    TE Brent Celek(I know he's the only TE I have now).
    K D Akers
    Def The Colts

    I'm thinking of going w/ Peyton,Forte,Addai,Miles Austin, Donald Driver and Austin Collie(flex) I have extra room on my roster Do u think the Bears Def or Cardinal Def would be better than the Colts for this matchup?

    thanks for your imput as always!!

    • I agree with your choices. All of those D's are good matchups. I'd probably rather have the Bears the most, but I'm not sure there's a big difference between any of them.

  4. Hi Jerrod,

    Couple quick questions … is Matt Stafford an upgrade over Mark Bulger … it seems to me he is but your input is welcome. My other QB is P. Manning but I have to start 2 QBs (HATE this format).

    Assuming I want to pick up Stafford (and keep Bulger so as to decide weekly based on matchups)… I either need to get rid of one of the following (PPR and point per rush league):
    Jamal Lewis, Reggie Bush, TO or Roy Williams.
    I have to start one of those RBs (other WR has a bye) and one of those recievers (another bye issue).

    FYI – my other RBs are DeAngelo Williams, Benson, Tim Hightower
    other WRs are Hines Ward, Sidney Rice, Hakeem Nicks.

    Your thoughts are much appreciated.

    • Ugh…Stafford or Bulger is pretty much a toss up. I'd rather have Bulger but…no real strong reason why I say that.

      I'd drop TO or Roy Williams, probably TO because he's been even worse than Williams…but I'd only start Roy in an emergency right now.

      • Friend in same league has 4 wideouts – Mike Sims-Walker, Johnny Knox, Devon Hester and Lance Moore …

        Would TO or Roy Williams be an upgrade over any of the latter three? If anyone, I'd say Moore but he did have that great game 2 weeks ago.

      • Now that Vince Young is available … is he a better option than either Bulger or Stafford?

        • Big time wild card there with Young. This week I'd rather start Bulger or Stafford and see how VY does. Long-term, wouldn't surprise me at all if he's better than those two.

  5. Hey Jerod,

    Ray Rice and Kevin Smith starting this week with Brandon Jacobs, Ahmad Bradshaw and Shonn Greene on the bench. Agree with that? Rice is a no brainer and I chose Smith because he is vs the Rams. But I guess who starts at QB for the Lions could be an issue, but again, its the Rams. I guess the only debate would be Smith vs Jacobs. Jacobs did finally look pretty good last week and against a tougher run defense.

    Also, at WR, with Moss and Ward on byes I have Jennings, Collie and Burleson starting. Would you start Lance Moore this week over any of those 3?

    Kurt Warner or Matt Ryan this week?

    I could also pick up San Diego for the week. I have been using the Saints D regularly since their bye. Based on their turnovers and TDs they are racking up it would be hard to bench them, but its hard to imagine Ryan having back to back shaky weeks. You like SD or NO def better this week?

    As always, thanks for the great advice.

    • I would start Jacobs over Smith. Sorry, I'm stubborn, and Jacobs finally showed signs of life last week with a TD.

      No, I would not start Moore over those three.

      I'd start Matt Ryan at QB because who knows what it will be like outside in Buffalo, and the Bills are actually decent against the pass. The ATL-NO game will be a shootout.

      I'd rather play SD because they're going against Oakland…but don't drop anyone good to make it happen. NO is a fine play this week.

      • Thanks. I've got a feeling Jacobs will eventually go off. But the Cards are at home vs Carolina. That's why its such a toss up to me, Warner usually plays best at home. Thanks.

      • Thanks. Yeah, I have a feeling its a matter of time before Jacobs goes off.

        Kurt Warner and the Cards are at home vs Carolina. Houston is in Buffalo. So do you like Ryan over Warner in those conditions?

        • Ryan v Warner is a tough one and I feel like I might answer it different every five minutes.

          I'd probably go Warner, just because New Orleans has been so adept at picking off passes this year. But I wouldn't be surprised at all if Ryan scored more points. I think he'll have a good week.

          • Sorry for the double post, neither one actually showed up til you posted your reply so I thought neither of mine posted.

            Anyway, I'll probably agonize right up til kickoff Sunday (Warner's actually). And whichever I pick will probably score the lowest of the two. But hopefully they'll both be close to the same at least. I hate close calls, but its nice having two good options at QB.

