Fantasy Football Week 5 Start ‘Em, Sit ‘Em Lineup Advice and Projections

The Week 17 start em, sit em lineup advice post is up.


Watching the Packers-Vikings game as I type this, so I will try not to be too distracted. Week 5 is a big week and we’ve all got to be on top of our games this week.

If you’re 0-4, this is your last chance to stay alive and have a prayer’s chance at the playoffs. If you’re 1-3 or 2-2, a win in Week 5 can potentially get you into first place or a game back, depending on your league. And if you’re 3-1 or 4-0, you’re looking to put some distance between you and your foes.

Either way, Week 5 is a huge swing week that will put you in the position of either being the chased or the chaser over the next few weeks.

Let’s hop to it, starting out with a quick look back at Week 4 and then a glance forward to Week 5 with your usual rundown of start ems and sit ems.

Update: Fraschetti and I did the first edition of the our new weekly fantasy football podcast this week.  And I promise we discuss some different players than are included in this post…meaning you should definitely listen!  Here you go:

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Here’s a look at how my picks worked out last week:

  • Start ’em hits: Eli Manning (3 TDs, 1 INT); Knowshon Moreno (76 total yards, TD); Brandon Marshall (4 rec, 91 yards, TD); Cincinnati D/ST (TD, 20 points given up, 2 TOs, 2 sacks)
  • Start ’em misses: Dustin Keller (3 rec, 31 yards)
  • Sit ’em hits: Fred Taylor (38 total yards, 0 TDs); Roy Williams (3 rec, 35 yards);
  • Sit ’em misses: Philip Rivers (3 TDs, 0 INTs); Visanthe Shiancoe (TD); Denver D/ST (10 pts given up, 2 TOs, 5 sacks)

So, not too bad.

And I feel like I did an even better job this week answering peoples’ questions in the comment section (Mike Sims-Walker baby!). Let’s hope we can continue that for another week.

Okay, here we go folks. The Week 5 Start Em, Sit Em.

Fantasy Football

Week 5 Start ‘Em, Sit ‘Em Lineup Advice

fantasy football week 5 start em, sit em lineup advice, projections: eli manning, ben roethlisberger, rashard mendenhall, steven jackson, ted ginn, mike sims-walker, vernon davis, mercedes lewis,

Week 5 Start ‘Em, Sit ‘Em Quarterbacks

Start ‘Em: Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh Steelers (at Detroit)


Simply put, Ben Roethlisberger is on the verge of becoming a weekly must-start. When he’s facing a team that has given up 12 passing touchdowns through four games (Detroit), you absolutely put him in your lineup unless Peyton Manning against Tennessee is your other option.

Look at these per game pass attempt numbers for Ben Roethlisberger so far in 2009: 43, 35, 31, 33. There was a time not too long ago when Roethlisberger would be lucky to get 20 attempts in a game, severely limiting his fantasy upside.

Those days are long gone, especially with the Steelers’ running game being inconsistent this year. Ben Roethlisberger is the centerpiece of this offense and he has four solid targets in Hines Ward, Santonio Holmes, Mike Wallace, and Heath Miller. Yes, Rashard Mendenhall was great Sunday night, but his challenge now becomes doing it in back-to-back games (which, coincidentally, I think he will do).

Meanwhile, Roethlisberger will be having one of the best fantasy weeks of any QB against the Lions.

Ben Roethlisberger Week 5 projection: 275 passing yards, 2 TDs, 0 INTs

Other QBs I like in Week 5: Kurt Warner and Matt Schaub (Houston at Arizona); Donovan McNabb, PHI (vs TB); Brett Favre, MIN (at STL)

Sit ‘Em: Eli Manning, New York Giants (vs Oakland)

Eli Manning has been great so far this year, the Giants are 4-0, Oakland is terrible…so you may be wondering why Manning is listed here. I’ll give you a few reasons:

  1. Oakland is terrible against the run, but better against the pass than you might think. The Raiders give up only 210.5 yards passing per game (13th) and have given up only four passing TDs.
  2. Manning recently admitted that he has plantar fasciitis, which could hinder his mobility. We’ll have to see if it hinders his ability to deliver the football.
  3. I think New York will dominate this game and be salting away a win on the ground in the second half. That does not bode well for racking up fantasy stats.

If you have no other options, Manning could obviously still have a decent game, and he’s not going to hurt you. But I would bet that many owners have more favorable options in Week 5.

Eli Manning Week 5 projections: 195 yards passing, 1 TD, 0 INT

Other QBs I don’t like in Week 5: Matt Ryan, ATL (at San Francisco); Mark Sanchez, NYJ (at Miami); Carson Palmer, CIN (at BAL)

Week 5 Start ‘Em, Sit ‘Em Running Backs

Start ‘Em: Rashard Mendenhall, Pittsburgh Steelers (at Detroit Lions)

The Steelers have been patiently awaiting what they saw Sunday night: a dominant running performance from former first round pick Rashard Mendenhall.  He carried the ball 29 times for 165 yards and 2 TDs. Of course, this comes a week after being deactivated and quadrupled what he produced through the season’s first two games.

So which Mendenhall will show up this Sunday? And will Willie Parker be there to steal some carries as well?

I think that deep down Mike Tomlin and the Steelers want Mendenhall to take hold of this job. Willie Parker doesn’t have the same burst he once did and is struggling to stay healthy. Mendenhall can be a solid every down back and give the Steelers their old smash-mouth identity back.

Playing the Lions is a good matchup for Mendenhall to try to author a repeat performance. The Lions are giving up 121.2 yards and average giving up one TD per game. I like those numbers for what Mendenhall will provide in Week 5.

Rashard Mendenhall Week 5 projection: 121 rushing yards, 1 TD, 2 rec, 15 yards

Other RBs I like in Week 5: Jerome Harrison, CLE (at Buffalo); Knowshon Moreno, DEN (vs New England); Ahmad Bradshaw, NYG (vs Oakland); Chester Taylor, MIN (at St. Louis);

Sit ‘Em: Steven Jackson, St. Louis Rams (vs Minnesota Vikings)

Yes, you probably spent a high draft pick on Steven Jackson. And you may have another running back on a bye week, meaning that you have no choice but to start Jackson.

However, if you have  a decent alternate option (examples: Jerome Harrison of Cleveland, Rashard Mendenhall of Pittsburgh) I would play them.

Jackson’s only value right now is his ability to rack up yardage, because he certainly isn’t finding his way to the end zone much. But with the Rams set to play the Vikings’ stellar run defense, I don’t see too many holes opening up for Jackson. He has more value in a PPR league, but in TD-heavy scoring systems I would seek points elsewhere in Week 5.

Steven Jackson Week 5 projection: 42 rushing yards, 3 rec, 21 yards, 0 TD

Other RBs I don’t like in Week 5: Kevin Smith, DET (vs Pittsburgh); Cedric Benson, CIN (at Baltimore)

Week 5 Start ‘Em, Sit ‘Em Wide Receivers

Start ‘Em: Mike Sims-Walker, Jacksonville (at Seattle)

I’ve been singing this guy’s praises in sleeper posts for the last couple of weeks. Now that he’s proven me correct, and has a nice matchup in Week 5, Mike Sims-Walker makes his first appearance as an official start ’em.

fantasy football week 5 start em, sit em lineup advice, projections: eli manning, ben roethlisberger, rashard mendenhall, steven jackson, ted ginn, mike sims-walker, vernon davis, mercedes lewis,  Sims-Walker is developing a great relationship with David Garrard and is averaging just over six catches per game, 93 yards, and a TD over the last three games. Those are outstanding numbers for a #2 WR, let alone a #3 WR or flex spot, which is probably where you have Sims-Walker playing.

Seattle’s defense is not playing will this year and the Seahawks are giving up more than a TD per game through the air to go along with 219.8 yards. David Garrard and the Jags’ passing attack seems to be clicking, and it’s a gravy train I will personally be hoping to ride in Week 5 and beyond.

