Fantasy Football Week 6 Start ‘Em, Sit ‘Em Lineup Advice and Projections

This post is from 2009!

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Week 5 was one of those strange weeks during which things just seemed to come out of nowhere.

For instance, who had Jeremy Maclin or Miles Austin starting? If you did, you were in a hell of a lot better shape than people like me who felt good running Mike Sims-Walker out there.

And how many people thought Cedric Benson would get shut down by the normally stout Ravens’ D? Obviously I did, since I told everyone who would listen that he was a solid sit ’em candidate. What does Benson do? He turns in a great performance and now leads the NFL in rushing.

Yes, ladies and gentleman, we are currently living in a world in which Cedric Benson is the NFL’s leading rusher.

If you’re thinking “WTF?” you are not alone.

I took it on the chin in a lot of my leagues last weekend. As many of you know, I am built around Saints players in many leagues. This is typically a very good strategy…in all weeks other than their bye week.

With my Saints back in action this week, hopefully I can get back to two or three-games over .500 in most of my leagues.

For the rest of this post and on into the comments section, I’ll do my best to help you get a win in Week 6 as well.

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One more quick bit of looking back before we look forward. Here is how my Week 5 start ’em, sit ’em picks shook out:

  • Start ’em hits: Ben Roethlisberger (277 passing yards, 3 TDs, 1 INT); Rashard Mendenhall (77 rushing yards, 1 TD, 2 rec, 16 yards)
  • Start ’em misses: Mike Sims-Walker (damn you M S-W, damn you!); Vernon Davis (5 rec, 51 yards); Dallas D/ST (20 pts given up, 4 sacks, 0 TO forced)
  • Sit ’em hits: Steven Jackson (84 yards rushing, 2 rec, 25 yards); Mercedes Lewis (3 rec, 13 yards)
  • Sit ’em misses: Eli Manning (173 yards passing, 2 TDs, 0 INT); Ted Ginn Jr. (2 rec, 57 yards, 1 TD); Buffalo Bills D/ST (6 pts given up, 1 INT, 1 sack)

Not really the kind of week I was looking for.

But I’m a fighter, and I’m ready to bounce back. The Saints being on a bye just throws everything in the fantasy universe off kilter this season (or, at least, that’s what I’m telling myself). This week will go much more according to script.

For instance…

Fantasy Football

Week 6 Start ‘Em, Sit ‘Em Lineup Advice

Fantasy Football Week 6 Start Em Sit Em Lineup Advice, Projections - Stewart, Hasselbeck, Santana Moss, Jermichael Finley

Week 6 Start ‘Em, Sit ‘Em Quarterbacks

Start ‘Em: Matt Hasselbeck, Seattle Seahawks (vs Arizona)


I told you all last week to wait at least a week and see how Hasselbeck would play as he returned from, but still dealt with, injured ribs. Four touchdowns later, I think it’s safe to say that Hasselbeck is healthy enough to be a fantasy factor again.

And while you can certainly chalk up his Week 5 performance to Jacksonville and its 30th ranked pass defense being on the other side of the field, how about this week’s matchup? It’s the 32nd ranked Arizona Cardinals (303 passing yards per game, 9 TDs). Looks pretty enticing to me.

Keep in mind, Arizona has played Indy and Houston, two of the league’s most prolific passing offenses, but Seattle’s been pretty damn adept at throwing the ball with Hasselbeck healthy. And I think they’ll be set again this Sunday.

For what it’s worth, start Kurt Warner too. I think this will be a very good and quarterback-friendly game.

Matt Hasselbeck Week 6 projection: 280 passing yards, 3 TDs, 1 INT

Other QBs I’d be especially confident starting in Week 6: Kurt Warner, ARI (at Seattle); Aaron Rodgers, GB (vs Detroit); Carson Palmer, CIN (vs Cincinnati); Ben Roethlisberger, PIT (vs Cleveland); and, for the record, I will be starting Philip Rivers against Denver on Monday night as he always has performed very well against the Broncos.

Sit ‘Em: Derek Anderson, Cleveland Browns (at Pittsburgh)

fantasy Football Week 6 Start Em Sit Em Lineup Advice, Projections - Stewart, Hasselbeck, Santana Moss, Jermichael FinleyLook, I know that this one is just ridiculously obvious. If you are considering starting Anderson against Pittsburgh after his 2-19 performance last Sunday, you are either in a VERY deep league, in dire straits, or just crazy.

Either way, your odds of winning suck (or, are about as good as the Browns’ odds of winning in Week 6).

I pick Anderson here to highlight the fact that there are no guys who jump out at me as sit ’ems, although obviously there are guys I like more than others.

So after I give you Anderson’s pathetic Week 6 projection, take a look at the guys I don’t like as much heading into Week 6. I’m not telling you to sit them per se, just make sure you’ve investigated their matchup against your other options if they are your “go-to” starter.

Derek Anderson Week 6 projection: 14-32, 161 yards, 0 TD, 3 INT

Other QBs I’m a little wary about heading into Week 6: Jay Cutler, CHI (at Atlanta); Eli Manning, NYG (at New Orleans); Joe Flacco, BAL (at Minnesota); and, of course, Trent Edwards aka Captain Checkdown against the Jets

Week 6 Start ‘Em, Sit ‘Em Running Backs

Start ‘Em: Jonathan Stewart, Carolina Panthers (at Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

What? Start a guy who has been dinged up all season and currently sports a 34.5 yard per game average?

Yes, I would. At least for this week.

Few positions on a single team have been as frustrating this year as the Panthers’ running backs, a year after many fantasy owners rode strong finishes by DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart to 2008 titles. I don’t know if the Panthers’ run game gets itself turned around for good this week, but I do know this: the team they are facing, the Buccaneers, is currently giving up 152.6 yards per game on the ground.

I think Jake Delhomme and Steve Smith have some fun early in this game to give Carolina a lead, and then Williams and Stewart salt it away late.

Stewart is still averaging 4.2 yards a carry this season, and has actually been more effective than Williams (3.7). Stewart also was the man down the stretch last week, and we could start to see a more even split between these two guys.

If you’re looking for the unsung guy heading into Week 6 who could do what Ahmad Bradshaw did in Week 5, Jonathan Stewart is a great prospect.

