Tim Tebow Knocked Out (Video), Taken to Hospital With Possible Concussion

Wow, crazy scene in Lexington tonight involving Tim Tebow.

Already feeling the effects of a “respiratory condition” than many were speculating might be the H1N1 virus (aka swine flu), Tebow was knocked out of tonight’s Florida-Kentucky game and taken to the hospital with a possible concussion.

The hit occurred with 12:41 left in the game and he obviously did not return. Before being injured, Tebow threw for 103 yards and a TD, and he also ran for 123 yards plus two scores.

Here is the painful video of the hit by Kentucky defensive end Taylor Wyndham that knocked Tebow out:

Video: Tim Tebow Hit, Knocked Out of Kentucky Game

While being transported to the locker room after he finally got up, ESPN’s cameras also caught Tebow vomiting profusely into a bucket. Clearly the rumors of his illness were more than just rumors.

Here is what Florida head coach Urban Meyer had to say after the game regarding Tebow’s injury, according to ESPN.com:

“We’re going to find out more about Tim. We believe it is a concussion. He got hit pretty good, but that’s one tough cat. Our team will pray for him and he’ll be fine.”

video: tim tebow hit, knocked out, injured during florida-kentucky game

The most current injury update on Tebow as of me posting this is exactly what Meyer said: that he probably has a concussion. We probably won’t know more until tomorrow.

I’ve never really considered myself to be a huge Tebow fan, mainly because he quarterbacks Florida (extraordinarily well) and I root for Tennessee, but he has grown on me over the past few years. The guy is fun to watch and has been one of the most dominating college football players of my lifetime.

Plus, there really isn’t anything bad you can say about the guy from a personal standpoint. He’s pretty remarkable.

So hopefully Tebow is okay and won’t have to miss any time. As college football fans we only have the rest of this season to marvel as his collegiate greatness…and it’s not like the Vols are winning the SEC East this year anyway, right?

Even if they were, I’d still say get well soon Tim. And if we’ve learned anything about Tebow over the past few years it’s that he’ll be out there on the field next Saturday if it is all possible.

Update 9/27: ESPN just reported that Urban Meyer stayed overnight with Tebow and that, while doctors are still cautious, Tebow’s condition did improve last night and he was seen laughing and feeling a little better later in the evening.

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  1. From the first part of the video one immediately thinks helmet to helmet. Slow motion shows clearly accidental contact from play approaching from the back. Sad to see but definitely not intentional. Fingers crossed on quick checkout from the hospital and back next week.

  2. SABoyce, UF Grad '98 says:

    Kudos to you, Jerod. I'm a die-hard Gator (and have been so for over 30 years.) Although I've been very happy with the success UF has had over the last 15 years, I'm disappointed at how we've achieved some of that success as well as the type of fan it has brought to Gator Nation (loud, obnoxious, band-wagoners.) It's those fans that have brough out the worst in a lot of opposing fans, including many in the SEC. I was watching the game with friends at a local restaurant last night and was disgusted to hear a Kentucky fan say, "SWEET! They knocked Tebow out!" Keep in mind this is while the kid is still lying flat on his back for quite a few minutes before anyone knew how extensive his injuries were. I kept my comments to myself, but felt a little less pride as a fan of the SEC.

    Reading your post this morning restored some of that pride. Despite Lane Kiffin continually showing he's not worthy to coach in the SEC, I wish the Vol players & fans success the rest of the season and look forward to (hopefully) seeing Monte named head coach in a year or two.

    • ***Breaking new alert: Ladies and gentleman, you have just witnessed the first civil exchange between SEC fans — and certainly Tennessee-Florida fans — all season. Take a snapshot, because it may be the only one you see all year! ;-)

      All joking aside, thanks for the kind words. We'll see about Kiffin…jury is still out…but we can certainly agree that any fans excited about an opposing player being potentially seriously injured is disgusting and has no place in sports.

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  4. 2. Hope to see more of your work soon.

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