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I don’t really know that to say about Week 6.

I suppose there were some not-so-surprising results (Tom Brady and Randy Moss dominating, Drew Brees and Marques Colston dominating, Derek Anderson sucking, etc.) but they were countered by some very surprising results.

How does Cedric Benson dominate Baltimore and struggle against Houston? How do the Eagles get dominated by the Raiders? How does Adrian Peterson not get in the endzone when he ran that well. What happened to the time share between Ray Rice and Willis McGahee???

In the end, I guess Week 6 was like every other week: some stuff happened that we expect, some other stuff happened that we didn’t, and now we have to pick up the pieces and move on.

So let’s do it. Onto the Week 7 start em, sit em lineup advice and projections post.

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Here is how my Week 6 start ’em, sit ’em picks shook out:

  • Start ’em hits: Jonathan Stewart (17 carries, 110 yards, TD), New York Jets D (16 pts, 2 TOs, 1 sack)
  • Start ’em misses: Matt Hasselbeck (112 yards, 1 INT), Santana Moss (1 rec, 42 yards), Jermichael Finley (5 rec, 54 yards)
  • Sit ’em hits: Derek Anderson (122 yards passing, TD, INT), Jamal Lewis & Jerome Harrison (47 yards rushing),Terrell Owens (3 rec, 13 yards), Chris Cooley (5 rec, 57 yards), New York GIants D (48 pts, o TOs, 1 sack)
  • Sit ’em misses: Lee Evans (4 rec, 68 yards, TD)

I’m proud of the Jonathan Stewart pick, but my other start picks really left something to be desired, especially Hasselbeck. I don’t know what happened to Seattle, but I think everyone expected a better performance out of them against the Cardinals, who had been one of the worst teams in the NFL against the pass before last week.

Regardless, it was obviously much smarter to listen to me when it came to sits in Week 6.

This week is one of the most important start em, sit em columns of the season, as there are six teams on their bye this week. If you own Ravens, Broncos, Jaguars, Lions, Seahawks, or Titans (I do! I do!), you are going to need replacements this week.

I’ve worked hard to give you some wise advice for this week to help you navigate through what could be a tricky matchup for you. Let’s get to it.

Fantasy Football

Week 7 Start ‘Em, Sit ‘Em Lineup Advice

Fantasy Football Week 7 Start Em Sit Em Lineup Advice, Projections Cutler, McNabb, Maroney, Collie, Olsen

Week 7 Start ‘Em, Sit ‘Em Quarterbacks

Start ’em: Jay Cutler, Bears (at Bengals)

Here’s a stat for you:

  • In two Sunday night games this year, Jay Cutler is has 3 TDs and 6 INTs.
  • In three Sunday afternoon games this year, Jay Cutler has 7 TDs and 1 INT.

fantasy Football Week 7 Start Em Sit Em Lineup Advice, Projections - Cutler, McNabb, Maroney, Olsen, CollieCutler and the Bears take on the Bengals in Cincinnati on Sunday afternoon. And while the Bengals have had a nice start to the season, they are not doing well against the pass. They are 28th in the league, giving up 254.8 yards passing per game, with 9 TDs and 5 INTs. Here is all you need to know: Derek Anderson has thrown for 145 yards over the past two weeks; he threw for 269 against Cincinnati in Week 4.

Matt Forte still is showing no signs of consistent life, meaning this game will be on Cutler’s shoulders. He’s proven that he can bounce back well from tough games (remember, I listed him as my Start ’em QB after his terrible Week 1 performance), and I think he’ll do so Sunday.

Jay Cutler Week 7 projection: 270 yards, 3 TDs, 1 INT

Other start ’em QBs for Week 7: Aaron Rodgers, GB (at Cleveland); Matt Schaub, HOU (vs San Francisco); Matt Ryan, ATL (at Dallas)

Sit ’em: Donovan McNabb, Eagles (at Washington)

As with Jay Cutler, I’ll give you two stat lines that convince me sitting Donovan McNabb for this week is a good thing:

  1. 22-46, 269 yards, 0 TDs against Oakland
  2. 169.0 passing yards per game given up (3rd in NFL) and only 5 TDs

The first is McNabb’s personal line from last week; the second is the Redskins’ defense against the pass. I want to see McNabb have a good game and see this Eagles’ offense get back into rhythm before I’m playing McNabb over some of the other favorable QB matchups out there this week. The Redskins suck, no question, but the majority of their problems lie on offense. Their games have been low scoring and hell for fantasy owners because their defense is pretty solid.

McNabb certainly is capable of going off on Monday against anyone, but you have more stones than I do if you can confidently start him against the 3rd ranked pass defense in the league after that mess in Oakland on Sunday.