          • Think positive! You have two good options and you'll make the right call!

  6. Jerod,

    Thanks for the advice in the previous weeks. I am not 5-2.
    This is what my team looks like ATM.
    QB- Schaub
    RB1- Turner
    RB2- DAW
    FLEX- LT
    WR1- Johnson
    WR2- D. Mason
    TE- Clark
    D/ST- Vkings
    K- Longwell
    —Bench- Santana Moss, Mario Manningham, Kurt Warner, Johnathan Stewart, Panthers D (waiting for vikings buy week), Jerricho Cotchery, and Bernard Berrian.

    I need to remove some of the dead weight off my bench. This week I am looking to pick up off waivers, Tony Romo, Lee Evans, and Mike Bell. (Losing Kurt warner, Johnathan Stewart, and Bernard Berrian).

    If I get Lee Evans, should I start him over Derek Mason or Mario Manningham?

    I also have a trade proposed to me of receiving Crabtree and willis mcgahee for LT and Santana Moss. LT has been an overall disappointment. Mgahee was great early, but has not done anything lately, what are the chances he returns to early season forms? Crabtree is a gamble and Moss is dropping dead weight since washington blows.

    Basically, what would you do if you had my team?

    • I'll be honest with you: I like Warner, Stewart, and Berrian better than Romo, Evans, and Bell (position by position). I wouldn't drop any of those guys for the guy you'd be getting. And no, I don't like Evans over DM or Manningham.

      NO NO NO on the trade. LT and Moss are the two best players in it. Don't do it.

      • I picked up Lee Evans and Romo without losing Warner, or any other receivers.
        Now I have Manningham, Berrian, Evans, Cotchery, and Mason fighting for my last WR spot. Any suggestions? I am leaning toward Evans or Cotchery.

        • I like Cotchery to be honest with you. Yes, he could be rusty after two games off, but Miami plays two rookie corners and Cotchery now has Braylon on the other side of him. If he does not go for some reason, I'd go with Mason. I know the matchup isn't good, but he'll still get plenty of targets and produce. I trust him more than the others.

  7. Hey Jerod,
    2 questions this week. I have the Colts D/ST, but Arizona is available on Waivers. Should I try to get Arizona to hold on for the rest of the season or should I stick it out with the Colts. They both are doing well and AZ seems to have a little bit of a better schedule, but I'm not sure.

    Also, I'm starting Miles Austin (vs Sea) and Sims-Walker (vs Ten) over Roddy White (vs NO), thoughts?

    • I like Arizona's D a lot. They are really doing a great job stopping the run so far this year and getting turnovers. And yes, their remaining schedule is very favorable.

      No, I would not ever sit Roddy White. He is your #1 WR. I like Sims-Walker's matchup this week, but you can't sit Austin after what he's done the last two weeks. I'd go White-Austin unless you feel REALLY strongly about Sims-Walker. Remember though, that Tennessee game is on the road and the team could be rejuvenated after the bye and with VY at QB.

  8. hey jerod! how's it going bud? i was a little worried this week when i didnt see blogs from you and someone else instead. great to have you back your advice does wonders for me every week! :)

    and so i present to you my latest dilemma! here's my team:

    QB – Phillip Rivers, Matt Hasselbeck, David Garrard, Alex Smith
    WR – Reggie Wayne, Wes Welker (bye), Vincent Jackson, Miles Austin, Nate Burleson
    RB – Ladanian Tomlinson, Pierre Thomas, LeSean McCoy (because Westbrook might not play), Beanie Wells

    I need to start 2 QBs, 3 WRs, 2 RBs and 2 Flex

    can you please help? im the most confused about my QB situation. Rivers with Garrard or Hasselbeck?

    i picked up LeSean McCoy cuz westbrook "might" be out against a bad Giants run defense. but i dont know if i should start wells along with burleson or mccoy as flex.

    lastly, someone just dropped mendenhall in my league and i might be able to acquire him.. should i drop mccoy to get him or burleson?

    thanks as always dude! sorry about the long list of questions :)

    • Just a slow recovery from the trip to Cleveland. Too many jello shots and pints from Great Lakes Brewery. ;-)

      QB – Rivers
      QB – Garrard (let Hasselbeck prove he's back since you have a solid alternative option)
      RB – LT
      RB – PT
      WR – Wayne
      WR – VJ
      WR – Miles Austin
      Flex – Mendenhall!!! (or McCoy)
      Flex – Nate Burleson (sorry, I just don't trust Wells enough to start him over that good of a WR option)

      Yes, get Mendenhall right now. I'm shocked he's still out there. Owners asleep at the wheel!

