Joe Crede To Sign With Minnesota | Juan Cruz Deal Looming

The Minnesota Twins have done it.

Reports indicate that the Minnesota Twins have inked a deal with All-Star third basemen Joe Crede. Given that he can stay healthy, Crede provides stability at a position that has been an anomaly for the Twins since the days of Corey Koskie. There have been plenty of debates about whether the Twins should sign the former White Sox third basemen to a deal given his health problems, but no one has doubted the upgrade that he provides when healthy.

LaVelle Neal also reports that Minnesota is preparing to do a sign and trade with Arizona for reliever Juan Cruz, speculating that it could happen within the next 24 hours. Maybe Boof Bonser’s shoulder is worse than management thought. It’ll be interesting to see what names get tossed on the table to get Cruz.

I don’t know what you guys did with the Minnesota Twins front office, but I’m loving it.


Quick preview of the new batting order with the addition of Crede:





Of course, the Twins are going to have to make some decisions on their 40-man shortly, but I think that Twins Nation will be more than willing to have to make those choices given the circumstance.

It’s a great evening to be a Twins fan!


  1. As you know, having faced him now for nearly a decade, Joe Crede is a really solid and underappreciated player. Assuming that his back is okay, is one of the more underrated defensive third baseman in the game. He is prone to droughts at the plate, and will never hit for a high average, but can provide good protection for Mauer and Morneau because he is a tall, skinny, white guy (like they are) and has enough pop in his bat to always be a threat.

    Joe came up with the Sox so it is hard to see him go, especially since we will now have to face him in the same division; but hopefully he does well. Just not against the Sox. Good move for the Twins. He’s a scrappy player and will fit right in.

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