Aaron Rodgers Says He Hasn’t Spoken to Brett Favre in a Year – Interview Transcript from Michael Irvin Show

Aaron Rodgers Interview on Michael Irvin Show - Has Not Spoken to Brett Favre in a YearEarlier today on 103.3 ESPN Radio in Dallas, Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers was a guest on the Michael Irvin show. Naturally, Irvin and his sycophant co-host Kevin Kiley talked about Brett Favre while introducing Aaron Rodgers, and then peppered him with questions about Brett Favre throughout the interview.

It was actually relatively interesting though, considering the candor with which Rodgers answered their questions, and his palpable reluctance to broach the subject. The nearly-complete transcript of the interview is below. (Note: I left out some of the stuff towards the end, and I guess I shouldn’t make fun of Irvin and Kiley for getting hung up on the Favre angle, because it’s the non-Favre stuff I left out).

The highlights are Aaron Rodgers saying that Brett Favre’s will-I-won’t-I saga last offseason definitely affected the team, and that he has not spoken to Favre since they left Lambeau Field after their disappointing NFC Championship Game loss to the Giants last year. Of course Favre’s offseason primmadonna show affected the team, but it is somewhat unexpected for Rodgers to be so blunt in saying so on a semi-national stage.

The other highlight, for me anyway, is Kevin Kiley saying “I don’t want this to be about me, I want this to be about you,” and then Rodgers saying, “Well you’re the one talking.” For anyone who lives in Dallas and listens to the Michael Irvin show, you know that while they are able to get athletes to open up and be relatively candid, they barely give their guests a chance to speak in between in their rambling questions/comments/mumbles. As you will see from the transcript, Kiley and Irvin do most of the talking, but Rodgers does make an impact with the few words he gets in edgewise.

Onto the transcript:

(FYI…you can listen to the podcast at the ESPNRadio.com.)

Kevin Kiley (KK): My position on the GB Packers were, was, is – Aaron Rodgers coulda waited, they shoulda kept Brett Favre, he took ‘em to the NFL title game last year, it was DUMB to let him get away, and that AaronMichael irvin Show | Aaron Rodgers Interview on Brett Favre Rodgers was put in a position unlike any other quarterback that has ever played the game.

Michael Irvin (MI): And I was the first to say after watching Aaron Rodgers step on that field in Dallas TWO years ago – I came in the next day and said “Ooh, oh my God, do you see what GB has.” And everybody thought I was crazy then, ‘cuz when you stepped on the field Aaron, and you started bringing the Packers back against the Cowboys I said Oh get him off the field and bring Brett back in so we could win this game. And from that day on I thought they shoulda made the move THEN to Aaron Rodgers.

KK: Yeah, and that’s exactly right. He did say that.

MI: And let this team grow as a young team together with a nucleus and move forward and do great things herein. Aaron Rodgers it’s a pleasure to have you on the Michael Irvin show man.

Aaaron Rodgers (AR): I’m glad one of you guys actually likes me.

MI: Yeah!

KK: Now don’t go there. It’s not like or dislike. I thought you’re a terrific quarterback. I just thought they shoulda kept Brett another year because –

MI: Aww, stop it, stop it.

AR: Where were you between like…March, and June?

KK: How do you mean? What, when he was retiring?

MI: When he was retired, came back, retired, came back, retired.

KK: I was feeling that Brett Favre, and I don’t want this to be about me, I want this to be about you–

AR: Well you’re the one talking.

KK: — but I thought that Brett Favre had the right —

MI: The right!?

KK: — to do whatever he wanted to do.

MI: The right?

KK: That was my feeling. What was your feeling on that Aaron?

MI: It amazes me – the right!? – isn’t, what, aren’t we’re talking about football teams?

KK: He earned the right to do in Green Bay anything he wanted to do – he wanted to retire, unretired, yes, no, yeh eh, when it’s time to play ball, if he wanted to come back and play ball, he should have been allowed to play ball.

MI: How can that not affect your football team? How can you say – and I’m asking you this Aaron – to find out; he’s in, he’s out, he’s in, he’s out, he’s in, he’s out, he’s in, he’s out, how can – how can that not – how does that affect your football team?

