Sports World Roundup: Zimmerman’s Hit Streak, Tim Floyd is Pete Bell, and Thoughts on Big Papi

So I’ve been away for a little while, but luckily guys like Matt and AJ have been coming through with solid new content. As things settle down in my world outside MSF I should be able to settle back into my twice or thrice daily posting — at least, that’s the hope.

Anyway, as I sat down today to figure out what to write about, I realized there were tons of stories that have happened recently that I haven’t been able to cover. So instead of picking one or two for the day, I just decided to start a new regular featureRyan Zimmerman 30-Game Hit Streak on MSF: Sports World Roundup. Basically it’ll be like Link of the Day, but with me offering a few thoughts about the link and story.

So there you go, as many as I can get to before I have to hop on a conference call.

Onto the news:

Ryan Zimmerman has a 30-game hit streak — (

It would be great to see someone actually make a legit run at DiMaggio’s 56, but the media scrutiny and all around pressure probably makes it next to impossible. He’s barely halfway there and MLB Network and ESPN will probably already be breaking to cover his ABs live.

Good point on the radio this morning though: Zimmerman is the guy to make a run, if anybody will. He’s a free-swinger who doesn’t strike out much and walks rarely. If he can get extraordinarily lucky, I suppose he has a chance. I’d just like to see him take into the high 30s or 40s to add a little excitement to a pretty slow part of the baseball season.

USC Head Coach Tim Floyd Paid $1K to Handler for OJ Mayo — (Yahoo! Sports)

Please, please, please tell me you are not surprised by this.

First off, this story has been percolating for a while, so this is just the next big headline in its natural progression. Second, it’s college basketball, where no amount of sleaziness or rule-breaking should ever Tim Floyd Paid $1K to Oj Mayo Handler - Pete Bellsurprise you. Third, it’s Tim Floyd, who looks a hell of a lot like Nick Nolte’s Pete Bell in the picture included in the Yahoo! article (and spliced to the right). And if Pete Bell taught us one thing in Blue Chips it is this: college basketball is all about MONEY….GODDAMN MONEY!

But, if you are somehow surprised by this story, I’ve got excellent oceanfront property in Bloomington to show you…

David Ortiz Distances Himself from Manny — (Rumors and Rants)

I’m not a Red Sox fan — in fact, far from it — but I’ve always like David Ortiz. He’s been a complete badass for a long time, the anti-ARod in the clutch, and his personality is engaging, energetic, and great for the game. I also think he was a steroid user and that his incredible ascent to superstardom and quick regression can, in some way, be attributed to the use of PEDs. Let me be clear: I have ZERO proof of this, nor does anyone else. But even baseball players I really like get no benefit of the doubt from me anymore. It is what it is.

That’s why the R&R take on Ortiz’s recent comments was something I found interesting and that I agree with. Ortiz has been trying to distance himself from PED talk for a while; and who knows, maybe he really is clean. But it just seems disingenuous to me, and I’m sick of baseball players continuing to think they should just lie, lie, lie and deny, deny, deny. Maybe Papi is legit…and if so, you can add my refusal to believe him to the list of reasons why I’m pissed off about steroids in baseball.

MoonDog has a good idea: let Jack Bauer take care of the steroid offenders.

Random thought: Peter Angelos, the inept owner of the Orioles, is really weird looking. He was also named the worst owner in baseball by Read more.

And I just saw that Derek Jeter is day-to-day, meaning I need to go make a last minute adjustment to my (first place!) fantasy baseball roster. Have a great day everyone. Be back later.

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