Donovan McNabb Week 7 projection: 225 yards passing, 1 TD, 1 INT

Other sit ’em QBs for Week 7: Brett Favre, MIN (at Pittsburgh); Chad Henne, MIA (vs New Orleans); Derek Anderson, CLE (vs Green Bay); Mark Sanchez, NYJ (at Oakland); Jake Delhomme, CAR (vs Buffalo)

Week 7 Start ‘Em, Sit ‘Em Running Backs

Start ’em: Laurence Maroney, New England (vs Tampa Bay in London)

I’m doing something I never thought I’d do: recommending a New England running back as a start ’em. Sometimes the matchups are just so obvious that they dictate otherwise curious decisions like this one. But once again, there are two stats that jump out to me:

  1. Maroney has generated 144 yards and a TD on his last 21 carries against good run defenses (Denver, Tennessee)
  2. Tampa Bay has the second-worst run defense in the NFL, giving up 171.7 yards per game on the ground plus six TDs.

Would I be shocked if Maroney somehow ended up with only 6-7 carries and few yards? Normally, no I wouldn’t be. But this week, with as well as Maroney has been running the ball, yes I would be surprised. With Fred Taylor out, I think the Patriots want Maroney to be the guy. He’ll get the initial carries and should have success against the Bucs, which should keep him on the field.

With so many good running backs on bye this week, Maroney is an excellent fill-in candidate and possibly even a sneaky RB #2 or flex option moving forward.

Laurence Maroney Week 7 projection: 18 carries, 85 yards, TD, 2 rec, 9 yards

Quick note: make sure you play both DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart this week. They both were great last week, appear to be following the same arc they did last year, and face the worst run D in the league this week: Buffalo.

Other start ’em RBs for Week 7: Ryan Grant, GB (at Cleveland); Thomas Jones and Leon Washington, NYJ (at Oakland); Cadillac Williams, TB (vs New England in London); Donald Brown and Joseph Addai, IND (at St. Louis); Marshawn Lynch and Fred Jackson, BUF (at Carolina)

Sit ’em: Jerome Harrison, Browns (vs Green Bay Packers)

I am putting Jerome Harrison here hoping that I am wrong. I really am. I still believe he should be getting the majority of the carries for the Browns, but Harrison has only gotten 13 carries over the last two weeks and NO receptions.

I don’t get it, but it does make the Browns’ offensive woes a little more understandable.

Eric Mangini appears committed to Jamal Lewis, and thus until further notice I think you have to put Jerome Harrison on your bench. If and when Lewis gets hurt again, however, Harrison immediately becomes a valuable commodity.

Jerome Harrison Week 7 projection: 6 carries, 30 yards, 1 rec, 10 yards

A quick note about running backs: it is hard to determine sit ’ems because I almost always will play a RB at flex if given the option. Thus, guys like Brandon Jacobs and Cedric Benson are listed below, but take it more as a “lower your expectations” pick than a concrete sit ’em. It’s all based on your particular roster. Feel free to ask specific questions in the comment section.

Other sit ’em RBs for Week 7: Mike Bell, Saints (at Miami); Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw, NYG (vs Arizona…giving up less than 60 yards rushing per game!); Cedric Benson, CIN (vs Chicago);

Week 7 Start ‘Em, Sit ‘Em Wide Receivers


Start ’em: Austin Collie, Colts (at St. Louis Rams)

Okay, let’s stick with the theme. Here are the two stats that dictate this one:

  1. Collie has 14 receptions, 162 yards, and 3 TDs over his last two games and plays for the most prolific passing offense in the NFL, one that is coming off its bye week.
  2. Because of bye weeks, the Rams have the 3rd-worst passing defense playing this week, giving up an average of 252 yards per game and 8 TDs.

Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark are obviously good starts every week, and Collie is quickly becoming a weekly start himself. There is enough to go around in Indy and Collie is already developing a fantasy-friendly relationship with Peyton Manning.

Austin Collie Week 7 projection: 6 rec, 81 yards, TD

Other start ’em WRs for Week 7: Devin Hester and Johnny Knox, CHI (at Cincinnati); Lance Moore, NO (at Miami); Dwayne Bowe, KC (vs San Diego)

Sit ’em: Steve Smith, Carolina (vs Buffalo)

It is a testament to how much I respect him as a player that I almost listed Steve Smith in the start ’em category. But coming off of his 1 catch, 4-yard performance, and playing the 4th rated pass defense in the NFL (Buffalo), I just could not bring myself to do it.