Jonathan Stewart Week 6 projection: 16 carries, 89 yards, 1 TD

Other RBs I’d be especially confident starting in Week 6: Matt Forte, CHI (at Atlatna); DeAngelo Williams, CAR (at TB); Ryan Grant, GB (vs Detroit); Rashard Mendenhall, PIT (vs Cleveland); Cedric Benson, CIN (vs Houston); LeSean McCoy, PHI (at Oakland…as a bye week flex filler, mainly because Philly should blow this one wide open and rest Brian Westbrook)

Sit ‘Em: Jamal Lewis and Jerome Harrison, Cleveland Browns (at Pittsburgh Steelers)

My apologies to everyone for misreading the Cleveland Browns backfield situation heading into last week. It did not look like Jamal Lewis would play, and I certainly expected Jerome Harrison to be the lead back even if Lewis could go; obviously neither of those assumptions proved correct.

Lewis had a nice day, going over 100 yards against Buffalo, but I still think Harrison is the player you’d rather own moving forward.

This week, however, I wouldn’t want either of them anywhere near my lineup. Not only does Cleveland never play Pittsburgh all that well, the Steelers are currently #2 in the league against the run, giving up 71.2 yards per game on the ground and only one TD. As much trouble as Cleveland has had scoring TDs, especially on the ground, there is no reason to think that gets turned around this weekend.

Jamal Lewis Week 6 projection: 18 carries, 43 yards

Jerome Harrison Week 6 projectio: 9 carries, 37 yards, 4 rec, 32 yards

Other RBs I’m wary of heading into Week 6: Julius Jones, SEA (vs Arizona); Steve Slaton, HOU (at Cincinnati); Larry Johnson, KC (at Washhington); Willis McGahee, BAL (at Minnesota);

Week 6 Start ‘Em, Sit ‘Em Wide Receivers

Start ‘Em: Santana Moss, Washington Redskins (vs Kansas City Chiefs)

Did you see what Miles Austin did to the Chiefs last week? 10 catches, 250 yards? Santana Moss is a very similar player — undersized, but very fast and quick — and could be in for one or two long touchdowns on Sunday.

I think Washington struggles to beat Kansas City, but like Dallas, I think they can get some big plays in the passing game. Kansas City is giving up 270 passing yards per game and has yielded 10 TDs while nabbing only two interceptions.

You know Moss is hit or miss, and that to get value from having him on your team, you have to take advantage of the 6-7 games per season when he is startable. This is one of those games, and I consider Moss to be a top 10 receiver this week.

Santana Moss Week 6 projection: 5 receptions, 137 yards, 2 TDs

Other WRs that I’d start confidently in Week 6: Hines Ward, PIT (vs Cleveland); Randy Moss, NE (vs Tennessee); Steve Smith, CAR (at Tampa Bay); Bernard Berrian, MIN (vs Baltimore); Donald Driver, GB (vs Detroit); Steve Breaston, ARI (at Seattle); Muhsin Muhammad, CAR (at Tampa Bay)

Sit ‘Em: Terrell Owens and Lee Evans, Buffalo Bills (at New York Jets)

There are so many reasons why I wouldn’t start either of these guys in Week 6. Among them:

  • I watched Buffalo play Cleveland on Sunday. They are awful.
  • The nickname “Captain Checkdown” is perfectly apt for Bills QB Trent Edwards, and obviously it hurts his WRs’ value.
  • The Jets are going to be very salty after their Monday night loss to the Dolphins. Trent Edwards is not going to enjoy himself.
  • Both T.O. and Lee Evans were probably overrated heading into the season. Both are getting older and their stats have been declining, which has continued in 2009.

I could go on. There isn’t really one of these guys I like more than the other either. I hate ’em both and hope you’re not forced into starting either one this weekend because of byes and/or injuries.

Terrell Owens Week 6 proejction: 4 receptions, 49 yards

Lee Evans Week 6 projection: 2 receptions, 39 yards

Other WRs I’m not so fond of for Week 6: Derrick Mason, BAL (at Minnesota); Devery Henderson, NO (vs New York Giants); Johnny Knox, CHI (at Atlanta); Reggie Wayne and Austin Collie, IND (Bye…it’s the only time you’ll see Colts WRs in this section ever again, I figured I’d take it)

Week 6 Start ‘Em, Sit ‘Em Tight Ends

Start ‘Em: Jermichael Finley, Green Bay Packers (vs Detroit)

Sometimes fantasy players have a big week, then go on their bye, and prove true the old adage out of sight, out of mind. Packers TE Jermichael Finley is certainly a prime example. (Note: be wary of this happening to Miles Austin, and pick him up now so you don’t forget!)

Over the past two games, Finley has caught 10 passes for 184 yards and a TD. That is stellar production from the TE position, and this week Finley and his Packers teammates have a plum matchup against Detroit. I like Finley this week and I think he has value moving foward. Remember, the production over the previous two games has come against two solid defenses: Cincinnati and Minnesota.

Jermichael Finley Week 6 projection: 5 catches, 71 yards, 1 TD

Other TEs I like in Week 6: Kellen Winslow, TB (vs Carolina); Health Miller, PIT (vs Cleveland); Brent Celek, PHI (at Oakland)

Sit ‘Em: Chris Cooley, Washington Redskins (vs Kansas City Chiefs)

Proving just how inept they are, the Washington Redskins could not find a way to get their stud TE Chris Cooley any catches last week. Cooley was forced to stay and block with Chris Samuels injured. Unfortunately for Cooley owners and Redskins fans, Samuels has already been ruled out for this Sunday’s game.

I do believe that the Redskins will find a way to get Cooley some touches, but I’m not liking his chances of finding the end zone on Sunday. If you have better options at TE, take them this week and wait until the Redskins’ O-line is back at full strength, or until there is a competent coach at the helm in Washington.

Chris Cooley Week 6 projection: 4 receptions, 39 yards

Other TEs I’m not so fond of for Week 6: Kevin Boss, NYG (at New Orleans); Greg Olsen, CHI (at Atlanta), John Carlson, SEA (vs Arizona, and may have to stay in and block more to protect Matt Hasselbeck); Zach Miller, OAK (vs Philadelphia)

Week 6 Start ‘Em, Sit ‘Em Defense/Special Teams

Start ‘Em: New York Jets D/ST (vs Buffalo)

If you watched the Monday night game, and watched the Jets get torched by Miami’s running game and by second-time starter Chad Henne, you might be a little worried about the Jets’ D.

Don’t be. Certainly not this weekend.

The Jets play the hapless Bills on Sunday, and it could get ugly. I think the Jets will attack Trent Edwards mercilessly, and he will struggle to even glance downfield, let alone throw it downfield. They call him Captain Checkdown for a reason, and he won’t be able to reverse that this weekend.

