Final Thoughts (for now) on the Raul Ibanez Story and the Broader Issues Debated Yesterday

Ken Rosenthal, Raul Ibanez, Jerod Morris, Philadelphia InquirerI really don’t want to belabor the Raul Ibanez story anymore past this morning (although it has been a nice distraction from the continued awful play of the Chicago White Sox). So I will use this space here today to collect my final thoughts on this whole Ibanez brou-ha-ha and then move onto something else as the 24-hour sports news cycle hopefully and most likely moves onto something else.

(Quick aside: We know one thing about the White Sox: while everyone now knows that I believe all baseball players are up for steroids suspicion, I doubt anyone is sniffing around for syringes in the White Sox clubhouse. With an offense like ours, no one will be discussing steroids and the White Sox any time soon.)

After reflecting more about the interview on Outside the Lines yesterday, just a few more thoughts:

Ken Rosenthal asked at one point, “how did we get here?” What I wish I had said was: “We got here because one newspaper mischaracterized what I said, because a reporter from that same paper went running to Raul Ibanez for a comment without (ostensibly) Ibanez or the reporter reading the actual article I wrote, and because the mainstream media and its holier-than-thou high standards decided to run with the story. If none of that had happened, the Raul Ibanez story would be making its way towards 300-400 views right now and fading from relevance even here at MSF, as opposed to being a national story.

I wasn’t setting out to create a firestorm, but it is curious (there’s that word again) that the MSM was so quick to jump on the story. Could it be because the MSM salivates anytime the terms “steroids” or “PEDs” and an actual player’s name are in the same sentence? Might such stories drive pretty high traffic and viewership? Seems to me they would (and, admittedly, the last few days have proven it for us here at Midwest Sports Fans. Thanks mainstream media!).

I could have written that Player A took steroids and that I saw it with my own eyes, but unless the MSM picks up on it, only my small legion of readers will see it. So blame me all you want for “how we got here” Ken, but once again we are misdirecting our anger and the responsibility from where it truly lies.

I wish I could have seen John and Ken’s faces during the interview. A lot of people have emailed me to say that I did a good job of staying composed. Had I seen Ken Rosenthal rolling his eyes and looking at me like I’m some sort of lower life form, staying composed might not have been so easy — and perhaps I would have said a few more things I wish I’d said…which, in hindsight, might not necessarily have been a positive.

So much has been made about my credibility and making claims that aren’t true. The problem is that, if you read my original article that started all this mess, I make no claims that aren’t true and make no accusations. I speculated.

And by the way, if you believe that speculation is a mortal sin, I’m not going to convince you of my viewpoint so you should probably just move along from blogs and the MSM, because the mainstreamers can walk around with their nose in the air, but they speculate too. And about steroids. And about specific players.

Go read these two articles, both of which were posted recently at ESPN. They have been emailed to me over and over the last 24 hours repeatedly and commented about on MSF, and both of which I’d read before all of this madness began:

Sure looks like speculation with a name attached to it to me, doesn’t it? And you can say that Bryant’s article includes quotes from Ortiz and provides a complete, balanced picture; but what about Simmons? He casts aspersions on Pedro and Ortiz, not to mention pretty much every other hitter on his beloved Boston Red Sox team that broke the curse.

And before you think I’m attacking Simmons, remember my point here. I think it’s a great article by Simmons and that every single iota and insinuation and speculative statement that he includes is warranted and within reason. I guess the difference is that he’s The Sports Guy and I’m the Mom’s Basement Guy so I’m not allowed to do the same thing.

Standards and integrity and balanced reported indeed MSM. Bravo.

I was attacked yesterday by many in the MSM for doing exactly what so many in the MSM do already. Yet, I don’t recall a whole lot of outrage when Simmons’ or Bryant’s articles came out.

And you know what? I don’t care. It is what it is and if there is one group of people that I truly am not concerned about how they view me or Midwest Sports Fans, it’s mainstream media members who have an inherent bias about bloggers and see us only a threat to them. My peers in the blogging community had my back yesterday, and nothing meant more to be than that.