      • actually the owner dropped him cuz he needed to pick up a QB for the bye week! thanks for the lineup advice dude! and glad you had fun getting drunk in cleveland ;)

  9. Terd Ferguson says:

    I need to fill Flex position. Forte, Addai, or Slaton?

    • Wow…tough one. I like all three, but I think I'd go with Slaton. The Bills are giving up TONS of rushing yards and he has actually been producing, unlike Forte. But make no mistake, all three are very good start candidates for this week.

    • Terd Ferguson says:

      thanks for taking the time to help me out…..

      I had put Slaton in but many other guru's seem to think that Forte is going to come alive this week. I am thinking that
      if history (this season) is any sign, i will risk it with Slaton and hopefully come away with a decent contribution… and if Forte has a good week, great.
      My league is brutal and everyone puts up huge numbers….so 5pts matters.

      guess we will see..


  10. Romo or Palmer???
    Thanks for te help

  11. Hey Jerod,

    Thanks for the advice so far this season. I'm in a non-ppr league with 2RB/2WR/1 Flex. Who would you play this week?

    RB – Michael Turner, Chris Johnson, or Kevin Smith (need at least 2 depending on how many WR I start)
    WR – Reggie Wayne, Marques Colston, Sidney Rice, Mike Sims-Walker, or Miles Austin (would you go with 3 WR this week?)
    TE – Vernon Davis or Brent Celek (Davis seems to have the confidence of Alex Smith)
    DEF – Saints or Chargers (Is it smart to play Turner against the Saints, yet play the Saints DEF too?)

    Thanks bro!!

    • Whoa dude, who do you play with that allows you to draft that team?
      I don't think you could go very wrong with any combination of those guys!

      • Haha well it's an 8 team league, and I used the waiver wire pretty well. Props go to Jerod for the weekly advice on who to pick up and play!

    • Bump

      And editing my original comment: With Wayne not practicing Wednesday or Thursday, do I sit him if he doesn't practice again? As my number 1 WR I know that's blasphemy, but I have decent matchups with Sims-Walker and Austin and Colston should get plenty of looks…thoughts?

      • If Reggie Wayne plays, you have to play him. I don't think the Colts would run him out there if he wasn't able to contribute. That said, you do have three very good options, so you wouldn't be devastated if Wayne sits this week out (which he may well do if he can't practice today).

  12. 2 of the 3


    1 of 2

    • I like MJD and SJax…but damn it'd be hard to leave Ronnie Brown on the bench. Gotta go with the two clear #1s though.

      Not a huge fan of either Eli or McNabb this week, but seeing how the Giants' secondary has played recently, I'd go Donovan.

      • yea i am in a 10 man league and the qb selection is very slim plus it costs per transaction the guy im playing has basically the steelers whole offense big ben holmes miller ect so im not to concerned since there on a bye
        his only threats are Matt Ryan Dallas Clark and Mike Turner i doubt chambers washington and higgens beat out fitzgerald lance moore and V.Jax Bowe and Moss on byes hurt me a bit though

  13. Schuab or alex smith

    pick 2

    pick 3

  14. ok i need a little help i have crabtree, crayton, cotchery, maningham, sidney rice and gennings for recivers i need three to start who would you go with

    • Jennings for sure, and I also like Cotchery a lot this week against Miami. He's reportedly looked great so far this week. THen I think you go Sidney Rice, who will not doubt be targeted on some F-You bombs from Brett Favre this weekend.

  15. Hey Jarod,

    I am in a non ppr league and we start 1 QB, 2-3 RB, 3-4 WR, 1-2 TE, K, DEF.

    My QBs Schuab, Farve

    RBs Jacobs, Slaton, Stewart, Evans, and White (LenDale)

    WRs Evans, Hester, Knox, Berrian, and Breaston

    TEs Davis, and Shiancoe

    K Crosby

    Def Philly

    who would you start? I am leaning on going with both my TE's and 2 RB and 3 WRs.

