Browns Fans Want Bill Cowher to Replace Romeo Crennel in 2009

The Bill Cowher drumbeat grows louder with each 4th quarter collapse by the Browns.

The Cleveland Browns entered the 2008 NFL season with greater expectations than at any other point in theBill Cowher to Browns? franchise’s second life. After a 10-6 season last year, some bold offseason moves, and the expectation that an explosive offense would be even more explosive with a year of experience together, some fans were even talking about a darkhorse Super Bowl run in 2008.

Unfortunately, a Game 1 trashing at the hands of the Dallas Cowboys was a harbinger of the unrealized expectations that have come to define the Browns in 2008.

Nine games into the season, the Browns sit at 3-6. They are coming off back-to-back 4th quarter collapses in which they gave up double-digit leads at home. Derek Anderson has already been benched. Braylon Edwards can’t catch a cold. Kellen Winslow has been hospitalized and suspended. Joe Jurevicius it out for the season. Donte Stallworth can’t stay healthy. Wait…thank goodness for that last one. At least something has gone as expected this year.

The growing list of 2008 failures for the Cleveland Browns has led to whispers that have morphed into mega-phone shouts for a coaching change to happen sooner rather than later. Romeo Crennel received a contract extension in the offseason after the surprising 2007 success. Unfortunately, 2007 is starting to look more and more like the mirage, as opposed to the norm. Poor clock management, unimaginative play-calling, and a defense that was solidly bend-but-don’t-break but is now breaking, are all problems that get placed directly at the feet of the head coach.

And for many Browns supporters, the solution to everything that ails the Browns is one man: Bill Cowher.

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Frustrated fans at Browns Backers meetings are throwing his name around more often. Unsubstantiated rumors have circulated around the Internet that Bill Cowher was buying a home in Strongsville, Ohio — much to delight of Browns fans. And one Browns supporter has purchased and set up to further implore the Browns to do whatever it takes to bring the former Steelers coach back to the AFC North.

No one can argue with the success that Bill Cowher had during his time with Pittsburgh. And it is hard to defend the current Browns coaching regime with what we have seen so far this year. I don’t know how seriously Bill Cowher wants to get back into coaching, and I wonder if Browns fans really want to submit themselves to the constant antagonizing from Steelers fans who will say that the Browns could only win when they brought in a Steeler. But I have to admit, thinking about Bill Cowher roaming the sidelines, fuming at the mouth, and showing emotion that has been seen on a Cleveland sideline since Marty Schottenheimer is a pretty exciting flight of fancy.

Will it happen? Who knows. But unless the Browns can pull of a miraculous turnaround for the ages and make the playoffs, the heat on Romeo Crennel will most likely be too much for him to overcome. And then the drumbeat for Bill Cowher will grow to deafening proportions throughout Central Ohio.

Browns Fans Want Bill Cowher to Coach the BrownsCould Bill Cowher be the man to overcome the curse and black cloud that has seemed to hang over the Browns franchise since returning to the NFL? It is impossible to argue that he isn’t more qualified than the coaches currently in place. And at the very least, as with the QB switch to Brady Quinn, the sight of Bill Cowher pacing the sidelines would at least give Browns fans renewed hope that perhaps their beloved team can be a consistent competitor again.

Any Browns fan knows that hope can be fleeting, and can often be replaced by the deflating thud of unrealized potential and unmet expectations. Too often during the Browns reincarnation this has been true. But the new Browns have always had first time head coaches without a winning pedigree. Bill Cowher would bring a resume of success and, it would seem, hope that could be trusted.

Are the dream of Bill Cowher the Brown just that — dreams? Or is it truly a possibility?

Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure: when a fan base has more faith in an ex-coach from their hated rival who is currently on TV and not on the sidelines, as opposed to the current coach who recently got a contract extension, something is wrong and hope effectively gone.

