NFL Week 4 TV Schedule, Odds, Spread Picks, Announcers, and Byes

Update: The NFL Week 17 TV schedule, point spreads, and picks post is up.


I’m starting to get into a nice rhythm getting these NFL TV schedule and odds posts published. Right as the Monday Night Football game ends, it’s time to hit publish, turn the page, and get ready for the next week.

This week is Week 4 of the 2009 NFL season and there are some great games on the schedule this week. Ravens-Patriots, Saints-Jets, Cowboys-Broncos, Chargers-Steelers, and…


That’s right. Brett Favre makes his first appearance against his former team this week on Monday Night Football. Get ready, because you won’t be hearing about anything else all week. (And if you’re interested in tickets, follow the link for some great Vikings-Packers tickets resources.)

As always, this post is designed to be the most complete viewing guide you’ll find anywhere. Not only is every game listed (with date, time, network, and announcer pairing) but we also give you the point spread and over-under, as well as an educated guess at a spread pick for each game.

Through three weeks I am 28-20 against the spread. I’ll take it!


A couple of quick things to keep in mind:

  • All times are ET.
  • Some games do not have all of the information filled in as of this post being published (i.e. a few games don’t have spreads yet and the announcer assignments have not yet been announced). I’ll up date this post as soon as the information is available at
  • Point spread and over-under listings are as of Monday night, and obviously subject to change throughout the week. If you want update point spread info, or some expert advice as you make your weekly picks, below are a few helpful links.
  • DocSports: NFL Odds
  • DocSports: NFL Picks

And with all that said, here is your mood music and the Week 4 TV schedule, point spreads, announcers, and free picks, and byes.

nfl week 4 tv schedule, point spreads, announcers, over-unders, spread picks, odds

NFL Week 4 Viewer’s Guide

TV Schedule – Announcers – Kickoff Times – Byes

Point Spreads – Free Picks – Odds – Over-Unders

nfl week 4 tv schedule, point spreads, announcers, odds, over-unders, free spread picks

Detroit Lions (1-2) at Chicago Bears (2-1)

  • Lions-Bears Date: Sunday, October 4th
  • Lions-Bears: Kickoff Time: 1:00 ET
  • Lions-Bears TV: FOX
  • Lions-Bears Announcers: Thom Brennaman and Brian Billick
  • Lions-Bears Point Spread: Bears -10.5
  • Lions-Bears Over-Under: 39
  • Lions-Bears Spread Pick: The Lions are riding high after their first victory, but there are two things not going for them this week: they are not at home and they are not playing the Redskins. The Bears are not a dominant team, but they are a good team, and they will win. However, I think those plucky Lions keep it close enough to cover. Lions-Bears free pick: Lions +10.5

Cincinnati Bengals (2-1) at Cleveland Browns (0-3)

  • Bengals-Browns Date: Sunday, October 4th
  • Bengals-Browns: Kickoff Time: 1:00 ET
  • Bengals-Browns TV: CBS
  • Bengals-Browns Announcers: Ian Eagle and Rich Gannon
  • Bengals-Browns Point Spread: Bengals -5.5
  • Bengals-Browns Over-Under: 38
  • Bengals-Browns Spread Pick: Before the season started, this is one of the games I was counting on the Browns having a good chance to win. After watching all of the Browns game and then watching the Bengals game, it’s hard for me to see the Browns winning this one. However — that’s right, another however — I do think the Browns actually show some pride and make this a game. I doubt they win it, but I just can’t believe the Browns are as bad as they’ve shown. And remember, they played pretty well at home against the Vikings in Week 1. Bengals-Browns free pick: Browns +5.5

Oakland Raiders (1-2) at Houston Texans (1-2)

  • Raiders-Texans Date: Sunday, October 4th
  • Raiders-Texans: Kickoff Time: 1:00 ET
  • Raiders-Texans TV: CBS
  • Raiders-Texans Announcers: Gus Johnson and Steve Tasker
  • Raiders-Texans Point Spread: Texans -9.5
  • Raiders-Texans Over-Under: 41
  • Raiders-Texans Spread Pick: I don’t see any way that Oakland can score enough points to keep up with the high-octane Texans’ offense. And even JaMarcus Russell isn’t good enough to take advantage of the porous Texans’ pass defense. This is a must-win for the Texans, and they play like it. Raiders-Texans free pick: Texans -9.5

Seattle Seahawks (1-2) at Indianapolis Colts (3-0)

  • Seahawks-Colts Date: Sunday, October 4th
  • Seahawks-Colts: Kickoff Time: 1:00 ET
  • Seahawks-Colts TV: FOX
  • Seahawks-Colts Announcers: Dick Stockton and Charles Davis
  • Seahawks-Colts Point Spread: no line posted as of Monday night
  • Seahawks-Colts Over-Under: no line posted as of Monday night
  • Seahawks-Colts Spread Pick: There is no line on this game yet, presumably while the oddsmakers await a decision on whether or not Matt Hasselbeck will play. It doesn’t matter. The Colts look fantastic right now, and the Seahawks are not playing well enough defensively to challenge the great Peyton Manning. Seahawks-Colts free pick: Colts minus whatever the spread is (probably 7.5)