New York Jets D/ST Week 6 projection: 13 pts or less, 5 sacks, 3 TOs

Other D/ST units I like in Week 6: Pittsburgh D/ST (vs Cleveland); New England D/ST (vs Tennessee); Carolina D/ST (at Tampa Bay); Washington D/ST (vs Kansas City)

Sit ‘Em: New York Giants D/ST (at New Orleans)

The Giants have one of the top fantasy defenses out there, but this a week to sit them. Here’s why:

  • The Giants have racked up 14 sacks so far this season, but New Orleans and Drew Brees do not get sacked very often.
  • The Giants also have five INTs through five games, but this also is something the Saints do not do often.
  • The Giants have played Washington, Tampa Bay, Oakland, and Kansas City during the first five weeks of the season. They could be punched in the mouth early in this game by the speed and efficiency of the New Orleans offense on the turf of the Superdome.

I think this game ends up being a shootout on both sides. I doubt the Giants will be able to hold the Saints’ O down, and they won’t get many sacks or turnovers to compensate.

New York Giants D/ST Week 6 projection: 24+ pts given up, 1 sack, 1 TO

Other D/ST units I don’t like in Week 6: Baltimore D/ST (at Minnesota); New Orleans D/ST (vs New York Giants)

And that wraps up this week’s start ’em, sit ’em post. I give you my word, my solemn guarantee, that these picks will work out better than last week’s.

Okay…so maybe “solemn guarantee” is a little strong. But I do feel good about these choices.

As always, use the comment section liberally and I will answer as many questions as I can, as quickly as I can. Be on the lookout for the Fantasy Flash with me and Fraschetti later this week, and best of luck in Week 6!


* – Matt Hasselbeck photo credit: Toni L. Sandys – The Washington Post

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  1. Totally unrelated to this week because of the bye. But, I currently have Pierre Garcon. Austin Collie is available in my league. If it were you, which one would you rather have going forward? Taking into account Anthony Gonzalez coming back eventually.

    • I had a feeling this question would be coming this week…

      I'd go with Collie. Look at his growth this year. His reception total the last four games: 1, 3, 6, 8 and he has three TDs in the last two games. I think Garcon is more explosive, and perhaps more valuable in leagues that reward long passing plays, but Collie will more than likely be more consistent and be better in PPR leagues. His value may not end with Gonzalez's return either. Peyton's going to go with who he is more comfortable with, and if Gonzalez is rusty, I don't think the Colts train is going to slow down for him.

      • I'm half temped to drop Roy Williams and add Collie. That would give me Randy Moss, Hines Ward, Desean Jackson, Garcon and Collie.

        • I'll put it this way: if I had Roy Williams on my team, I would not waste a second thought on any decision that involved dropping him. Let him be someone else's problem.

          • Yeah. I went ahead and did it. I hope Gonzo stays out til week 9. Because week 8 I'm going to have to go with Desean, Garcon, and Collie since Moss and Ward are on byes. But I'd rather go with Peyton's by committee than Romo's any day.

            Now gotta figure out my RBs for the week. Definately going with Kevin Smith.

            For number 2, its Rice, Bradshaw, or Jacobs. I'm leaning toward Bradshaw but not with much confidence.

          • Yeah, Bradshaw or Jacobs is tough…especially if that Giants-Saints game becomes an aerial shootout. If it's a PPR league, I'd consider Ray Rice, because he is catching so many passes and has really been more productive than you'd think given his relative dearth of touchdowns.

            I am honestly not so sure I'd go with Smith. I know that GB has given up some rushing yards, but Smith has had two really subpar games in a row, bailed out by the two TDs he got two weeks ago (on only 30 yards!).

            This is tough one, but the more I think about it the more I like Ray Rice (if PPR) and Jacobs (best chance for a TD). If it's not a PPR, then I probably would throw Smith out there, as BRadshaw still is only getting 12-14 carries per game and has fattened up on weak competition. The Saints will be a much stiffer test.

          • …the Bradshaw debate will become more and more of an issue. The simple fact is this, he is explosive when he touches the ball. He has feasted on rather subpar DEFs, but his Pro Bowl caliber Offensive line can make any DEF seem less than great. I too fear this could be an aerial shootout, which may limit his touches even more, but he does catch passes, which could be likely utilized in this game too for a change of pace, and in open space, Bradshaw is DANGEROUS. Bradshaw is MUCH more likely to be involved in the passing game than Jacobs. Even with his 12-14 touches per game, he already has 375 YDs and 2 TDs this season (I know, it is inflated from the OAK game, but…). League leader Cedric Benson has 487YDS and 3 TDs.

            I might go Rice/Bradshaw if it is PPR. Rice is the guy…McGahee seems to have disappeared.

  2. Jerod,

    After all that agonizing between starting Mark Clayton and Collie for my spot strat on Sun took your advice and went with my gut feeling that Collie would have a decent game. Within the last hour before kickoff of the 1pm games I realized that Roy Williams wasn't playing and decided to take a chance. I picked up MIles Austin off of waivers and put him in the spot start instead. I figured the KC defense was terrible and Romo needed to make something happen….boy did I luck out.

    I don't even know why i did that because my opponent had Tony Romo which sort of neutralizes everything. He mustve been flipping out knowing I neutralized every ROMO pass. Even funnier, I had PEYTONand ADDAI heading into the Sun night game and he had Garcon. I went into the game down by 30 pts and ended up beating him handily.

    Thanks for the advice about going with the gut feelings …you gotta love the chess matches that go on as well!!


  3. Hi Jerod,

    Which players do you feel have a better upside going forward Josh Morgan, Eddie Royal or Devin Hester? they are available on waivers now in my league. Morgan has been improving each week, Hester has a great QB Cutler to throw him the ball and Royal broke through yesterday.

    Also, I have 2 receivers on a bye and am not sure which 3rd receiver to start.

    I’m left with Donald Driver, Ocho Cinco, Mo Mass and Devery Henderson.
    I agree Devery Henderson is too up and down and may have a hard time against the Giant D. Also, Derek Anderson looked pathetic so I don’t trust him to get the ball to Momass.I could also pick up Hester or Royal for a spot start. I can’t flex an RB because I have too many on the bye as well unless I put Ward in but he’s been aweful.

    Any suggestions? Thanks!!!

    • Tough one on the WRs…I like Royal myself and think he'll continue to thrive with Brandon Marshall back as the alpha dog on that WR corps, drawing the attention.

      You have to go OchoCinco. I think he's a weekly must-start right now, especially against Houston. I like Driver a lot too, but Ocho a little bit more.

  4. How do you not mention the eagles against Oakland this week? That could be a 20+ point game for the defense.

    • Great point. It was 5:00 am when I was writing this one, and obviously I got sloppy at the end! Listen to Matt everyone, the Philly D is a great play against Oakland!

      (Truth be told, I considered that one somewhat obvious…but it never hurts to spell it right out for everyone. Thanks for the comment!)

