Fantasy Football: Week 2 Start ‘Em – Sit ‘Em Lineup Advice

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I am nothing if not accountable, and I come to you a humbled man this week. I let you and myself down with start ’em, sit ’em advice that left much to be desired in Week 1.

Here is the Week 1 start ’em, sit ’em column if you’d like to review, but I’ll lay out the hits and misses right here for you.

  • Start ’em hits: Vernon Davis…barely, in a PPR league…maybe? (5 catches, 40 yards)
  • Start ’em misses: David Garrard (122 yds, 0 TDs); Willie Parker (19 yds, 0 TDs); Braylon Edwards (1 rec, 13 yds, 0TDs); New England D/ST (24 points allowed, 1 turnover)
  • Sit ’em hits: Matt Schaub (166 yds, 0TDs); Chris Johnson & LenDale White (8.6 fantasy points combined); Miami D/ST (19 points allowed, 0 turnovers)
  • Sit ’em misses: Roy Williams (3 rec, 86 yds, 1 TD); Kellen Winslow (5 rec, 30 yds, 1 TD)

So, not a great start.

In fact, the results of my Week 1 start ’em, sit ’em lineup advice reminds me a little bit of the Carolina Panthers…with me playing the role of Jake Delhomme: high hopes, big expectations…and then a depressing thud as interceptions get fired all over the field.

But, in my defense, in the “others” category for start ’em I did nail all of the three QBs listed — Hasselbeck, Flacco, and Shaun Hill, plus I recommended Julius Jones. And I told you to sit Steve Slaton! That should count for something right?


We’re all about results here. Like fantasy football, it’s about touchdowns (or LOTS of yards) and I did not get into the endzone enough last week with my primary start ’em, sit ’em recommendations at each position. But what we love about sports is that there is always next week…so I am looking forward to Week 2.

I’m here to rebound, both for you and for myself, to avoid the dreaded 0-2 start. And no, I will not give into the temptation to pick obvious ones (start Adrian Peterson against Detroit!) just to pad my stats.

Let’s get right to it.

Fantasy Football

Week 2 Start ‘Em, Sit ‘Em Lineup Advice

fantasy football week 2 start em sit em lineup advice - Cutler, Ahmad Bradshaw, Julius Jones, Terrell Owens, Dwayne Bowe, Robert Royal, Jeremy Shockey

Week 2 Start ‘Em – Sit ‘Em: Quarterbacks

Start ‘Em: Jay Cutler, Chicago Bears (vs Pittsburgh Steelers)

fantasy football week 2 start em sit em lineup advice - Cutler, Ahmad Bradshaw, Julius Jones, Terrell Owens, Dwayne Bowe, Robert Royal, Jeremy ShockeyWhat, am I crazy? Start the guy who had 4 picks on national TV last week against the defending champs and their suffocating defense this week?

I say yes, and there is one primary reason why: no Troy Polamalu.

The lynchpin of the Steelers’ secondary is out with a sprained MCL, which will make Pittsburgh’s D more susceptible to the pass and less dangerous overall. Granted, the Bears’ WR corps leaves a lot to be desired, but I think the determination of Jay Cutler will overcome that.

Cutler may be a bit of a whiny douche, but he’s a very talented and prideful player. He also did not complete a pass to RB Matt Forte in Week 1, and only a single one to TE Greg Olsen, which I have to think will change after taking a look at the film.

The Bears are at home and will do everything to avoid going 0-2. I’m not sold on Cutler as a consistent fantasy starter throughout the season, but I do like him this week despite the matchup.

Others I like: Jason Campbell, Washington (vs St. Louis); Trent Edwards, Buffalo (vs Tampa Bay)

Sit ‘Em: Peyton Manning, Indianapolis Colts (@ Miami Dolphins)

Let me guess what you are probably thinking right now: this idiot is recommending Jay Cutler as a start against Pittsburgh and Peyton Manning as a guy you should sit? Is he insane?

Well, perhaps.

But I don’t think so in this particular case for this particular week.