Tennessee Titans (0-3) at Jacksonville Jaguars (1-2)

  • Titans-Jaguars Date: Sunday, October 4th
  • Titans-Jaguars: Kickoff Time: 1:00 ET
  • Titans-Jaguars TV: CBS
  • Titans-Jaguars Announcers: Dick Enberg and Dan Fouts
  • Titans-Jaguars Point Spread: Titans -3.5
  • Titans-Jaguars Over-Under: 41.5
  • Titans-Jaguars Spread Pick: Yuck. This one is ugly. I think the Titans may win, but not by more than a field goal on the road. Titans-Jaguars free pick: Jaguars +3.5

New York Giants (3-0) at Kansas City Chiefs (0-3)

  • Giants-Chiefs Date: Sunday, October 4th
  • Giants-Chiefs: Kickoff Time: 1:00 ET
  • Giants-Chiefs TV: FOX
  • Giants-Chiefs Announcers: Kenny Albert, Daryl Johnston, and Tony Siragusa
  • Giants-Chiefs Point Spread: Giants -9.5
  • Giants-Chiefs Over-Under: 42.5
  • Giants-Chiefs Spread Pick: Another yuck game. The Giants look dominant and the Chiefs look terrible. Yes, it’s in Kansas City, but the the Chiefs cannot compete with the Giants if New York comes to play. Giants-Chiefs free pick: Giants -9.5

Baltimore Ravens (3-0) at New England Patriots (2-1)

  • Ravens-Patriots Date: Sunday, October 4th
  • Ravens-Patriots Kickoff Time: 1:00 ET
  • Ravens-Patriots TV: CBS
  • Ravens-Patriots Announcers: Jim Nantz and Phil Simms
  • Ravens-Patriots Point Spread: Patriots -2.5
  • Ravens-Patriots Over-Under: 44.5
  • Ravens-Patriots Spread Pick: Now this is going to be an intriguing game. New England got back on track last week against Atlanta, but Baltimore may be playing as well as anyone in the NFL right now. I think the Patriots are in for a dog fight at home, and something tells me Ray Lewis may be thinking about revenge from that great regular season game back in 2007. I like the Ravens to win this one outright. Ravens-Patriots free pick: Ravens +2.5

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-3) at Washington Redskins (1-2)

  • Buccaneers-Redskins Date: Sunday, October 4th
  • Buccaneers-Redskins: Kickoff Time: 1:00 ET
  • Buccaneers-Redskins TV: FOX
  • Buccaneers-Redskins Announcers: Sam Rosen and Tim Ryan
  • Buccaneers-Redskins Point Spread: Redskins -7.5
  • Buccaneers-Redskins Over-Under: 37
  • Buccaneers-Redskins Spread Pick: Yet another yuck game. Washington will be ready to play and will win this game. Are they good enough offensively to win by more than a touchdown? I say yes, considering Tampa Bay is going with the young and unproven Josh Johnson at QB. Buccaneers-Redskins free pick: Redskins -7.5

nfl week 4 tv schedule, point spreads, announcers, over-unders, spread picks, byes
Buffalo Bills (1-2) at Miami Dolphins (0-3)

  • Bills-Dolphins Date: Sunday, October 4th
  • Bills-Dolphins Kickoff Time: 4:05 ET
  • Bills-Dolphins TV: CBS
  • Bills-Dolphins Announcers: Kevin Harlan and Solomon Wilcots
  • Bills-Dolphins Point Spread: Bills -3.5
  • Bills-Dolphins Over-Under: 37
  • Bills-Dolphins Spread Pick: The Bills are reeling after losing to the Saints. The Dolphins are reeling after losing to the Chargers and losing their quarterback. And I’m reeling just thinking about this game. The Dolphins rely on their run game and win this one at home. Bills-Dolphins free pick: Dolphins +3.5

New York Jets (3-0) at New Orleans Saints (3-0)

  • Jets-Saints Date: Sunday, October 4th
  • Jets-Saints Kickoff Time: 4:05 ET
  • Jets-Saints TV: CBS
  • Jets-Saints Announcers: Greg Gumbel and Dan Dierdorf
  • Jets-Saints Point Spread: Saints -6.5
  • Jets-Saints Over-Under: 45.5
  • Jets-Saints Spread Pick: I can’t wait for this game. The best offense in the league against perhaps the league’s best defense. The Jets like to get pressure quickly and Drew Brees likes to get rid of the ball quickly. I could see this game going about 100 different ways. I like the Saints to win this one, but I think the Jets’ D helps them keep it close. Jets-Saints spread pick: Jets +6.5

Dallas Cowboys (2-1) at Denver Broncos (3-0)