    • maclin vs OAK!

  5. Which 2 of these rbs would you start this week? Non ppr, no flex league. Kevin Smith, Ahmad Bradshaw, Brandon Jacobs, Ray Rice, LeSean McCoy. Thanks.

    • Ah ha! Just answered this below, but didn't know the PPR rule. That takes Rice out of the mix.

      I'd go Jacobs and Smith. Read earlier comment for more detail.

      • Thanks for taking the time. I saw both of your comments. You are right, it is a really tough one. I'm kicking myself for drafting Jacobs, but that was the best available at the end of the first round. So what do you do. These rbs I have are driving me crazy this year. Jacobs/Smith it is.

        • Jacobs is still a good player. His value is wrapped up in TDs, which can sometimes be volatile. I think he will actually have more value as the Giants' schedule gets tougher, which it's about to do.

  6. I'm looking to start 2 WRs and 3 RBs this week. Likely to go with Santana Moss and Mike Sims Walker in the WR positions (the other options being Derek Mason and Bobby Wade). In the running back position, should I play both Brandon Jacobs and Bradshaw against the Saints? Hate deciding between the two. The 3rd spot could be filled by L.T. or Steven Jackson. What would you do?

    • I go Jacobs because he's more likely to score a TD.

      I agree on your WR choices. Just make sure Sims-Walker actually plays this time!!! (I'm a ltitle bitter…)

      I'd go Jackson at your other spot. He's been productive yardage-wise, just has not scored TDs. He might get some this weekend against Jacksonville's crappy D. Let LT prove he's healthy and actually have a good game before you play him over another solid option like SJAX.

      • Between taking a chance on LT and taking a chance on playing both Bradshaw and Jacobs in a game that might turn into a shootout, whadaya think? LT or Bradshaw is essentially the question…

        • I would honestly probably go with Jacobs/Bradshaw. At least that way you are sure to get full production from the GIants' running game. And they are a good running team, so they'll produce even against a solid D like the Saints.

          LT still worries me. He hasn't played a full game yet since coming back, and Denver obviously has a very good D.

  7. Just showing some love, and I say start Ben (I agree). He's breaking out.

  8. Jerod,

    I appreciate all of the help. I'm in a PPR league w/Flex position and need some advice regarding my WRs. I am starting S. Smith – NYG, Fitzgerald and Bowe as my flex (I have no decent options to add a RB as my flex). I'm concerned about Bowe and KC against Washington. I have Muhsin Muhammad on my bench or was also looking to pick up one of the following – Michael Jenkins, B. Johnson, Chris Henry, Mike Wallace, Mark Clayton or Dennis Northcutt. They alll have decent matchups, but not sure which way to go. Should I start Bowe or look at Muhammad or one of these other options?

    Thanks again,

    • Doubting Bowe, especially against the 3rd rated pass defense in the NFL, is warranted. However, keep this in mind: Bowe has at least four catches and a TD in three of the Chiefs' four games so far this year, against Baltimore, Dallas, and Oakland, all of whom are at least competent when it comes to defending the pass. The Redskins are only giving up 170 yards per game through the air…but someone has to get those yards, and Bowe is clearly the best play on KC's offense.

      I don't like any of the other guys enough to recommend sitting a #1 WR of Bowe's caliber. Sure, the risk for a 1-catch day like he had against NYG is there, but he's caught TDs in 75 % of his games this year. I like those odds.

  9. I have Matt Forte and Cedric Benson and I am curious who I should start this week

    • Damnit Jake, why would you do this to me? What would you make me confront my most notorious of fantasy enemies — Cedric Benson — the week after I called him "the perfect sit 'em candidate" and he plays well anyway against Baltimore. Why?

      The truth is you know the answer. I couldn't make a case for Forte if I tried. Benson has been better in almost every way this year, and his matchup is better (HOU allows more yards and rushing TDs per game than ATL). It pains me to say it…it really does…but you have to go Benson.

      My question is: why can't you start both? They are both great plays this week. Who is your other RB or flex player?

  10. At least you have four solid options though. It could be much worse…

  11. start Pittsburg against Cleveland, or New Orleans vs Giants?

  12. Mcnabb or Eli

    pick 2
    (ronnie brown bye)

    pick 3
    Lance Moore
    Santana Moss

  13. Looking for some help this week with some indecision. I need to play two of three RB: Sammy Morris, Jacobs and D Williams and four of five WR: Smith (NY), Cotchery, Breaston, Marshall and Holt. I'm in a 10 team PPR league and need to win bad. Thanks for any help!

    • I like Jacobs and D. Williams. I don't trust Patriot running backs.

      Jerricho Cotchery appears to still be injured, so I'd go with the other four. If for some reason he does play…I'd still got with the other four. Breaston is an underrated player and I think Holt will have his best game of the year against his former team this Sunday.

  14. Hi jerod,

    i need help! i need to fill my 2 FLEX positions that are currently occupied with McGahee and Fred JAckson, both of whom i dont expect to do much in week 6.

    i went over the FA list and here are some decent starts with favorable matchups:

    LeSean Mccoy
    Jonathan Stewart
    Devin Hester
    Sammy Morris
    Darrent Sproles (I already have LT as my RB1)
    Dwayne Bowe
    Donny Avery

    Which of these would be good pickups for week 6 and well as going forward? I can drop david garrard and fred jackson and pick two of the above.

    Thanks in advance!

    • I do like Jonathan Stewart a lot this week, and even moving forward. If DeAngelo Williams can't pull it together, and Stewart can stay healthy, he could have a big second half. Sammy Morris could also be a solid, though not great, pick up for this week now that he is starting and the Pats are playing the woeful Titans.

      • i just realized steve breaston is still available in FA. should i pick him instead of sammy morris? i've already acquired jonathan stewart.

    • is morris a better option than mcgahee this week? considering baltimore's decent pass attack, i figured they'd atleast get into the redzone more often, creating chances for mcgahee as a result. what do you think?

      • McGahee's carries have gone from 15 to 7 to 5 to 1. I don't like that trend, especially with Minnesota's D on the horizon. I hate playing Pats' RBs, but I think Morris gets the most touches and Tennessee's D blows this year. Start Morris (plus, tie goes to the guy with the cooler last name…and clearly Morris is cooler than McGahee.)

