Turkey Jones Visits Dallas-Area Browns Backers – Discusses Hit on Terry Bradshaw

It’s not every day that you get to meet a true icon of one of the teams that you root for, but many Dallas-based fans of the Cleveland Browns were able to do just that last night. Turkey Jones at Browns Backers in Dallas

Browns legend Joe “Turkey” Jones visited the Dallas-area Browns Backers last night, and could not possibly have been any nicer. He signed autographs, he chatted at length with die-hard Browns fan, he took pictures, he dispensed advice and wisdom — basically, he was awesome.

At halftime, he even took questions from the crowd. One excited Browns fan asked him to discuss the hit on Terry Bradshaw. Turkey’s response? “I was just doing my job.” He also let everyone in attendance in on a little-known fact (at least for the people there last night): he was fined an entire game check for the hit. “We had to scramble that week just so the kids could eat,” Turkey said (I’m paraphrasing)

For those of you, like me previously, who are not familiar with Turkey Jones and his monstrous hit on Terry Bradshaw, this video is all you need to get acquainted:

Turkey Jones is one of the most popular ex-Browns players, and it was easy to see why tonight.

He still goes back and spends time in Cleveland every year, though he now makes his home in the Dallas area. He is personable, warm, and patient as Browns fans from different generations asked him questions and had Turkey talk about the tackle on Terry Bradshaw, of the hated Pittsburgh Steelers, that is a sublime memory for all Browns fans who were alive to see it, and all those who later came to know it through video. Turkey regularly attends events such as tonight’s Browns Backers get-together, charity golf tournaments, etc.

You can read more about the life and career of Turkey Jones at his wikipedia page. There is no question that Turkey made last night a truly memorable one for all of the Browns fans in attendance.

Also making last night memorable was the debut of Brady Quinn and the Browns’ 23-10 victory over the Denver Broncos on Thursday Night Foot—what’s that? Denver came back and won? Jay Cutler threw for 900 yards and 17 TDs in the 4th quarter?

You’re kidding right?

Well, at least because of Turkey Jones the Browns provided pleasant memories to their fans last night. Unfortunately, Turkey was in Dallas at Life’s a Beach Sports Bar and not on the field playing defense.

We could have used him…even now, 30-some years after his playing career ended.

Thank you for being such a wonderful guest last night Turkey. The Cleveland Browns could not ask for a better ambassador than you.

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  1. Much Needed Reality Check says:

    Cheapest… shot… ever.

  2. Paul in Naples says:

    “The only highlight a brown every had against the Steelers….and it was a cheap shot

    • @Paul in Naples,

      Thanks for the comment and for visiting the site. Even though we have trended towards being Browns-centric because many of our writers are Browns fans, we always enjoy “friendly” banter with Steelers fans.

      And by the way, Hines Ward called. He asked me to take your comment down because it violated trademark laws. According to U.S. and NFL law (you decide which one supersedes the other…), any mention of cheap shots is supposed to be accompanied by a picture of Hines Ward; since he did, after all, perfect the “art form.”

      Seriously, if Hines Ward and Steelers fans and even Mike Tomlin (who I respect a lot, by the way) argue that his hits come “within the flow of the game” then you can’t seriously call Turkey Jones’ hit a cheap shot. He got his just penalty and paid his fine, as Hines Ward has done on many occasions.

      You may just want to make sure you aren’t the pot calling the kettle black before posting.

  3. I haven’t had many opportunities for a genuine comeback against Steelers fans this season. At least give me the satisfaction of that one!

    Damn this miserable season.

  4. thx

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