What happened yesterday is a perfect illustration of one reason why the mainstream media finds itself in the troubling times it is in. There is absolutely a way for blogs and the MSM to co-exist, but the delicate balance between the two gets shaken every time the hard work that I and other bloggers do is cast aside as “cowardly” and “pathetic” and “irresponsible.” Well you know what else is cowardly, pathetic, and irresponsible? Making specific accusations, attacking, and calling people out publicly when you haven’t even read what they wrote or investigated what the supposedly said, or at least have a funny way of showing it if you did. And I’m not addressing any one person in particular here, but rather the entire group of people who have jumped on the bandwagon while forgetting to read the post that started all of this. Well here it is right here:

Feel free to go read it and tell me if this is what you take from it: “Until there’s proof to the contrary, shouldn’t all of us – from the traditional mainstream media to bloggers – be judicious about calling people cheaters?”

That is one of the final statements in the Inquirer article that took this story to the second level and led to the third level mushroom cloud that occurred when Raul Ibanez commented publicly about it.

To answer your question John, yes, we should be judicious about calling people cheaters. We should also be judicious about characterizing someone’s statements as calling someone a cheater when the reality is that the statements in question merely speculated that, like everyone else in his profession, he could be a cheater. There is a gigantic canyon of difference between the two, and I wish I’d been a little more on my toes during OTL and more effectively expressed this point.

At the end of the day, the point I just made is at the heart of why this story became what it did yesterday. I understand attacks on the Ibanez story because everyone is entitled to their opinion regarding the research, writing style, legitimacy of the speculation, etc. Without differing opinions, what the hell’s the point of blogging? But somehow I became the face the problem.

And really, that’s fine.

If anyone wanted me to kowtow yesterday or have a change of heart and start doubting what I wake up and do here every morning, it didn’t happen. Quite the contrary.

I have had Midwest Sports Fans for less than a year and work hard every day to build the site’s reputation among its peers, to build our readership, and to make sure that everything published on here is done so for the right reasons: because it’s genuine, heartfelt, compelling, informative, and thought-provoking. We don’t always hit on the last three despite our best efforts, but the first two have got to be there.

And I think that most bloggers, at least the ones I read, would tell you the same thing.

And when all is said and done, do we want to drive traffic, gain exposure, get a taste of what life in the MSM is like, come a little closer to our sports heroes, and — if we’re willing to really work at it — make a little money? You’re damn right we do. Every single one of us. And there is not a damn thing wrong with that in any way.

Find me someone who publishes their writing for public consumption and who tells you they don’t care about exposure or generating a reaction. I hear John Calipari is looking for a recruiting coordinator; said writer would be a perfect fit because their version of truth and honesty could unequivocally be questioned. (Damnit, there I go speculating again…)

Main idea time: Raul Ibanez is upset that his name got lumped in with the many, many people who have been specifically implicated in steroid use or actually tested positive. As I said yesterday, if all he heard was “some blogger accused you of using steroids” (which is what I’m beginning to think happened, though I don’t and can’t know for sure…so yes, I am SPECULATING…again!) then I understand him being upset. The problem is that I never accused him, and my post and my point have been bastardized and way over-simplified by people (I’m talking to you MSM) looking to capitalize on the “keyword richness” of the story.

So perhaps Raul Ibanez might be able understand why I’m a little upset too. Maybe, maybe not. At the end of the day, I guess it’s not really all that important.

But here is what is important, and it’s my final point this morning.

I’ve received a number of emails from supportive observers whom I appreciate. However, many of them have had made the following point, which I will paraphrase thusly: “Won’t be it great when Raul Ibanez tests positive for steroids!? You’ll be vindicated! I can’t wait!”

Let me be as clear as I possibly can be: I could not disagree more strongly with that sentiment.

Lost among the MSF vs Raul Ibanez battle that has played out all over the Internet for the past 24 hours, is that fact I like, admire, and respect Raul Ibanez. And I am rooting for him. If you made me bet my last $10 on whether or not he’s using steroids, I would say no he’s not. In fact, if I made a list of 10-20 baseball players that I “believe in” the most, he would be on that list. But the fact is that he plays Major League Baseball so I don’t believe totally in anyone and I would not be surprised if I never saw that $10 again either. Read a little more carefully if you think I’m indicting Raul Ibanez there. It seems like there is a much broader point being made to me.

Question the intentions of my post if you like, and many of you have and will continue to do so, but my goal was to find every reason I could to say “I am ruling out steroids as a reason for Raul Ibanez’s fast start because of the following objective statistical reasons…” Though I’ve since come across compelling reasons elsewhere that I did not originally consider, and that I’ve been genuinely excited to find, my initial analysis did not lead me to conclude that I personally could completely rule out at least considering the possibility of PEDs. And even with more information I still can’t totally rule it out in my own mind.