    • hester, morris, bowe stick out. sproles could be good insurance for LT if you have room on your roster. Bowe is a no. 1 wr (on his team, not fantasy), pick him up. With him and Cassel healthy he will get you solid points as the season progresses (when KC is down, they will throw, keep that in mind). With Taylor out most of the season, it looks like S. Morris is the main back (of course, it's hard to tell). He's a good fill-in as well. Cutler spreads the ball around, but Hester is explosive, he's also dangerous. Stewart is a good option this week too. McCoy is nice only if Westbrook is hurt (which is possible), otherwise there are too many options in front of him, at least 4 or 5, so his touches will be limited. If these other guys are FA, don't even give avery a second look, for now.
      In Conclusion: Hester and bowe are best options, but wrs can be up and down so much that I would include a rb, if you need one long-term, I'd say morris, short-term stewart.

    • Sammy Morris
      Dwayne Bowe

  15. Need help again. Won last week but left a lot on bench.
    1 QB – Ryan, Cutler, Hasselbeck
    2 RB – MJD, R. Rice, D.Williams
    2 WR – A.Johnson , R.Moss, M. Colston, M. Sims-Walker, R.White
    Need 1 flex player – Can be QB, RB, or WR
    Thx for the help……………..

    • QB: Hasselbeck for sure
      RB: MJD, and R Rice
      WR: A. Johnson…. hard choice…i'm leading towards R. White or Moss
      Flex: lets say Colston

    • QB: Hasselbeck
      RB: MJD, D. Williams (better matchup than Rice)
      WR: A Johnson and R. Moss (Damn! that is one hell of a WR corps! I think Moss rebounds huge against Tennessee's crappy D.)
      Flex: Colston

      • I forgot to put that I am in PPR league and TD passes are worth 6pts. 1pt for every 20yds (rushing and receiving). 1 pt for every 50yds passing. Does that change advice any??………Thx…………….

        I agree I have awesome receivers. Sometimes its a headache.

        • Crap…I didn't realize your flex player could be a QB. Yeah, that definitely changes things. I'd start Matt Ryan at flex. I think he'll have a good game against the Bears.

    • Did eveyone fall asleep when they were picking??? Your team is stacked full of players that got picked in the first round in my league.

      Well Hasselbeck at qb for sure
      MJD and Williams Minnesota is a tough d for rice to go up against
      Johnson, Colston, and white

      that will be an all star lineup. Hope I never have to play you

  16. Hi Jerod,
    I'm back for more advice. I have a lot of options this week that aren't clear to me, here's how my lineup and bench look. Let me know what you think.

    QB: Drew Brees vs NYG
    RB: DeAngelo Williams vs. TB
    RB: Thomas Jones vs. Buf
    RB/WR: ??
    WR: Vincent Jackson vs. Den
    WR: ??
    TE: ??

    QB: Joe Flacco vs. Min
    WR: Roddy White vs. Chi
    WR: Mike Sims-Walker vs. StL
    WR: Johnny Knox vs. Atl
    RB: Ahmad Bradshaw vs. NO
    RB: Jerome Harrison vs. Pit _though I'm trying to trade him for Miles Austin, but if I don't he'll probably be on the Bench either way.
    TE: Kellen Winslow vs. Car
    TE: Brent Celek vs. Oak

    As Always,

    • White

    • Roddy White
      Mike Sims-Walker
      Kellen Winslow

    • Definitely stick with Brees at QB. No question.

      RB/WR: Ahmad Bradshaw (like him over Thomas Jones actually…but you have to play Jones because he has 3 TDs in two weeks)

      WR: Roddy White

      TE: Kellen Winslow (like Celek more, but McNabb does not use his tight end like Kolb did and K2 and Josh Johnson seem to have a nice rapport)

      P.S. Don't trade Jerome Harrison for Miles Austin, at least in my opinion.. Austin typically blows up one game per year…but I don't trust him as a consistent fantasy scorer. I think Harrison has more value as the season moves along.

  17. Hey Jerod,

    Thanks for the advice so far. I plan to start Michael Turner and Cedric Benson this week and was curious as to whether I should start Chris Johnson against New England or Kevin Smith versus Green Bay? I'm in a non-ppr league where we can play 2WR/3RB or vice versa.

    Also I have Colston starting at WR1 (Reggie Wayne on a bye week) and Sims-Walker at WR2 (he better play this week as I didn't get the message in time to swap him out last week). Should I start Colston and Sims-Walker or put in Nate Burleson who I picked up last week off the waiver wire? I need good WR numbers as I'm up against Fitzgerald and Andre Johnson.

    Thanks for your advice!!!

    • Kevin Smith is really struggling right now. GB's D isn't great, but they have only given up 2 TDs all season. Kevin Smith hasn't cracked 3.0 yards per carry in at least two weeks. I don't think you can sit Chris Johnson, who can be streaky, but is as explosive as any player in the NFL.

      At WR, play Burleson. I think Seattle and Hasselbeck are in for a big week…Nate should benefit. And to hell with Sims-Walker. He screwed us all last week. Make him earn his way back into your lineup, matchup with STL or not.

  18. pick 2
    Steven jackson
    Jones Drew

    Pick 3
    Santana Moss
    Lance Moore

    Eli or McNabb

  19. Jerod,

    I have big problems at RB. I'm in a 12-team, PPR league and the pickins are slim. I have Frank Gore on a bye and Thomas Jones starting. On my bench I have Correll Buckhalter and Jerome Harrison. I'm monitoring Buckhalter's injury and understand he's back at practice but still not overly optimistic. Is he worth the start (the other issue is if it's a game-time decision and he doesn't start, I'm left with zip since it's a Monday night game). I'm leaning toward picking up Jamaal Charles. The only other FAs out there is Justin Forsett and Justin Fargas but I'm not giving them too much thought.

    Could really use your insights. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!!!

    • I am not excited about Jerome Harrison this week, mainly because of the matchup against Pittsburgh and the uncertainty surrounding how he will be used in conjunction with Lewis.

      I don't trust anyone else you mentioned. If it were me, I'd roll the dice with Buckhalter. I know it's risky, but I think it's the best move.

  20. If Calvin Johnson is out, which Lions WR has the most value this week and going forward – Bryant Johnson or Dennis Northcutt?

    Thanks for the help.

  21. which defense should i start?
    new orleans or baltimore?

  22. Crap, I don't know who to start now…

    QB: McNabb or Rothlisburger
    RB: I only have two i can start, MJD, and Westbrook
    WR: Andre Johnson
    WR: Donald Driver
    WR: Santonio Holmes, Derrick Mason, or Bernard Berrian
    TE: John Carlson or Greg Olsen
    D/ST: Ravens or Bears
    K: Jason Elam

    BN: Ronnie Brown *Bye*
    BN: Darren Sproles

    • Philly is playing Oakland…you have to start McNabb. Big Ben should have a good game, but I think they rely more on the run this week.

      I'd go Holmes at WR…because Big Ben will still have a good game against the Browns.

      TE, go with Carlson. I don't trust Olsen at all.