The sad truth this week for Smith owners is that Carolina has a killer running game with Jonathan Stewart and DeAngelo Williams, and Buffalo has the worst run defense in the NFL. Plus, Carolina’s other receivers suck and can’t draw any coverage away from Smith.

I think Jake Delhomme and Carolina will try to get Smith the ball, and maybe even force it to him. Hence, why I almost decided to list him as a a start. But there is a reason why Smith has only 10 catches and 97 yards over the last three weeks. Unless you have no other decent options, let Smith have a good week first before you put him back in the lineup.

Steve Smith Week 7 projection: 4 catches, 57 yards, 0 TDs

Other sit ’em WRs for Week 7: Braylon Edwards, NYJ (at Oakland); Laveraneus Coles, CIN (vs Chicago); Antonio Bryant, TB (vs New England in London); Josh Morgan, SF (at Houston); Terrell Owens, BUF (at Carolina)

Week 7 Start ‘Em, Sit ‘Em Tight Ends

Start ’em: Greg Olsen, Chicago (at Cincinnati)

Greg Olsen only has 112 receiving yards over his last three games, but look deeper at the numbers. He is averaging almost four catches per game (11 total) and has scored 3 TDs (one in each). Additionally, if you saw the ridiculous one-handed-while-falling-down catch he made against Atlanta, you know why Jay Cutler has begun developing more confidence in him.

Also know this about Olsen’s opponent Sunday: The Bengals, as I mentioned above, give up 254.8 passing yards and have surrendered 9 TDs. And last week against Houston, Owen Daniels went off, catching 7 passes for 78 yards and 2 TDs. I don’t know that Olsen can duplicate those numbers, but he is a solid bye week filler and could approach the Brent Celek/Vernon Davis level of tight ends as we move forward, especially if the Bears continue to struggle running the football.

Greg Olsen Week 7 projection: 5 catches, 61 yards, TD

Other start ’em TEs for Week 7: Vernon Davis, SF (at Houston); Owen Daniels, HOU (vs SF); Jermichael Finley, GB (at Cleveland);

Sit ’em: Zack Miller, Oakland (vs New York Jets)

Sorry, I’m not buying it yet.

I know that Miller had a ridiculous day this past Sunday against Philadelphia, catching six passes for 139 yards and a TD. And I know that he has 10 catches and over 200 yards over his last two games against the Giants and the Eagles.

Still, I don’t trust his QB, which makes it hard to trust Zack Miller.

And while Miller has scored against the Giants and Eagles (1st and 5th, respectively, in passing yards allowed per game), those two teams have given up 8 passing touchdowns a piece this season. The Raiders’ opponent on Sunday is the Jets, a team that is 8th in passing yards allowed per game and has only given up four passing touchdowns all year.

I think Rex Ryan and the Jets D will be able to confuse Russell; and, after their loss to the Bills, the Jets won’t come in overconfident like the Eagles did. I think they shut down Russell and the Raiders’ passing game; hence, why I don’t start Miller this week.

Zack Miller Week 7 projection: 3 rec, 34 yards

Other sit ’em TEs for Week 7: Dustin Keller, NYJ (at Oakland); Randy McMichael, STL (vs Indianapolis); Kellen Winslow, TB (vs New England in London); Brent Celek, PHI (at Washington)

Week 7 Start ‘Em, Sit ‘Em Defense / Special Teams Units

Start ’em: New England Patriots D/ST (vs Tampa Bay in London)

Can you tell that I don’t give the Buccaneers much of a chance on Sunday?

Look, it boils down to this: the Patriots have the experience and talent of Brady, Moss, Welker, et al, plus an experienced coach in Bill Belichick. The Bucs have a first year coach in Raheem Morris, plus a first year QB in Josh Johnson, plus a roster that lacks talent in a lot of areas. If this was just a simple road game or a game at a neutral field in the U.S., it would be a little different. Considering the game is across the pond in London, I think it makes it even more difficult for the Bucs.

Do you really trust Morris and his young QB to be able to handle to pressure of a strange travel schedule, an entirely new country, and the Patriots? Me either. Start your Patriots, and their D.

New England D/ST Week 7 projection: 14 pts or less, 3 TOs, 3 sacks

Other start em D/ST units for Week 7: Indianapolis D/ST (at St. Louis); Philadelphia D/ST (at Washington); Green Bay D/ST (at Cleveland); New York Jets D/ST (at Oakland)

Sit ’em: Pittsburgh Steelers D/ST and Minnesota Vikings D/ST

It’s not often that you sit one of these two defenses. And make no mistake: I would rather start them than have to drop them. That said, if you’re holding onto a second defense or can drop a WR you’re never going to use, there are some better options out there this week.

