Fire…Jim Tressel?

“Can you believe it? The same man who, just a few years ago, probably could have run for governor of Ohio and won in a landslide, is suddenly receiving the John Cooper treatment.”

The above quote is from Stewart Mandel’s most recent mailbag on, and is one of the most absurd statements I’ve ever seen a college football writer feel compelled to write.

It is, of course, in response to braindead emails that Mandel received from one of the most spoiled fan bases in sports. Here is one of those emails, which sums up them all:

“USC was outmuscled and outclassed by OSU, save for one drive in the game. But as usual, Tressel gift-wrapped a win to the other team by playing scared and without confidence. I hate to say it, but it’s time for Jim Tressel to go. Any chance he’s on the hot seat any time soon?”

“It’s time for Jim Tressel to go,” he says, as if great — yes, I said great — college football coaches just grow on trees.

“As usual, Tressel gift-wrapped a win to the other team,” he says, as if Ohio State losing is some weekly occurrence.

Here is what I say: what the hell is wrong with these people?

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Mandel listed out the stats, and they bear repeating:

  • Four straight Big Ten titles
  • Six BCS appearances in seven years
  • One national title
  • A 7-1 record against Michigan
  • One sublimely incredible post-championship picture with the BCS trophy:

Fire Jim Tressel?

In response to these asinine comments from Ohio State fans about Jim Tressel, I simply pose the following question: who would you rather have?

Sure, there are a few current coaches that I would place in front of Jim Tressel if I were ranking all college football coaches. Off the top of my head and in no particular order:

  • Urban Meyer, Florida
  • Pete Carroll, USC
  • Nick Saban, Alabama
  • Charlie Wei–never mind

Other than that, who do you rank in front of Tressel? The next tier of three in my own personal rankings would include Bob Stoops, Mack Brown, and Jim Tressel. I’m not sure how I’d rank them — it would be splitting hairs — but they’ve all had tremendous amounts of success.

Simply put: any notion that Jim Tressel’s time in Columbus should come to an end any time soon has got to be one of the most ridiculous statements ever uttered by a fan base. Period.

Are Ohio State fans who want Jim Tressel gone completely insane?

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Do Tressel and the Ohio State coaches need to figure out a better plan for big games? Sure they do.

Do Tressel and the Ohio State coaches need to more effectively utilize the unique talents of Terrelle Pryor? Sure they do.

Is Jim Tressel’s “conservative” game-planning sometimes to blame for Ohio State losses? I suppose so.

But how about a reality check? Look outside your own little Columbus bubble once in a while Buckeye fans…you might realize just how good you have it with Jim Tressel.

And if you’d like to know my college football perspective, here are the two teams I follow and cheer for: Indiana and Tennessee. Feel a little bit better about yourself, Insane Buckeye Fan?

You should.

For the record, I spoke recently with MSF’s own resident Buckeye lover KVB and he recognizes the idiocy of the Tressel bashing. Sure, he’s frustrated by the big game losses, but also has enough perspective to remember a time — the Cooper Era — when Ohio State did not win the Big Ten every year, was not always spoken about as a National Title contender, and did not have such resounding success against The Team Up North.

The problem that Jim Tressel has created for himself is that he’s been too good.

He gave Buckeye fans a finger (guaranteeing a win over Michigan his first season, then delivering) so they wanted a hand. He gave them a hand (winning the Big Ten), so they wanted an arm. He gave them an arm (winning a National Title) so then they started expecting the whole body of college football success (beat Michigan, win the Big Ten, win the National Title) every single year.

And now, they’ve lost the perspective to enjoy the incredible success that they do experience every single season. 

Luckily, my many friends who are Ohio State fans have a little bit more perspective and aren’t jumping on the Tressel Hate bandwagon. They’re still spoiled college football brats, but nothing like the zero-perspective ass clowns represented by the two emails Stewart Mandel posted and addressed in his mailbag.

Sure, if the Buckeyes start losing to Michigan consistently, aren’t competing for and winning Big Ten titles, and fall off the BCS map, then Tressel’s employment should be scrutinized. Ohio State is a college football power and should rightly expect to maintain such status.

But as long as they have it — which they still do now under Tressel — Buckeye fans should lay off and realize just how good things are in Columbus. There are about a hundred other Division 1 schools who would be happy to have Jim Tressel, and something tells me that the same fans who are calling for his head would miss him terribly if he was gone.

