College Basketball TV Schedule and Point Spreads: January 22-28

College Basketball TV Schedule - Point Spreads | January 22-28The college basketball season is kicking into high gear as we get into the heart of conference play. With the NFL down to its final game, college football over, and baseball still a couple of months away from meaningful games, college basketball takes center stage over the next two months.

As we did during the college football season, we will now start bringing you weekly updates of the college basketball TV schedule, complete with point spread listings for the games that will be on TV. The spreads don’t go up until the night before/day of the games, so we’ll update this post each morning with the spreads. If we’re a little late though, and you want to see if the spreads are up, head on over to our friends at DocSports for the latest and most up-to-date College Basketball odds. You can also get their College Basketball Picks if you are so inclined. (You know my thoughts on the matter: sports are way too unpredictable for me to ever think I could effectively make money betting on them; and I love watching them enough to not need money on the line. But if that’s your thing, we’ll throw some resources your way to help out.)

As for the schedule, I want to give a big shout-out to the guys over at It is definitely one of the most comprehensive college basketball sites on the net, and a great stop for the latest news and notes from around the nation.

Lots of interesting games this week, and many that will have a huge impact on the top of the conference standings. Purdue-Minnesota, Baylor-Oklahoma, Notre Dame-UCONN, Syracuse-Louisville, Duke-Wake Forest, just to name a few.

Without further adieu, the college basketball TV schedule and point spreads for January 22-28 is below. Have a great week watching college basketball.

College Basketball TV Schedule and Point Spreads | January 22-28

Date Game Time TV Point Spread
Thu. 1/22 Seton Hall vs Providence 7:00 ESPNU Prov. -1.5
Thu. 1/22 Purdue vs Minnesota 7:00 ESPN/ESPN2 Purdue -1.5
Thu. 1/22 Saint Louis v Temple 8:00 CBS CSN Temple -12.5
Thu. 1/22 St. John's v Cincinnati 9:00 ESPNU St. John's -1.5
Thu. 1/22 UCLA v Washington State 9:00 FSN UCLA -5.5
Thu. 1/22 Saint Mary's v San Diego 9:00 ESPN2 St. Mary's -4.5
Thu. 1/22 USC v Washington 11:00 FSN Wash. -6.5
Thu. 1/22 Portland v Loyola Marymount 11:00 ESPNU Portland -10.5
Fri. 1/23 Canisius v Marist 8:00 ESPNU  
Fri. 1/23 Cleveland St. v Youngstown St. 9:00 ESPNU  
Fri. 1/23 San Francisco v Santa Clara 11:00 ESPNU  
Sat. 1/24 South Florida v Villanova 12:00 Big East Network  
Sat. 1/24 Maryland v Duke 12:00 ESPN  
Sat. 1/24 Auburn v Arkansas 1:00 Raycom  
Sat. 1/24 Kansas v Iowa State 1:00 ESPN  
Sat. 1/24 Marquette v DePaul 2:00 ESPN2  
Sat. 1/24 American v Holy Cross 2:00 ESPNU  
Sat. 1/24 NC St. v Boston College 2:00 Raycom  
Sat. 1/24 Kentucky v Alabama 3:00 Raycom  
Sat. 1/24 Memphis v Tennessee 3:30 CBS  
Sat. 1/24 Baylor v Oklahoma 4:00 ESPNU  
Sat. 1/24 Wisconsin v Illinois 4:00 ESPN  
Sat. 1/24 UCLA v Washington 4:00 FSN  
Sat. 1/24 Utah v UNLV 4:00 Versus  
Sat. 1/24 East Carolina v SMU 5:00 CBS CSN  
Sat. 1/24 Charlotte v Temple 6:00 ESPNU  
Sat. 1/24 Iowa v Penn State 6:00 Big Ten Network  
Sat. 1/24 Western Kentucky v Denver 6:00 FSN  
Sat. 1/24 Colorado St. v Wyoming 6:00 The Mtn.  
Sat. 1/24 Mississippi St. v Georgia 6:00 ESPN2  
Sat. 1/24 Notre Dame v UCONN 7:00 ESPN  
Sat. 1/24 Xavier v LSU 8:00 ESPN2  
Sat. 1/24 Texas A&M v Texas 8:00 ESPNU  
Sat. 1/24 Northwestern v Michigan 8:00 Big Ten Network  
Sat. 1/24 Ole Miss v South Carolina 8:00 FSN  
Sat. 1/24 San Diego St. v BYU 9:00 The Mtn.  
Sat. 1/24 UC Santa Barbara v Pacific 10:00 ESPNU  
Sat. 1/24 UC Riverside v Long Beach St. 10:00 FSN Prime  
Sun. 1/25 Syracuse v Louisville 12:00 Big East Network Syr -1.5
Sun. 1/25 Minnesota v Indiana 12:00 Big Ten Network Minn -8.5
Sun. 1/25 Navy v Army 12:00 ESPNU  
Sun. 1/25 Florida v Vanderbilt 1:30 CBS UF -1.5
Sun. 1/25 Northern Colorado v Montana 2:00 ESPN GP Mon. -4.5
Sun. 1/25 Michigan State v Ohio State 3:45 CBS MSU -3.5
Sun. 1/25 Virginia Tech v Miami (FL) 5:30 FSN UM -6.5
Sun. 1/25 Northern Iowa v Missouri St. 7:00 ESPNU M St. -1.5
Sun. 1/25 Georgia Tech v Clemson 7:45 FSN Clem -12.5
Mon. 1/26 Prairie View A&M v Arkansas-PB 6:30 ESPNU  
Mon. 1/26 Notre Dame v Marquette 7:00 ESPN  
Mon. 1/26 Oklahoma v Oklahoma State 9:00 ESPN  
Tue. 1/27 Kentucky v Ole Miss 7:00 ESPN  
Tue. 1/27 Miami (FL) v NC State 7:00 ESPNU  
Tue. 1/27 Boston College v Maryland 7:30 ESPN2  
Tue. 1/27 Air Force v Wyoming 8:00 The Mtn.  
Tue. 1/27 Purdue v Wisconsin 9:00 ESPN  
Tue. 1/27 BYU v Utah 10:00 The Mtn.  
Wed. 1/28 Michigan v Ohio State 6:30 BTN OSU -4.5
Wed. 1/28 Villanova v Pittsburgh 7:00 ESPNU Pitt -3.5
Wed. 1/28 Duke v Wake Forest 7:00 ESPN Duke -1.5
Wed. 1/28 Kansas v Nebraska 7:30 ESPN2 KU -4.5
Wed. 1/28 Cincinnati v Georgetown 7:30 ESPN360 GT -5.5
Wed. 1/28 Georgia v Florida 8:00 Raycom UF -16.5
Wed. 1/28 LSU v Tennessee 8:00 Raycom Tenn -7.5
Wed. 1/27 Indiana v Northwestern 8:30 BTN NW -13.5
Wed. 1/28 Texas Tech v Texas A&M 9:00 ESPNU TAM -8.5
Wed. 1/28 North Carolina v Florida St. 9:00 Raycom UNC -12.5
Wed. 1/28 Colorado St. v New Mexico 9:30 The Mtn. UNM -17.5
Wed. 1/28 TCU v San Diego St. 10:00 CBS CSN SDSU -12.5
  *CBS CSN - CBS College Sports Network      
  *ESPN GP - ESPN GamePlan      

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