But I DO NOT want Raul Ibanez to test positive and I WILL NOT gain any sense of satisfaction if he ever does. I WANT to believe in baseball players again, and Raul Ibanez going down in such a way would further erode the trust that I and so many other baseball fans have lost. I’m glad Raul Ibanez defended himself strongly, and I support him wholeheartedly in any effort he wants to go to in an attempt to distance himself from PED speculation. If he wants to comment further, I’ll provide him an unedited forum on MSF in a heartbeat, regardless of what, if anything, he wants to say about me. If he takes a public drug test and it’s clean, I will post it here and promote it with the same focus and zeal that I promote any other piece of content on this site — and probably moreso.

I was backed into a corner yesterday and my words and thoughts have been made out to be something that they are not. But the corner that I started out in, and the corner I remain in, is Raul Ibanez’s corner. Does that sound incredibly ironic after the last 48 hours? You betcha. And you skeptical readers out there are free to speculate all you want about my intentions, my thoughts, my actions, my words, etc.

But if you want the truth, I just gave it to you.

Based on yesterday, the Rosenthalian skeptics out there may never read this far to find out the truth; but then again, their opinion really isn’t all that important anyway.

Thanks for reading to those of you who made it all the way here. As your reward, here are a few of my favorite takes on yesterday, starting out with my favorite one from Joe Posnanski (which includes some of the additional compelling statistical evidence I described above). Not all of these are completely in my defense, but all of these people at least showed me that they took the time to read and not just jump on the bandwagon with ill-informed perceptions:

There are many, many other good posts about this issue as well. I’ll try to get more links up to them at some point later. The final place I will direct you to is the On the DL Podcast that I participated in. Give it a listen and support Dan Levy, whose been one of MSF’s biggest supporters throughout the whole.

Thanks again to all of those who supported Midwest Sports Fans this week. And to my blogging peers, I just hope I made you proud and have represented our profession and our passion well. Above all, that’s been the most important thing to me during this entire overblown and unnecessary saga.

(Why do I get the feeling that somewhere right now Ken Rosenthal is rolling his eyes…?)

Update: Adding more great links as I find them:

– Ken Rosenthal photo credit: 215 Sports

– Raul Ibanez photo credit: We’re The Team to Beat via

About Jerod Morris

I love words. I write for Copyblogger and founded MSF, The Assembly Call, & Primility. I practice yoga, eat well, & strive for balance. I love life. Namaste. Say hi on Twitter, Facebook, & G+.


  1. “And before you think I’m attacking Simmons, remember my point here. I think it’s a great article by Simmons and that every single iota and insinuation and speculative statement that he includes is warranted and within reason. I guess the difference is that he’s The Sports Guy and I’m the Mom’s Basement Guy so I’m not allowed to do the same thing.”


    This is the exact same feeling that I got after reading your article. Your article was eloquent, well-researched, and purely speculative, never defamatory. You attempted to offer counterpoints, just as Simmons did, but it’s the Guy In the Mom’s Basement thing (and nothing else!) that sets you apart from his offering. As a result, your viewpoint was bastardized and looked down upon as nothing but speculative trash when it was anything but.

    I wrote on your previous response to the OTL interview to not defend yourself too much. You should be proud of what you wrote. It would not have illicitted such an overwhelming response unless what you wrote wasn’t incredibly feasible. The truth is, we live in a time where everything in Major League Baseball has to be questioned and should be questioned.

    On that note, I have to praise Ibanez for standing up for himself. The fact that he said (in like words), “Take my hair, my urine, my blood,” makes me believe in him and that everything he’s doing is natural.

    But, getting back to the point of your story, we still have memories of Rafael Palmiero wagging his finger…

    Keep it up, man.

  2. Think Blue Crew says:

    Maybe when Ken said “look where it got us now?” he couldn’t actually see the Philly Inquirer columnist’s face either. Otherwise, someone could’ve actually tipped him off and told him that the answer is right in front of him in another city.

  3. Colin Cowherd is in agreement with the everyone is fair game for speculation. You should call him, he is a Dallas guy isn’t he?? One point: The sensationalization isn’t anything in JRods first article but it is for the ridiculous jump in the 37 year-olds 2009 Home Run totals and pace. On pace for 57 HRs? Weighs 225 lbs this year, never been above 206 some odd lbs his whole career? Speculation is fair game in this climate, by bloggers, newspaper writers or TV sports shows.