Courtesy of Stats Inc. (via Yahoo Sports), Peyton Manning has thrown for 16 TDs and 18 INTs lifetime against the Dolphins. Now, clearly that stat line spans a decade and many different coaches and players for the Dolphins. But considering that Manning will be going into a hornet’s nest (on the road in Miami, home opener for Dolphins, Monday night, team coming off of a bad loss and looking for redemption, etc.) and will not have Anthony Gonzalez, I’m not all that optimistic about his chances.

The Colts offense is becoming a little worrisome. They could not establish a consistent ground attack in Week 1 against Jacksonville, which they need for Manning’s play-action to be effective. Miami, despite its struggles to contain Matt Ryan, did an effective job of limiting the Falcons’ powerful ground attack last Sunday (3.0 yards per carry for Michael Turner).

I think an emotional Dolphins’ D bottles up Manning and the Colts offense, at least enough that he is limited to one TD pass and harassed into a turnover or two. If you have a decent backup for Manning, this might be a good week to use him.

Others I don’t like: Carson Palmer, Cincinnati (@ Green Bay)

Week 2 Start ‘Em – Sit ‘Em: Running Backs:

Start ‘Em: Ahmad Bradshaw, New York Giants (@ Dallas Cowboys)

I liked Ahmad Bradshaw before the season started because he was stepping into a big void of opportunity left by the departure of Derrick Ward. After one game the returns are pretty solid, and I think his matchup on Sunday night against the Cowboys is a good one.

First off, Bradshaw got 12 carries against the Redskins last week, so we can see that some touches will be there. He also carried for 60 yards, a 5.0 yard average, against a pretty good run defense. Plus, he added 3 receptions, to get his total touches up to 15. All in all, a solid first week effort for Bradshaw against a good defense.

With the injury to Danny Ware, the Giants have announced that Bradshaw will be handling kickoff return duties this week, which should net him a few more touches and some extra all-purpose yards against a Cowboys’ special teams unit that was been a pretty significant question mark this offseason.

Most importantly, Bradshaw and the Giants are going up against a defense that is pretty adept at rushing the passer but not quite so adept at stopping the run. Last week, despite being behind most of the game and losing, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers torched the Cowboys on the ground over 160 yards and a pretty hefty per carry average. Cadillac Williams ran for 97 yards on 13 carries and scored a TD, while Derrick Ward ran for 62 yards on 12 carries and also scored.

The Jacobs-Bradshaw combo is just as good and they have a better O-Line than Tampa. I actually like the Cowboys to win this game, but I think the Giants will be able to get some work done on the ground. We certainly know that they will be committed to doing so.

You already know you’re starting Brandon Jacobs, but I wouldn’t hesitate to throw Bradshaw in there as a flex. This a good matchup for him.

Others I like: Thomas Jones, New York Jets (vs New England); Mike Bell, New Orleans (@ Philadelphia…but check on Pierre Thomas throughout the week.)

Sit ‘Em: Julius Jones, Seattle (@ San Francisco)

Yes, Julius Jones had a good game last week, but there are a few things you need to remember:

  1. He’s Julius Jones.
  2. The Seahawks were playing the Rams last week.
  3. The 49ers are coached by Mike Singletary.

If Seattle is going to win this game, they are going to have to do it through the air. I think San Francisco has a chance to have a pretty stout run defense this year, and they gave a glimpse of it last week by bottling up Tim Hightower and Beanie Wells in Arizona. Granted, Tim Hightower had 12 receptions out of the backfield against them, but Jones has never been a guy to catch a lot of passes out of the backfield.

Enjoy it when Julius plays teams like the Rams; otherwise, remember who he is and consider his track record. The 49ers are an up-and-coming team that will be fired up for their home opener. I think Matt Hasselbeck will have to win this one with his arm if the Seahawks are to come into San Fran and get a W.

Others I don’t like: Cedric Benson, Cincinnati (@ Green Bay); Steve Slaton, Houston (@ Tennessee); Kevin Smith, Detroit (@ Minnesota)

Week 2 Start ‘Em – Sit ‘Em: Wide Receivers:

Start ‘Em: Terrell Owens, Buffalo (vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

He only had two catches on three targets Monday night, and he’s coming off a toe injury that sidelined him most of the preseason. If you’re a little bit skittish about T.O. right now, you’re well within your right to be so.