AR: It does. How can it not affect it? I mean, when he flew into Green Bay the day after—or the day of the Family Night scrimmage, I mean that was…talk about an awkward locker room. I mean, I’ve been the guy since March, you know? And then everybody’s like well okay, what’s gonna happen? Brett’s gonna come back, he’s gonna be the guy? Or Aaron’s gonna be the guy? Or they’ll compete for the job? Nobody knowing what’s going on, of course that’s going to affect your football team.

MI: What was the relationship like with you, uh, and Brett?

AR: I was under the impression…that it was good.

MI: Why would you say that you were under the impression?

3 second pause…

AR: You know what — We got along very well, especially the third year. Umm…but…I just wish…at some point he’d reach out to me. Honestly.

KK: In what way? In what way do you mean reach out to you?

AR: Talk to me?

KK: He never talked to you?

AR: No.

KK: Never spoke to you?Aaron Rodgers Interview on Michael Irvin Show | Has Not Talked to Brett Favre in a Year

MI: Wait, wai, wai, wait. When you were playing together, how much speaking did he do with you.

AR: I mean, it was me and him. The last year, ’07, we had no other quarterback on the roster, it was me and him, you know, we’d see each other every day, jog around with eachother every day, you know he knew how I felt about him, that I had the utmost amount of respect for him, you know…and to not have talked to him in over a year? That’s disappointing.

MI: Through all of this, going back and forth, putting you in the position that you were in – and it was a tough position – it was a tough position because now you’re sitting having to respect him for what he has done, dealing with it, and let’s just get real here that the pain of him not calling, or talking, or saying ‘this is what’s happening, this is what’s going on’…after all of that, he still hasn’t talked to you?

AR: No.

KK: Why do you think that is?

AR: I’m not gonna speak for him, so I don’t — I’m not sure.

KK: But I mean you must say to yourself, why doesn’t Brett speak to me? What could it possibly be? I can see by the look on your face that clearly you don’t think you did anything to be put in that position. So why do you think – did you become…an automatic…I don’t even want to use the enemy, but, but, you were on the other side because you had that job? But do you think that that’s the way he looked at it? And that you just, just…not speak to you? That seems odd.

AR: I don’t know. That’s a question for him. I’m not gonna put words in his mouth. But I’m – like I said, when we lost to the Giants, I mean, we left as friends, and, and, I haven’t talked to him in year so that’s kinda where we’re at.

MI: Why will you not reach out to him?

AR: Oh, I did. I did.

MI: You called him and he didn’t call you back?

AR: Yep.

MI: I’m recoiling. I gotta come up with a question. You ask him a question.

KK: Yeah, well this is difficult because I don’t wanna put Aaron in a – I can see Aaron struggling with this. If this was television, you could see he’s uncomfortable with these questions. I don’t blame him because Brett Favre is Brett Favre and Aaron was – was he a popular, was he popular on the team? There were reports that he was a little bit separate from the team and all that. Did you feel that when you guys were making that run for the NFC title? That he was separate from the other players?

AR: I’ll be honest with you, I really don’t want to go into that at all.

KK: Okay. Well let’s talk about Aaron.

MI: Let’s talk about Aaron. We appreciate your honesty there man, I appreciate –

AR: No problem.

MI: –your honesty, and I could see how difficult that must be for you because I know you admired him, I admired him, we all admired him. So…and, but you had the opportunity to work so closely with him…and grab the crumbs of the knowledge that falls off his table. So, you know, naturally there’s a closeness there so we appreciate your honesty with that man, but let’s talk about this football season…

Less than thirty seconds later, Irvin asks if Rodgers felt that, after losses, there were people wondering how things would be different if Brett Favre were still the quarterback. Rodgers responds that he’s sure there were outside of the locker room, but not inside. Kevin Kiley then asks him if there was anything else in his life that could have prepared him for what he would face taking over for Favre. Rodgers responds emphatically.


KK: How did you piece it together, just day by day?

AR: You know what? I just tried to realize that every time I got in front of the camera was an opportunity to get my message out, and to be myself, and to be real, and genuine, and try to handle it with as much grace and class as I could. I had a great support group. My other brothers, my best friend, I just stayed tight with my family, my guys on the team, and my, and my close friends back home.

MI: And you handled it just that way man, with grace and with class man. I can’t tell ya – I was a huge fan before you got here man, but you just grew with me, in a big way man. I appreciate you stopping by, I know everybody’s grabbing on you man

AR: No problem, thank you.

