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MSF Podcast: Week 5 Fantasy Flash

I am proud to have a new weekly feature to unveil this week for everybody: the Fantasy Flash, a weekly podcast during which Fraschetti and I discuss start ’ems, sit ’ems, and sleepers for the current fantasy football week.

Among the topics discussed in this week’s Fantasy Flash:

  • The top overall scorer may very well come from Sunday night, but will it be Peyton Manning or Chris Johnson?
  • The Giants are playing Oakland this week: should you start all of New York’s offensive players?
  • Are there actually some Cleveland Browns offensive players to recommend this week?
  • What do you do with Donovan McNabb know that he’s back?

Kurt and I both give our prediction for the week’s top scorer, as well as provide two start ’ems, two sit ’ems, and two sleepers a piece.

For the record, I tried not to just regurgitate the same information I provide in this week’s start em, sit em post. So even if you read that post, the podcast is still worth listening to.

Here it is. Enjoy:

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Note: If you have any problems with the player above, here is a link to mp3 file and you can also download the MSF Podcast on iTunes.

And please use the comment section if you have additional start ’em, sit ’em questions or to provide feedback on the podcast and features you’d like to see for the future.

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