I just have a feeling that this game is going to become a shootout. Look at what happened in Minnesota’s game last week against Baltimore.

The Vikings are only 18th right now in total yards allowed per game. The Steelers, on the other hand, are 3rd in yards per game allowed and have Troy Polamalu back. But guess what? Minnesota is second in the league in scoring offense with 31.5 points per game. Pittsburgh is 7th at 23.3 points per game.

Both of these defenses still offer value because they will get sacks, probably force a turnover or two, and are always a threat to score touchdowns. Just be wary of expecting their normal production, and plug in a backup defense if you’re fortunate enough to have the wiggle room on your roster to carry one.

Pittsburgh D/ST Week 7 projection: 24+ pts allowed, 2 sacks, 2 TOs

Minnesota D/ST Week 7 projection: 24+ pts allowed, 3 sacks, 2 TOs

Other sit ’em defenses for Week 7: Cincinnati D/ST (vs Bears), San Francisco D/ST (at Houston); Miami D/ST (vs New Orleans)

Well hopefully you get a lot of valuable information out of that. As always, feel free to ask your team-specific start em, sit em questions in the comment section. I will do my best to answer every one. We’ve been having a few commenting issues, so if you post a comment and it either a) doesn’t show up, or b) you don’t get a response, send me an email using the “Tips” link in the top navigation bar.

Also, I will be in Cleveland this weekend for the Sports Media 360 Conference and the Browns-Packers game. I most likely won’t be able to answer too many questions after Friday around noon, although I’ll try depending on my schedule once I arrive. But try to get your questions in before then and I’ll answer as many as I can.

Good luck in Week 7 everyone!


* – Jay Cutler photo credit: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images via Zimbio

* – Austin Collie photo credit:

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  1. Check out PFI's Start Em Sit Em

  2. Jerod,

    Thanks for your advice on Royal last week! I played him as my flex. He did well and I was able to defeat my opponent even though he had Tom Brady!

    Here's my lineup possibilities this week: 2RB's/2WR's 1 flex 1 Qb, 1 TE 1 K

    QB Peyton Manning/Jay Cutler
    RB Matt Forte,Joseph Addai,Leon Washington,Jerome Harrison,Ward
    WR Mr. Ocho Cinco,D Driver, Austin Collie, Miles Austin, Mo Mass(Masseqoui)Eddie Royal
    TE Brent Celek(u said to sit em BUT hes my only TE)
    K D Akers
    Def Bears

    I'm thinking of going w/ Peyton, Forte, Addai, Leon Washington(flex)and Mr 85 and Austin Collie(yes read ur column)I have alot of possibilities this month though so not sure

    Thanks again!


      • Sorry, had to get rid of one of your comments. The amount of spelling errors made it almost impossible to understand. I don't want to confuse people who are here looking for help.

    • Yeah, Royal was awesome huh? Not exactly as I expected, but special teams TDs count too!

      QB: Manning, easy
      RB: Joseph Addai
      RB: Leon Washington
      WR: Donald Driver
      WR: Ochocinco
      TE: Celek
      K: Akers
      Flex: Matt Forte or Austin Collie

      I think you have to play Driver against Cleveland, and Forte is really worrying me. I would start him, because he's an RB, but if you really, really feel strongly about Collie then put him in over Matt. I think Addai and Washington have better matchups this week and you have some really good matchups at WR. Still, if it were me, I'm playing the 3 RBs. More touches.

      • I agree, Driver has been so consistent for me BUT Forte is really worrying me as well. He doesn't look explosive at all. I'm trying to get Jonathan Stewart off of waivers. Would you start him over Forte this week?

        • Yes, I would start Stewart over Forte this week…GREAT matchup against Bills. And I'd advise everyone to try and get Stewart. He should have a very nice second half of the season.

          • I just picked up jonathan stewart and laurence maroney off of
            waivers.I dropped eddie royal & jerome harrison Should i start both with addai? I have so many decent matchups this wk so its tough to pick.

  3. I currently have the Redskins defense, but concerned about the Philly game. Looking at a possible match up paly and picking up the Bills defense. What do you think?


    • its a good one but go with the denver D phiily will win the redskins are not good this year or go with the BIG D! d

    • That is a tough one. Washington sucks as a team but their scoring D is still 9th in the league…Buffalo's is 21st. I think Buffalo's D has been propped up a bit by playing Cleveland and the Jets. Even though I think Philly could bounce back with a solid effort, I like the Redskins to have more opportunities for sacks and picks. Philly throws the ball, Carolina will run it all day on Buffalo…which is the Bills' weakness. I actually like Washington's matchup better.