Then there was about 30 more seconds of Irvin and Kiley hanging off of Rodgers’ balls, basically telling Rodgers to clear out a space in Canton for himself. Seriously, you would think that Rodgers was some cross Brett Favre Has Not Talked to Aaron Rodgers in a Yearbetween John Elway and a single father who had just lost his job and was raising ten kids as much as they talked about “what a difficult situation” he was put in. Hmm…let’s see…he is one of 32 starting quarterbacks in the NFL, making tons of money, and had the full support of his coaches and teammates. Oh the tragedy! Please.

I realize that I will probably get flamed by somebody for making a mountain out of a molehill — that this interview wasn’t really a big deal; and you know what? You’re probably right. But I was bored and thought it would be fun to transcribe — and some of Rodgers’ comments were relatively interesting.

At the end of the day, Rodgers and Favre haven’t spoken and the legacy of Brett Favre continues to take hits and more and more stories like these get out. He should probably just retire before he can tear down any more of what it took him so long to build up.

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  1. It was very clear last spring that Favre is all about Favre, which was a big disappointment to me, having been a huge fan. Rodgers handled his end very well but Favre in spite of his yap about being just one of the guys was anything but one of the guys. A man who is headed to the Hall of Fame automatically should have handled the situation more gracefully, but instead he played on his fame and the adulation of fans to try and force the Packers to keep an inferior player on the field. That is just wrong. Favre showed clearly this season his time in the sun is over. He just got old, that’s all. It’s not a sin, but it is a sin to handle it in such a classless manner.

    • schndtryme says:

      @Russ, Are you kidding me OLD? I agree we get old but this man just took the Green Bay packers one game shy of the promise land and showed great talent in doing so and then they just kick him out, I’d be willing to bet that if Bret could or would talk freely that we would all find out it was not his choice to ever retire in 06 or 07 that the organization was bugging him about it and kept trying to push him aside and as the season of playing got nearer he said the hell with them I want to play and still play he can. The jets made some stupid errors this season and everything is different on the AFC side of the ball and this man came in and did a terrific job and you say he is old what will you say about KURT WARNER at the end of the game on Sunday

      • @schndtryme, yes, I am very serious. I have watched Favre over the years and it is obvious he wears down as the season goes on. It’s true he came within one game of the Super Bowl last year but he didn’t look good at all in the cold and wind. He has progressively gotten weaker and weaker as the season goes on. He faded very badly going down the stretch last year with the Jets. I’m sure he could play well for about 8 games in the good weather. Athletes at his level usually have a sudden dropoff that precipitates the end of their careers. I think Favre is at that point. I wish it were otherwise, but I really, honestly believe it to be true. I was very sad when he retired last spring but relieved that he had redeemed himself after four years of steadily declining performance. He could have walked away with a season near the top of his career stats, but he chose to risk his image and he lost the bet. The coaches that resurrected his career last year and that saw him day in and day out have the best perspective on when the time is to walk away. They told him it was time and he didn’t listen and paid the price and damaged the organization in the process. I am a certified HS coach. I know that is not the same thing but I can tell you a coach who sees an athlete every day has a bigger knowledge base to make the call. We fans only see them on game day. Now who do you really think made out on the trade? The Jet or the Packers? Case closed.

        • @Russ, I am not sure your point. Jets were 4-12 last season and 9-7 this season. Packers 12-4 with Farve and 6-10 without Farve. 0-7 with Rogers when came on line. I think people under estimated what it means to have a leader

      • @schndtryme, Oh, yeah, here’s a postscript on Warner. He has only eleven years of actual time in the league in spite of his age. He also sat on the bench for a couple of years and didn’t take the beatings. I will bet you Warner retires after the season, especially if he wins. I am cheering for him and the Cardinals. Hey, I appreciate your comments and the fact you kept the tone civil.

      • @schndtryme, You are making the same argument as all the Favre fans who make the assumption that with Favre the Packers would have picked right up again where they left off. I think Favre might have made a difference early, but the defense went off a cliff and he wouldn’t have helped there. I really think Favre just decline physically this year. The Jets added a lot of high paid talent on defense that helped them. They would have been out of it a week earlier but the Bills handed them a gift that put them back in. The Packers won all the close games the year before. This year they lost all the close games. It wasn’t all Favre and Rodgers. Rodgers handed the defense leads in I believe 7 of the losses inside the three minute mark and the defense didn’t get a single stop. You can’t say Favre was effective the last six weeks, his numbers show that conclusively. Rodgers bested him in every statistical category. Rodgers deserves the chance to grow in the job. If he doesn’t work out I will more than willing to pull the plug and move on. I am a Packer fan and that is more important than any one player.