Mike Sims-Walker Week 5 projection: 6 rec, 85 yards, 1 TD

Other WRs I like in Week 5: Desean Jackson, PHI (vs TB); Percy Harvin, MIN (at St. Louis); T.J. Houshmandzadeh, SEA (vs Jacksonville); Jerricho Cotchery, NYJ (at Miami); Pierre Garcon, IND (at Tennessee); and if you’re looking deep…Mohammed Massaquoi, CLE (at Buffalo);

Sit ‘Em: Ted Ginn, Jr., Miami Dolphins (vs New York Jets)

This one really isn’t all that difficult.

The Dolphins are facing the Jets’ staunch defense, which means that Ted Ginn will most likely be facing the currently unbeatable Darrelle Revis. Ginn struggles as a receiver against regular cornerbacks. Against an emerging star in Revis, with an inexperienced QB under center, I don’t like Ginn’s chances.

Ginn will have some value as a flex play if he’s returning kicks and getting reverses, but he also has to fight just to get on the field as his snaps were reduced last week because of his recent ineffectiveness.

Ted Ginn Week 5 projection: 2 rec, 27 yards, 0 TD

Other WRs I don’t like in Week 5: Torry Holt, JAC (at Seattle); Laveraneus Coles, CIN (at Baltimore); Steven Smith and Mario Manningham, NYG (vs Oakland…still start them, but just temper your expectations with Oakland’s decent secondary on the other side and Manning hampered); Roy Willians, DAL (at Kansas City…especially if injured, obviously)

Week 5 Start ‘Em, Sit ‘Em Tight Ends

Start ‘Em: Vernon Davis, San Francisco 49ers (vs Atlanta Falcons)

Yes, I still love Vernon Davis.

He has three TDs over the last two weeks and I think he could very well get another one this week. Atlanta gives up 245.3 yards per game through the air, and Davis is one of QB Shaun Hill’s favorite targets. I think Davis’ numbers in Week 5 are right between what he did the last couple of weeks.

Vernon Davis Week 5 projection: 5 rec, 70 yards, 1 TD

Other TEs I like in Week 5: Dante Rosario, CAR (vs Washington); Dustin Keller, NYJ (at Miami); Brent Celek, PHI (vs TB)

Sit ‘Em: Mercedes Lewis, Jacksonville Jaguars (at Seattle)

Lewis had a solid day last Sunday against the Titans, but don’t get too excited about this 4-catch, 76-yard, 1-TD performance.

Everyone has been putting up numbers this year through the air against the Titans, and one week does not change the fact that Lewis had only seven receptions on the season coming into last week’s game and that he is one of the more inconsistent tight ends in the NFL.

Seattle looks like an enticing matchup, but look elsewhere if you can.

Mercedes Lewis Week 5 projection: 2 rec, 27 yards, 0 TD

Other TEs I don’t like in Week 5: Kellen Winslow, TB (at Philadelphia); Todd Heap, BAL (vs Cincinnati)

Week 5 Start ‘Em, Sit ‘Em Defense / Special Teams

Start ‘Em: Dallas Cowboys D/ST (at Kansas City Chiefs)

You probably drafted the Cowboys’ D to start for you, but have probably been disappointed thus far in 2009 by their inability to force turnovers and sacks. This Sunday, the Cowboys’ D gets to face a Chiefs offense that is known for giving up both sacks and turnovers in plentiful, fantasy-friendly quantities. Dallas should be a solid, albeit perhaps unspectacular, play this week.

Dallas D Week 5 projection: 17 points or less, 4 sacks, 2 TOs

Other D/ST units I like in Week 5: Indianapolis (at Tennessee); Carolina (vs Washington); San Francisco and Atlanta (playing eachother)

Sit ‘Em: Buffalo Bills D/ST (vs Cleveland Browns)

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably been searching for whatever defense is playing the Browns over the past few weeks. This was a pretty good strategy when Brady Quinn was playing QB, but I don’t like it this week.

The Bills have a banged up secondary and are not that great of a defense in the first place. Simply playing the Browns will not be the panacea for everything that ails the Bills’ D.

The Browns were surprisingly effective moving the ball last week with Derek Anderson at QB and Jerome Harrison at RB. And remember, the Browns had a pretty nice offensive output against the Bills last season.

Buffalo D Week 5 projection: 24 points or more, 2 sacks, 1 TO

Other D/ST units I don’t like in Week: Arizona (vs Houston); Cincinnati (at Baltimore)

And that’s it folks.  We’re still working on the move over to Explodium, but we will be adding some more community features to our fantasy discussion sometime soon. Until then, feel free to chime in all week in the comment section with your questions and I’ll get to them as quickly as I can.

Best of luck in Week 5!


* – Mike Sims-Walker photo credit: AP Photo/Phil Coale

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  1. Hi Jerod, Which do you like better?

    Mendenhall vs Lions or
    Westbrook vs Bucs



    • I am very high on Mendenhall this week, and I think he'll be a solid play, but no way I'd start him over the proven Westbrook going up against a pretty porous TB defense. Mendenhall has to prove he can produce on a weekly basis before I'd play him over Westbrook.

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  2. HI jerod Wich do you like better?

    Jacobs or benson

    • Jacobs, for sure. Benson will get punished by the Ravens' D this week. I have no faith in him, and probably never will.

      • Thane Larson says:

        but Benson has been running the ball good all year. The O line is looking great and he ran good against Pitt who has a better run D than Balt.

        • If you start Cedric Benson, just be prepared to be disappointed. Pittsburgh's run D is most certainly not as good as Baltimore's this year…not with Troy Polamalu out. And Benson may have had a good run so far with Cincy, but he's still Cedric Benson and is not a guy who is going to get tough yards against tough defenses. In the midst of his strong second half in Cincy last year, Benson laid a 10-carry, 17-yard turd at the feet of the Ravens. I look for more of the season this week…start him at your own risk.

  3. Hey Jerod,
    I'm getting hit hard by the bye week. I have Moreno on the bench to start. Do I start him or go out and get Mendenhall and drop him?

    • I would rather have Moreno for the balance of the year than Mendenhall. I still think Mendenhall needs to prove that what he did against the Chargers wasn't a one-week wonder. That said, if you can get Mendenhall for this week without dropping Moreno, I could see starting Mendenhall with the Lions on the schedule.

  4. Hey Jerod,
    I'm getting hit hard by the bye week. I have Moreno on the bench to start. Do I start him or go out and get Mendenhall off waivers and drop Moreno?

  5. Jerod-

    Should I shoot myself now if I am 0-4 in a paid league? Thanks.

    Every owner of an 0-4 fantasy team

  6. Hi Jerod,

    Anthony Gonzalez is on waivers in my league. I guess someone didn't want to wait for his injury to heal. Should I pick him up? I have an extra spot on my roster and could use another decent WR. Do you think he will be in the mix when he gets back? Austin Collie is also available and the COLTS offense looks strong this year. Garcon was picked up already.

    MY WR's now are Chad OchiCinco, Donald Driver, Devery Henderson and Bobby Wade



    • I like Anthony Gonzalez better than Bobby Wade. With the emergence of Pierre Garcon and Austin Collie, Gonzalez may not regain his status as the undisputed #2 WR in Indy this season. Still, once he's healthy, he's on the Colts so he will have some value.

  7. Why is Miami Def ranked so highly this week against the Jets. Should I pick up Dallas or Miami?

    • Probably because Mark Sanchez, for all the hype, is still a turnover-prone rookie. And with the Dolphins at home and desperate, I could see the Dolphins D having a solid afternoon.

      I personally like Dallas' D a little better this week. The Chiefs are terrible on offense and DeMarcus Ware should be able to bust out with some sacks.

  8. hi jerod,

    i have both dallas clark and brent celek for week 5. they both have good matchups but who do you think would be a better start? should i start celek since i have reggie wayne as my WR?

