Twins Looking to ‘Trade’, Delmon Young’s Name Resurfaces

What’s going on in Twins camp?Twins Looking to Trade Delmon Young?

Let’s take a look at the action these last few months…

Nov 13th – Looking to deal Delmon Young
Nov 15th – Twins in on Blake
Dec 3rd – Twins front runner for Blake
Dec 6th – Twins out on Blake
Dec 11th – Beltre adds Twins to No-Trade Clause
Dec 14th – Twins interested in Wigginton
Dec 17th – Twins out on Wigginton
Dec 22nd – Twins in on Lyon (Delmon Young rumors fade)
Jan 9th – Twins in on Crede
Jan 9th – Twins out on Crede
Jan 15th – Twins in on Gagne
Jan 16th – Twins in heavy pursuit of Gagne, Lyon
Jan 19th – Twins closing in on Gagne
Jan 22nd – Twins in on Crede (again)
Jan 23rd – Crede, Gagne talks held up
Jan 24th – Twins out on Lyon (signs with Tigers)
Jan 28th – Twins out on Gagne
Jan 29th – Twins don’t offer Crede contract, other teams do, ‘remain interested’
Jan 29th – Twins looking to ‘trade’ for RP
Jan 29th – Twins in on Luis Ayala
Jan 31st – Twins looking to trade Delmon Young

The Twins appear to be as fickle as a 4-year old girl, but from the sequence of events it looks like there’s been a recent shift in focus from free agency towards filling our needs via trade. Whether we couldn’t find the right fit for the right price in free agency, or we’re just being typical Twins ‘cheap’, it seems like everything under the sun has fallen through via free agency (with the exception of Joe Crede, and that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere fast). This of course has lead to new rumors about Delmon Young’s status as a Twin…

Again, I really think we’d be selling Delmon very low.

But if we’re dead set on trading Delmon Young and we packaged him with a few pitching prospects, we should be able to acquire some pretty good talent. Could a J.J. Hardy be thrown back into the mix? Could Adrian Beltre talks be resurfacing here in a few weeks? What else could the Twins have up there sleeves?

Honestly, who knows. But the constant in and out of players, coupled with Young’s name resurfacing again, and that we are looking to ‘trade’ for talent, makes me think that we actually may be looking to move Delmon Young for 3B and RP help. Maybe his no-show at TwinsFest on Friday and Saturday was the last straw for Gardy and Co.

If we had to trade him, let’s really hope we get some value.

It’s also interesting to see how quickly Gagne’s name fell off after we were in hot pursuit of him for weeks…maybe the Twins just wanted to practice their negotiation skills with Scott Boras in preparation for Joe Crede…

Luis Ayala to the Twins?Luis Ayala’s name has surfaced after Gagne, Lyon, and Springer’s names were cut from the Twins’ wishlist. Ayala actually put up really solid numbers throughout his career until last season.

A big red flag is that he underwent Tommy John surgery in 2006. He came back to finish strong in 2007 with a 3.19 ERA in 40+ appearances; however, last season he tallied a 5.71 ERA. Maybe last year was a combination of age, a heavier workload, and his Tommy John surgery, but whatever it was, we would probably be able to get him at a pretty cheap price. This would be another classic Twins signing: a risky player with upside potential that we could sign fairly cheaply.

In other news:

The White Sox are reportedly done with free agency.

The Tigers signed Brandon Lyon to be their closer. Lyon was in the mix to be a Twin for some time but decided that he wanted to fill the role as a team’s closer, something Minnesota would not have him do. This could be good news for the rest of the AL Central as Lyon’s numbers as a closer were horrific.

The Tigers also could be looking to deal some of their starting pitching, which makes sense. With Verlander, Bonderman, Galarraga, Jackson, Robertson, Willis, and Miner, they are certainly overstaffed. It’ll be interesting to see what they can get, because most of these guys would be sold low after last season.

The Indians were one of nine teams in attendance for Kris Benson’s work out.

The Royals gave Zack Greinke a four year extension.


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