  4. Looking down the road at a bye week WR replacement. I have Nate Washington, but I'm concerned about his production with the QB situation in TEN. Should I drop in favor of one of these WRs – Andre Calwell, Mike Wallace, Mike JenkinsTorry Holt? If so, which is the best choice?

    Also, is Celek a must start each week at TE or should I look to pick up Shiancoe or Scheffler for match-up flexibility. I'm in a 12-team ppr league.

    Thank you!

    • no celek cooley is good week to week trust me this is good advice but shiancoe is a good one but no scheffler and your good to go!

    • I agree on Washington. I actually like Torry Holt out of the guys you mentioned. No, his upside isn't great because he doesn't catch many TDs, but he does get the most catches and will at least give you SOMETHING out of his slot when you need to plug him in there.

      Celek was a must-start when Kolb was playing, but he takes more a back seat with McNabb in there. It's hard not to like Shiancoe right now, who clearly is becoming a favorite of Brett Favre in the red zone. I like him over Scheffler. There isn't much separating these three right now. Grab as many as you can and play the matchups, with Shiancoe's red zone reliability perhaps making him the #1 starter.

  5. hi jerod! im majorly confused for this week. dont know who to start for my RB as well as FLEX positions! here's what i have:

    Ladanian Tomnlinson, Pierre Thomas, Jonathan Stewart, Laurence Maroney, Miles Austin

    Out of these i need to start 2 RB and 2 Flex.

    Also, for my Defense i currently have NE, IND and PIT! im pretty sure its going to come down between picking either NE or IND but which one do you think would be a better start off the two?

    Thanks as always bud!

    • good one,s andy but try tomis jones 221 agenst the biils

    • I think you need to start the RBs and sit Austin. He's only had one good game and I think he's the most unproven of the five. Go with the RBs, who are almost surely going to get more touches.

      New England for sure. Love the matchup against the young QB in London.

      • thanks jerod. i agree with your assessment. i have one more question:

        do you think Fred Jackson, Felix Jones and Tashard Choice are good options to keep on the bench going forward? I dont have them on my team yet but they're available in FA. Would any of the three be better option than my lineup mentioned above?

        • Tough one. In their current roles, I don't think they have value over your other guys, although I'd still rather have Felix Jones than Maroney. All three are guys to watch though because injuries could propel them to being solid #2 starters.

  6. Jerod,

    Would you trade away Desean Jackson and Kellen Winslow to get Greg Jennings and Vernon Davis?
    Would you trade away Brandon Jacobs and Kevin Smith to get Chris Johnson?

    Lineup advice for the week.
    If I do the trade and pick up Vernon Davis, would you start him or Cooley this week?
    Would you start Kurt Warner or Matt Ryan this week?

    Thanks in advance.


    • Yes, I would trade Jackson/Winslow for Jennings/Davis. I actually like Jennings over Jackson and Davis over Winslow.

      No, I would not trade two starting RBs for Chris Johnson, who will rack up yards this year but may struggle to score TDs consistently. I might think about this one if you have one or two other REALLY good RBs.

      I would start Davis over Cooley. I'm worried about Cooley because of his offense and the injury to Chris Samuels.

      I would go with Warner. He's on fire right now and the Giants could not slow down the Saints at all. Love Matt Ryan, but he's no Kurt Warner yet. Doesn't have the weapons.

      • Thanks. I pretty much was going to for sure do the trade for Jennings. That would give me Randy Moss, Hines Ward, and Greg Jennings as my starting 3 wrs. With Collie and Garcon on the bench.

        The one for Johnson is tempting. The guy who offered it has Jones Drew, Johnson and Sproles. So he's screwed this week. Theres not much to pick up at RB in our league. If I were to do it my RBs would be Johnson, Rice and Bradshaw. I would then pick up Maroney for this week. The reason its so tempting is I am beyond sick of Jacobs this year. I don't know. So do you think I'm better in the long run with Jacobs, Rice, Bradshaw, Smith than Johnson, Rice, Bradshaw, Maroney?

        • No, I like the Johnson, Rice, Bradshaw, Maroney end of the deal. You have sufficient depth to be able to trade two to get the better one. Do it.

          • Ok. Thanks. Plus if/when Jacobs gets hurt Bradshaw's stock goes throught the roof!! Maroneys pretty much a one week start more than likely. Unless the Hoodie is pulling his usual crap and Morris actually goes this week. Then I may be up a creek . But he probably still wouldn't have much trouble matching Jacobs' typical 30-90 yards with no TDs.

