Button Maker Madness: Funny Sports Buttons Make the Games More Fun

I need a quick break from March Madness posts, and a little light comic relief in the middle of fun but busy day at work. Thus, we are going step through our sports portal here at MSF into the world of buttons.

Buttons, you ask? What do buttons or a button maker have to do with sports?

Well, quite a bit actually — if you are sports-obsessed, creative, open-minded, and have a good sense of humor.

The genesis of this post actually came from a sports button I saw this past weekend. I was out on Saturday in downtown Dallas, the same night that Texas was taking on Duke in the second round of the NCAA Tournament. Button Maker | Sports Buttons Now, as you might imagine, there is a pretty large contingent of Longhorns fans here in Big D, and they were out in full force on Saturday supporting their team. One such person, in the midst of head-to-toe burnt orange apparel, was wearing the button you see pictured to the right.

I was actually surprised to find a picture of it online. I figured he might have made it himself, but it looks like he ordered it — meaning there are probably plenty more krzyzewski krzucks buttons floating around (especially in Chapel Hill, no doubt).

But it got me thinking (dangerous, I know), what a great idea. Making positive buttons in support of your team or, what would be even more fun, making derogatory but funny buttons about the opposition or your rival. The possibilities are literally endless…but we’ll get to that in a second.

I looked around online for a bit to find some places where you can buy funny sports buttons. There were a few, but certainly the overall selection was limited.

What if, as an IU fan, I want to make fun of Matt Painter and the plaid-clad Paint Crew in West Lafayette? (I know that they wear black during games, but go to West Lafayette some time. Plaid as far as the eye can see.) How about a button that says Purdue basketball: 2009 Sweet 16 participants — Still Zero Banners or something like that. I couldn’t find one.

What if, as a White Sox fan, I want to call out the Chicago Cubs for over 100 years of futility? Curses are made to be broken — except in Wrigley. 100+ years and counting! I couldn’t find anything like that one either.

No, if you wanted to really get creative and go custom you’d have to do it yourself. The nice thing is, it does not seem like it would be all that hard to make some buttons.

Do a google search for “button machine” and there are 69 million results. Damn. Not wanting to spend too much time researching button machine products this post, I just clicked on the first one: American Button Machines. (It could be different for you…Google and their tricky geotargeting!) So let’s say I wanted to start my own little sports button making operation. What would it put me out to get started, as cheaply as humanly possible?

It appears that there are all different sizes of machines — 1 inch button machines all the way to a 3.5 inch button machines. I’m thinking 1″ would be a little too small for a sports button to be readable and have impact, but 3.5″ might be overkill. Conservatively, and hoping it was less expensive, I went with the 2.25 inch button machine. From the looks of it, you can buy just the button machine, a beginner button system, and a professional button system. I am certainly not a professional, but I have no other supplies on hand for button making. Thus, I clicked through to the beginner button system.

And here’s what I get:

  • Free shipping (Whoo-hoo! More money for beer, err…flowers for my girlfriend I mean.)
  • Free design CDs (Whoo-hoo! Free! Don’t know if I’d use ’em, since the whole purpose would be for me to make my own button designs, but hey, it’s free!)
  • 2.25 inch professional button maker
  • All the necessary button supplies to make 250 buttons
  • An adjustable circle cutter
  • Instructions
  • Price: $339.95

Not too shabby. Comes out to about $1.36 per button if I only make 250. The way I look at it, if someone was selling the buttons I described above, I’d easily pay $2-$3 for one. (Hmm…perhaps a business idea? Anyone want Midwest Sports Fans buttons to show off your love for our modest little piece of the sports blogosphere?) And if I want to make more buttons, I’d just have to dole out a little more cash for the supplies, but I’d have everything else.button maker | sports buttons

So getting everything together to make the sports buttons would be pretty easy. Then it would just be all about coming up with funny ideas. And all that would really involve is grabbing a 24-pack of High Life and a handle of Jack, rounding up KVB and Ryan Russell (you remember them right? From when they used to post? Jackasses…) and then throwing ideas back and forth.

