Matt Hasselbeck Calls Ben Roethlisberger a Girl

Many Steelers fans are probably thinking that Matt Hasselbeck is due for a much needed reality check right about now for calling their beloved Ben Roethlisberger a girl.

From a Browns fan perspective, Matt Hasselbeck deserves a standing ovation.

While making my typical afternoon perusal of today, I came across a short blurb in which Florio relays a story from in Seattle about Matt Hasselbeck going to school with a local sixth-grader.

Matt Hasselbeck Calls Ben Roethlisberger a GirlThe story is a very heart-warming tale (if such things actually warm your heart) of a lovely day spent between Matt Hasselbeck and little Andy Co at Issaquah Middle School in Seattle. We are regaled with interesting anecdotes about Andy beating Matt Hasselbeck in a game of Wii Madden between the Seahawks and 49ers that provided funny lines like, “yes, Seattle even loses in the virtual world these days.”

The most entertaining part of the story comes towards the end in which the following exchange takes while Matt Hasselbeck was leading a school assembly on the importance of staying active and physically fit:

“Do you think girls should be allowed to play in the NFL?” one girl asked.

“Girls can play in the NFL. Ben Roethlisberger plays for the Steelers, right?” Hasselbeck said, in a playful flashback to Seattle’s Super Bowl loss three seasons ago.

“Joking. Totally joking. That was a joke,” Hasselbeck said, chuckling.

As one of my old high school friends Jay would say, “Oh, snap!”

I am only upset with Hasselbeck that he did not stand by his comment and felt the need to say it was a joke. The last time Hasselbeck stuck his foot in mouth and said something he would no doubt regret later, I didn’t hear him saying it was a joke:

Reducing the sarcasm for a minute, this was undoubtedly a very exciting experience for the kids of Issaquah, and Matt Hasselbeck seems like a hell of a guy. In fact, Andy Co said so much when asked about the Hasselbeck visit.

“It was cool,” Andy said. “He’s a normal guy who’s just really good at football.”

For Browns fans, however, nothing in the article with galvanize goodwill for Matt HasselbeckBen Roethlisberger Called a Girl by Matt Hasselbeck like calling the quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers a girl. I am sure that plenty of Browns fans will now add this term to the usual list of Ben Roethlisberger descriptions such as turd, douche, boner, and loser. Who cares if his team is in his first place. Damnit, if Matt Hasselbeck doesn’t respect him, then why should we!?

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So during a week in which Browns fans have had to come to grips with the fact that Ken Dorsey will be quarterbacking our attempt to upset the Tennessee Titans, and starting for the rest of this God-forsaken season, at least Matt Hasselbeck was able to give us all something to smile about.

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  1. Excellent. After 34 votes, “No, but he is a turd sandwich” is winning the poll. A small and insignificant reason to smile is a season of failure for Browns fans.

    • nikki sixx says:

      @JRod, are the stains really rebuilding again??? ohhhhh wait what is it called when you havent build anything yet? and you say keep it nice when you call someone a douche, turd, boner. get a grip id take the girl over anything you ever put on the field.

    • @JRod, i find it ironic that the current poll right now is “who do you think will win MVP of SuperBowl 43?”, and mr turd sandwitch himself is winning. this is why the STeelers have won 5 and are about to win their 6 pack–class. you don’t see any steeler calling out some player on another team that they never play, do you? (Anthony Smith doesnt count. he’s an idiot who doesnt even dress for games anymore.) maybe the browns and the seahawks should combine teams like they did during the war, maybe the “Brownhawks” will win FOUR games!

      • That girl has yet to lose to your Brownies after five years… dont deny that you wouldn’t give your left arm to have Ben on your team. As you guys say, “Maybe next year.”

  2. Ryan Russell says:

    I think Hasselfarve was kidding when he said, “Just kidding.”

    Big Ben = one huge bitch.

    BTW – Steelers fans are retarded, illogical, unfunny, and all smell like miners.

    The more they try to prove me wrong, the more the stereotype rings true.

    • @Ryan Russell,

      Lonely at the top…

    • Mike Miller says:

      @Ryan Russell,

  3. Much Needed Reality Check says:

    “Many Steelers fans are probably thinking that Matt Hasselbeck is due for a much needed reality check right about now for calling their beloved Ben Roethlisberger a girl.”

    First, allow me to say how honored I am to have made the lexicon of your fine site.

    And please, Brownie fans, go ahead and enjoy a yuk or two. God knows you need it with the kind of season you’ve had. (I figure what with all the laughs your Brownies have provided me, it’s only fair.)

    Now then, about the comment: the irony is, by calling Ben a “girl” Hasselbeck identifies himself as in fact the ultimate little bitch. Why? Think about it — of all players on all teams to pick on, why a Steeler? And why Ben in particular?

