WhoDeyRevolution – Bengals Fans Buy Billboards in Cincinnati, Hate Mike Brown

Bengals Fan Billboard from WhoDeyRevolutionThis is awesome.

A group of Cincinnati Bengals fans have started a group called WhoDeyRevolution to protest against the tyranny of Mike Brown and the ineptitude of the Bengals franchise. Borrowing from the movie Fight Club, these passionate Bengals fans have created a series of “Project Mayhem” action items for fans to get involved with as part of the protest.

Project Mayhem #2 included purchasing four billboards around Cincinnati, one of which is pictured to the left, calling out Mike Brown and Bengals management for the team’s failures. They also have a page entitled “Are You a Douche Bag” where interested visitors can find out if they are “a Bengals douche bag.” (Not sure if Jay Mariotti has visited yet, but even those he’s a Chicago native he is still a Bengals douche bag too.)

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The website is soliciting donations from frustrated Bengals fans in an effort to keep the billboards up. The goal is $4,500, and as of this posting they had raised just under $1,500. I’m not a Bengals fan but I am tempted to donate just because I think this kind of fan uprising is awesome and needed in more sports cities where management does not seem to have the best interests of the team or its fans at heart.

If you want to donate, visit the website linked above. They accept donations through PayPal.

Well done WhoDeyRevolution. Hopefully this is an idea that catches on in more cities where fans are forced to lived under the tyrannical rule of clueless owners and management.

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