But I wouldn’t be skittish about starting him this week against Tampa Bay. And the truth is, you probably spent a high draft pick on T.O. so you may not have any other choice but to start him. (Don’t worry, I’m not taking the easy way out in the WR Sit ‘Em to balance out recommending T.O.)

Trent Edwards and the Bills proved, somewhat surprisingly, that they can move the ball on offense with their performance against the Patriots. And remember that Bill Belichick’s defensive strategy is usually to try to take away the opposing team’s #1 threat. The Patriots did that by doubling and bottling up T.O.

Buffalo plays Tampa Bay last week, which got absolutely shredded by Tony Romo and his trio of WRs last week. I don’t think Buffalo will have that much success against the Bucs, but they’ll get some work done through the air.

And after only being targeted three times in Week 1, you know T.O. will be both motivated and vocal about the need to get him the rock.

His huge games will be fewer and further between this season, but I think this is one of them.

Others I like: Desean Jackson, Philadelphia (vs New Orleans); Brandon Marshall, Denver (vs Cleveland); Percy Harvin, Minnesota (@ Deroit);

Sit ‘Em: Dwayne Bowe, Kansas City (vs Oakland)

As with T.O., you probably have to start Dwayne Bowe because of where you drafted him. If you have no other options, keep Bowe in the lineup because you have to and he will get his fair share of targets.

But if you’re stacked at WR, this could be a week when Bowe hits your bench as he will be matched up with Nnamdi Asomugha, against whom Bowe has yet to catch a TD pass in his career. Last year, Bowe had 8 catches for 117 yards in two games against Oakland. As a rookie, he had 7 catches for 147 yards.

The weakness of the Oakland defense is their ability to stop the run, although they were more effective than expected in Week 1 against San Diego. And while Philip Rivers completed 24 passes for 252 yards on Monday night, look a little deeper: only 11 of the completions were to WRs, the rest went to RBs and TEs.

There is also flux at the QB position in Kansas City, as well as an entire team getting used to a new offensive system. Bowe had 4 catches and a TD last week with Brodie Croyle at QB, but only tallied 40 yards. Who will be starting this week? Matt Cassel? Croyle?

There are enough question marks surrounding Bowe this week that I’d be wary. He may still garner 5-6 fantasy points because he could accumulate a few catches and some yards, but don’t expect big numbers.

Others I don’t like: Laveraneus Coles, Cincinnati (@ Green Bay); Donald Driver, Green Bay (vs Cincinnati);

Week 2 Start ‘Em – Sit ‘Em: Tight Ends:

Start ‘Em: Robert Royal, Cleveland Browns (@ Denver)

If you watched the Browns-Vikings game on Sunday, you noticed a few things:

  1. Brady Quinn often had time to throw, but there rarely appeared to be WRs open down the field.
  2. Quinn and Braylon Edwards simply are not on the same page yet.
  3. Quinn looked in the direction of TE Robert Royal a lot.

In fact, Quinn targeted Royal nine times on Sunday, resulting in four catches, 60 yards, a TD for Royal. With the Browns’ WR corps likely to continue to struggle, and with Quinn’s well-known deficiencies throwing the ball deep down the field, I think Quinn will again be looking at Royal early and often.

Denver did do a nice job of shutting down the Cincinnati tight ends last week, but the Bengals rarely involve their TE anyway so I don’t read too much into that.

The targets for Royal are not going to stop. If you are unsettled at tight end, he could be a solid play through at least the first few weeks of the season, until Brady Quinn can get more comfortable throwing the ball down the field to Braylon and the Browns’ other WRs.

