The Austin Carr Drinking Game Takes Cleveland by Storm as Cavs Continue Winning Ways

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Austin Carr Drinking Game RulesI walked into my buddies’ house on Friday a little annoyed about a few things.

I was sick of the snow, still mad at the Browns, and had heard about enough of Rick Barry’s smack talk. But when the Cavaliers tipped off against the Warriors, all was right in my little corner of the world. Why?

No, not because the Cavaliers were 31-8 at the time, but because it was Austin Carr Drinking Game Time. (Editor’s Note: Click over to Shaver Sports real quick to see the official rules for the Austin Carr Drinking Game. And to see the game’s origins, head on over to Real Cavs Fans, where it all started.)

Yes, as the Cavalier Legend, and color analyst for Fox Sports, got all excited about his squad and yelled out phrases like “Get that Weak Stuff Out of here” I high-five my buddy, tipped back my brewsky, and drank for a (3) Count. I played all game long, and almost couldn’t drink anymore when A.C. said “LeBron James from deep” (Drink 1) as James hit a step back jumper – with his flawed shot – as time expired. I eventually did (Drink 1) and, when I did, I knew AC was thinking the same thing I was…what’s up now Rick?

I played again on Saturday, and after the Cavaliers won their third straight on the West Coast trip, moved to Austin Carr Drinking Game Rules12-2 against the Western Conference, and 33-8 overall, I was glad they were off on Sunday.

All day Monday I tried to get tickets to Tuesday’s game against Sacramento. Not because the Cavaliers are red hot, or because LeBron just got named Player of the Week, or because Mo Williams is playing like an All Star, or because the Cavaliers are getting production from anyone they plug into the line-up (i.e. Tarrance Kinsey, Sasha Pavlovic, JJ Hickson), or even because they are winning with 40% of their starting 5 in street clothes. No I didn’t even try to get tickets to see Moon Dog, the Scream Team, or even the Cavalier Girls.

I tried to get tickets for Tuesday’s game so I wouldn’t have to play the AC Drinking Game on Tuesday. I know the “L-Train” (Drink 1) is gonna be “Throwin the Hammer down” (Drink 2) all night, and “Consequently Fred,” (Drink 1) I can’t deal with another hangover on Wednesday.

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  1. M.J. Laughlin says:

    I think I would have been under the table after the Trailblazers game. AC said “from deep in the Rose Garden” probably 20+ times. It was great! I love AC.

  2. I was the original creator of the Austin Carr Drinking Game. The emails being circulated around are about 90% of my original work with a few things changed or added.

    The original link for the ACDG is located at

  3. J.D. Shaver says:

    Dave – Great work and great site!


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