    • Start Clark. He is catching 7-8 balls a game and is about to face the league's most pathetic pass defense (which made David Garrard look like Warren Moon). He is also playing with the same QB. Remember, Celek only had 37 receiving yards in Week 1 (with McNabb) and tore it up with Kevin Kolb as his QB the next two weeks. McNabb is back in the lineup, so while Celek is still a good play, he doesn't eclipse the best tight end in fantasy right now…which is Clark.

  9. Hey Jerod,

    should I drop sproles and felix jones to pick up mendenhall and vernon davis, i have shockey on a bye.


    • I love Vernon Davis, and would drop Shockey for him to be honest. Plus, do you really want to root for Shockey? I don't.

      But, if you're committed to Shockey, I would drop Sproles for Davis for this week. I still love Felix Jones despite the injury concerns, and think Dallas will feature him even more once he returns since he has proven to be their only big player. I still want to take a wait and see on Mendenhall before dropping someone more proven for him.

  10. Hi Jerod,

    I have too many TE's on my team and need to waive at least one. I have kellen Winslow Jr., Todd Heap and Brent Celek who I just picked up on waivers believe it or not. Any ideas? I'm leaning towards dropping Winslow since his production has been bad the past 2 games. Also TB is terrible and has a new QB.

    thanks again!


  11. I would drop Winslow and Heap, unless you have to start two TEs. Celek will be your starter from here on own, regardless of who is QB'ing in Philly. But if you're going to drop one, yes I'd drop Winslow. He's a punk and has a revolving door at QB. Never a good combo.

  12. hi jerod,

    im glad i kept fred jackson even though lynch came back. from what i saw this weekend, lynch doesnt seem like he's going to do better than jackson anytime soon. and the bills even started the game with jackson rather than lynch. having said that, is jackson a good start for week 5 against cleveland? and what about the rest of the year? should i keep him? or drop him after this tasty matchup against a sad cleveland run defense?

  13. If you're hanging onto Jackson (and you should), this is absolutely a week to start him. Cleveland is not a good team against the run and I can see there being enough fantasy points to go around for both Jackson and Lynch to have value this weekend.

  14. Hey Jerod!
    Thanks for the help week 4.. I got the win, with your advice! You Rock!
    Need some great advice for week 5.. I have Eli but also T. Edwards, and I am looking to get a fill in for Eli for his bye and if his foot is too banged up to go this Sunday. I was considering Garrard or Orton to pick up on waivers for Trent. Who do you recommend?
    Also, I am looking to pick up Sidney Rice but it will cost me Lee Evans, should I do it? I have Knox I could drop instead. I have not seen much production from either so I am on the fence.
    Thanks again for your advice:)

    • I was high on Edwards before the season, but not anymore. I like both Garrard and Orton over him. Not sure there is a huge difference between the two. Both are in divisions where they will play teams who aren't great against the pass. I think I'd go with Garrard because of the running dimension that he brings, plus their defense is worse which means that JVille will be in more shootouts.

      Lee Evans is definitely struggling, but I'd still drop Johnny Knox instead…and yes, I'd do it for Rice. Knox is all the rage right now, but he's still a rookie WR with questionable route-running skills whose value is inflated because of special teams TDs right now. I think you might want to see if there's a Bears fan in your league how might trade for him before you drop him.

  15. Need some advice: Should I start McNabb against TB or Eli Manning against the Raiders for week 5?
    The breakdown of our league is: 1pt for 25yards passing; 5pt bonus at 250, 5pt bonus at 285, 10pt at 315
    2pts for completions, -1 for incomplete, TD=5pt; Interception= -6pt; Sack = -3
    Thank you!

  16. Just re-read your site…got my answer so thank you!

  17. Hi Jerod,

    Thanks for the wk 4 advice, unfortunately my opponent had Sims-Walker and took the matchup =/ Anyways, I'm against a very tough opponent. With Colston on a bye, I'm looking for advice to fill his spot.

    I have Santana Moss, but I don't think he'll be productive this week. I picked up Massaqui, should I start him and derrick mason in place of S.Moss?

    I'm also, short on RB with Mike Bell on a bye as well. Should I start D. Ward against PHI or Leon Washington vs Miami?

    Lastly, since I have M. Colston should I drop Devery Henderson? I need to take up pick up a TE on waiver since Owen Daniels isn't reliable.



    • Also, Justin Gage or Kenny Britt if Massaqui isn't a better option.

      • I like Gage because he's a veteran. As you can see, I'm not big on trusting rookie WRs if there are alternative options. Too much volatility from one week to the next.

    • Carolina is pretty tough against the pass, but I don't know that I sit a proven vet like Moss for a guy in Massaquoi whose only had one good game. I do think Mohammed plays well this week, but Santana Moss is capable of putting up numbers against any opponent. Unless you're really feeling good about Massaqoui, I personally would not sit Moss for him. It's the bolder move, but I think you bring a lot more risk into play.

      Derrick Ward has been terrible so far this year, I'd start Washington.

      You don't need to drop Henderson just because you have Colston. But you know what you're getting with Henderson: all or nothing weeks. What other TEs are out there? Daniels is a pretty good one, but I'd rather have Celek and V. Davis myself, if either is available.

  18. hello jerod. who do start this week at WR……ochocinco or garcon, also trying to pick up massaquoi…if i get him then do i start him? also who do i start at TE shiancoe or rosario?

    • Ochocino. Garcon is still the 3rd or 4th option in Indy, whereas Ochocinco is clearly the #1. Be scared of Cedric Benson this week, but the Ravens are actually giving up some passing yards. I think Ocho has a pretty good day. And no, I would not start Massaquoi over him either. I would, however, start Massaquoi over Garcon.

      I like Rosario at TE. It just doesn't look like Shiancoe's going to get many touches this year.

  19. Hey Jerod,
    I appreciate you taking the time in actually answering peoples questions here. Bravo!

    Was hoping you can lend me some of your genius for this week:
    Running backs

    Not sure if I will be able to get him or not: Devery Mendenhall
    maurice jones drew @Sea
    glen coffee Atl
    cedric benson @bal
    fred jackson @ Cle
    willis mcgahee Cin

    I can start 3 Probably will not start Cedric Baltimore def is too good


    • Not sure exactly what you mean about "Devery Mendenhall", but here is how I would go. Start MJD, Fred Jackson, McGahee. You have to like Jackson's matchup against Cleveland despite the platoon, and though I like Mendenhall and Coffee, both remain unproven if there are other solid options available. You know you aren't benching MJD or McGahee.

  20. yo what up jerod..dude you hook me up every week glued to these posts..
    i got brady and eli but with eli's injury i think imma start brady..
    i got screwed with byes with pierre thomas,matt starting ray rice and had to pick up justin fargas to fill a rb slot..derrick ward is useless on my bench right now
    i got steve smith(nyg),boldin,harvin,garcon,vernon davis, tony gonzalez with driver on a bye…i need 3 wrs and 1 te but im soo confused bcuz i need the most pts to help fargas
    rackers is my k with vikings d..
    your help will be much appreciated brotha..thanks

  21. Good move picking up Fargas. He could have a decent afternoon and always seems to produce good yardage, though not TDs.

    Out of those WRs and TE you have to go Smith, Boldin, Harvin and then Tony Gonzalez. I love Vernon Davis, but not enough to start him over perhaps the best TE ever (who will rebound from his struggles against New England).

  22. Brandon Marshall is a no-brainer and so is TJ Housh (who faces the terrible Jags' pass D and may have Hasselbeck back). I am not a big fan of Antonio Bryant, but I think he has to be your third this week. He is more proven than the other two and will get any potential red zone looks. Plus, TB will be down and throwing a lot. Garcon and Wallace both have solid matchups, so I wouldn't be upset if I had to start them, but I think this is a week where Bryant — who could/should be 100% — outperforms them both.

  23. I have five Receivers and I am torn on who to start…. Which three would you start (and i have put the league settings on bottom)

    Brandon Marshall, Den WR vs. NE, Houshmandzadeh,Sea WR vs. JAC., Antonio Bryant, TB WR Vs. Philly, Pierre Garcon vs. TEN , Mike Wallace vs. DET!!!

