Terry Glenn Busted – What Is It With Ex-Ohio State WRs?

Terry Glenn Arrested - History of Trouble for Ohio State WRsAccording to Richie Whitt of the Sportatorium (via PFT), former Dallas Cowboy and Ohio State alum Terry Glenn was busted last week at a hotel for public intox and marijuana possession. Reportedly, Glenn was also seen roaming the halls of the hotel naked.

This marks the third arrest of the wide receiver that Bill Parcells famously referred to as “she”. Glenn was also arrested for public intox in 2005 — an arrest that occurred after officers spotted him taking a leak behind a fast food restuarant. In 2001, Terry Glenn was arrested for assault the mother of this son.

The continued legal troubles of Terry Glenn begs the question: What is it with ex-Ohio State WRs?

Let’s rundown the litany of issues faced by pass catchers who went to THE Ohio State University:

Terry Glenn

  • See above

Ray Small

Santonio Holmes

Brian Hartline

  • Suspected of DFDUI (Declaring for Draft Under the Influence…of something) for going pro despite having a terrible junior season and being a white WR.

David Boston

Cris Carter

  • Suspended for senior season at Ohio State after signing with sports agent Norby Walters;
  • Flunked three drugs tests in Philadelphia while battling addictions to alcohol and cocaine (but to his credit, overcame the problems, became an ordained minister, and has helped countless others fight their own problems).

Ken-Yon Rambo

That is a lot of trouble for players from one position of one school. So I guess, when we look at the history of Ohio State WRs, or really just Ohio State football players in general (considering Maurice Clarret and Alex Boone as additional examples), Terry Glenn’s recent arrest isn’t really all that surprising.

The moral of the story: Ohio State WRs appear to be as bad at running away from the cops and trouble as they are at getting separation from SEC DBs.

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  1. Idiotic. You could put a list together like this for pretty much any college in the NCAA.

    • @Chris, not sure I understand. What is idiotic? Ohio State WRs or the list?

      I am sure you could put together a pretty hefty list of troublemakers from every university. I would love to see one that details players from one position at one college that is as hefty as this one. Seriously…I will post it if you come up with one. There very well may be. But Terry Glenn getting arrested reminded me of all the other troublemakers to catch passes at OSU. It was too easy to pass up.

      • you can go ahead and talk about the 26 arrest at the university of florida if u would like. or even the problems that usc is having. fact of the matter is your out to try to prove some point against the ohio state football team. and you basically made yourself look like an idiot!

  2. Look, it’s a semi-funny poke at Ohio State but the fact is that you could probably dig up a bunch of crap on any position at any school give the 22 year time frame you gave. Only 4 of the guys on that list have actually had legal troubles, two of them were single and fairly minor incidents. If you start lumping things like upset parents, bad decisions regarding the draft, social vices, etc into a list then compiling another like it wouldn’t take that long.

    • @Victor, point granted. I certainly am not saying that Ohio State’s WRs are historically the worst and most delinquent set of players in college football history. I was just merely pointing out that a lot of them have gotten into trouble or had controversy surrounding them. As I said above, I’m sure you very well could find similar lists of other positions at other schools. Many of Ohio State’s guys just happen to be high profile and recent like Glenn, Holmes, and Boston.

  3. You forgot the greatest buckeye of all. He was not a WR, but received all of the charges you could throw at someone. Maurice Clarett!!!!

    Go Blue!!!!

  4. Marijuana laws are pretty backwards and don’t warrant arrests in any of these situations. An amendment should be added after some of the recent news. For example, if you have 14 career olympic gold medals or have a super bowl MVP you should be allowed to hit the pipe legally.


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