Take a Picture of the Best Team in The NBA: the Cavaliers Cavaliers

Going into Wednesday night’s game, the Cleveland Cavaliers sit atop the NBA with the league’s best record at 57-13. Before their last game they paused and took a team picture.

Well LeBron took it actually. Only he didn’t use a camera.

You wouldn’t really have heard all that much about it, if the Big Twitter-er didn’t get into the act in response, with a bowling episode of his own recently. It was funny. Shaq’s great, and I hope he does something again. But while this story is sure to be played up with the who-will-out-do-who next tagline, what shouldn’t be lost here is something telling about LeBron James, and his Cleveland Cavaliers: this Cavaliers team has a chemistry level that is unmatched in the NBA, and that was on display in this photo opp.

Cleveland Cavaliers Team Photo

I don’t see how there could be a team in the NBA that genuinely pulls for, and likes each other more than the Cavaliers do, and that is a lot of times the difference between winning it all and falling short. LeBron James knows that, and that is why his Cavaliers have the noted camaraderie that they do.

What I don’t think LeBron gets enough credit for is being a superstar that creates chemistry. Beyond the fact that he makes people better on the floor….beyond the fact that he took a team with players like Damon Jones, Eric Snow, Donyell Marshall, and Larry Hughes to the NBA Finals…beyond the fact that he is a triple double waiting to happen every night…LeBron James is a guy that players gravitate towards.

They want to succeed for him, and he wants them to succeed.

I know that sounds corny, but it’s true. And as the NBA season winds down, this is something that seperates a LeBron James from other MVP candidates, specifically Kobe Bryant. Sure Kobe might be able to hit the mid-range jumper with more consistency than LeBron James at this point in his career, but you won’t see Kobe taking a team filled with stiffs to the NBA Finals. You didn’t see Kobe falling over like a bowling pin when he played with Shaq, and you won’t see Kobe getting the fellas together for a mock team picture either.

Kobe’s great, no doubt, but whiles he’s got three rings, he doesn’t have any without the Big PBAer.

Here’s hoping LeBrong gets one before Kobe completes that solo mission, and it happens this June. That team photo will be even better.

Cavs team photo courtesy of David Liam Kyle/Getty Images

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  1. I agree wholeheartedly. LeBron just seems to have a magnetic personality and an ability to be down to earth and “one of the guys” despite being one of the most famous people on the planet. I think that’s why so many people want to see him stay in Cleveland; it’s his home and it really seems to keep him grounded. He might lose some of that if he heads off to NYC.

    Either way, I think he is more valuable than Kobe. One-on-one, skill-for-skill, Kobe might be a better all around player. But add in leadership and intangibles and I think LeBron is more valuable to an organization.

  2. J.D. Shaver says:

    JRod – Good points, I couldn’t agree more with you.

  3. Ronstopable says:

    Does anyone know what kind of shoes Delonte West has on???

  4. 2. Hope to see more of your work soon.


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