            The thing that scares me about Warner this week is when Arizona plays on the east coast they tank. And I have a feeling the Giant's D will be playing a little harder this week after being embarrassed last week. But like you said he does have far more weapons. And hopefully they won't be up 21 points in the 3rd qtr and pull him for Leinart when he was just shy of getting me my 300yard bonus. Bitter over last week.

  7. Hi Jerod. I feel like I have a lot of good matchups this week, but I am playing the first place team in our league and debating about point potential for my flex position. Also, Winslow and Celek are both on your sit em list, which one is a better bad option?
    Here's my lineup.

    QB – Drew Brees vs. Miami
    RB – DeAngelo Williams vs. Buf
    RB – Thomas Jones vs. Oak
    RB/WR – ??
    WR – Vincent Jackson vs. KC
    WR – Roddy White vs. Dal
    TE – ??
    D/ST – Trying to get the colts or patriots off of waivers…
    K – Nate Keading

    Bench –
    Ahmad Bradshaw
    Austin Collie
    Joseph Addai
    Miles Austin
    Johnny Knox
    Kellen Winslow
    Brent Celek
    Sims-Walker – Bye
    Flacco – Bye

    Also, I'm trying to debate which WR would be the better option to get rid off in place of an RB, any suggestions?

    • I like Winslow over Celek only because Josh Johnson has fewer people to throw to than McNabb does. So I'd go with K2.

      QB – Brees
      RB – DAW
      RB – Thomas Jones
      RB/WR – Joseph Addai
      WR – VJ
      WR – Roddy White
      TE – Winslow
      D/ST – Get the Pats!
      K – Kaeding

      Our of all your WRs, I'd drop Austin or Knox. Probably a coin flip there. I'd probably drop Knox if push came to shove.

  8. Chad Henne, Jason Campbell, Jake Delhomme, Marc Bulger or Jamarcus Russell for Week 7? Need to start 1 as a bye week fill-in.

    Many thanks.

  9. Due to bye week, (R.Rice+C. Buchalter) I need one of these 3 to step up into the #2 spot alongside A.Peterson? G. Coffee, F. Jones, or C. Taylor.
    Who should I start alongside R. Moss and R. White? D. Avery, P. Garcon, or D. Henderson

    • I like Felix Jones out of that crew. Unless you're in a PPR league, then Taylor might not be a terrible play. I'd still go Jones though. Lots of explosiveness, just risky because he's been hurt.

      I'd start Avery, assuming he plays. Check the injury reports on Sunday.

  10. steven hixson says:

    im tryin to get austin collie of a waiver. if i get him should i start him over santonio holmes or donald driver. and should i start rb L marony over marion barber or donald brown please e-mail me please. thank you. 3FM

    • I would not start Collie over Driver. I would start him over Holmes though.

      Yes, I'd start Maroney. He should get the bulk of the carries and Barber worries me with his quad issue and fractured thumb.

  11. Hi Jerod, thanks for all the advice this season! I'm in a standard scoring (NON-PPR) league.

    Would like to replace a couple people on my team with the waiver wire, but it seems I have very similar options. With all of these I'm not looking so much for value this week but value the rest of the season (sans injuries).

    I have Ricky Williams, M JonesDrew, and Willie Parker, want to replace W Parker with one of:
    Laurence Maroney, Leon Washington, Jonathan Stewart, Mike Bell, Marshawn Lynch. This is how I have them ordered on the waiver wire. Who's your 1/2/3 choices in this group?

    I have M SimsWalker, Roddy White, Austin Collie, TJ Housh. I want to replace Housh (MJD and MSW are taking my 2 bench spots this week) especially given his bye this week and inconsistent performance. Considered options:
    Vincent Jackson, Steven Breaston, Sidney Rice, Hakeem Nicks, Lance Moore, Devin Hester. This is also how I have them ordered on the waiver wire. Who's your 1/2/3/4 choices in this group? Ignoring the present bye, am I wrong to give away Housh?

    Thanks for your help!

    • Out of the RBs, I personally like Jonathan Stewart the most…but there are constant injury questions there. Leon Washington and Lynch are also guys I'd rather have than Parker. Maroney is a wild card as who knows what will be happening in NE three weeks from now.

      I would rank them Vincent Jackson, Sidney Rice, and Lance Moore 1,2,3 in this scenario. But no, I would not rather have them than Housh.