Others I like: Brent Celek, Philadelphia (vs New Orleans); Kellen Winslow, Tampa Bay (@ Buffalo); Kevin Boss, New York Giants (@ Dallas)

Sit ‘Em: Jeremy Shockey, New Orleans (@ Philadelphia)

Yes, Shockey caught 2 TD passes last week and is a part of the best offense in the league, so it’s hard to sit him. But his entire value from last week is wrapped up in those TD catches (he had only 4 catches for 31 yards), which are hard to predict and expect from week to week.

fantasy football week 2 start em sit em lineup advice - Cutler, Ahmad Bradshaw, Julius Jones, Terrell Owens, Dwayne Bowe, Robert Royal, Jeremy ShockeyAdd to that the fact that the Saints are playing a much better defense this week in Philadelphia, and one that is very familiar with Shockey from his days in New York, and I think we could see a reversion to the no-TD Shockey that we became accustomed to during his first season with New Orleans.

And what do you trust more: a 16-game schedule during which he caught no TDs, or one game against a team that’s lost 18 in a row in which he caught two?

I thought so.

With Marques Colston, Lance Moore, Devery Henderson, and Robert Meachem all more dynamic downfield playmakers than Shockey, he is the fifth option when Drew Brees drops back to pass. Shockey fattened up against the porous Lions, but this week the law of averages pulls his fantasy numbers back to what we’ve come to expect from him.

Others I don’t like: Owen Daniels, Houston (@ Tennessee); Daniel Graham and Tony Scheffler, Denver (vs Cleveland)

Week 2 Start ‘Em – Sit ‘Em Defense/Special Teams:

Start ‘Em: Green Bay Packers D/ST (vs Cincinnati)

How can you not like the Packers’ D right now? They stifled the Bears in Week 1 and goaded Jay Cutler into 4 interceptions. They also have players like Charles Woodson and Al Harris who are always threats to take one to the house.

The real key, however, is the Packers’ improvement in the front 7 and their ability to stop the run. In Week 1, the Pack held Bears phenom Matt Forte to 55 yards rushing and nada out of the backfield as a receiver.

Cincinnati comes into Green Bay with a far less accomplished and dynamic running back in Cedric Benson. They also have a passing game that struggled against Denver in Week 1 and still looks as if it needs time to get in sync with Carson Palmer back under center and no T.J. Houshmandzadeh on the outside.

I think Chad Ochocinco will get his on Sunday, but that’s about it. Green Bay is one of the emerging contenders in the NFC and they’ll play like it at home against the Bengals.

Others I like: New England Patriots (@ New York Jets); Washington Redskins (vs St. Louis)

Sit ‘Em: Philadelphia Eagles D/ST (vs New Orleans)

This one is all about the matchup.

Philadelphia has a very good defense, forced lots of turnovers last week against Carolina, and will be a solid start most weeks. This week, however, they face the Saints’ juggernaut. And until the Saints and Drew Brees provide a reason to doubt them, I’m sitting any defense that plays against them.

With Troy Polamalu out for Pittsburgh right now, there is no unit in the NFL that I trust more than the Saints’ offense. Sorry Philly.

Others I don’t like: New York Jets (vs New England); Baltimore Ravens (@ San Diego)

It’s early in the week, so obviously injuries could wreak havoc on these predictions, but I’ll update this post if anything pertinent happens. As always, feel free to submit any lineup questions you may have in the comment section and I’ll answer them as soon as I’m able.


* – Jay Cutler photo credit: Bleacher Report

* – Jeremy Shockey photo credit: Ted Jackson / The Times-Picayune via

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  1. With Cutler as a start’em does that also mean Devin Hester is a start ’em this week?

    • @KVB,

      That very questions gnawed at me the entire time I was writing the WR section. In fact, at one point I had Earl Bennett’s name in “others I like’, then switched it to Hester, then back to Bennett, and then removed them both ultimately.

      The reason? Who the hell knows. if he’s a good start this week. Devin Hester is still very young in his development as a WR and I could see him catching 5 balls or 80 yards and a score, as well as being completely shut down and relegated only to punt return duty (where, luckily, he still has value).

      I think Jay Cutler will look to get the ball more to Matt Forte and Greg Olsen this week, but obviously either Bennett or Hester will have to step up as well for Cutler to truly be worthy of a start. I’d start Hester over Bennett, but I wouldn’t feel 100% confident. I like Hester’s ability to bring value on special teams, but he just scares me as a WR. A lot of it depends on who your alternatives are. If you have an RB who will get consistent touches, I’d go that route.