So quit looking at the few college football lawns that have slightly greener grass than your own, Insane Buckeye Fan. The rest of the college football world just looks at you and shakes it head, wishing for the same success that you are so ungrateful to have.

fire jim tressel?The morons who write emails and comments like the one above are embarrassments to the entire Buckeye fan base, and to the concept of rational, reasonable thinking. 

You see that trophy in the picture above? In case you forgot, that was this decade, Jim Tressel led you there, and he’s put you in position to win a couple more.

Fire Jim Tressel?

How about you take a cue from the Sweater Vest Soldiers pictured to the right. Instead of whining and bitching about the few things that have gone wrong, thank him and support Tressel for the many, many, many, many more things that have gone resoundingly right.

Otherwise, you’re just redefining the “nuts” in Bucknuts.


* – Ohio State fans supporting Jim Tressel photo credit: Matthew Emmons/US Presswire via

About Jerod Morris

I love words. I write for Copyblogger and founded MSF, The Assembly Call, & Primility. I practice yoga, eat well, & strive for balance. I love life. Namaste. Say hi on Twitter, Facebook, & G+.


  1. If you took Tressel’s record against top 5 teams at OSU, its pretty decent. However he started on a hot streak and is now on a cold streak and OSU fans have short memories.

    A big win will erase that and most likely a bowl game or a road game at Penn State this year has fans off of the ledge.

    • @Ben Koo,

      I’ve got no problem with frustration. And no problem with Buckeye fans who want to see different play-calling, someone else doing the play-calling, gameplan tweaks, etc.

      But to say that he should be fired?

      It’s just crazy and shows just how short the memories of many Buckeye fans are, and how myopic their thinking can be.

      I can see why Tressel made his comments about some Buckeye fans being “miserable”. That’s definitely what it seems like. If Tressel can’t enjoy unconditional support in Columbus through a little bit of a rough patch, no one can.

      Anyone who wants him fired would live to regret it if it happened.

      • @JRod,
        For all of those Ohio crazies out there,

        For those crazies calling for Jim Tressel’s head, hear this out. 1) He always beats the teams they are suppose to beat, which all great coaches do. 2) He runs a conservative offense because he has too. Teams from the PAC 10, SEC all out recruit Ohio State because Ohio State is not a great place to recruit. There is no warm weather, no beaches, no major attractions. Just imagine how hard it is to recruit a 18 year old kid from San Diego California to come to Ohio. What are you going to tell that 18 year old, “Hey I know your use to the 85 degree weather, women half undressed for a majority of the year, and you probably surf about 30 times a year…I understand that you could do and see all of these things if you go to USC or Florida, but hey why not give Ohio State a shot, when you will be playing in November it will be 8 degrees and snowing, it’s gonna be fun.”

        He doesn’t have the same talent as these teams and that’s why he gets beat by them. He has to call conservative games hoping that the other teams make mistakes and his team can cash in on them, thats the sign of a great coach that doesn’t have the players. He has won at least 10 games a year for the last 4 years, and you want to fire him…good luck, and when he lands in a SEC school or a PAC 10 school, you will see what a great coach you had.

        • @Richard Brown,

          Yeah who the hell do they want Rich Rod?

          Pryor took blame for the loss after the game and he is young so I don’t want to lambaste him here but there are several poor decisions on his part that has nothing to do with Tressel. Like running out of the pocket on a passing play, getting strung out toward the sidelines, and instead of throwing it away he just runs out of bounds for a six yard loss. Icing on the cake, out of FG range on that as well.

          A one hop pass to a wide open WR on a short out pattern and on the third down before half (which they punted and gave up the FG).

          There were way too many penalties on offense too. It was a poorly coached game, yes, but it was poorly executed at key points as well.

          If mistakes like these are repeated all the way into November against Michigan, yes easy time for criticism on the coach. But this loss should be pointed to immaturity on offense which tOSU has a lot of.