  4. Simmons and Bryants articles were written after the fact of Manny testing positve. So there was actually speculation because of the events that transpired. Unlike your story which was based off a comment that some guy in your fantasy league sent you.

    Bryants article does not accuse Ortiz of doing steroids it simply brings to light the fact that baseball fans are quick to judge a player based on a small sample size. Much like you.

    He also spoke with David Oritz personally instead of just shooting off at the mouth about something that you know nothing about.

    I do not see one mention of an apology to the man who’s credibility you are attempting to tarnish. Get off your high horse and apologize. Deep down you have to know your wrong. Philadelphia Bar Lawyer Referral #215.238.6333. Call it you may need one.

  5. The commercial media is horrid. With that in mind, open speculation about a player by name, in print, is that much more unethical. Isn’t it?

    I’m not sure what’s more disturbing: the libel committed against Ibanez or complete lack of self-analysis of the author smacking of deranged narcissism.

  6. Simmons is ESPNs most popular draw and that company’s most popular writer as well, because he does exactly what you did here in writing an indepth piece on something no one else would touch. MSM writers are so boring, either they write a recap of the game which we probably watched anyway or they’re required to comment on someone elses work. Nothing new, nothing original, hardly anything interesting and well researched.

    Bravo on your original post, your follow up posts, and your epic OTL owning of Rosenthal. Anybody that read your work realizes you were the only person on that show that had actually read your piece. You could even tell the host though Rosenthal was making an ass of himself.

  7. Tyler George says:

    Amen Jerod, Amen

  8. “The commercial media is horrid” – Yes, I agree but I never want to get news from somebody on youtube who is just saying whatever they want. Blogging isn’t news, its just opinon. If you don’t like it don’t read it. If you don’t like the commercial media do something to make it better or ignore it.

    How can we re-gain our trust in MLB players if there is a witch-hunt (although started by the mainstream media) whenever a player performs better than expected? Yes MLB screwed up by allowing McGwire/Sosa/Bonds but I don’t think that means there should be speculation a player is on steorids for every player who does better than expected. I guess Jamie Moyer was on steroids last year when he won 16 games and had a 3.67 ERA at age 45 and is now off the roids this season or stopped cheating… In the 1920s was every baseball team who lost the world series accused on throwing it just because the White Sox did in 1919? Was every manager accused of gambling after Pete Rose did? I don’t think so, even though it would certainly have been “fair game”. It’s time to let it go when it comes to steroid speculation of certain players and instead go after Bud Selig, the player’s union, and MLB’s mishandling of steroids and other issues. The 90s and into the 00s were the steroids decade. We will never be sure who was, and who wasn’t using them so it’s time to move on. Yes trust have been eroded, but get over it and move forward to make sure this is prevented from happening again instead of whining about it. There probably will still be a few players who get caught for some sort of steroids but that is just the way life is, it isn’t fair. And anybody who is a baseball fan should know the game isn’t fair. Strikezones are different depending on each umpire and every stadium has different dimensions. This is completely different from football, hockey, and basketball, which have strict regulations on comparable things.

  9. I think you make a few terrific points. One, I know I have heard Raul Ibanez speculation from the mainstream media before your post blew up, from the MSM. And you’re dead-on. Papi’s name has been speculated with again and again and again by them, why wasn’t that a controversy?

    Two, without the media amplifying your post to a wider audience, only the core group of readers sees it and nothing more comes of it.

    Which ties into three, this was a MSM manufactured controversy. They probably squealed with glee when the keywords aligned. PED mention? Check. Player rebuttal? Check. Mainstream media vs. bloggers? Check. They knew this would be a hot story to ride for a few days in the middle of the week and jumped all over it.

    Hopefully when it all blows over you’ll find some benefit of being used by them and will have a higher readership anyway. Like you said, anyone who looked at this fairly will see it for what it is.

  10. Eric Haynes says:

    I’m posting this wherever I can:

    I take my position as a fan and with other fans like me.

    Wait, firstly let me say I’m a FORMER FAN of Baseball.

    Ok, here goes — The FANS are the one’s who’ve paid the price for all the cheating in baseball. How??Why?? Because they’re stealing the FANS MONEY! How can you root for your team when they’re not playing fair? When they’re lying to YOU? Even the one’s that got caught never completely owned up to the obvious..they lie and MINIMIZE their cheatin’ ways.