      To give you a final answer: No, he’s not a definite start ’em. But who are your alternatives?

      • @JRod, 3 WR league, no flex. I have:

        Antonio Bryant @BUF

        Santana Moss v. STL

        Lee Evans v. TB

        Steve Breaston @JAX

        and Hester

        Thought at first Bryant, Moss, and Evans but I don’t like leaving points on the bench as that lost us in week one with the late Breaston scratch (when Boldin was supposed to be out and he was active instead of Breaston). PS F u Michigan! ;)

        • @KVB,

          Man, at first glance I was going to give a resounding thumbs up to Bryant, Moss, and Evans. Then you look at their Week 1 production and all had three catches or fewer.

          Still, if it were me, I’d start those three.

          Breaston, if healthy, will not have as much value with Fitzgerald and Boldin there hogging all the catches. Plus, he’s from Michigan and you wouldn’t want to cheer for him anyway.

          As for Hester, look at his game log from last year. Surprisingly (at least to me) he had at least 4 catches in four of the team’s final six games, which is the amount he had last weekend. So perhaps I am underestimating him just a bit by being so cautious.


          He was very productive last week against a good defense, whereas your other three WRs all struggle, but have what appear to be pretty good matchups this week.

          I’d start Santana Moss for sure, as he is clearly the #1 outside option in Washington (despite Randle El’s strong day last weekend) and the Rams D is terrible.

          After that, I probably would throw Hester in the mix based on his strong Week 1 and punt return potential, and then flip a coin between Bryant and Evans.

          Both have the potential to have solid games on Sunday, but I’d probably go Evans just because I’ve always distrusted Bryant and I like Trent Edwards more than I like Byron Leftwich. Plus, Tampa Bay ran for 160+ yards last week, which is the the strength of their team. Buffalo is more predicated on the pass.

        • @KVB, Thanks Jrod!

          Yes. I am thinking Michael Clayton will be the guy for Leftwich until Bryant gets up to speed (offseason knee surgery). But I am confident in Bryant putting up big numbers later in the year similar to last year.

          Also based on week one performance (besides Hester) it is obvious my WRs are about as good as your advice so either way I should go with Hester.

          All that said Evans is the man versus TB this week as well. Thx again

        • @KVB, Bryant is injured for week 2 isn’t he? I don’t think he is playing. Better check on that.

  2. My roster includes Romo, Eli Manning, Matt Forte, Thomas Jones, Darren McFadden, Jonathan Stewart, LeSean McCoy, Greg Jennings, Derrick Mason, Santana Moss, Kevin Walter, Owen Daniels, Jets DST and Redskins DST. Who would you start week 2 and should I keep Moss and Walter for long term and also what about Stewart and McCoy? My league is a PPR standard 10 team league.

    • @Ken,

      This would be my lineup:

      QB – Romo
      RB – Forte
      RB – T. Jones
      WR – Greg Jennings
      WR – Santana Moss
      TE – Owen Daniels
      Flex – McFadden
      D – Washington

      The Jets will be a top5 fantasy defense this year…but the Patriots are going to be extra motivated to run up the score based on all of the blustering coming from Rex Ryan. And no one is more deadly when extra motivated than Tom Brady and Randy Moss. Remember 2007?

      Jonathan Stewart is still dinged up, so don’t start him until he’s healthy. He has value later in the season though, so don’t get impatient with him. He and Deangelo Williams proved they can both give you production out of the same backfield last year.

      LeSean McCoy is a guy I love, but not until Brian Westbrook gets hurt. Even if Westbrook is healthy, McCoy will have some value as a bye week fill-in, but you have a three excellent starting backs so McCoy doesn’t need to see the field for you.

      I like Moss and Walter as #2/3 WRs behind the great Greg Jennings. Start them based on matchups. With Moss facing the Rams this week and Walter facing the Titans, it’s an easy decision. And Derrick Mason is solid too, but San Diego has a decent pass defense. Those three are relatively interchangable, but there is nothing wrong with that.