Romeo Crennel has proven that he is a good man and a good, championship-level defensive coordinator. Bill Cowher has proven that he is a great, championship-level head coach. Even the most ardent Romeo Crennel-as-head-coach supporter (if there are any left) would have a hard time arguing with that.

As the drumbeat for Bill Cowher grows, only a few questions remain: will Browns’ management be able to argue with it; and will Cowher be able to resist a return to the smash-mouth division he loves so much? My gut feeling is that these questions may be rhetorical and that it’s only a matter of time and detail before the latest incarnation of renewed hope is present on the Browns sideline.

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  1. Ryan Russell says:

    Speak for yourself. CowHER is too old, and will never get the smell of Pittsburgh off of him. Besides, do we want to set the precedent that someone can LEAVE the Browns for Pukesburgh and come back? I dont think so. I hope that Panthers job that he truly wants opens up for him, so people can stop talking about Cowher and his molestache coming to Cleveland.

    • @Ryan Russell,

      you have to be kiding you realy do not know what you are talking about, the browns need someone like bill someone to get in there face and to tell them what is going to be expected of them, the browns need bill because there is not another bill out there all the rest are frinds to all the players like romeo you only do not like bill because he comes from pittburg but you should be thinging about are
      browns and what is better for them and bill is the best out there

  2. Midnight Writer says:

    The whole Bill Cowher for Browns Coach buzz has been gaining momentum with each Cleveland loss, botched clock, player discipline problems, i.e. Kellen Winslow outing Phil Savage in Staphgate, Braylon Edwards’ refusal to speak to the media about uncomfortable, uncool things like dropping the football — and the latest split in team unity voiced by running back Jamal Lewis after the Browns lost 14-point and 13-point leads against Baltimore and Denver.

    “This is a man’s game,” Lewis told reporters following the Denver debacle at Cleveland Browns Stadium. “Some people have to check their egos at the door.”

    Lewis’insinuation that his teammates were quitting on him — and Romeo — could have been blamed on Jamal’s frustration and embarrasment after the Thursday night Browns-Bronocs game.

    But when Joshua Cribbs chimed in with the same allegations’ of team members packing it in early, and deep,deep sources close to the locker room reporting that some of the players openly talk back to Coach, the story of a divisive locker room and that Crennel could have lost control of his players, the the jobs of the entire Browns coaching staff may be in jeopardy next year.

    Enter the movement to draft Bill Cowher, former coach of the Superbow Pittsburgh Steelers — Cleveland’s longtime rival. Cowher’s mug is smiling now, behind a desk at ESPN, making a go at being a broadcaster and commentator, but lacking the presence of pacing the sidelines.

    Questions as to why Cowher would want to return to 100-hour work weeks to field a new team — and if so, why the Cleveland Browns — will be addressed in my column later this week.

    By the way, rumors really began flying about Cowher coming to Cleveland after anonymous sources began phoning radio talk show hosts claiming Cowher bought a house in Strongville, an upper middle class suburb southwest of Downtown Cleveland.

    But Kenny Roda, sports talk jock for ESPN 850AM, WKNR, tried to shed light on the subject a couple of weeks ago when he claimed Cowher was simly investing in Greater Cleveland property to build a llama or alpaca farm. (Can you picture “the Face” in blue jean overalls chasing down a stubborn llama?)

    We shall see.

  3. Buttercup427 says:

    Please Mr. Bill “The Chin” Cowher to coach the Browns???? Are you insane??? I hope he knows that would really crush all of us true black & gold die hard from way back when Steelers Fans!!!

  4. To say up and comer Mike Tomlin is kind of a joke. He just got lucky enough to step in and take over an already solid football team.I say yes hope for cowher. Give all the blame you want but the Browns defense is to blame for every loss this season period. When you score the points they have you have to win games.

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO BROWNS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Midnight Writer says:

    As a Browns fan, I wouldn’t mind taking Bill Belichick back as coach — if he wants to beg a bit.