    Thanks Josh

    • QB – Schaub (unless you want to have some fun watching the Pack-Vikings game…)
      RB – Jacobs, Slaton
      WR – Evans, Hester, Berrian
      TE – Vernon Davis

      The above choices were easy. I think Shiancoe would be the safest bet from here and give you the most probably chance of a TD. But I think I'd lean very heavily towards Johnny Knox. The Browns have been TERRIBLE covering slot WRs this year and Knox could be in for a very productive week. If you're risk-averse, go Shiancoe. Otherwise, roll the dice on two Bears WRs against a team that's given up up 1000+ yards of offense the last two weeks.

  16. Hi Jerod,

    Thanks for all your help. It is much appreciated.

    How would you rank the following RBs for the remainder of the season —

    Jonathan Stewart, Jamal Lewis, Reggie Bush, Donald Brown, Darren McFadden or Jerome Harrison …

    Looking to see who to get/keep as backups/situational players/flex.

    Thanks again for any advice you can lend.

  17. Hi Jerod,

    Thanks for all the advice. I'm in a standard league, non-PPR, 2RB/2WR/1flex.

    I have: M JonesDrew, Ricky Williams, Marshawn Lynch, Vincent Jackson, Roddy White, M SimsWalker. Of those six I'm benching Marshawn Lynch this week.

    In a 10-team league there are still a few RB/WRs who seem potentially worth getting but I'm not yet convinced they're worth dumping any of the six I have. Would you replace any of the six I have with: Beanie Wells (yeah, I read your column in praise of Beanie), Mike Bell, Darren Sproles, Correll Buckhalter, Cotchery, Hakeem Nicks, Devin Hester, Derrick Mason, Mike Wallace, Austin Collie, Michael Crabtree?

    Looking ahead to next week's Vikings bye I picked up an extra kicker and can this week choose from Ryan Longwell or Nick Folk. I'm long loyal to Longwell and think he has as much a chance at good points as Folk, so it's a coin toss to me unless you have a strong opinion otherwise.

    I round out my roster with Aaron Rodgers, Vernon Davis, Saints D. Hoping to keep adding to my just-over .500 record.

    Thanks for your time and thoughts!

    • I'd go Folk. He'll be kicking on a nice indoor surface. Who knows what it'll be like in GB. Remove a variable since everything else is pretty even.

      As for players to pick up…I think I'd probably stand pat. Cases could be made for Cotchery, Mason, Nicks and Hester over Sims-Walker, but it's like splitting hairs and will be dependent on matchups. I like your three RBs over the other ones.

      If you have any doubts about Sims-Walker, I'd go with Mason because of the experience…but if it were my team, I'd stand pat.

  18. Okay have a little bit of a dalima……. You are praising Vishante Shiancoe and Vernon Davis which one would be the better star?

  19. hey jerod,
    i have matt cassel and im thinking about dropping him and picking up alex smith.Is it a smart move also i picked up owen daniels this week is he a solid start every week? And is jamaal charles a good pickup?

    • Yes, Owen Daniels rocks.

      Yes, Charles is a solid pickup considering his strong showing the only time he's had double-digit carries and the fact that Larry Johnson's immaturity and general lack of sense could open the door for more carries for Charles.

      Cassel or Smith? All based on matchups. If you put a gun to my head, I'd rather have Cassel because his job is more secure. But I'd be scared if I ever had to start either one.

  20. Jerod,

    I have Gore, T. Jones and Correll Buckhalter as my RBs and have Jerome Harrison on the bench. Jones has a bye week in week 9 and I'm looking for a replacement for the bye and also for insurance looking down the road. Harrison will only provide value is Lewis goes down with an injury. Is it worth taking a flier on Kolby Smith or Ahman Green? I read K. Smith is taking reps with the first team and some consider him the best option if L. Johnson is done with the Chiefs. Also, what are your thoughts on Ahman Green who looks like he'll be the #2 back now in Green Bay? Who has the better upside and should I chance it and drop Harrison in favor of one of these backs.

    As always, thanks for the help.

    • The Chiefs still haven't decided if they are going to activate Smith from the PUP list yet, so right now Charles looks like the best option in KC.

      And no on Ahman Green. I can't see him doing much of anything.

      I'd rather have Harrison than either of these two guys.

  21. hey jerod,
    i have terrell owens and reggie bush was dropped this week. Should i drop him for bush?