    TD Reception6 2pt Receiving Conversion2
    40+ yard TD rec bonus2 50+ yard TD rec bonus3
    Every 10 receiving yards1 100-199 yard receiving game2
    200+ yard receiving game5

  24. hi jerod,

    is jerome harrison a good flex start for week 5? also, i need a QB and the only decent ones in FA left are kyle orton, seneca wallace and derek anderson. who should i pick?

    • Mackie, it depends on your alternatives, but yes I like Jerome in Week 5. He had a very good game against Buffalo last year and is quickly becoming the focal point of the Browns' offense.

      I would take Kyle Orton and I don't think it's particularly close with the other two.

  25. Should I add jerome harrison or Mendenhall? and should I drop Mark clayton for sidney rice?

    • I do like Rice over Clayton, although I'm not sure it will be a huge difference.

      I like Harrison over Mendenhall because Harrison is a little bit more proven and reliable, but Mendenhall has the bigger upside considering his team. So much of each's value is dependent on the health of other backs on their team. If…IF…Mendenhall has another dominant performance this week, I might change my mind. But still, he's only had one good game and has just been so inconsistent. I'm waiting for a little more proof.

  26. 2 questions…. Start Favre or Mcnabb and another league Mcnabb or Warner?

  27. Jerod,

    Thanks so much for answering all of our questions and for your insight!!! I'm 3-1 and in second place in a 12 team league I could use more depth at WR and RB for the byweeks to make a serious title run. The following players are available on waivers:

    Mewelde Moore
    Anthony Gonzalez
    Austin Collie
    Brandon Stokely
    Mike Wallace
    Kelly Washington
    Mark Clayton

    Anyone here worth picking up for possible future starts, byweek fillins or as an occasional flex?

    Thanks again!!

    • All of those guys are big players who could have value on a week-to-week basis depending on their matchup. Out of all of them, I like Anthony Gonzalez the most when he returns from injury, but that could be a while and he will have to work his way back into the offense.

      This week I like Clayton to have a solid bounce back game against Cincinnati, and I also like Massaquoi as well. Massaquoi scares me because he's a rookie, but who the hell else is Derek Anderson going to throw to now?

  28. Hey Jerod, which 3 should i start:

    T.J. Housmanzadah
    Roddy white
    Mike Sims-Walker
    Santonio Holmes
    Steve Breaston

    • Definitely Housh and Holmes, who both have strong matchups (Jags, Lions) and I think will have solid days. I'm a little worried about Roddy White right now and Sims-Walker has had three strong games in a row, plus he has a better matchup. I'd go with Sims-Walker in the third slot but still hope to see a breakout game from Roddy White to make me feel better moving forward.

  29. Trade scenario:

    I would trade:

    Matt Hasselback(sea)
    Freddy Jackson(buf)
    Michael Crabtree(sf)

    and I would get:

    Tom Brady(ne)

    what do you think?

    • It is almost impossible to assess such a trade without seeing the rest of the your roster. I don't expect much out of Crabtree this year, Hasselbeck is dinged up, and Fred Jackson is solid…but now Marshawn Lynch is back. My first impression is that I'd do it, because you are getting the best individual player, with the caveat that I'd need to see your whole team first.

      • Hey Jerod,
        this is my roster

        Qb- matt hasselback ( possible trade)
        wr- andre johnson
        wr-randy moss
        wr- calvin jonhson
        rb -leon washington
        rb-brian westbrook
        te -jermey shockey

        wr- crabtree
        wr-greg camarillo
        rb- fred jackson
        te-dustin keller
        qb-seneca wallace

        I have made numerous trades, to get my staring lineup looking the way it is, but as you can see my becnh is weak.
        Anyways, my question still stand on the trade of getting Tom brady .

        what do you think?

        • I'd make the trade.

          I'd also look to see if a guy like Jerome Harrison is on the waiver wire. You could easily drop someone like Camarillo for him.

          You have a damn good team, and adding Brady gives you some stability at the QB position.

  30. Jerod, thx for the help — Pick 2 rb – 2wr and 1 flex (rb/wr) and which defense – Philly or Buffalo -PPR League

    MJD, D.Williams, R.Rice, R.Brown

    R.Moss, A.Johnson, M. Sims-Walker, and R.White

    Leaning towards – MJD,D. Williams, R.Brown – A.Johnson and M. Sims-Walker – and Philly D…….Thx……………

    • Go with Philly's D against Tampa Bay.

      RB – MJD
      RB – R. Brown
      WR – R. Moss
      WR – A. Johnson
      Flex – D. Williams

      You can't ever take Randy Moss out of the lineup. I know that Sims-Walker is tempting, but Moss is capable of 2 TD performances no matter who he is playing. You might get it right one week, but over the long term you will be more successful sticking with your stars.

  31. Hi Jerod,

    Thanks for your past advice.

    Should I play Donnie Avery (StL vs Minn) or Sidney Rice (Minn vs StL)?
    Both are coming off good weeks … whose more likely to keep it up.

    Also, I have only 4 bench spots in my league … I grabbed Darren McFadden when he was cut by another owner. It's a bit of a sacrifice to hold onto him … is the potential upside worth it? (my worst bye week is over … last week I had four players – DeAngelo Williams, Tim Hightower, Brent Celek and Philly Defense all out).

    I have to start 2 backs and have 1 utility spot that I prefer to put a RB in. My RBs are Cedrick Benson, DeAngelo Williams (bye already done), Tim Hightower (bye already done) Reggie Bush (bye this week), Michael Bush and McFadden. I snatched Michael Bush but am not sure I'll use him much the next couple weeks since Oakland has tough opponents.

    Your thoughts and advice are much appreciated.

    I hope all is well,


    • The first question is easy: Sidney Rice. I trust no one on St. Louis' offense, especially against Minnesota.

      First off, I'd consider dropping Michael Bush and starting him this week. I was high on McFadden coming into the year, but he just may not be a good NFL running back. I blame the Raiders for not developing him. Fargas always seems to end up being productive late in the year and he would actually be the Raiders back I'd want over any other.

      I would start Williams and Hightower in your first two running slots and then throw your Raiders RB in after that. The Giants have been surprisingly generous against the run (117 yards per game, 4 TDs) and Oakland obviously can't throw it. So whether you have Fargas or Bush, I'd start them. And I know a lot of those yards the Giants gave up came against the Cowboys, but still…they are vulnerable.

      I just can't stand Benson. He has to prove to me that he can succeed against a D like Baltimore before I'm starting him over other legit options. He might prove me wrong, but I'm waiting for the proof.

  32. Jerod,

    Thanks again for great past advice. One last question …

    I have to start 2 QBs in my league. Thankfully I have P. Manning. My choices for QB no. 2 are not so pleasant. Trent Edwards or Derek Anderson. They are playing each other on Sunday, whose gonna be the better fantasy pick?

    Your thoughts and advice are much appreciated.

    – Lou

    • I would go with Edwards, not because I particularly like him, but because he has more of a rapport built up with TO, Lee Evans, and Josh Reed than Derek has with Massaqoui, Stuckey, Robiskie, and Furrey. I would not be surprised to see Anderson have a good game, but I still want to see him produce once or twice before I feel comfortable starting him.

  33. Hey. Its me Crystal… Lol Umm, should I start Dustin Keller or Mercedes Lewis?

    • Keller. I don't trust Mercedes Lewis. You never know whether he'll play well or disappear. I think Keller should have a strong game Monday night against a Dolphins' D that stops the run well but does not defend the pass effectively.

      • Cool… Thanks! Well, I actually need some full line-up advice because I have alot of good players and just dont know who to play…

        RB's: Ronnie Brown, Deangelo Williams, Brian Westbrook, Jerome Harrison, LeSean McCoy, Moreno
        WR's: Sims-Walker, Welker, Kevin Walter, Manningham, Braylon Edwards, Sidney Rice, Massaquoi

        I need 2 WR, 2 RB and 1 W/R/T

        Please help. Lol

        • RB – R Brown
          RB – D Williams
          WR – Welker
          WR – Sims-Walker
          Flex – B Westbrook

          Hard to sit Harrison, but I think I would in this case. You have great running backs. I have to go with them over Harrison, whose offense is a complete wild card right now with all the changes. There are a lot of ways you could shuffle a good lineup out of that group.