    But seriously, folks, what about Jim Fassel. I mean espn had reported Fassel wrote a letter to Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis, stating his interest in coaching the Raiders.

    Heck, if Fassel actually wants to coach the Raiders, why wouldn’t he want to interview for the Browns coaching job for 2009. You can’t say much about the Browns and living in Cleveland — but it has to be better answering to Randy Lerner than Big Al Davis.

    At least Fassell was an NFL head coach once.

    Maybe we could post the 2009 Browns head coach position on MSF and see what kind of takers we get.

    But the Browns still have six more games to go — and if we win out, our record will be 10-6, the same as last year. Then Romeo would be considered brilliant and stay.

    (I think I hear Mr. Much Needed Realty Check pecking at his keyboard.)

  6. Hello are you steeler fans stupid? Cowher came from Cleveland. Just look at it this way, we let you borrow him for 15 years. Now we want him back. And if he comes to Cleveland you better bet the piss striped steelers will go down. He is the perfect solution for the browns. Smash mouth big chin whos not affraid of winning. I dont care what you steeler fans say about it, all I know is that when we beat your ass on the field next year if Cowher is our coach I am going to celebrate and rub it into all the steeler fans that I see. So if Cowher comes back all I have to say is welcome back coach, welcome back.

    • Much Needed Reality Check says:


      Hate to inform you, but Cowher was born and raised in Pittsburgh. As in before he ever started coaching anywhere. Might want to re-think the whole issue of “who borrowed who” hmmm?

  7. ROHAN GHOSH says:

    am not sure if anyone there is aware of this but – Bill Cowher was in cleveland last month. One of my associates was taking a private jet out of Lake B. and he spotted billy with two other guys getting out of a jet….he saw it – am not sure if others were aware of this fact!

  8. Midnight Writer says:

    I believe you, Rohan.

    There have been Cowher citings. No one in the Browns organization has actually denied a move to get Cowher.

    Let’s face it: After watching him spit his way through ESPN shows, Cowher does not look comfortable. He does not have the face for television — but he does have the kind of mug that should get into Braylon Edwards’ face and spit a few words of advice to him.

    I have no doubt Cowher could get a lucrative deal to coach in Cleveland, but what about the general manager role; coordinators?

    In the Browns only needed a head coach …

  9. rohan ghosh says:

    Yeah Midnigh Writer, i kinda agree with you.

    In essence, what we need is a motivator and he is the guy. Also, Bill looks comfy on TV, i agtee. How much you think he makes? I’d say $200,000. ok how about $300,000. ok, ok, dont jump on me, how about $2 million?

    Browns offered him $9 Million. Plus he will control the franchise. You know he left Pitts because he wanted to be the highest paid coach and they showed him the door out. revenge will be sweet, if he came here.

    and look, i have nt missed a Browns game since they came back – we have nt moved an inch abive the bottom of the barrel since then (ok last year was a exception).

    Bill all the way – is my call. we cant get any worse.
    least that if you want me to stay loyal to the bowns (as i have). if they dont make a move i will give all my browns tix etc to goodwill and buy steelers gear. yup, i am sick of being fed bullshit …time for a lil change (either way). cheers

  10. Wow…Browns fans threatening to become Steelers fans. It has gotten rough in Cleveland.

  11. Midnight Writer says:


    You bring up a good point with the revenge factor.

    And see his face on the other sidelines might give Pittsburgh players and fans a bit nervous. Plus, Cowher would know exactly how to play against the Steelers.

    Randy Lerner has the money to burn.

    And men who leave jobs to be with their families, soon discover their kids have their own lives.

    Cowher also, no doubt would love the power of being a head coach opposed to being just another suit on an espn panel of talking heads.

  12. MW — just a small correction: Bill Cowher is currently on CBS, not ESPN. Cowher actually has a firm grasp of the English language, which precludes him from being a former-coach or former-player analyst at ESPN.

