How True Are The Shaq To Cleveland Rumors?

Shaq to Cavs RumorsESPN’s Chris Broussard reported yesterday morning on Sportscenter that the trade deadline talks involving Shaquille O’Neal to the Cavaliers earlier this season never actually died, and are currently gaining new momentum. While he noted that the deal is not imminent, from all indications former teammates Steve Kerr (Suns GM) and Danny Ferry (Cavaliers GM) appear to be talking about it.

The current Shaq reports now mark the (3rd) major rumor to involve the Cavaliers in the last week. Its not you Chris, we’re just a little skeptical at this point.

First it was a Slam Magazine report at the beginning of the week that said the Cavaliers had recently ‘opened negotiations with free agent Center Rasheed Wallace.’ Then towards the end of the week Pro Basketball News wrote a piece saying that the Cavaliers front office was in ‘disarray’, and that Coach of the Year ‘Mike Brown’s job was in jeopardy.’

However, Cavs beat reporter Brian Windhorst crushed both of those rumors no sooner than they surfaced. He called the possible signing of Rasheed Wallace both impossible and illegal. He then wrote that the reports about Mike Brown’s job being on the line were simply, false.

But Windy hasn’t shut down the Shaq rumors yet, and until I hear otherwise, I am of the opinion that Broussard’s report has legs. It certainly seems plausible.

As mentioned, Danny Ferry and Steve Kerr have a relationship that dates back to their playing days on the Cavaliers together. The Suns are looking to dump salary, and Shaq carries a big number ($20 mil). The players the Cavaliers are reportedly dangling include Sasha Pavlovic and Ben Wallace, and their contract situations fit that motive for Phoenix. Pavlovic’s contract can be bought out for less than $2 mil, and Wallace is hinting at taking his major dollar contract and retiring – possibly accepting a buyout to do so. There is a chance for the Suns saving nearly $10 million dollars with the move.

As a Cavaliers Fan, I am really hoping Windhorst doesn’t stomp this one out like he did the last two. We need this one to be true. I don’t even want to get into how much Shaq would help this team right now…let’s just say – he would help a lot – and see what happens.

* – Shaq photo via Deadspin

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  1. Shaq is 100 years old and has the mobility of Ben Wallace after getting hit by a truck.

    He’s finished. Done.

    • J.D. Shaver says:

      @JJ, Shaq’s 37…and he averaged 18 and 9 this past season…I think he’s got one or two more in the tank…but we’ll see. If your the Cavaliers, you have to take your chances here…Z, Andy, Wallace, and Joe Smith couldn’t get it done this year, and they won’t get it done next year either.

  2. I have full confidence in Shaq helping a contender with big guy holes like Cleveland. Howard dominated them, but notice how less effective he was with Gasol, Bynum and Odom roaming the boards. Be it only one or two years Shaq is a quick fix for one ring at most.

    • @KVB, I agree. I like this move for the Cavs. And I think with Kobe winning a title, Shaq will have a little extra juice and bounce in his step to grab another one of his own. The big question I think is how will Shaq’s immobility change the way LeBron has to play. LeBron seems to operate most effectively on offense when the floor is spread and he can drive. That won’t be the case with Shaq’s big body down low taking up space. He will certainly will help on Defense, and overall I think the move can be a positive, but they have to have a very clear plan of how Shaq will be integrated and how LeBron’s game will mesh with him.

  3. Whatever the conditions of the trade its a win-win for Cleveland. They get Shaq and play to win the championship with Shaq matching up with the other big men in the East. If it doesn’t work out then you’ve got a giant expiring contract anyways nothing really lost.

  4. Coach Clemente says:

    I love this trade. Shaq proved this season that he’s still got something in the tank, and he does not want Kobe to have the last laugh. Such an upgrade over Ben Wallace!

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