  34. who sould I start : Jerome Harrison or Glen Coffe

    • Buffalo has given up 150 yards per game and 7 rushing TDs this season. Atlanta's run D has been good, but not that good. Also, Harrison has been more productive with his touches than Coffee has. If it's a PPR league, I definitely like Harrison. I'm a fan of Coffee, and am starting him in some leagues, but his low yard per carry average so far this season is a little bit worrisome. I'm waiting for a little more proof and some more results before I start him over a guy with a more proven track record like Harrison.

  35. Thane Larson says:

    Hey Jerod,
    I have Slaton, Benson, Jacobs, and I just picked up Buckhalter (who is now hurt). I want to drop Buckhalter but don't know who to pick up. Westbrook is available but others are Harrison, Choice, and Bush. Which one do you suggest?

    • wait, wait, wait…Brian Westbrook is available? From the Eagles?

      Why did you even waste time writing a comment here!?!! In fact, stop reading anything else on this site…go pick him up…NOW! :-)

      Seriously, I'd go Westbrook. Yes he's old and injury prone…but he's Brian Westbrook. Harrison would be the next choice…and he's a good one (could rival Benson in effectiveness the rest of this year, just saying). You have a very good stable of running backs.

      • Thane Larson says:

        yeah. Brian Westbrook from the Eagles. Do you think Steve Slaton will start picking up where he left off from last year? He's a fast enough back where he should be able to break off a few long runs a game. And I like Benson this year. He is a great back and his O line loves blocking for him. And last thing… Do I start Westbrook this week over Benson?

        • Yes, you start Westbrook over Benson every week. Especially when Benson has the worst possible matchup: Baltimore.

          And yes, I like Slaton to get back to his groove from last year. He's in a good offense, the defenses in his division are not that tough, and he's a good player. A very, very solid #2 RB.

  36. hello, which one would be better to start for week 5?

    kyle orton vs NE
    seneca wallace vs JAC

    NE tends to shut down QBs, so would seneca be a better choice to start against a bad JAC pass defense?

    • I'm not sure that Seneca will even be starting. You'll have to check the injury reports leading up to the game. Obviously if Hasselbeck is starting, you go with Orton. My first impression would be to go with Orton either way, but you make a good point about the matchups. Still, with the game at home and Brandon Marshall alive again, I still think I trust Orton more to put up solid numbers. He won't be spectacular, but I think he can get you 225-250 yards and 1-2 TDs with minimal mistakes.

  37. Hi jerrod. having trouble deciding who to start. Farve or Peyton Manning. Manning has been hot, but farve is playing the rams… who isn't hot vs the rams this year? thanks.

  38. should i pick up jerome harrison off waivers? my RB's are so-so, except for moreno, i'm starting him, but now buckhalter is hurt, i also have ricky williams starting, but want to win this week again. thanks as always for your great advice.

    • Yes, Jerome is a good pick-up and will be the focal point of the Browns' offense now that Braylon Edwards is gone. I do like Ricky Williams, but am not a huge fan of starting Dolphins on Monday night with the Jets in town. (Any Dolphins fan should shudder at the thought of Monday night games with the Jets visiting…). You could actually do a lot worse than Moreno and Harrison this week. That's an underrated duo.

  39. I am having a tougher time this week with picking my 3 recievers. I have

    Sanatana Moss

    I was thinking fitz and Sims for sure but see mixed reviews on the rest. Bowe plays a weak pass d but hasnt been healthy. Berrian has started to come on lately. For RB's I'll be starting Slaton and Moreno but also have Mccoy as a flex instead of reciever if Westbrook not good to go. Any thoughts? Thanks

    • Fitz, Sims-Walker, Berrian. I really like Berrian's matchup against St. Louis and he is in a good offense. Plus, he has been consistent this year, catching four or six balls in every game. Bowe has been all over the map and his offense sucks. I'd like to see him have a good game now that he's healthy before I plug him in the lineup every week.

  40. If Hasslebeck starts on Sunday is he worth a start? My other options are Matt Cassel, Kerry Collins or Kyle Orton.

    Thanks for the help.

    • Hasselbeck just returned practice yesterday and is still questionable. I would really hesitate to play him this week. I'd rather see him make it through a week and see how the injury affects him. He's better, but not THAT much better, than your other options. I actually like Collins to have a decent week this week against Indy, mainly because they'll be playing catch up all game. I think Orton could struggle against NE, but he is the "safest" pick of them all. Cassel sucks, as do the Chiefs. I wouldn't want to start him.

  41. Hi Jerod,

    Looking to add a back-up WR. Who has the most upside potential Mike Wallace, Austin Collie, Michael Jenkins or Jason Avant? It's a 12-team league with PPR.


    • I think it's between Collie and Jenkins (Wallace and Avant are too hit or miss for my tastes) and I would rather have Jenkins. He is the #2 receiving option in Atlanta and is averaging four catches per game. Collie had a great Week 4, and is probably a better play in Week 5, but he could be somewhat up and down with Reggie Wayne, Dallas Clark, Pierre Garcon, and the RBs also there to take up targets. Plus he's a rookie, and I don't trust rookies on a weekly basis.

  42. Jerod,

    I'm starting Fitz and S. Smith at WR this week in a 12-team, PPR league. I have Bowe, Nate Washington and Muhsin Muhammad on the bench. Leaning toward Bowe as my flex, but also looking at Kelley Washington and Mark Clayton off the wire. I don't have any viable RBs to add at flex so definitely need a WR. Any suggestions?

    Many thx

    • Go with Bowe. He's been up and down this year, but is still the #1 option in that entire offense. Dallas will give up some big plays in the secondary (terrible safety play) and Bowe could benefit this week.

  43. Hi Jerod,

    I'm having a hard time deciding on WRs in week 5. Out of the following, which 3 should I start?

    Derrick Mason v. Cin
    Steve Smith (Car) v. Was
    Mike Sims-Walker @ Seattle
    Santana Moss @ Car


    • Mason, Smith, and Sims-Walker. Carolina has done a pretty good job of pass defense, is coming off a bye, and Washington sucks. I expect the Panthers to play really well in this one and force Moss to struggle.

  44. Hi Jerod!

    I got hit hard w/ the biweek and need to figure out who start in my RB and WR's. We do 2 WR, 2 RB and one flex.
    I'm down to this: WR's Occhicinco, Bobby Wade, Massaqoui and RB's Joseph Addai, Ward(not sure fhe'll play), Leon Washington. Not sure if I take a chance w/ Ward or take a chance w/ the rookie Massaqoui OR pick up Mark Clayton for a fillin??

    Also, I needed a defense replacement for 1 wk so I just picked up Dallas.

    Thanks Again!!!

    • I'd go Ocho and Massaquoi at WR and Addai/Washington at RB. Tampa Bay has said they want to get Cadillac more carries, which does not bode well for Ward. I would drop Wade for Clayton right now and play him as the flex. I expect him to have a bounce back week after his drop killed the Ravens last week.

      • Hey Jerod

        Thanks so much! Also sorry for posting the same question again in my latest post. i didn't think it went through!!

  45. Hey Jerod,

    Thanks for the advice the past few weeks as I'm now 3-1 in my league. It's a non-ppr league where I start 2 RB, 2 WR, and 1 RB/WR.

    My 2 WRs are Reggie Wayne and Mike Sims-Walker as Colston is on a bye. I also have Pierre Garcon so I'm debating whether to start 3 WR or 3 RB this week. My opponent this week happens to have Peyton Manning which could be an incentive to start Garcon as the Colts play the Titans. What are your thoughts on playing 2 or 3 WRs if my RBs are Michael Turner, Chris Johnson, Glen Coffee, and Jerome Harrison (just picked up off the waiver wire)?