    Do the Seahawks regularly play the Steelers, and have some ongoing rivalry? No, in fact they’re in completely different conferences, and barely ever see each other. Yet Ben and the Steelers are clearly embedded in Hasselbeck’s crawlspace like a urologist’s finger up… well never mind, you get the idea.

    Translation: “Ohhh, I’m still mad we lost Super Bowl XL to those mean mean Steelers! Not to mention, I think I lost my make-up case too!”

    As for Ben’s supposed “girlyness” — yeah that “girl” came back from a near-death experience to continue playing pro football, not missing a single game. Meanwhile, Hasselbeck breaks a nail and next thing you know he’s on IR.

    Anyway, I can see by the results of your very own poll here the truth about how people really see Roethlisberger. Real fans know the deal.

    Hey guys, thanks again for the mention, and here’s a thought — why not invite your new hero over, you like him so much, and that way both Brownie fans and Hasselbeck can have fun sitting on the couch together, watching that “girl” play in the playoffs. Oh won’t that be cozy!

    • Steelers fans are focused on the Cowboys this weekend and the upcoming playoffs. Clearly, Seahawk fans and players have too much time on their hands, thoughts about an early pick in the ’09 draft and the realization that they’ve never won anything to keep them busy.

  4. Ryan Russell says:

    NIK & MNRC = case & point.

    • Much Needed Reality Check says:

      @Ryan Russell,

      Hey Ryan, don’t you have some toilets you should be cleaning? Time is money!

      Speaking of girls by the way, who’s that girl in your pic? She really needs to do something about that facial hair.

  5. Matt who? Nothing like a bald also-ran QB, who missed 1/2 of his starts this year for a 2 win team calling out a Super Bowl winning quarterback who will once again be in the playoffs. I guess when the football team blows, the basketball team leaves town for OKLAHOMA and Starbuck’s lays off 2/3 of the population in Seattle, this passes for news. No wonder the Pac NW is the heroine capital of the US.

    • Squizz Jorgenson says:

      Did you mean heroin? Or do Supergirl and Catwoman hail from the Pacific Northwest?

      • @Squizz Jorgenson,

        Yes, I did mean “heroin”. Good catch.

        And to clarify: Supergirl and Catwoman DO hail from the Pacific Northwest. Super Bowl winning teams do not.

        • Squizz Jorgenson says:

          @weldose, I realize that I am going to look like a bigger dork than I already do with a name like Squizz Jorgenson, but Supergirl is from Krypton and Catwoman does not hail from the Pac NW. Therefore all your credibility in this arguement is lost.

          Either way, Big Ben is a huge girl and I know this because Matt Hasselbeck is a bigger girl and can tell his own kind.

  6. Jeff Wilson says:

    You people need a reality check. How is Ben a girl? turd? loser?…when all he’s ever done since coming into the NFL is WIN!!!! Something Matt NOHAIRBECK has not done. Matt Hasselbeck is the biggest piece of garbage I have ever seen. It wasn’t him that lead the Seahawks to the Superbowl, it was Shaun Alexander. Until he or any of u moronic imbusul Steeler haters can become the youngest QB to win a ring in the NFL then come and talk, until then The Steeelers will c u losers in Tampa Bay come February.

    I’m out like Matt Hasselbeck’s receeding hair line.

  7. Hasselsucks calls Ben a girl…last time they played, Ben manned up without his top 2 WR’s and led the Steelers to a 21-0 beating on the SHE-hawks. Meanwhile, Hasselsucks didn’t even finish the game. I think he started having a heavy flow day or something. And he’s the one who admitted to losing focus in Super Bowl XL. I wouldn’t call Hasselsucks a girl–women are actually tough. Hasselsucks is just a classless pansy.

  8. If Matt hasselbeck had half the brains, and a tenth of the courage his wife does, maybe he would dip his shoulder instead of slide when scrambling. But anyway, Ben now has 2 pieces of fine jewelry. How many you got Matt as a starting quarterback? I do not subscribe to idolatry, but it’s time for you to bow and kiss the rings, and ask ben if you can , “please Ben please, just let me touch one of them”! If Ben’s a girl, it just makes you look worse. With him winning another, and a possible repeat, I am glad you have decided to put a lid on it. You were an NFC Champion, not an NFL Champion. There’s a huge difference. Now I don’t know Ben, never met him, but by his demeanor, he would choose winning over name-calling.

    Ben, on probably his worst day as a QB, still raised the trophy, and he is still setting records.

  9. Mike Miller says:

    The irony is that Ben is more of a man than anyone playing for the Browns or the Seahawks…

  10. A. He's a girl.
    B. He just received a protective order to stay away from himself.

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