  3. i have the jets d and eagles d both have a bad week 2 match up.. who would you statrt

    • @D,

      Ouch. Those are two really good defenses that I wouldn’t want anywhere near my starting lineup this week. As I said above, the Patriots are going to try to dominate the Jets…while the Eagles have to face the Saints juggernaut.

      If it were me…for this week…I’d go with the Jets though. Tom Brady did look a little shaky in Week 1. Despite what the Pats did over the final 5 minutes, their offense was not clicking on all cylinders against a mediocre Bills D. They may not yet have the switch they had in 2007 where they could just flip it on and hang 35-40 points on anyone. The Jets have a good defense, as they proved last week, so I think your chances are better of getting some fantasy points from the Jets.

      But the truth is that I wouldn’t want either of these D’s starting for me in Week 2.

  4. i would start the redskins D since they are playing the rams

  5. so ppr I have

    QB Kurt Warner,ARZ
    Orton QB
    RB Correll Buckhalter,DEN
    RB Jerious Norwood,ATL
    WR Larry Fitzgerald,ARZ
    WR Dwayne Bowe,KC
    TE Chris Cooley,WAS
    K Mason Crosby,GB
    TDSP Washington Redskins,WAS
    Bernard Berrian,WR
    Steve Slaton, RB,
    Knowshon Moreno, RB,
    Ahmad Bradshaw, RB,
    LeSean McCoy, RB
    Braylon Edwards, WR,

    I need to decide which 2 RB’s and WR’s to start as well as my flex. Tough week to decide.

    • @Chris,

      At WR, I would go with Fitzgerald and Berrian. Fitz is a no-brainer every week, while Berrian has the clear advantage matchup with the Vikings playing the Lions. Favre won’t throw 6 TDs like Brees did, but this will be a good week for he and his Vikings WRs to build some rapport in a game situation.

      At RB, the two that I like best are Slaton and Bradshaw. Slaton’s matchup doesn’t look great against Tennessee, but he had two 100-yard rushing games against them last year. I think Houston will be motivated to prove they are better offensively than they showed in Week 1, and Slaton has the clearest path to 20+ carries of all your backs. It’s probaly tough after Week 1, but you have to start him.

      As for Bradshaw, I see the Giants really trying to pound Dallas on the ground this week. Tampa Bay had great success running the ball last week, with two backs putting up good fantasy numbers. I think Jacobs and Bradshaw should both have solid numbers this week. Bradshaw should also get a few catches, helping you in the PPR.

      Where it gets tricky is that Denver is playing Cleveland’s defense, which should mean they’ll be able to run the ball well. But who gets the fantasy points? Buckhalter or Moreno? They split carries last week and will do so again this week. If you want to play a RB at your flex spot, I’d throw Buckhalter in there. He will catch more passes than Moreno will, and although Moreno has the higher upside as a runner, he only ran for 19 yards on Cincy last week. I’d rather see him produce before I start him.

      I do not like either Braylon or Bowe this week, but I like Bowe a little better. He should get 4-5 catches against Oakland, but has yet to score a TD against the Raiders and Nnamdi Asoumuga in his career. If you’re afraid of using Buckhalter in the flex spot, I’d put Bowe in there as a “safer” play. He’s the #1 playmaker for the Chiefs, so he’ll get targets.

      In summary:

      RB – Slaton
      RB – Bradshaw
      WR – Fitzgerald
      WR – Berrian
      Flex – Buckhalter (with the Bowe as the next option)

  6. You’ve been a big help with the info and I plan on following you for the rest of the season, so I’m not afraid to ask you a tough question.

    About running backs for week 2. I have Marion Barber, Steven Jackson and Reggie Bush. Barber has NEVER done well against the Giants, Steven Jackson had a neutral week and Bush had a few fumbles and it seemed like every other teammate of his had stellar weeks, which makes me think Brees and the coordinators are going to look even less his way.

    I’m gonna play Jackson. But I’m between Barber and Bush. . . which just sounds bad. Assuming I’m solid in all other areas and I just want to get my maximum efficiency from my backs, I’m wondering if I’m overlooking an obvious detail and can’t see the forest through the trees. Which way do I go?

