Hell Yeah! Hawk Harrelson Gets More Excited Than Usual Calling Paul Konerko’s Three Home Runs

Hawk Harrelson Home Run Call for Paul Konerko's Three Home RunsYou all know that I love Hawk Harrelson. And obviously I think his signature home run call (You can put it on the board…YES!) is so great that sliced bread should be jealous of it.

Well, last night Hawk took it to another level when Paul Konerko jacked three home runs in the White Sox series-opening victory over some random AA team that is in town for the weekend. During the second and third of Konerko jacks, the second being a grand salami, Hawk adds in a jubilant “Hell yeah!” to his normal home run call.

Unfortunately, MLB.com does not allow you to embed videos (or at least they don’t make it very easy or intuitive if they do) so I’ll just have to link you over there. But it’s worth it.

(Thanks to Jimmy Traina at Hot Clicks for linking to this since I had to miss the game last night.)

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  1. Not a Hawk fan says:

    Ken Harrelson is a joke! The White Sox need to eject that embarrassment to baseball broadcasting like right now!

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