    Not once has Major League Baseball OR the MAJOR LEAGUE OWNERS OR the lying cheating Players EVER PAID the fans back for cheating. Sure, they’ll lie and cheat and STEAL your money but they won’t offer to pay ANYTHING back! No contrition, no “I’m sorry I cheated YOU” no offer of discounted seats. Actually, the more they cheat the more they smile and STEAL more from you. How about those $2500 seats at new stadiums? They jacked up the price just to see who’s another sucker again.

    How come I don’t get a refund for being DEFRAUDED?

    No matter how you slice it all these liars and thieves will continute to do so until the people paying their salaries (FANS) FIGHT BACK. That’s what I’m doing. I’m not going to give any more of my money to these A-holes. My son and I find plenty to do during these months and our lives are much better for it. Going to the movies (an absolute BARGAIN compared to 3 grueling hours at a “Major Fraud” ballpark. Going to the park, throwing the frisbee, fishing at the lake, miniature golf, amusement parks etc.

    Baseball, you want more of my money? I burned all my cheap memorbeglia and not one more dime goes to the MLB. No Fantasy league stuff, No autographed baseballs, no cheesy baseball cards, No Baseball on MY T.V. I think you’re hearing me–N A D A. You’ve fooled me TEN THOUSAND TIMES! I got robbed on this deal I tell you.

    My son (another EX-FAN of baseball) said it best the other day–”I’d rather be around people I can trust instead of wasting my time with any crooked baseball stuff”.

    Man I hate what baseball has done to their fans but I love this kid!



      • @KVB, “hiding on the internet”??? Let’s see…………….Lefty do you have a last name????? Please GO BACK UNDER the rock you craweled out from under. The world DOES NOT need more people that are involved with hate groups. I have to think that you are a Philly fan, and I am starting to believe what I have heard for years about you people. GOOD LORD get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • @Jordan, Chuck Mars made the hater web group on facebook. As Nate Davis says in a song “if you’re mad at the world and you hate your whole life DON’T SHOOT! You can always make a hater website!”

  12. Karl L. says:


    Didn’t see the original article until I happened on Joe’s piece on Iimmediately read your piece after completing his. I will say this first of all. While I am not a diehard Ibanez fan, I’ve always liked him for exactly what you and Joe describe him as being: a really good ball player who leaves it all on the field; my idea of a true professional ballplayer.

    Your article was actually very thought provoking and quite good. I did not in any way take out of it an attempt to smear a ball player. On the contrary, it was more of an indictment of major league baseball for perpetrating this fraud of the past decade on us fans, that we must be forced to speculate on one of the “good guys” when he’s playing lights out. It’s unfortunate but it’s the state of major league baseball, circa 2009.

    Don’t stop your writing. It is very good. I’ve never read a blog or heard of yours before today but you have gained a reader, and a supporter. Keep up the good work. And like you, I’m rooting for Raul, one of the good guys, who plays the game the right way. I will be incredibly saddened if he turns up to be anything other than what he appears. We need more of the good guys out there to get us to believe again. Like you said, if Mr. Ibanez wants to be upset about something, look at Rodriguez, Clemons, Giambi, Palmeiro, McGuire, Bonds, Sheffield, Ramirez, Tejada, Boone, et al., and blame them.

  13. Karl L. says:

    Final thought,

    Had the opportunity to see the OTL section. You handled yourself well. Guys like Rosenthal are one of the biggest problems. Lecturing you about being a “professional” when it’s clowns like him who carried the water for baseball for years instead of investigating steroids, is ridiculous. Your point about not seeing the article in total was understated but excellent. Keep up the good work.

  14. radiowxman says:

    I’m a journalist who is marrying a journalist. We both have fancy-pants journalism degrees from fancy-pants j-schools (hers is better than mine, but I digress).

    I am embarrassed by my so-called colleagues and their feigned outrage over this story.

    Personally, I hate unsubstantiated rumor mongering, but unfortunately (thanks to the lack of action by the MLB and the news media), speculating about PED use in baseball is here for a while.

    I would just like my colleagues in the sainted, anointed “mainstream” media to remember these bright spots in our profession:

    — Jayson Blair, an unqualified New York Times reporter faking stories left and right with management too scared to fire him.
    — A Boston Globe reporter faking a story then winning a Pulitzer.
    — Dan Rather getting fooled by a Microsoft Word doc allegedly written in 1972
    — The aforementioned NYT intimating that presidential candidate John McCain was having an affair with a staffer.
    — A San Fran Giants beat reporter watching games at home and then filing stories pretending he was at Pac Bell.