  • Cowboys-Broncos Date: Sunday, October 4th
  • Cowboys-Broncos Kickoff Time: 4:15 ET
  • Cowboys-Broncos TV: FOX
  • Cowboys-Broncos Announcers: Joe Buck and Troy Aikman
  • Cowboys-Broncos Point Spread: not live as of Monday night
  • Cowboys-Broncos Over-Under: not live as of Monday night
  • Cowboys-Broncos Spread Pick: The Broncos may be the worst 3-0 team in NFL history. They got lucky to beat Cincinnati, and then beat Cleveland and Oakland. Nothing impressive there. Dallas got themselves together a bit Monday night against Carolina and have a terrific running game. It will be interesting to see where the spread falls in this one (guess: Broncos -1.5), but I’m taking the Cowboys no matter what it is. Cowboys-Broncos free pick: Cowboys + or – whatever the line is

St. Louis Rams (0-3) at San Francisco 49ers (2-1)

  • Rams-49ers Date: Sunday, October 4th
  • Rams-49ers Kickoff Time: 4:05 ET
  • Rams-49ers TV: CBS
  • Rams-49ers Announcers: Ron Pitts and John Lynch
  • Rams-49ers Point Spread: 49ers -10.5
  • Rams-49ers Over-Under: 37
  • Rams-49ers Spread Pick: I love the 49ers this year, and they were a desperation Brett Favre heave from beating the Vikings on the road. However, Frank Gore most likely won’t play…but then again, he didn’t play for most of the Vikings game. The Rams just aren’t very good, and I think the 49ers are becoming very good. Still, I just have a feeling about this one. The 49ers will win, but they could have a fight on their hands, and probably one that is closer than 10 points. Rams-49ers free pick: Rams +10.5

San Diego Chargers (2-1) at Pittsburgh Steelers (1-2)

  • Chargers-Steelers Date: Sunday, October 4th
  • Chargers-Steelers Kickoff Time: 8:20 ET
  • Chargers-Steelers TV: NBC
  • Chargers-Steelers Announcers: Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth
  • Chargers-Steelers Point Spread: Steelers -6.5
  • Chargers-Steelers Over-Under: 43
  • Chargers-Steelers Spread Pick: I feel sorry for the Chargers. The Steelers have to deal with a pissed off Mike Tomlin all week, and I think they come out ready to play at home. The question is, can Pittsburgh cover by a TD? That’s tough. I don’t think so. They win, but not by 7. Chargers-Steelers free pick: Chargers +6.5

Green Bay Packers (2-1) at Minnesota Vikings (3-0)

  • Packers-Vikings Date: Monday, October 5th
  • Packers-Vikings Kickoff Time: 8:00 ET
  • Packers-Vikings TV: ESPN
  • Packers-Vikings Announcers:
  • Packers-Vikings Point Spread: Vikings -3.5
  • Packers-Vikings Over-Under: 46
  • Packers-Vikings Spread Pick: The game of the week, and not just because Brett Favre is playing the Packers. These are two pretty good teams. However, Green Bay is not doing a good job of running the ball or stopping the run. I think this game becomes the Adrian Peterson show, with Favre not having to do too much but just manage the game. The Vikings win and cover. Packers-Vikings free pick: Vikings -3.5
  • Packers-Vikings Tickets!!!

The following teams have bye weeks during Week 4: Arizona Cardinals, Atlanta Falcons Carolina Panthers, Philadelphia Eagles.

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  1. Denver Broncos worst 3-0 team in NFL history???? That is extremely ignorant. They beat who they had to beat, and they did it convincingly, what more can they do…

    • Nothing. I guess the way I look at it is that some team that started 3-0 has to be the worst. The Broncos needed a miracle to beat Cincy, then disposed of two very bad teams in Cleveland and Oakland. Obviously there is no proof that they are the "worst" and I have done no statistical analysis of all 3-0 teams upon which I can base my claim…but the great thing is that each Sunday teams can go out an prove it on the field. We'll see how this Denver team finishes up. I'm just not convinced that they are anywhere near the NFL's elite and think that their 3-0 record is very hollow.

      • Are you kidding me? Look at the other 3-0 teams, who did they beat? The Ravens beat the Chiefs, the Chargers, the Browns. The Saints beat the Eagles, the Bills, and the Lions. The Vikings beat the Browns, the Lions, and the 49ers (and BARELY. The Vikings looked terrible all game, and it took a miracle to beat the 49ers). The Broncos have the best defense in the league, and that's hard to do no matter who you play. The Raiders almost beat the chargers in week 1, and couldn't drive at all against the Broncos. The Bengals have beaten the Packers and the Steelers since only scoring a touchdown (and not scoring anything in the first 59 minutes of the game) against the Broncos. There's nothing worse about this Broncos team than any other 3-0 team out there. In fact, the only 3-0 team that has beaten formidable opponents thus far is the Jets, who beat the Patriots, Titans, and Texans. All the rest of them have two teams at least in the lower half of the league.

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