      D…I'd go with the Ravens.

  23. nice post buddy

  24. Should I start Drew Brees vs. NYG or Matt Ryan vs. Chicago?


  25. I desperately need some help…. start brees week 6 or bench him for carson palmer???????

    • As I explained to a reader below, I'm not sitting Brees. Other than for Peyton Manning (and even then, only in the right matchup) I'm playing Brees. I think the fact that he's gone 8 quarters without a TD is an anomaly. I have a feeling he'll average at least two per game from here on out.

  26. Advice please!

    Ok, before you all ask" what kind of league is this???", let me explain…

    I am in a 6 team, TD only league. You really only get pts. with scores. 25 yds per pt for WRs, and 20 yds per pt. for RBs, 35 Yds. per pt with QBs. So, it is not a scoring bonanza. It is actually harder than you might think. Well, as you can imagine, we ALL have pretty stacked teams.

    Here is the dilemma…
    We can start 1 QB, 3 WRs, 2 RBs, TE, DEF, K

    So, who should I start this week?

    Hasselback vs. ARI
    or Rivers vs. DEN

    My RBs have been giving me an ULCER… not sure who to start (2 only)…

    Ahmad Bradshaw Vs. NO (I am thinking this might be an air shootout though)
    Mendenhall vs. CLE (Willie Parker expected back)
    DeAngelo Williams vs. TB (Williams has disappointed thus far)
    Chris Johnson vs. NE (Johnson was supposed to have a huge day last week against Indy and NADA!!!)

    Here is where it is REALLY interesting…

    I have 6 STUDS at WR with decent matchups (remember though only 3 can play)

    Andre Johnson vs. CIN
    Anquan Boldin vs. SEA
    Roddy White vs. CHI
    Steve Smith(NYG) vs. NO (again, potential shootout)
    Mike Sims-Walker vs. STL
    Calvin Johnson vs. GB (he is hurt, and bad matchup…I know)

    This is a pivotal week for me. 1 team at 4-1, one team is 3-2, and 4 teams at 2-3(I am in this bunch)

    Any help is appreciated!

    • QB: definitely Hasselbeck, great matchup against AZ
      RB: Chris Johnson (I'd never sit him) and Mendenhall…BUT…check the reports out of Pittsburgh leading up to kickoff. If it looks like Parker will play and get 60% or more of the carries, I'd go with DeAngelo Williams, who has a great matchup against Tampa. In fact, if you have to set your roster right now and not look at it again, I'd go with DAW. But if Mendenhall gets 15-20 touches, he'll have success against Cleveland. This is one of those decisions you need to wait until Sunday to make if you can.
      WR: Andre Johnson, Anquan Boldin, and Steve Smith; I like White a lot, obviously, but he has not been as consistent as these other three this year. You're right, Calvin is hurt and could be slowed down this week. And while I like Sims-Walker and his matchup, you can't play him over your other five guys if they are healthy. He's still unproven and on a crappy offense, but plus you never know when he'll be a late scratch and screw you over! (Yep, still bitter)

  27. ok time for my weekly advice… i start pierre thomas or mike bell? or both? my other RBs are moreno, (starting him) lesean mccoy. also i have steve smith (NY) at my flex, they say he'll blow things wide open, but they only have projected 6 pts. for him. as a girl, i don'y understand that, plus i am so RB challenged, and what about sims-walker? do i start him this week? thanks in advance for your help, jerod.

    • You start Pierre Thomas, without question. I also start Moreno, who I think will have a very good week against a Chargers D struggling against the run.

      I like Smith at Flex, and I like him better than Sims-Walker…but I'd try to get Sims-Walker in the lineup if you can. JVille is playing St. Louis.

  28. Hi Jerrod,

    Once again, I'm hit hard w/ the byweek for some of my wr's and rb's.I'm trying to figure out who i should flex this week. These are my starters so far for WR and RB:

    RB Matt Forte & Leon Washington
    flex wr/rb?????
    WR Chad Ochocinco and Donald Driver

    On the bench I have the following flex options: RB Ward or Wr's Devery Henderson,Mo Mass and Eddie Royal.
    It seems like Ward or Royal may be the best flex option given the matchups. Ward may have something to prove this wk and TB is only going w/ 2 rb's. Royal and Orton are finally on the same page. I happen to have the opportunity to grab Devin Hester as well for a spot start.

    What do you think?


  29. Pick 3 WR's for Week 6: Marshall, Bowe, Jennings, Mason, Holmes

    • Marshall and Jennings for sure. After that I like…Derrick Mason. Don't be fooled by the 0 catches last week. He's historically done well versus Minnesota, and the Ravens will be extra cautious to get him looks like week. Second choice would be Bowe, who has TDs in three of the last four games, but is on a crap offense and playing a decent D in Washington.

  30. Jarod, Thank you for the advice last week.
    Fred Jackson and Jerome Harrison didnt do anything for me, but I stilled scored over 130.
    Here is my entire team at the moment. I have a trade proposal which I would like your advice on.
    Qb's – Matt Schaub, Kurt Warner
    RB's- Michael Turner, Ladainian Tomlinson, Fred Jackson, Julius Jones, Jerome Harrison
    WR's – Andre Johnson, Brandon Marshall, Jerricho Cotchery, Bernard Berrian, Santana Moss
    TE- Dallas Clark, Jeremy Shockey
    D- Vikings
    K- Ryan Longwell

    The proposed trade:
    Give up – Fred Jackson and Brandon Marshall
    Get – DeAngelo Williams and Mario Manningham

    I feel that once LT is healthy, I will have 3 first round pick RB's to fill out my RB and Flex. I will have Andre to be my main WR and use Manningham, Berrian, Moss and Cotchery for the second depending on the match ups.
    Is it worth letting Brandon Marshall go now that he is becoming a fantasy stud? Besides Turner, I have no "go to" running backs.

    • I'd do it. DAW is struggling but his numbers are relatively similar to where he was last year at this time. There is still plenty of time for a turnaround and I think he is the most valuable player in the trade moving forward.

      I can see an argument for Marshall, but I I have not lost faith in DAW yet.

    • Take it for sure!!!!! Fred will get way less workload that lynch is back. You do loose marshall but you gain a great back and a good wideout on an outstanding team. he gets points

  31. hey need some advice…….. nate burleson, tj houshmandzadeh, mike sims-walker………can only have 2 of them

    • Burleson and MS-W. And I think TJ has a good week too. All three of these WRs have great matchups. If I was going to do it another way, I'd go Nate and TJ…but I like the potential for a nice bounce-back week from MS-W against crappy STL and that way you're hedging your bet a little bit and not screwed if Seattle somehow struggles.