    • @Trav,

      I think the one obvious is this: Barber may have struggled against the Giants in the past, but that is far better than struggling against everyone, which has been the plight of Reggie Bush as a runner his entire career. And this week, Bush has to go up against the Eagles defense, which did a good job of bottling up Carolina last week.

      Bush will probably 2-3 really good games this year, but will be maddeningly inconsistent. Barber is a legitimate 1-2 TD threat every single week. Even if he struggles against NY from a yardage standpoint, he could very easily pile up a touchdown or two because of his goalline prowess. Bush, at this point, is nothing more than a possible flex guy, but even better as a bye week fill-in. Barber is an every-week start.

      Go with Barber and Jackson. When in doubt, go with the guys who get more touches. I don’t think there’s really even a doubt in this case.

  7. Should I start Ahmad Bradshaw over Brian Westbrook in week 2? Also, I’m in between starting Justin Gage or Derrick Mason as my number 3 receiver. I know Mason should put up better numbers this week but it’s still a toss up, who would you start?

    • @Michael,

      I’m high on Bradshaw for this week and this season, but not over a healthy Westbrook. As long as Westbrook is playing, he’s a must-start against anyone. Especially against New Orleans’ offense. And if McNabb is out — or even if he’s playing — rest assured they will rely on their running game and Westbrook heavily.

      I like Mason because Baltimore has a better passing game than Tennessee. Joe Flacco is becoming a really good QB and Mason is his favorite receiver. Plus, San Diego proved last week that they don’t exactly have the most airtight secondary.

  8. I thought I should also ask what you think Bernard Berrian will do this week because I have Lee Evans starting over him as of now. Last week I started Berrian and he didn’t get any looks and left me with a big goose egg in the pts. column. With Peterson’s ground game and the addition of Percy Harvin to the mix I question the number of receptions Berrian will have this season. Although they’re playing against Detroit’s terrible defense this week, will the Vikings do the same things as last week and let Peterson run all over a weak defense or might they air it out more after seeing the success Brees had last week? What are your thoughts?

    My WR starters right now are
    1) Reggie Wayne
    2) Derrick Mason
    3) Lee Evans

    Do you think it would be a good idea to play Berrian over Evans?

    • @Michael,

      I would play Berrian over Evans, yes. Berrian was hurt last week, but appears to be much healthier this week. While Minnesota’s offense will still predicated on the run, Brett Favre is going to throw some passes at some point. Sunday should be a good opportunity for him to to get some work in with his WRs. Berrian is the #1 target, even though Harvin is more versatile. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Berrian get a couple of TDs on Sunday and have a really big week. I certainly think he’ll get at least one, and be a good bet for 80-90 yards minimum.

      Start with confidence.

  9. Thanks for the tips I think ill take the risk and sit Bowe as you suggest. I am up against last weeks points leader so can’t afford to play it safe.

  10. Thanks for this website, JRod. I got three good RB’s in a 2 RB league. Who do I start for week 2 Marion Barber, Steven Jackson, or Kevin Smith?

    • @richard,

      This is something of a tough decision.

      The clear #1 for me is Barber. I would actually not be surprised to see him finish with the least amount of yards of the three, but he is the most likely of the three to score a TD, especially considering all three play great defenses (Giants, Redskins, and Vikings, respectively).

      I have read on another site, I can’t remember where, some positive thoughts about Kevin Smith for this week. Something about the strength of the Vikings D being inside, and Smith being able to do some damage on the outside. That may be true, but I still like Jackson.

      The Rams are terrible and likely won’t score many points against Washington, but Jackson will the clear focal point of their attack. I like Jackson’s experience and proficiency catching balls out of the backfield. Yes, Smith caught 7 passes last week, but he averaged just over 2 per game last year. Jackson, for his career, has averaged a full reception more per game.

      Truthfully, I’m not that excited about either Jackson or Smith for this week because of their matchups. But I’ll go with Jackson against the inconsistent Redskins.

      Final answer: Barber and Jackson

      But Kevin Smith still has the best profile pic in the NFL:

      • @JRod, you’re the man! Very thorough and thoughtful, and it makes sense. I have a bad habit of second guessing, so I’m gonna stick with my starters like you said. I appreciate your time!

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