    And that’s just off the top of my head. The non-blogging media has their fair share of unsubstantiated rumor mongering. Just do a search of your local paper and see how many times “a top staffer/aide/official who spoke to us anonymously” pops up.

    Instead of beating you up for a reasonable, interesting post that adds to the discussion, Ken Rosenthal and the rest should look in the mirror. I truly think this backlash is more out of frustration that the Internet is “stealing” jobs that were once part of their own little fiefdom.

    Keep it up.

  15. Lee Yunker says:

    I think a lot of people are missing the absolute truths that are apparent in the whole topic of “Does Raul Ibanez use steroids?”

    1) Mr. Ibanez play baseball in the MLB. He is paid well to perform at his job. MLB is watched by millions of fans. Part of the job you have to accept as a MLB player is constant attention, whether that be praise or scrutiny, from fans. The “information tunnel” fans use are the multiple outlets of media. If you can not handle the scrutiny, you should quit playing MLB and get a normal job like everyone else!!! This will allow you to hide from any mass judgment laid down upon you. What’s the saying…..”If you can’t stand the heat, get the hell out the kitchen”.

    2) Steroids is the hot topic that consumes most of MLB right now. There have been multiple players that have been questioned about steroid use multiple times. This is not going to stop until we go a decent period of time without someone testing positive or admitting use. Believing that you shouldn’t and/or won’t get questioned about performance enhancing drugs as a MLB player in our present time is naive.

    3) The blog JRod posted was basically a breakdown trying to explain why Raul Ibanez’s overall numbers for 2009 are bigger than his career averages. Not at one point does he claim Mr. Ibanez is a steroid user. All he was doing was covering all possibilities of the boost in Mr. Ibanez’s numbers. The only reason this mushroomed is because John Gonzales turned a “fantasy baseball case study” into a “worthless blogger taking shots at a MLB player”. If he wouldn’t have written the article, Mr. Ibanez would have probably never found out about it and everything that stemmed from it would be a moot point right now.

    To me it’s a basic concept. You get paid handsomely as a MLB player compared to the “Average Joe’s salary”. This even includes the minimum salary players. People are going to talk about performance enhancing drugs in MLB because they have scarred the game. Bitching and moaning about a blog posted that included your name and steroids in it is ludicrous. That’s like myself getting angry over the mailman telling a neighbor of mine he doesn’t like how my mailbox works.

    Raul Ibanez, concentrate on maintaining your current numbers. And if you can’t live with that, kick it to the clinic and get tested yourself. Than post the results on your web page with the caption. “Now What!”.

    John Gonzales, are you really that hard up for stories. You resorted to taking a bloggers fantasy baseball findings and turning them into a “you have to be more responsible when reporting” piece. He’s a blogger for God sakes.

    Ken Rosenthal, I hope the interview on “Outside the Lines” doesn’t come back to bite you in the ass. I hope that those comments you stated weren’t hypocritical. You better have given as much hell to Selena Roberts as you did to JRod. Didn’t she write an article divulging information in records that were sealed by a court of law? Just want to make sure your shelling out the ethics/morality beat down fairly and to all that deserve it.

  16. As a Philadelphian and Phils fan, let me apologize for that jerk Lefty up there. Yes, we over here on the east coast did get a bit piqued -without- reading your blog. We got tidbits that were tantamount to “that blogger did everything but say Raul was juicing”. It went really nuts when the local radio sports stations ran with it.

    So, I went and read your original post. Pretty fair. You probably don’t know this, not watching the Phils daily (not busting on you, you don’t live here), but a couple of guys who have come to the Phils since they opened Citizen’s Bank and got Manuel have had a remarked improvement. Brad Lidge for instance, and I don’t think Werth was really ever known for his defense before he got here. I hope you can see why we got a bit upset.

    I see your reasoning, so I can’t bash you, nor do I hold any animosity against you. You had the bad luck of picking a very popular athlete in Philly, a city known for being nuts about sports. I also hope that Raul never tests positive for PEDs, for I would be very disappointed. Anyway, don’t let this whole foofaraw get you down, it’ll pass, and you can say you made national headlines!

    Take care,

    Crazy Philly Fan

  17. I think all of you, bloggers and msm are lucky to be feeding urselves from pro sports

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