    Also Vernon Davis or Brent Celek this week?

    Thanks for the advice!!

    • I always like a RB over a WR, all else being equal. In this case, I would take ALL of your RBs over Pierre Garcon. Turner and Johnson are no-brainers, which leaves us with Jerome Harrison or Glen Coffee. And guess what! I just wrote a post ranking five RBs, with these two included. I shall link you there so you can find your answer:


  46. Which two should I start? Jacobs, Mendenhall, Westbrook

    • Jacobs and Westbrook. I don't trust Mendenhall enough yet to start him over these two weekly studs. Remember folks, two weeks ago Mendenhall was deactivated!

  47. do i start denver D/ST or colts D/ST???

    • That is a very tough one. I would probably go with the Broncos. Yes, New England's D scares me more than Tennessee's, but the Titans do something well that the Colts are not good at stopping: run the ball. Plus, we don't know if Freeney or Sanders are playing. I think Denver, even if they give up points, will be able to get some sacks.

      • thank you. your advice has made me 3 – 1 after a miserable start. i'm the only girl in my league, and i'm getting a little respect now, thanks to you. :)

        • Well that's great! And thanks for letting me know, I appreciate it. Now when my boss comes in peering over my shoulder and is wondering why I have decided to eschew lucrative client work to answer fantasy questions, I can tell him that we are leveling the typically gender biased fantasy football playing field. And that is a cause worth fighting for! :-)

          Best of luck in Week 5.

  48. Hi Jerod
    I'm hit VERY hard w/ the byweek(Forte and Driver& D Henderson are on the bench) so I don't have much of a choice but out of Ochicinco(no brainer),Massaqoui,Bobby Wade, Leon washington,Addai and Ward I have to fill 5 spots 2wr, 2rb 7 a flex. I'm opting to let Ward sit because of the matchup against the Eagles but if he's healthy he may get more touches. The other option would be to pick up Mark Clayton as a fillin. You mentioned he may revbound nicely this wk. Any thoughts?

    Also, any thoughts on which fillin D may be better to use this week? Dallas, Cardinals or Atlanta??

    Thanks so much!!!

    • I'll take Dallas' D against KC. Nice matchup.

      RB – Addai
      RB – Washington
      WR – Ocho
      WR – Massaquoi
      Flex – M. Clayton (drop Wade)

      I don't like Ward, as Cadillac is supposed to get most of the touches.

      • Thanks again!!!! Here's my dilemma. I just picked up Austin Collie and got rid of my 2nd TE that i didn't need. I could definitely drop WADE and pick up Clayton to do do the flex start BUT I feel Collie my have good night w/ the Titan D that is terrible against the pass plus Peyton has been hot and is spreading the ball all over. What do you think?

        The weird thing about Wade is he had 2 garbage TD's over the past 2 weeks and ESPN fantasy is predicting a 10 pt performance for him again(really??) I wouldn't want him going against my spot start Dallas D anyway.

        • I don't like Wade. And yeah, Collie could have a good game, but Clayton is a more proven commodity. Honestly, it's close to a toss-up, but I just have a feeling that Clayton will want to make amends for his drop last week…and that Joe Flacco will try to help him do it. Plus, Cincy's pass D is nothing special. If you really have a strong gut feeling about Collie though, I say go for it. You'll trust the decision more and it's splitting hairs anyway. Sometimes these things can be overanalyzed.

    • Haha…whoops just realized I answered this twice. Damn IntenseDebate is not processing comments correctly. hey, at least I answered it the same way each time!

  49. justin John says:

    hey what do you think of my starting lineup for week 5
    qb- david garrad
    wr-andre johnson
    wr-steve smith(carolina)
    wr-pierre garcon
    rb-deangelo williams
    rb- knoshown moreano
    te-owens daniel
    flex- reshard mendenhall-i spelled his name wrong..rb for steelers..

    K- nick folk

    defense- eagles

    bench-calvin johnson
    bench-aaron rogers
    bench-heath miller
    bench-pierre thomas
    bench- ryan grant

    • I'd like your lineup a lot more if Calvin Johnson were in it. Unless you have Randy Moss, Andre Johnson, AND Larry Fitzgerald, you do not bench Calvin Johnson. I would start him over Steve Smith, but definitely over Garcon.

  50. Hey this is my first time posting here just lookin for a little advice for each of my 2 leagues

    league 1
    Mcnabb or Eli Manning??

    2 rbs
    Ronnie Brown
    Steven Jackson
    L.Mccoy (tampa sucks vs everything)

    im considering Mcnabb M.J.D and Brown the jets are around the middle of the league vs the run

    League 2
    Mcnabb or Schuab

    3 of 4 wrs
    mike wallace
    (Colston and V.Jackson are on byes)

    im considering Mcnabb Boldin Walter and Wallace

    would appreciate some advice thanks for taking the time out to do so

    • League 1:

      McNabb over Manning

      MJD and RB (McCoy third)

      League 2:


      Boldin, Walter, then a toss-up…I'd go Wallace because Detroit is so bad on D.

  51. Hey Jerod,

    Now that Stuckey is on Cleveland he may be the number 2 or 1 guy. Do you think I should pick him up, put him on the bench and see what develops? Someone actually "dropped him" to waivers this week.


  52. Hi Jerod,

    Torn here between TEs:
    Vernon Davis or Tony Gonzalez?

    Also, need a little help with RB:
    Glen Coffee or Michael Turner?

    Lol, yes, the SF-Atlanta game is driving me nuts lol.


    • I have the same predicament and I went Gonzalez. His track record is more consistent and his QB is better. But it was a close call. I love VD (wait a minute…that came out wrong…)

      Turner over Coffee is a no-brainer. I need to see more from Coffee, even though SF is better against the run than Atlanta.

  53. have a trade offer of the vikings D and hightower for me to give andre johnson. also have sims-walker, boldin, bowe, and kevin walter. RBs are slaton, rice, and felix jones. current d/st – colts. A bit of a tough one… thoughts?

  54. Schuab or Mcnabb??

  55. Hi! Thanks for the advice last week. I have Julius Jones but could replace him with Marshawn Lynch or Ricky Williams, particularly intrigued by the Lynch vs Browns matchup. Standard scoring. JJ has been inconsistent but good at home, Lynch has zero record this year but playing against a doormat team, leaning Lynch over the long term, think JJ might be better this week. Thanks for feedback!!

    • I agree. Jones is tempting because he's at home and playing against Jacksonville, but I'd still go with Lynch. I think there will be a decent amount of points scored in that game, and even in his struggles last week Lynch still caught 5 passes.

  56. Hey Jerod,

    I am having trouble picking out my recievers because of colston on a bye. I can play two WR two RB and 1 FLEX position. Can you help me out? I have…

    RB- Kevin Smith, Brandon Jacobs, and Donald Brown.
    WR- Muhammed Massaqui, Sidney Rice, Pierre Garcon, Antonio Bryant, and Micheal Jenkins.

    I also have Antonio Gates as my TE but he is on a bye this week. Do you trust Kellen Winslow to produce a fraction of Gates points?

    Also i need to pick up a defense. Would you pick up The Jags or Brownies?

  57. Hey Jerod,

    I am having trouble picking out my recievers because of colston on a bye. I can play two WR two RB and 1 FLEX position. Can you help me out? I have…

    RB- Kevin Smith, Brandon Jacobs, and Donald Brown.
    WR- Muhammed Massaqui, Sidney Rice, Pierre Garcon, Antonio Bryant, and Micheal Jenkins.

    I also have Antonio Gates as my TE but he is on a bye this week. Do you trust Kellen Winslow to produce a fraction of Gates points?

    Also i need to pick up a defense. Would you pick up The Jags or Brownies?

  58. Who should I start, Massoquoi or Santonio Holmes?

    • Holmes. MoMass has much more work to do to get into a conversation with Holmes when Santonio is playing Detroit. I'm high on MoMass, but but that high.