  22. ok because i know alex smith had a good performance but texans defense is bad. And jamaal charles i felt was a good pickup which of course i dropped LJ to pick him up. Would jamaal charles be a good start against jacksonville?
    And would owen daniels be a good start over dwayne bowe every week?
    And i appreciate the help!

    • Yes, Charles should be a pretty good start next week…although there always is some risk with a guy who has never carried a full load before.

      And yes, I think I'd go with Daniels over Bowe. More consistent and better QB.

      • Hey Jerod,

        Do you think it would be wise to drop Derrick Ward from my bench in favor of Charles? I currently have Forte,Addai,Maroney and Jonathan Stewart on my team and only used Ward once since he's been a bust so far on a bad team.


        • I'd rather have Charles than Ward, but it's not a sure thing. Charles doesn't play until next week and has never been the #1 guy before. He has more upside than Ward though I think.

  23. Brandon Jacobs or Ricky Williams?? Ricky williams can have a bigger upside and put up nice numbers but hes also a bigger risk of only putting up 30 yards. Please provide me with your opinions.

    • Real tough one there. I'd go with Jacobs because he'll probably get the most carries and Bradshaw is dealing with some foot injury issues (though he'll still play).

  24. I just picked up Gerrard from waivers, but also have Schaub as my main QB. My question is, with their respective matchups, which would be the better fantasy pick? I also have Sims-Walker as a Gerrard teammate.

  25. Hey, Jared!

    I might be looking at an opportunity to get Greg Jennings for Ahmad Bradshaw. I have B. Jacobs, so Bradshaw is my insurance policy. On the RB front I have LT and SJX picking up slack, and I'm getting good numbers out of Sims Walker and Derek Mason and am angry at Santana Moss most of the time. Think this trade is a good one for me?

  26. Taking everything into consideration, do I go with Schaub or Romo this week?

    • Toss up. I'd go Romo because Dallas is at home and his #1 WR isn't recovering from an injury. Plus, Buffalo is much worse against the run than the pass.

  27. I just picked up Jamaal Charles (for Reggie Bush). I can now trade him for Mike Bell?
    Worth it?

    Jerod, thanks for all your advice in weeks past.

    • No problem. I think I'd keep Charles right now. He could end up starting the rest of the season for KC if he takes advantage of his opportunity the next two weeks.

  28. I never get replies says:

    1) Hakeem Nicks or Austin Collie?

    2) Barber, Shone Green, Ricky Williams, Forte? Pick 2

    3) Schaub or Garrard?

    4) Lynch, Jacobs, Bradshaw, K.Smith, or Shone Green? Pick 2

    • Austin Collie…but it's a toss up. Nicks has TDs in four straight games, but Collie a little more consistent with the receptions.

      Forte and Ricky Williams…with Barber third. Let Greene prove himself one more week.

      Shaub for sure.

      Lynch and Jacobs.

  29. Hi Jerod,

    Thanks for all your help!

    Whose got more upside for the second half of the year – Jamaal Charles or Mike Bell?
    My playoffs are weeks 15 and 16.
    League is point per reception AND point per rushing attempt.

  30. Would you go with Ronnie Brown or Frank Gore this week? How about Rivers or Garrard? Thanks in adavnce

    • I like Rivers over Garrard.

      Boy, I'd hate to sit either Brown or Gore. I'd go with Gore because he's the clear #1 and will probably get more touches.

  31. Hey Jerod,
    I have baltimore and carolinas defense and not sure which one to start.
    baltimore is at home against denver and denver doesn't make turnovers.
    carolina is on the road against arizona and carolina is pretty good on pass defense and arizona isn't a good run offense so which defense should i start this week.
    And i appreciate all the help this week.

    • Good breakdown of Baltimore. I still like them. They are at home, coming off of a bye, and their D plays with an extra level of intensity at home. I don't trust anything about Carolina with the bad positions their QB puts them in, and Arizona can throw on anyone.

  32. beanstock says:

    Who should I star as my number 3 reciever: Tedd Ginn Jr( Miami) or Mike Thomas(jacksonville)?

    Who should I start as my QB: Matt hasselback( sea) or Mark Sanchez(nyj)?

    Who should I start at Running Back: Brian Westbrook(phi), Shonn Greene(nyj) or Jamal Lewis( cle)?

    I would appreciate your insight, as I was hit by the injury bug last week. I lost Leon Washingotn and Plus I have Andre Johnson and Brian Westbrook.