  12. Hey Jerod-Thanks for the help last week man. Not that Jacobs did anything, but Morris got hurt on the first play and would have gotten me .08. Looking for a little more help this week. My lineup right now is as follows:
    QB Brady
    RB D. Williams
    RB Jacobs
    WR S Smith (NYG)
    WR Breaston
    WR Garcon
    I think it's a good line up, I'm just worried about Jacobs since he hasn't done poop. I've got Leon Washington, Cadillac Williams and Tashard Choice available on waivers, and only one real roster spot to give up. Thanks for the help and once again, Great Site!
    WR/TE Clark
    QB Hasselbeck
    RB Mike Bell

    • I would start Washington over Jacobs this week because of his matchup against Oakland and the fact that he's been getting more touches lately. I think Washington will be a solid player moving forward this year. Cadillac is looking good, but the injuries are always worrisome.

  13. Thanks for the site info. So..McNabb or Eli; Hightower or Pierre Thomas? Thank you!

  14. Oooh Santana Moss, when do I give up on thee?

    And what do i do with the following RBs this week: Bradshaw, Jacobs, Steven Jackson, Felix Jones, LT? Planning to start 3 RBs b/c of slim WR pickings due to byes. PPR league, FYI.

  15. pick 2….cedric benson, ronnie brown, and frank gore. im thinking for sure on frank gore but i dont know about the second spot. pleeaaase help

  16. Hello There!
    I played H.Beck last week, ouch. But I still dominated c(>_<)c

    Interested in your thoughts going into this week!!
    can pick 2-3 RB
    can pick 3-4 WR
    8 team league. 17 player roster

    Donald Brown @ StL rush rank 27TH
    Laurence Maroney @TB 32nd
    Fred Jackson @Car 30th
    Cedric Benson Chi 20th
    Willis McGahee BYE

    So far im thinking Maroney & maybe Jackson &or Brown

    Mario Manningham Ari pass rank 17th
    Sidney Rice @Pit 21st
    Randy Moss @TB 31st
    Wes Welker @TB 31st
    Chad Ochocinco Chi 11th

    Going Moss & Welker
    Thinking Rice as a 3rd and using the 4th ( flex ) for a 3rd RB

    What say you good sir?!

  17. start 2…… ochocinco, andre caldwell, mo mass. my team sux.

  18. Jerod, great website and advice. I just got offered a trade of Thomas Jones for Chris Johnson. We are a big play league, where you only get 1 pt. for every 50 yards, but points are doubled for anything over a 70 yard play. Johnson is getting the yardage, but not the TD's. While Jones is the opposite. It also looks like Jones has the easier schedule for the rest of the year. At first this sounded like a great deal, but the more I think about it the move I like keeping Jones. What do you think?

  19. Gore and Brown. Benson is interesting because of the revenge factor…but I still don't trust him.

  20. I'd go Benson and Maroney (Jackson third) and then Moss, Welker, Ochcinco as top 3 WRs with Manningham next, and I'd play Manningham over Jackson. Rice against PIT worries me.

  21. Ochocinco for sure…and then I go MoMass simply because I think he'll get more targets and be playing from behind.

  22. Yes, both are good options. Start 'em!

  23. I'd trade Jones for Johnson in a heartbeat. Are you sure you described that right. Points doubled for anything over a 70 yard PLAY? There aren't too many 70 yard plays out there…

    Either way, I can't imagine a format that I wouldn't rather have CJ for.

  24. Yes that is how we set it up. In our league Jones has put up 59 points so far, while CJ has done 58, but 41 of them came in the one game vs. HOU. He had some big plays in that game that gave him double points. Anyways Jones has be consistantly giving double digits points, while CJ is averaging 3-5 points a game if you take out the one game at HOU. Do you still think this is a good trade?

  25. Hey Jerod,

    Thanks for the advice so far this season. I've read your column and picked up Jonathan Stewart and I grabbed Maroney just in case I need him. Who should I start this week? I'm in a non-ppr league with 2RB/2WR/1 Flex.

    RB – Turner, Benson, Maroney, or Stewart (need 2 with possibility of 1 at flex)
    WR – Wayne, Colston, Miles Austin, or Sidney Rice (plan to start Wayne and Colston and 3 RBs…thoughts?)
    TE – Celek or Vernon Davis (from posts above guessing Davis with McNabb not targeting Celek much)
    DEF – Packers or Patriots?

    Thanks for the advice!! Keeping me in the lead week after week!!

  26. Hi Jerod,

    Thanks again for all past GREAT advice.

    A few questions …

    PPR (point per reception) AND point per rush league.

    Need 3 (2 RB plus flex)

    Stephen Jackson
    Pierre Thomas
    Jonathan Stewart
    Marion Barber
    Sammy Morris.
    i inclinded to go Jackson, Thomas and Steward but it is tough leaving Barber on the bench.

    Same rules, different team, need 3 again:
    DeAngelo Williams, Cedric Benson, Tim Hightower, Reggie Bush, Jamaal Lewis
    Inclined to leave Lewis on the bench. Probably Bush unless I get some sage advice to the contrary.