  59. Hey Jerod, I need some advise
    I am in a 2 WR 2 RB and flex league. Who do I start this week?
    -Fred Jackson
    -Jerome Harrison
    -Michael Turner
    -Julius Jones
    -Andre Johnson
    -Brandon Marshall
    -Bernard Berrian
    -Pierre Garcon
    -Santana Moss
    -Jericho Cotchery

    Right Now I have Jackson, Harrison, Johnson, Marshall, Berrian.

    Do I give up on Turner Vs. 49ers?
    Do I stick with Sanchez-Cotchery even with edwards?
    Julius Jones is great at home, do I abandon that?
    Do I ignore Payton's new favorite?

    • RB – Michael Turner
      RB – Jerome Harrison
      WR – Andre Johnson
      WR – Brandon Marshall
      Flex – Fred Jackson

      I think that even with limited touches Jackson could have a good week against the Browns. No, I would not give up on Michael Turner. He was your #1 draft pick for a reason. Play him. He has the best chance of all your RBs to score TDs.

      I like Cotchery, but I like Johnson-Marshall better, and always like playing an RB at flex if I can.

      Julius Jones is good at home, but not good enough to crack the lineup you have.

      And yes, Garcon is actually the last guy I would start on your team.

  60. Hey Jerod,

    Thanks for the advice last week. I'd like to ask your opinion this week. No flex spots in this league.

    R Moss
    D Jackson
    H Ward
    B Jacobs
    R Rice
    San Fran

    Julius Jones
    Kevin Smith
    Pierre Garcon
    Roy Williams
    Joe Flacco
    New Orleans def – bye

    I've been thinking of dropping Julius Jones for Ahmad Bradshaw and starting both Giants RBs this week. So I guess the question would be Rice or Bradshaw? And how about Ward or Garcon? Warner or Flacco?

    Last week you commented on starting Julius but not being happy about it, which I had the same thoughts, Sunday morning I benched Julius and picked up Mewelde Moore for the week. I was glad I did.

    Thanks in advance for any advise.

    • I'm not sure I'd drop Jones for Bradshaw. I don't like Jones…at all…but he has done relatively well in his home games. Bradshaw's inability to find the endzone hurts his potential value. For this particular week, however, I do like Bradshaw and Jacobs together because Oakland sucks and the Giants will most likely have to rely on their running game. BUT, I would check the injury reports and make sure Bradshaw is okay and slated to start. You make the call on Jones…I'm somewhat biased because he's burned me so many times before. Typically if I can find an excuse to bench or drop him, I will.

      Definitely Hines Ward over Garcon.

      Warner over Flacco…that Texans-Cards game will be wild and crazy.

  61. Hi, I needed some help. I overdid things this week and picked up too many guys off the waiver wire. Now I need to drop someone to clear room to pick up a kicker. Who should I drop: Devery Henderson, Massaquoi, Sidney Rice, Braylon Edwards, or Jerome Harrison? Thanks!

    • Amazingly enough, I would drop Devery Henderson. He's flat-lined a bit after his great start to the year and will most likely be the same hit or miss guy he's always been. And he will always be fighting for targets in New Orleans, and most likely get less on a weekly basis than MoMass, S Rice, and Braylon.

  62. Quick Questions Jerod,

    C. Johnson or R. Wayne??

    And what do u think of my two starting RBs which are; A. Peterson and J. Harrison??

    Thanks for any advice in advance!

    • You mean Calvin Johnson? I'd take Wayne. Not sure I'd start any WR over Wayne this week.

      Your backs are great. Peterson is the best, and Harrison could very well end up a top 10 back this week with the Browns playing the Bills and Harrison being the underrated focal point of their offense.

  63. Should I start Brady or Schaub? And should I drop Fred Taylor for Tashard Choice? My current RBs are Forte, Coffee, McFadden, Jamal Lewis, and Julius Jones. Who should start?

    • Taylor is having surgery aint he?

    • I'd go Schaub. Brady could struggle against Denver's D.

      Yes, drop Taylor. He's out for the year.

      Here is how I'd rank your backs: Fore, Coffee, Jones, Lewis and McFadden (both won't play). If you have Choice, insert him after Jones in the previous list.

      • One more question: Should I drop Lewis and pick up Jerome Harrison? Or should I drop a different back for Harrison? (Already got rid of Taylor for Choice.)

        Thanks so much for your thoughts!

        • I'd have to look at your roster to see who else you could drop, but I would rather have Harrison than Lewis for the rest of the season.

          • Besides the ones listed above I have Sims-Walker, Antwaan Randle El, Manningham, Dallas Clark, Welker, Eddie Royal (biggest disappointment so far besides McFadden), Joe Nedney, and the 49ers D.

          • I would drop Randle El. Loving his as a fellow Hoosier alum, but don't let that Week 1 outburst fool you. Randle El does not score TDs, and he is always up and down yardage-wise. And I just don't trust Washington's offense.

  64. McNabb or Eli Manning

    pick 2 of 3 RBS
    Steven Jackson
    Ronnie Brown


    • McNabb for sure. Eli is hurt and I want to see how the injury affects him.

      Jones-Drew and Ronnie Brown, no doubt about it.

      • thanks for the advice i know steven jackson is tempting he cant score a td but he racks up yards and ronnie brown splits carries vs a tough defense so i was in a small bit of trouble choosing

        • ok i also have L.McCoy for Phi would u consider starting him at all or wait to see how bad westbrooks injury is first

          • I really like McCoy. He'll get enough touches each week that he could provide some decent flex value. The Eagles want to keep Westbrook fresh for the stretch, and there is not much a dropoff with McCoy. Plus, if Westbrook gets hurt, McCoy has HUGE value. It's worth hanging onto.

  65. RAIDERHATER says:


    J.Harrison or F.Jackson?

    • I love Sims-Walker…but I'd still go Ocho. Baltimore has been giving up passing yards and the Bengals won't be able to run on the Ravens.

      Harrison over Jackson…all about touches and Harrison will get more.

      • Raider HATER says:

        But I heard that J.Lewis will be playing. Still like Harrison over Jackson if Lewis starts?

        • Lewis is questionable. If he does play, I'd be shocked if he got more touches than Harrison. I think the changing of the guard between those two has already happened. Yes, I like Harrison over any RB in that game, and am still a little worried about how the Jackson/Lynch touches will be divvied up.

  66. Hey Jerod,

    I need to pick between J. Harrison and G. coffee for my secondary RB, which should I go with?


    • I'd go with Harrison. I like Coffee, but still waiting for his breakout game. It may come this weekend, and there is a pretty thin margin between these two, but I look for Harrison to have a very solid game on the ground and in the passing game.

  67. Oh and also im wondering if i should start Chris Johnson or Ad. Peterson at RB im feeling Peterson but i cant decide.

    • Damn…you have to decide between one of those two? You can only start one RB and no flex? I would probably start those two guys over ANY WR, so try to get them both in your lineup if you can. If not, go with Peterson against the Rams.

  68. F'OAKTOWN says:

    WEEK 5 RB PICK 2 to start

  69. man i need help, i have mendenhall, amhad bradshaw and moreno and can only start 2. please email me who i should start at !! I’m thinking mendenhall and bradshaw against oak… but moreno had a huge game last week, and the pats gave up 152 yards to ray rice last week! The pats usually dont have the same weakness back to back, but you can even text me your adivice! its [don’t put your phone number online!!! Edited] , this is my first year, but im 3 – 1… and i think this is the win/loss decision!

    • I would go Moreno and Mendenhall, mainly because of touches. I think Bradshaw could have a very good week, but he's splitting carries and has yet to score a TD.

      p.s. Never put your phone number online like that!!! I edited it for you.

  70. Hi jerod, New to fantasy. Just found this site, very cool.

    Tough week for me with Gore and P thomas out. I need to put a WD in my flex.

    Would you go with Antonio Bryant or M Manningham?

    Also, I scooped Marcedes Lewis off of wavers (I know, I know…hehe) and was considering replacing K Winslow with him (for this week). Does this make sense?