    • Ted Ginn is done. I'd drop him for someone else. Go with Thomas.

      I'd start Sanchez actually. He gets Cotchery back and Miami has two rookie CBs. I'm worried about Hasselbeck a little bit because of their O-Line problems. I'd like to see him play well for a week after that awful performance two weeks ago.

      If you can only pick one, I'd go with Greene, then Lewis. I doubt Westbrook is going to play…although if he does, he obviously is your starter.

    • In free ageny I could up the follwing WR'S: Micheal Jenkins( atl), Hixon (nyg) , or Eric WEEMS( ATL) are they better chioces than Mikle tHOMAS( Jags)? Im in 16 team ppr league.

      appreciate your insight

      • I would lean towards Thomas or Jenkins and go based on matchup. I think I'd probably rather have Jenkins because of the experience, but it would be a week-by-week thing based on matchup.

        • But for this week would you use Jenkins( goes agianst NO) or Thomas( goes against Ten and I think he is a kick returner as well)?

          Sorry for asking so many questions.

          • No worries, that’s why we’re here! I’d use Thomas myself this week, especially since he’s coming off of his best game of the season and Tennessee’s secondary has been SO bad.

    • you got to play greene as westbrook is injured and will at best get 8 touches and jamal lewis has good upside but figure to be trailing early so limited touches

  33. Jennings for Bradshaw went through! Now the question is do I play Jennings this week over Derek Mason?

    • Nice!

      Yes, I would play Jennings over Derrick Mason. Mason will most likely get a heavy dose of Champ Bailey this weekend. I'd rather find another matchup.

  34. Hi Jerod,

    Im in a ppr league and I was wondering who you would start between Austin Collie and Manningham


  35. RB Pick 2
    J. Lewis
    M. Bell

    WR Pick 2
    V. Jackson
    D. Driver

  36. Hi Jerod,

    Thanks for all your help and advice this week and past.

    Question for a friend –

    Needs to start 3 WRs. PPR League.

    Mike Sims-Walker, Johnny Knox, Devin Hester, Lance Moore and Roy Williams.

    Your input is most welcome?

    Also, you think Williams could rebound in the 2nd half of the year or should he be written off at thiat point. Could Austin help him b/c he's gonna draw coverage?

    • Williams COULD rebound, and I think he'll do better, but right now I'd want to see him put together back to back solid weeks before I started him over solid options like what you have. Yes, the emergence of Miles Austin should help Williams, but I want to see proof before I start Williams based on the theoretical evidence that's had everyone calling him a star since Dallas traded for him. Where's the production?

      The three I would start: Mike S-W, Hester, and Lance Moore.

  37. Mathew McDowell says:

    A few questions.

    Who to start- Austin Collie or Hakeem Nicks or Nate Burleson???
    I already have Brandon Jacobs and Desean jackson in the eagles giants game so I'm debating playing another player in that game (hakeem Nicks). Im already starting Romo over Eli, because I'm worried about Eli's play these past few weeks and also that will be a 3rd possible 4th player on my team in that one game.

    Nate Burleson would give me three guys playing in the Dallas game also, if he started. Romo, Marion the Barbarion and Nate (if i started him).

    While typing all of this out i think i might be leaning towrds Austin Collie.

    Please offer your advise and even tho this is a MIDWEST fan site, I'm from South Louisiana (Houma, 1 hr south of New Orleans), I can't wait to read your posts every morning.

    • Wow…hard to separate those three WRs. I'd go Nate Burleson for one reason: he's not a rookie. Hence, he should be more consistent. Plus, I think Dallas will get up on Seattle, who can't run, and Hasselbeck will be throwing a lot.

      However, I would not disagree with you at all if you started Collie because of your won gut feeling. Whenever things are close, always go with your own gut rather than what some yahoo on a website says. Your the one who has to live with the decision.

      In summation: I'd start Burleson, but there is not much (if anything) separating those three WRs.

      Yes, start Romo over Eli.

      Thanks for the kind words! Glad we have some content that is appealing to those in the Bayou. Appreciate your visit and comment.

  38. RB, Pick three:
    Matt Forte
    Brandon Jacobs
    Ricky Williams
    Ray Rice

    Thanks for your help, Jerod! Big matchup against my husband – we are both tied for first!

  39. greg riley says:

    Who should I start Garrard or Ryan?

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