  32. Hmm i have 4 rbs to start this week
    Peterson, Jacobs, Bradshaw and Stewart which 3 do i pick

  33. Torry Holt vs STL or Hester vs ATL?

  34. Please assist with recommendations for week 6 in my lineup below! I just wanted to make sure…

    Starting for Week 6 (tentative)
    PPR league with points for returns

    QB Joe Flacco
    RB Maurice Jones-Drew
    RB Marshawn Lynch
    RB/WR Greg Jennings
    WR Josh Cribbs
    WR Mario Manningham
    TE Jermichael Finley (Bye week for my other guy Dallas Clark)
    D/ST Denver Broncos


    TE Dallas Clark BYE
    WR Donald Driver
    QB Kurt Warner
    RB Cadillac Williams
    WR Mike Sims-Walker
    WR Bernard Berrian
    RB Tashard Choice BYE

    • Bryan Gilles says:

      Get cribbs out of there. Good idea having a good kick returner but did you see that laugher last week?? Barrian has been hot for minny and driver should be a no brainer versus detriot. Flacco should get planty of yards in the air versus minny so leave him in. Rest should be ok. I have a lot of the same players as you.

  35. This is what I would do:

    QB – Kurt Warner (will be a shootout against SEA)
    RB – MJD
    RB – Lynch
    WR – Jennings
    WR – Driver
    WR – Mike Sims-Walker

    If you don't want to play two WRs from GB (but remember, they're playing Detroit)…start Berrian over Driver. Or put Cribbs in there. I don't know how many points you get for returns…but he'll obviously have lots of opportunities on kickoffs this year. Just make sure the projected total will net you 10-12 points minimum, because i think Driver and MS-W have good weeks.

  36. Looking for your thoughts on these two:
    Hasselbeck or Phillip Rivers?
    Need to choose 3: Edwards, S. Moss, Manningham and Simms-Walker?

  37. please? pierre thomas mike bell lesean mccoy? need to pick 1

  38. Pierre Thomas, without question

  39. Allow me to ammend. Thomas only practiced partially on Thursday. Track his injury status. If he can't go, play Bell. A little worried about McCoy with all of the options the Eagles have and Westbrook being healthy.

  40. Jerod,

    Thanks for the wk 6 advice!

    I was wondering if you think Jerome Harrison could be a decent pickup moving forward? My teams weakness is i have little depth at RB I've been winning and surviving so far w/ Forte,Addai(suprisingly consistent),Leon Washington(only good for flex) and Ward(major dissapointment) only because I have good Wr's and Peyton Manning.

    My WR's now are Occho Cinco, D. Driver, Mo Mass(M. Masseqoui), Miles Austin, Austin Collie, Eddie Royal and Devin Hester. I was thinking of dropping Hester for Jerome Harrison to improve RB depth. What do u think?

    • I think if I was going to drop a WR of yours, I'd drop MoMass. Yes, I like him…but he's still a rookie who will clearly be up and down all season. I do think Harrison has some decent value moving forward. Jamal Lewis is still old and could get dinged again, opening things back up for Jerome to be a top 15-20 back. He's a good player, and gets enough receptions to have at least some value even if Lewis is playing.

    • George, having some commenting issues. I replied to this earlier in the week but it doesn't seem to have shown up. Yes, I do like Jerome Harrison moving forward, but a lot of his value will obviously depend on whether or not Jamal Lewis will stay healthy. And honestly, out of all of the WRs, I'd drop MoMass. I like him, but he is the most unproven out of all the guys you have. And I do think Jerome will have more value for the rest of the season.

  41. Hey Jerod,

    Thanks for all your help in weeks past. I need a LOT of help this week.

    Weird league – have to start 2 QBs. Bad news … my no. 1 QB Peyton Manning has a bye.
    Worse news … my other QBs are Trent Edwards and Mark Bulger. Available FAs include Derek Anderson and JaMarcus Russell.
    I figure Bulger is the best of the bunch. Who else do I start? (Does it matter?)
    Is there any long term value in worrying about holding onto any of these guys (besides MVP Manning of course).

    WRs – have to start 3 in a PPR league.
    Terrel Owens – obviously not secure
    Hines Ward – good to go
    Donnie Avery
    Sidney Rice
    FAs available –
    Torry Holt
    Muhsin Muhammed
    Andre Caldwell
    Mark Clayton
    Laveraneues Coles
    Hakeen Nicks
    Devery Henderson
    Ted Ginn Jr.
    Jacoby Jones

    Also PPR, have to start 3
    Sim-Walker – should be ok
    Johny Knox
    Kenny Britt – not sold on him
    Devin Hester
    Same FAs available as above

    Thanks again for all your help!

    • Lou,

      Bulger actually is not a bad option this week. JAX has a terrible pass D and the Rams-Jags game could be a high scoring affair. I'm not joking when I say that it's possible…POSSIBLE…that for at least this week, Bulger could actually replace Manning's production.

      That said, your other options are like deciding between a giant douche and a turd sandwich (this will make sense if you watch South Park). You have to choose Edwards or Anderson, because Russell is just AWFUL, and I would actually go Edwards…even as bad as the Bills have looked. Anderson clearly will need time with his new WRs (MoMass, Stuckey, Robiskie) and Polamalu is back to make his life hell this week.

      Yes, the Bills are playing the Jets, but at least Edwards has playmakers out the backfield to dump it off too, plus two experienced WRs to provide the possibility for a cheap TD. Start him…then cover your eyes.

      And no, none of them have long term value. Sorry. Although I'd like Bulger the best.

      WRs: Hines Ward, Donnie Avery, flip a coin between Owens and Rice. I'd go Owens. He caught a season-high 4 balls last week and I just have a funny feeling he'll find the end zone this week.

      WRs: Sims-Walker, Devin Hester, Torry Holt (only for this week, because he's facing STL)

      I don't like relying on rookie WRs, hence not choosing Knox or Britt. The guys above also will get catches to help with PPR. If you are skittish about using two WRs from the same team, go with Caldwell over Holt.

