LOTD: The Overexposure of JRod Continues With Another Podcast and SI Mention (plus other non-Ibanez Links)

Before I link you to the podcast that I did last night at TheSportsBank.net, I want to explain to you a dilemma that I’ve been having while attempting to provide coverage for the Raul Ibanez story that I found myself wrapped up in. And the dilemma is manifested in the title of this post.

When I am talking about podcasts that I participated in or stories that have discussed my role in the steroid speculation / blogger v MSM controversies that were all the rage last week, is it an engregious foul of douchebaggery for me to refer to myself in the 3rd person? I feel like it makes a better title and is more descriptive, so that people just glancing at titles have a clue beyond the word “me” for who is in the podcast being mentioned. But I’ve always hated it when people refer to themselves in the 3rd person.

And what should I do with the silly moniker JRod now? Sure, it is an oft-used nickname for me by people for whom five letters is too much but four is just right, yet a) it’s too close to “ARod” and “KRod” for my own personal comfort; b) most people reading MSF know my full name now anyway; c) there is nothing inherently clever or interesting about it.

Suggestions are welcome in the comment section below, but only after you visit our good friends at The Sports Bank who were kind enough to invite me on their podcast last evening with Peter Christian, the friendly and insightful Minnesota fan who manages The Deposit and who provides the regular “Callouts” section. Obviously we discussed the Ibanez story and then delved a little deeper into blogger responsibility and whole blogs v MSM thing, but my favorite part about the discussion was Peter’s interesting suggestion that the Big Ten should add Memphis as its 12th team.

I’d never heard this idea posited before, and have to think about it some more before making a judgment, but it’s certainly a welcome and intriguing diversion from the constant Notre Dame to the Big Ten talk.

Anyway, here is the link to the audio file and the podcast is also available on iTunes. And don’t be afraid to hop on over to The Kobe Bryant - Sports Illustrated coverSports Bank and browse around. Sure, their tagline (“your most valuable option for Midwest sports”) is a point of dispute here at Midwest Sports Fans, but friendly competition is always good — as is their site.

Also, thanks to Hugging Harold Reynolds for pointing this out because I had no idea, but Joe Posnanski penned an article in the most recent issue of Sports Illustrated (with Kobe on the cover), entitled Without A Clue: In the steroid age, those who cover the game struggle to describe what they see, in which he discusses the Ibanez debate of the last 10 days and mentions me and our site.

This week has been a lot of things and I have received my fair share of support and criticism, but 10-20-30 years from now I will always be able to say the following: I was on ESPN and my name was in Sports Illustrated.

There is no need to beat around the bush: that is awesome. It’s definitely a dream come true that I feel really fortunate to have had. The circumstances were certainly surprising and unexpected, but it does provide an enhanced sense of purpose (and responsibility) every time I wake up and log in here to our little corner of the sports blogosphere.

And now, because I’ve been horribly lax in proving you with compelling non-Ibanez links over the past few days, here are a few non-Ibanez links for your viewing pleasure on this fine Thursday morning:

Worst Kept Secret Ever Revealed by New York Times — (Hugging Harold Reynolds; it’s about the Sosa story that you’ve already heard of, but the old school jheri curl Sox picture of Sosa is worth the click.)

Steroid Era: Best Of The Rest — (Josh Q. Public; my only gripe is that Frank Thomas is not included.)

Kobe Bryant on Conan O’Brien — (The Hoop Doctors; saw this interview and it was definitely entertaining. Conan and Kobe at their best.)

Can Joe Mauer Bat .400? — (Bugs and Cranks; not with the reborn Jose Contreras back in the AL Central!)

Who Has the Brainiest Team in Baseball? — (Wall Street Journal; well it ‘aint the Natinals.)

Are AL Pitchers feasting on the NL? — (The Sweet Spot Blog by Rob Neyer)

Paul Konerko Should Probably Stop Talking for a While — (Rumors and Rants; which includes my new favorite line when somebody throws some steroid speculation: “Not to go all Jerod Morris on you, but…”)

The Most Honest Man in Baseball — (Sparty and Friends; hint: it’s not Sammy Sosa.)

The Five Worst Mascots in the Major Leagues — (Shay Roddy’s Phillies Phanatics; what, no Steve Bartman?)

Recasting “Major League” With Today’s Ball Players — (America’s White Boy)

The NBA Finals Confused Jason Whitlock — (Joe Sports Fan)

Have a great Thursday everyone. Work and care-for-the-recovering-dog time.

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  1. Thanks for the kind words Jero… I mean JRod. It was a great podcast and I’d love to get some underground support for my grassroots campaign to have the Memphis Tigers join the Big Ten.


    • @Peter Christian, Maybe that should be Jerod’s new nickname, “JERO” !

      • @KVB, and then Enrique Iglesias could write a song about me: “I could be your jero baby…I could kiss away your pain…”

        And then I could retreat to a small corner and lay there in shame and embarrassment for knowing some of the lyrics to that song. I blame Mike Greenberg and his stupid Brady Quinn song.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Jerrod!

    It was great to have you on the podcast in the wake of all your exposure. You’re right about June becoming “National Sports Blogosphere versus MSM Month” Hopefully, 2010 might see a Battle Royale and I can jump in.

    There’s nothing wrong with doing the 3rd person thing. Remember the Seinfeld episode “Jimmy’s got game” “Jimmy’s got hops”

    Thank you for the kind words regarding The Sports Bank. With our taglines, content and audiences being so similar, I am all for some friendly competition. But also perhaps more collaboration soon as well. I’m one of MSF’s biggest fans. And it is the second place I send people who are looking for White Sox information and overall sports news from our region. I bet people can guess where/what the first place I try to send them is….

  3. Bartman’s a good one. I feel a little bad for the guy though. You’d have to talk to Tyler, he created the list, I just did the commentary.

  4. Bring Back Squiz says:

    Clearly Jer-Bear is the nickname you were born to live by. It’s my own clever combination of Jerod and polar bear, which is the animal I think of when I saw you on Behind the Lines.

    Also, whatever happened to Squiz Jorgenson? His hyperbole and in-depth analysis was the highlight of my and numerous other sports fans day. Surely this Shakespearean Sportswriter is a talent equal to the other literary greats: Wordsworth, Longfellow, Byron, and Mariotti.

  5. Unknown message

  6. I’m curious to find out what blog system you’re utilizing? I’m having some minor security issues with my latest blog and I’d like to find something more safeguarded. Do you have any suggestions?

  7. Hack again?!

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