        • @Russ, All the blame cannot be put on Favre for those final games.

          That SeaHawk game for example, i remember seeing Favre throw a perfect 40 yrd spiral that hit Coles square in the chest, then Coles dropped it. In those last games there were alot of big plays that he put the ball right where it needed to be and it was dropped. The Dolphins game, Favre drives them up field, sees defense unorganized, quickly hikes it and throws a INT because the guy wasnt even paying attention.

          And statistics dont meen anything Russ. If you are going to tell me that Rogers is a better QB then Favre based on statistics this year you are out of your mind.

        • @Russ, Yes, you are right. All the blame for the last four games can’t be put totally on Favre, but you make exact same argument against Rodgers, assuming that the only change was the QB, when defensive injuries and collapses marked the Packers season this year. I do think Rodgers is a better QB, and so do the reporters who see them close up every week. Favre has the experience to make the quick read but his physical skills are diminished. He also is prone to the very, very bad judgement that results in interceptions. I would take Rodgers hands down over Favre at this point, no joke. Look at how badly Favre regressed in throwing interceptions. Rodgers takes much better care of the ball. Favre had four sub-par seasons in a row before 2007. With McCarthy pushing him he had one last moment in the sun but once again threw the game losing interception in OT. That was the proverbial straw. That was his last best chance to get to the show and he broke down in a pressure situation. He threw to the only covered receiver on the field. It was very clear to me it was time to move on. He played terribly that night. He looked OLD! Ancient. There comes a time in every athlete’s career to face the music. You know and I know he has reached that point. Hoping for a last bit of magic is futile. Rodgers is not as good as Favre in his prime, probably will never be, but that kind of QB comes along once in a lifetime. You don’t have to have a superstar to win a title. You can do it with a team, and I think with the right combination of players Rodgers can. At any rate it is moot. Favre is no longer a Packer, he never will be again. It’s over, time to move on. I just wish he hadn’t been so childish about it.

      • Haha that's really funny. He took them one game shy of the promise land, and then beautifully floated it off to Corey Webster. Oh yeah, do you remember the other 5 or 6 times he single-handedly ruined the Packers playoff appearances? Those were so great.

  2. FAVR is one of the most highly valued SOIs on the new sports stock website http://www.oneseason.com. His legacy may be hurt by stuff like this but he’s still a HOFer and a valuable athlete to own on OneSeason. Also, Aaron Rodgers will be issued in an Initial Player Offering soon so it will be interesting to see how these two QBs value is related to each other.

  3. Farve lost his touch and magic along time ago. It’s time to move on.

  4. In the interview Rogers said he reached out to Favre . Well i just saw a interview from a local TV station in Milwaukee and the reported asked the same question and Rogers said he did not reach out to Favre …………Is he changing his story.

    • @Peg, i saw the same interview and i too think aaron is changing his story. i don’t want or expect brett to come back to green bay after the way he was treated by mike and ted. …..seems that his critics did not look at end of season records. favre followed up a 4-12 record by posting a 9-7 record for the jets. nor did they know that brett posted a great season for green bay while aaron only posted a 9-7 season. why are there so many brett haters? i think they are all jealous of a legend. in the game against miami, brett brought them back in spite of his injury but many of the other players failed him. shame on the receivers that couldn’t catch the passes and great shame to the running back who publicly blamed farve for that loss when he couldn’t run against the miami defense.
      also please quit saying that he is just old. he got the jets in first place before his arm injury!!!!!!!!!!!!
      let me just add that teddy boy tried to get rid of favre the two previous years, aaron is a crybaby although a decent qb but will never be a legend and will never be a favorite qb to people all over the u. s. his time in the sun might be over, russ but not because he is old, or over the hill, or lost his magic. just remember, he even had fans who were players on other pro teams!!!

      • @pat, I never said he was old ….and i hope he does continue to play ………. but not of Green Bay…..They let him down after all he did for the team. and i know he didn;t do it himself but was a major part of their success

        • @Peg, I think you and i are in complete agreement on brett favre..the part of my blog about him being old which i contested was in response to a comment from russ. thank you for reading my remarks.

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