    Finally, (sorry if I'm asking to many questions :-) ) . I'm considering to offer a trade S Jackson for M Colston and Jerome Harrison. I know Jackson is a stud, but how much value does he really have if every team is going to stack the box against the rams?



    • I'm not a huge fan of Manningham this week, but I do like him better than the still dinged up Bryant. Go with Mario.

      I'm not big on either Lewis or Winslow, but would go Lewis. The QB flux in TB scares me a little bit and I think the Jags-Seahawks game could be a high scoring affair.

      My goodness, I can't imagine the opposing team would take that deal. If you can trade Jackson for one of the top 5 WRs and a guy like Harrison (who could very well have as much or more value than Jackson) I would do it and then sing from the rooftop of my house.

  71. Great site you have by the way, 3 WRs out of

    Reggie Wayne,
    Wes Welker,
    Kevin Walter,
    Mike Sims-Walker,
    Roddy White,
    Wayne is the obvious start but need help with the others. thanks,

    • Thanks Jerry! I appreciate the kind words.

      I like Welker for sure, but monitor him tomorrow morning to make sure he is going to play.

      I also like Mike Sims-Walker a lot and would go with Kevin Walter after that. I like Roddy White…but SF could be a tough matchup. Walter should be a shootout in that Texans-Cardinals game.

  72. Hi Jerod,
    I am stuck between Jerome Harrison and Michael Turner this week. I have the 49rs D so thats making it hard :)

    What do you think for this weeks matchups?


    • Hmm…Harrison has the better matchup, but I'd still play Turner. He is much more likely to score TDs than Harrison, and that's still the key in fantasy. You drafted Turner #1…never sit him.

      • Ok man, Im going with you! Btw, I just got a proposal…Massaquoi and Edwards for Colston…I get Colston. This a good deal? I also have G.Jennings, Sims-Walker, Berrian, and Austin Collie. Should I do it?

        • Yes, I would do it in a second. Colston instantly becomes your best WR, whereas there are question marks about MoMass and Braylon, and it's not like you can combine their weekly stats into one! Rarely, if ever, will either guy produce in the range of Colston.

          • Hey Jerod, so far you have been dead on!!! Turner 2 weeks ago! Trading for Colston!

            So here is this weeks question. I just traded 2 bench players for Felix Jones….Should I start him over Brandon Jacobs in Week 7? They say Jones is ready to go this week. I know its still early but just wanted to see what you thought.


          • Ed, as you probably know, last week I defended Brandon Jacobs over Ahmad Bradshaw and as a must-start based on the amount of carries he's been getting. Then, on Sunday morning, reports come out that Jacobs is planning to change his running style (more cutting) despite the objections of his coaches. And then he only gets 7 carries in the Giants-Saints game (although he did average 4.7 yards per carry).

            Still, I'm not sure I can start Felix Jones over him. I really like Jones, but he hasn't played in a while and I'd rather take a wait-and-see approach with him. Atlanta did a nice job of bottling up Matt Forte on Sunday. Even though Arizona has the #1 ranked run defense in the league right now, I think the Giants will try to pound the ball and control the clock to keep it out of Kurt Warner's hands. That plays right into Jacobs' strengths, and call me crazy, but I still think he can end up with double-digit TDs on the season.

            It would be hard for me to sit Felix, but I'd do it for Jacobs this week.

          • Hey Jerod,

            Ok, my week 4 question…Well I have a couple.

            1st I feel like I need to backup Kurt Warner. I have 3 options

            1. Trade Austin Collie for Kyle Orten. (Just picked up Anthony Gonzalez)
            2. Trade Colston for Matt Ryan and Anquan Boldin
            3. Drop Lance Moore and pick up Alex Smith on waivers.

            My Receivers are; Jennings, Colston, Sims-Walker, Austin Collie, Lance Moore and I just picked up Anthony Gonzalez.

            I guess thats just one question :)


          • Sorry Week 8 Question…

  73. Need 2 WRs:

    Smith (NYG)

    …And 2 RBs:
    S-Jax (probably not this week vs MN…)

    What do you think?

    • I like Holmes and Sims-Walker this week. I love Steve Smith, but not facing Asoumuga and with a banged u Eli.

      RBs: Coffee and Harrison…not feeling Jackson against Minnesota's awesome D, and Choice will be giving some carries back to Barber.

  74. Hey Jerod-

    I am looking at 4 wide receivers and I need to start three of them.
    Manningham v. Oak
    Walter v. Ari
    Ward v. Det
    Bowe v. Dallas

    They are all decent matchups and I can't figure out which guy to bench. Thanks for any advice!

    • I'd sit Manningham. He is still relatively inconsistent (only one catch last week) and Oakland is actually halfway decent against the pass. I think the Giants ride Jacobs and Bradshaw all day long and don't put much pressure on Manning to perform with his injured foot.

      Walter should be the beneficiary of a shootout in the Houston-Arizona game, Hines Ward is due for a TD and playing Detroit, and Dwayne Bowe is the only option on offense for KC, and goes against a suspect Broncos secondary.

    • I'd sit Manningham. He is still relatively inconsistent (only one catch last week) and Oakland is actually halfway decent against the pass. I think the Giants ride Jacobs and Bradshaw all day long and don't put much pressure on Manning to perform with his injured foot.

      Walter should be the beneficiary of a shootout in the Houston-Arizona game, Hines Ward is due for a TD and playing Detroit, and Dwayne Bowe is the only option on offense for KC, and goes against a suspect Broncos secondary.

  75. I have 4 RBs
    Jackson (st. louis)
    Jones (seattle)
    which 2 would you start

    • Is it a PPR league? If so, I like Hightower (great matchup v Houston) and would probably throw Julius Jones out there against J-Ville's porous D. Portis and Jackson are obviously more talented, but both are struggling, on offenses that are in disarray, and have bad matchups. If it's not a PPR league, I'd go Jones/Portis.

      For the record, I hate Julius Jones, but he plays much better at home than on the road.

  76. Harold Balsagnia says:

    Hey man – definitely liking your opinions here – but each pairing of players is different, so for some advice:

    pick 2 RB
    Michael Turner – tough D, hasn't performed for me yet
    Tashard Choice – no felix jones, but 2nd to barber
    Ahmad Bradshaw – sharing with jacobs, but could break some bigness against oakland
    Derrick Ward – booooo

    pick 2 WR
    Steve Smith – Carolina, been double covered but has to show up sometime
    Chad Ochocinco – so much potential, used it last week scoring – 2x gotta have him
    Braylon Edwards – new team, new playbook, but projected to do just as well as the poor performing smith

    thanks for the input man!

  77. RB: Turner and Bradshaw, no doubt for me

    WR – Smith, Ochocino (more risk associated with Edwards and I'd prefer to see him perform and, you know, not drop everything before I play him over two studs)

  78. Harold Balsagnia says:

    thanks again J – good luck with your play this week.


  79. i just got a trade offer dont know if i should do it or not please give me some advice

    i trade away
    Fitzgerald and Jones Drew

    i Get
    D.Williams (Car)
    and any 1 reciever
    i would take jennings out of all those wideouts but what do you think?

  80. Hey Jerod,

    Ok, my week 8 question…Well I have a couple.

    1st I feel like I need to backup Kurt Warner. I have 3 options

    1. Trade Austin Collie for Kyle Orten. (Just picked up Anthony Gonzalez)
    2. Trade Colston for Matt Ryan and Anquan Boldin
    3. Drop Lance Moore and pick up Alex Smith on waivers.

    My Receivers are; Jennings, Colston, Sims-Walker, Austin Collie, Lance Moore and I just picked up Anthony Gonzalez.

    I guess thats just one question :)


  81. Hey I'm having a tough time picking through my WRs, who would you start:
    -D. Driver
    -Roy E. Williams
    -Eddie Royal
    -Brandon Lloyd
    -Jocoby Jones
    -Michael Crabtree

    It's a 2 RB, 2 WR, and a flex league. Do I use three of my WRs or stick with A.P, L.T, And J. Charles? Thanks much.

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