On Inauguration Night, Barack Obama Asks Troops: White Sox or Cubs?

Barack Obama Asks Troops: White Sox or Cubs?I’ve been watching coverage of Barack Obama’s inauguration ever since I got home this afternoon. Replays of his stirring inauguration speech, the balls being held in his honor across Washington D.C., and some very loving dancing between President Obama and his wife Michelle.

This highlight of the night for this White Sox fan, however, was President Obama asking U.S. troops from Illinois Army National Guard 33rd Infantry Brigade Combat Unit where their true allegiances lie: White Sox or Cubs?

President Obama’s questioning occured during his stop at the Commander-in-Chief Ball. The troops went one-by-one introducing themselves and President Obama asked them “White Sox or Cubs?” And one-by-one, to no Chicago sports fans’ surprise and to the dismay of our new President and official First White Sox fan, “Cubs” was the answer.

Not until the fifth or sixth person, a young lady, did we hear “White Sox” answered.

For White Sox fans, the moment was a great reminder that we share an affinity for the South Siders with our new President. It was also a reminder that absolutely nothing can defeat the ridiculous love affair that Chicago, and foolish baseball fans nationwide, have with the lovable losers. For goodness sakes, what more do you need to give up on being a Cubs fandom? You have no chance at a World Series crown, your team is renowned for being one of the losingest franchises in American sports, and even your own President is a White Sox fan.

Come on people. Seriously.

Barack Obama Asks Troops on Inauguration Night: White Sox or Cubs?As we usher in this new era of change, maybe one of the changes can be an end to the ridiculous nationwide love affair with the Cubs. As I have always maintained, sucking — and being annually either terrible or choke artisits — should not be a criteria for idolatry. As we move into a new era of accountability and pragmatism, ushered in by Barack Obama, maybe baseball fans will begin to hold the Cubs accountable for 100 years of ineptitude.

Okay, so maybe not. But guess what Cubs fans? The White Sox have the better team right now, we have a World Series title this century, and now we have the most powerful man in the world as our biggest fan.

As Matt Damon famously said in Good Will Hunting: “How ya like them apples?”

(Update: Just found video over at The Huffington Post)

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  1. Haha. That Huffington Post video is funny. Did you see the look on Obama’s face after the first 4 guys said Cubs? He was disgusted then he just says, “Okay let’s just keep going until we find a White Sox fan.” Go Good GuyS!

    • @KVB, Ozzie Guillen should be Secretary of State. Sure, he might use strong and incendiary language from time to time, but who would mess with him? And he’s a polarizing figure, but not as polarizing as Hilary.

      I think President Obama missed the boat on this one…


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