    Ok, for receivers – PPR – start 3:
    Hines Ward, Sidney Rice, Hakeem Nicks, Andre Caldwell, Terrell Owens, Donnie Avery.
    I'm inclined to go with the first three but know there could be some upside elsewhere. I sat Rice last week and am kicking myslef after his 170+ yard performance with several grabs.

  27. One other question …

    Is either Matthew Stafford or Daunte Caulpepper worth grabbing. I have to start 2 QBs each week. Currently I have Petyon (GREAT!) and Bulger (not so much). I finally showed Trent Edwards the curb. But Bulger has a bye coming up in week 9 and he is not exactly burning up the stat sheets. Other QBs available – , Kerry Collins (ugg) JaMarcus Russell (double ugg), and backuprs (currently) David Car, Brady Quinn, Todd Collins. Trent is still out there (I don't know if I can bring myself to bring him back).
    – aside – how is it that Jeff Garcia is not playing when all these guys are starters or might be soon?

  28. One last question …

    Worth dumping Sammy Morris to get Donald Brown? Other guys available – Jerome Harrison, Darren McFadden (gotta come back some time), Jamaal Charles, Michael Bush and Glenn Coffee.

  29. Jerod,

    I should also mention Vince Young is also available – I just read he is the likely starter for Tenn. in week 8, following their bye.

  30. hey i need help with a couple lineup adjustments im tied for 1st in my division and league at 4-2 would love to get a win this week playing another team tied for 1st

    right now i have
    QB- McNabb
    RB- Ronnie Brown
    RB- Steven Jackson
    WR- Vincent Jackson
    WR- Fitzgerald
    WR- Lance Moore
    Special Teams- ARZ

    QB-Eli Manning
    RB-M.Jones Drew (Bye)
    RB- Jamal Lewis
    RB- L.McCoy
    WR-Santana Moss
    Def- Pitt

  31. Last minute advice please. You have helped me out a lot
    I have Turner, Tomlinson, and DAW. I just picked to Johnathan Stewart.
    Is Stewart good enough this week to crack that lineup?

  32. i have way to many rb's. will be looking to trade for better wr's.
    but i have to start 2. you pick.]
    steven jackson

  33. Jerod – you really helped me out last week – could use a little help again this week:

    2 RBs / 2 WRs / 1 Flex – not a PPR league

    Here are my options – RBs:
    1) Adrian Peterson
    2) Cedric Benson
    3) Marshawn Lynch
    4) Tim Hightower

    Here are my options – WRs:
    1) Greg Jennings
    2) Wes Welker
    3) Desean Jackson
    4) Steve Smith – Carolina

    I am pretty sure you will say AP and Benson… For some reason I feel like Marshawn might have a break though game.

    I'm feeling good about Welker and Jennings – how do you feel about Desean against the Skins?

    Please help me with my WRs and Flex!!! Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  34. Hey Jerod! week after week im back again. this time against the division leader and he is stacked…i dont have much hope but im thinkin if anyone can you will be able to steer me in the right direction.
    P manning
    Johnny knox
    mike wallace
    Tim hightower
    tony gonzales….
    longwell is my kicker
    GB Def
    these are my starters right now
    i also have
    mus mohammed
    and Donald brown.
    sims-walker and Kevin smith are bye…ugh..

    im playing against…

    Thomas Jones
    johnathan stewart
    J finley
    carney kicker
    and NYG def.

    should i play brown over hightower? shoudl muhsin take place over massaquoi? thanks man….

  35. Hi Raider Hater..

    I do not like any of the 4 you mentioned this week for several reasons.

    Jacobs I would start just because I look for him to get back on track this week, even though the Cardinals have the #1 Rush Defense to this point. Jacobs is a bruiser and this is a better match up for him than Bradshaw and should finally outscore Bradshaw.

    Bradshaw… See above

    Maroney on paper is a great start, but look at his history. Coach B. always changes up the game plan on his offense. I have seen Maroney dominate one week, and only get 8 carries the next. Maroney is a machine if you give him 15 to 20 touches, not 8 or 6. Out of this group, I would start him for his up side and pray Bill B. looks to run the ball.

    Lynch has no line and now a back up QB at the helm. They are facing the Panthers who will look to dominate the time of possession with their amazing ground game.

    Kurt Fraschetti
    MidwestSportsfans Senior Fantasy Writer

  36. Should I start Felix jones or Bradshaw?

  37. Crap, sorry I missed this Tom. I would have said Bradshaw, not that it helps you any now. Hopefully you played him!

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