        • @Richard Brown,

          I agree with much of what you said, but the bucks do get NFL talent, and some of the nations best players. It may not be all SEC national talent, but I believe we can compete as we did against usc. My problem with Tressel is he could be more creative within his style, and use the talent and skills of his players better. More play action and a little more open passing game is just a matter of “playing harder to win, rather than play safe not to lose”. Maybe I’m wrong, but I’ve seen Tressel do it at times and it is great. Another example, I feel we beat usc, even with an average offensive performance, but with our defense playing so great, why quickly change formation on the last drive when pressure defense had them on the ropes. I understand the threat of the long pass, but coaches must be smart and make sure the middle of the field is covered with the right guys. usc had 3 minutes and exploited the middle which led to momentum and a score. I feel that more “play to win” decisions on both sides of the ball would have secured a victory against #3 usc and proved we can win against anyone!

  2. First let me state my affiliation. It is not OSU but The University of Texas.
    That being said, all I can say about firing Jim Tressel is “What?”. Here is a successful coach and all-around gentlemen. So, they don’t bring home the National Championship every year. I thik that beating Michigan is more important quite honestly. His record speaks for itself.

    His sweater vest is akin to a superman outfit.

    Only great coaches can get away with the sweater vest.

    1) The great coach Dungy (yes, I am a Colts homer)
    2) Coach Tressel

    Settle done Buckeye nation. You are in the midst of greatness. Don’t run him out of town, you’ll be sorry.

  3. Tressel’s records against top 5 teams at OSU, its pretty decent. His sweater vest is akin to a superman outfit. His record speaks for itself…

  4. The day he leaves Ohio State, fans there will wish he never left. Kind of like Nebraska after Osborne.

  5. I’m one calling for the man to be sent on his way, and I also think he’s a terrific head coach. I’m done with him because he’s a lousy offensive coordinator and he refuses to acknowledge that, which costs the team the important games.

    I wish people would stop citing the number of Big Ten titles as a reason to keep him. Either the Big Ten is a second-tier conference and can’t beat anyone, or it’s impressive to win it. It can’t be both. In looking at the bowl record and the non-conference record, there’s no denying that the conference stinks and therefore it’s no great feat to win it.

    Does he win the games he’s supposed to? Sure. Does he win games against tough teams with equal or better talent? He did once, seven years ago. Other than Miami, there hasn’t been a single good team that Ohio State put away. Don’t tell me Michigan in 2006 because they got crushed by USC. Texas that same year was breaking in a QB in diapers. Notre Dame? Please. Florida? Blow out. LSU? Blow out. USC? Blow out. Texas in 05, Texas in 08, Penn State in 08, USC in 09? Over-reliance on defense and a refusal to take risks to score points, so the games were lost on the last drive.

    I hate it that expressing displeasure with Tressel means we’re suddenly demanding championships every year. What’s wrong with expecting Ohio State to win a big game once in a while? Or wanting to score more than 13 points against good teams?

    I’d be the first one to go back in his corner if he’d just recognize his offensive limitations and hire someone who scores points. But I don’t ever see him doing that, so Ohio State will have an anemic offense for as long as he’s around.

    By the way, my choice for head coach is Brian Kelly from UC. There’s a guy who understands that the team with more POINTS, not PUNTS, wins every game.

    • @CTBucki, Sounds like you want Tressel fired as Offensive coordinator which you and I know won’t happen unless he is no longer the head coach either. It would be nice if he would try giving up the play calling, but that isn’t guaranteed success either. I am still drinking the Tressel kool aid with his record against Michigan, I guess. His predecessor has a lot to do with his kool aid tasting sweeter. I for one am not questioning which is more frustrating losing games you should win (Cooper) and losing games against equal or better talent (Tressel) right now though.

      The defense has been an over looked problem in these big game losses. Yes, 13 points is not enough to win but giving up 41, 35, 34, 37 points AND the game winning drives (Wisconsin ’03, Texas ’05, Penn State ’08, Texas ’08, USC ’09) is not enough either. We are living and dying with Tressel ball right now but I am not impressed enough by any Brian Kelly type right now to light the sweater vest on fire….yet. The time when we will see legit fire head coach Tressel talk will end up being losing to I-AA schools, MAC schools and of course Michigan. Or if the Terrelle Pryor era lives up to a Steve Bellisari type era. No reason for the talk until then. Point being this could be legit talk in due time.

    • Anyone watching the 2006 title game would know that the non-conservative approach backfired, big-time.

  6. you must be crazy says:

    you, win you lose,but always stay loyal to your principals.any one you hire to replace this coach is going to struggle from time to time.I for one am not ready for the upheaval replacing a coach brings,especially since we have a winner in place.Tress’s record is stellar,and should be guys must be out your freaking mind.

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