  13. Midnight Writer says:

    Oh, thanks for bringing that to my attention, Jrod.

    It is just that we see Cowher so many places in Cleveland, it is hard to remember where we’ve seen him last! CBS, of course!

    Wait. Maybe it was the Dairy Queen where he sprayed vanilla ice cream over the patrons.

    No, it could have been the Home Depot where he was seen buying paint and rollers for his new home in Strongsville.

    I think I saw him stroll out of Cleveland Browns Stadium, past the Science Museum and into the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame where he immediately went to the Elvis display.

    Bill and Elvis were both spotted at Dunkin’ Donuts on Snow Road in Parma.

  14. Patricktimothy1 says:

    Be careful what you wish for Cleveland. Cowher isnt God. He is am ego and megolamaniac. He insists on total autonomy. He is a drafting embicile. His horrible draft picks are legendary. He didnt want Big Ben, he wanted an offensive lineman instead. The other coaches had to almost mutiny to get him to take Ben. He has lost 75% of his passion. I believe he has been on psychiatric meds for the last 3 years, he has really gotten mellow. He is no genious either. He has used timeouts to determine whether to go for one or 2 points, even though the drive took 10 minutes. It cost them a game when they ran out of timeouts late. He is not a thinker. You all remember his passion and screaming, but that is ancient history. His wife calls the shots in the family. If he comes there, its her choice, not his trust me. She spends his money like its going out of style. When he had an affair with his secretary she took the kidfs and went to Florida for 2 months. He had to crawl to get her back. Remember, Pittsburgh and Baltimore wont be impressed with this new coach. The Steelers will play extra hard to beat him. The fans will absolutely boo him for all 4 quarters every game. He was born in Pittsburgh and will be considered a vile traitor. If you think he is your Messiah, think again. He will cost you a mint and produce nothing much more than you are used to.

    • Much Needed Reality Check says:


      A lot of truth in the above, though I can’t speak for the affair rumor. I did hear he didn’t want to draft a QB when Ben came out, but then again, Bill had about as much respect for the position as he did for the hair that clogged his bathroom drain. Think about that one Brownie fans.

      The tough-guy Bill image overshadowed the lack of game management skill, and I’d add to that the sphincter-tightening that characterized many a too-early playoff exit. Like his mentor, Bill’s great at building a regular-season winner, and as lousy in the post-season. Why you’d want Son of Marty after seeing the show in its first run is beyond me. But if it makes ya happy, keep on dreamin’. ‘Cause like I said, I’d love nothing more than to see the Steelers get the benefit of FACING Billy Ball twice a year.

  15. Viking Fan says:

    I’m a Viking fan, but being close to Cleveland, I see a Cowher move to Cleveland to be the shot in the arm the Browns need. Coach Cowher is a WINNER, a motivator, and he’ll tell the slackers to go flip burgers if they don’t want to go balls-out to win.

  16. Midnight Writer says:

    Hey, Viking fan, welcome to the Midwest!

    Yeah, I’ve been to many games at the stadium in December, when the winds swirling off Lake Erie, makes playing football on the frozen grass, a true man’s game.

    The weather in Minneapolis can be frigid and icy … oh, wait! You guys have a dome, right?

    Just bustin’ your balls, man. Thanks for the support. Browns fans showed up on Sunday with signs calling for “Cowher Power.”

    No, Timothy, Cowher isn’t God, but he may be the closest thing to Him to a Browns fan.

    • Much Needed Reality Check says:

      @Midnight Writer,

      I don’t blame you for a-bustin’. The image I remember of the Purple People Eaters, which they show on ESPN sometimes, is smoke comin’ from the mouth in the coldest of winter. A real home advantage too. Those guys were to me the ultimate outdoor warriors. But hey, with a team called the “Vikings” you should be playing inside a cushy warm dome right? Kind of like if the Golden State Warriors started going out and holding flower-power peace rallies.

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