In fact, I bet I know what Russell’s very first button would be, and you can see it over there to the right. I found that one during my half hour scouring the Internet to see if there were any other funny sports buttons out there like krzyzewski krzucks. It clearly shows that Jesus holds the city of Pittsburgh in the same regard as people from Cleveland do.

button maker | sports button

Of course, Cleveland haters (and to be more specific, Browns haters) certainly can get their licks in as well as you can see to the left. Just in case the text is too small for you to read get glasses or a higher resolution web browser it says: “The only bowl the Browns will ever be in.”

Very freaking funny. But, as you can see, I am even willing to display ideas for sports buttons that disparage my own team.

And at the end of the day, that’s the beauty of it: sports buttons are another avenue for trash talk. Sure, you can make a “Go Browns!” button or something else positive and generic like that. But one of the best parts about sports is the endless banter and trash talk between friends of opposing teams. Wouldn’t it be fun, as a Browns fan, to sneak into one of your Steelers fan friend’s closets and pin a “Pittsburgh sucks” button on his most dapper dress coat? A couple weeks later you’d get a random phone call from your friend on the way to a work event cussing you out…and then you’d laugh about it over beers later.

If you need a little more help revving up the creative, trash-talking juices, below are some other funny sports buttons I found floating around on the web. There are a bunch of different places where you can buy these. Just do a little googling and I’m sure you’ll find out pretty easily. But don’t copy these, since that would be totally lame. Instead, refuse to be reined in by the limits of what is available and buy your own button maker. (And for the record, it doesn’t make a difference to me one way or the other to be who you buy it from, but hopefully the links out to American Button Machines help. Hey…they’re first in Google. They must be good, right?)

Other sports button ideas:

Show some love for our buddies over at Waiting For Next Year with a button like the one below (which, incidentally, is not from from their site, but very well could be.)

sports buttons | button maker

Are you a White Sox fan? What better way to show it off than with one of Hawk Harrelson‘s greatest catch phrases ever — “He Gone!”

button maker - sports buttons

And even better for a White Sox, a sports button that explicitly calls out Cubs fans for being exactly what they are: worse than hookers:

button maker - sports buttons

Feel like showing your kinship with Roger Clemens and all of the other cheating liars in baseball? A sports button like the one below would do just that.

sports buttons - button maker

Not a fan of students in East Lansing? Call them out with a button like this one (or make up your own and substitute in your rival school):

button maker - sports buttons

Cleveland Cavaliers fans, want to show off one of the most popular reasons for why LeBron should be the MVP over Kobe? I think this button pretty much says it all:

sports buttons - button maker

Okay, so you know that guy in college who thought he was cool because he was really good at beer pong?

And he and his best friend took to calling themselves “Team Diablo” because an exasperated and frustrated drunk dude one night said “How did you guys get so good? It’s like you made a deal with the devil!” after losing again and again?

Yeah, well being good at beer pong is meaningless and that guy was a complete tool. So give him the button below to mock him. He’ll think you mean it, but you’ll know the truth.

(By the way, and this is totally unrelated to this button description, but no one who knew me from college is allowed to comment on this post.)

sports buttons - button maker

The button below I am just posting because I saw it and I cannot imagine why anyone would wear it. Unless you’re ARod. For some reason he seems like the kind of guy that would pee in the pool. Anyone else think this?

sports button - button maker

And finally, the funniest sports button I found while perusing the web. And I post this one as an homage to KVB, who probably had something similar in mind when designing one of the logos for Flash Sports Tonight.

sports buttons | button maker

So there you have it — the fruits of my procrastination from work and desire to post something completely unrelated to March Madness.

Now the only question is, what are you going to put on your sports buttons? The comment section is wide open for ideas.

Who knows — I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to get the button maker system, but if I do maybe we’ll have a little content to see who can come up with the best sports button ideas.

And of course, the funnier and more trash talk-related the better.

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