  42. One other set of questions … thanks for any advice you can lend.

    PPR (and point per rush) league – have to start 2 plus 1 flex (I prefer to go with RB)
    Cedrik Benson – good to go (strange I know)
    DeAngelo Williams
    Tim Hightower – not so sure (but rules help him)
    Jamaal Lewis
    Michael Bush
    Also available as FAs –
    Jerome Harrison
    Shonn Greene
    LenDale While

    Same rules – start 3
    Pierre Thomas – good to go
    Jonathan Stewart
    Stephen Jackson – good to go
    Sammy Morris
    Same players available as FAs above

  43. HELP ME OUT:

    2 RB spots, 2 WRs, and 1 Flex, who would u start?

    RBs: MJD (given) , Marshawn Lynch (vs Jets), Derrick Ward (vs Panthers), Jonathan Stewart (vs Tampa)
    WRs: Roddy White (given), Kevin Walter (vs Cincy), Donnie Avery (vs Jax), Earl Bennett (not gonna happen)


  44. Hi i have a lot of good matchups this week and would really like to maximize my point potential this week, Here is my starting roster:
    QB: Matt Hasselbeck
    RBS: 1. Adrian Petersen
    2. Cedric Benson
    WRS: 1. Anquan Boldin
    2. Wes Welker
    3. TJ Houshmanzadah
    TE: Antonio Gates
    K: Lawrence Tynes
    DEF: Minnasota
    This is who im thinking i should start. Tuff Choices though, here is my bench:
    1. Chad Ochocinco
    2. Steve Smith NYG
    3. Nate Burleson
    4. Donald Driver
    5. Deangelo Williams
    6. Ray Rice
    7. Phillip Rivers
    8. Peyton Manning Bye Wk
    Do you see a better way to go on my starting roster?

    • QB – Hasselbeck
      RB – Adrian Peterson
      RB – Cedric Benson
      WR – Boldin
      WR – Ochocinco
      WR – Damn it's a hard choice…love all four options this week! If it's a PPR league, go with Welker. If not, I'd go Burleson.
      TE – Gates
      K – Tynes
      DEF – Minnesota

      No flex huh? Would love to get DeAngelo Williams in there…solid matchup. But not over Benson against the Texans.

    • go with nate burleson because if matt hasselback goes off he will need nate to help him. Don't you also get double points if matt hits nate on a touchdown.

  45. Tomorrowluck says:

    R. White, S. Moss, N. Burleson, Mike walker, Mario M need to pick 3?? .5 ppr

  46. im stuck playing for first in my division we are both 3-2
    i am obviously starting fitzgerald and santana moss
    but i have 3 recievers to start and i cant decide who to go with
    he has rivers so starting jackson is my best option i think
    i also have bowe and lance moore who is healthy going against another top pass defense every site i go to is saying to sit all 3 of these players lol i dont know what to do

    • You play Jackson for sure, but the fact that your opponent has Rivers means nothing for this decision. I like Vincent because he hasn't caught less than 4 passes all year, is a solid TD threat every week, has a better QB than Bowe does, and has been more consistent than Moore.

  47. I need some help guys deciding on who to start: Need to fill 2 RBs, 2 WRs, Flex

    Here are my options – RBs:
    1) Adrian Peterson
    2) Cedric Benson
    3) Tim Hightower
    4) Marshawn Lynch
    5) Fred Jackson
    6) Beanie Wells

    1) Steve Smith – CAR
    2) Greg Jennings
    3) Wes Welker
    4) DeSean Jackson
    5) Mike Sims-Walker

    Also, currently have Cooley at TE. Everyone is saying not to play him this week. Finley is available. Should I pick up?

    I have a lot of great players – the last two weeks i have made the wrong choices and it's hurt big time.

    Thanks in advance for the help!

    • RB – Adrian Peterson
      RB – Cedric Benson
      WR – Greg Jennings
      WR – Steve Smith
      Flex – Wes Welker (if PPR…otherwise Desean Jackson)

      Yes, Finley over Cooley, maybe even for the rest of the season now that Chris Samuels is out. That hurts Cooley's value if they don't switch up their offensive scheme.

  48. Hey guys, need a little advice.
    Kenny Britt
    Johnny Knox
    M Massaquoi
    Mike Wallace

    I have the top three starting now….anyone think I should switch it up?
    Dennis Northcutt
    Bryant Johnson
    Andre Caldwell
    Muhsin Muhammed
    Earl Bennet
    Mike Thomas
    Robert Meachum
    Devery Henderson
    are available….. Thanks in advance..

    • You are currently counting on four rookie WRs. That is dicey and all four are difficult to predict from week to week. That said, I'd like to have Wallace playing since the Steelers are facing Cleveland, and would probably start him over Britt, who has to face NE.

      • i hate it too…id love to have one vet wr but no such luck. i had deion branch and torry holt at the start of the season….so i got screwed there and had to revamp. ..thanks Jer

  49. Hey,

    Need help choosing my QB for this week. I have Rivers as a starter and Favre on the bench. Rivers is going up against DEN, which scares me. Favre going up against BAL makes me feel iffy as well. Who do you think?

    Also, QBs that are available are:
    K. Orton
    D. Gerrard
    J. Campbell

    • David Garrard is going to have a great weekend, in my opinion, and I would start him over all of them…unless you have to drop someone good to get him. If it's Rivers or Favre, I'd go Favre. Baltimore is 26th against the pass so far this season and Favre seems to be developing a nice relationship with his WRs. Denver's D has been killer. I like Rivers, but I think less risk with Favre.

    • Wow, can't believe I just typed the words "less risk with Favre."

  50. Need some help. Not a a lot of teams in my league, so the depth makes it hard to decide who to start.
    Here's my starting line up.

    Ray Rice
    Vince Jackson

    Benson and Burelson are on the FA market too. Should I pick them up? Who do I drop to get them?


    • I would start Vincent Jackson over Manningham, otherwise it looks good.

      I like both Benson and Burleson to be honest with you. I'd rather have Burleson than Manningham and, as crazy as this is to say for a Benson-hater like me, I'd rather hame him over Ray Rice. My question to you: do you really need thee QBs? I personally would drop Flacco to get Benson and drop Manningham to get Burleson.

      • I picked up Burleson, but now I don't know who to sit to put him in the line up. Ochocinco is playing Houston, so that seems like a no brainer. Boldin is at Seattle, and he's also had a terrible season, so that's iffy. Jackson is at Denver, and Denver has a great pass d. But he's also a stud. And MSW is playing against STL. That seems like a no-brainer, but if they're up the whole time they'll be running the ball with MJD. HELP!!!

  51. RaierHater says:

    Need Help bad. You really rolled me last week with your Sims advice. Please reedeem yourself.

    Pick 1 TE
    Olsen or Celek
    Pick 2 RB

  52. Steven Hixson says:

    marion barber, jonathon stewart or ladell betts. And santonio holmes, mike sims-walker or austin collie

  53. travis roberts says:

    I have a little bit of a problem with my running back situation.
    I have two slots for rb's and one flex spot. My running backs are steven jackson, ray rice, jamal charles, peyton hillis, ben jarvis green ellis, and marshawn lynch. I can have a lot of possible options, just wanted to know you take on which one you think would be the best. Also I could put Roy williams in my flex spot.


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