Brady Quinn Visits Dr. James Andrews For Second Opinion on Finger

(Update: Brady Quinn has now been ruled out for the season.  Is it possible that Derek Anderson will not the be the one to step in and replace Quinn?  See the Top 10 Candidates to Replace Brady Quinn at QB for the Browns.)

Why can’t 48 hours pass without some sort of controversial story about the Cleveland Browns?

Seriously. is reporting that quarterback Brady Quinn, who has been suffering from an injured index finger on his throwing hand, has flown to Birmingham, Alabama to receive a second opinion on the severity of the injury from Dr. James Andrews.

You may know Dr. James Andrews from the 97,431 other stories in the past few years about athletes visiting him. This guy is like some sort of oracle or magical faith healer (or, just a really good orthopedic surgeon, I suppose). His name is also the most dreaded sound in the world of fantasy football. If your player is visiting Dr. James Andrews, it is rarely a good sign.

Brady Quinn Visits Dr. James Andrews for Second OpinionThe news that Brady Quinn is traveling to see the magic doctor is surprising. While Romeo Crennel said that he thought Quinn’s injury was affecting his play somewhat on Sunday, resulting in Crennel benching Brady Quinn for Derek Anderson in the second half, Quinn steadfastly denied that the finger was a problem.

Yet, now he’s flying down to see Dr. James Andrews.

Hmm…not really sure what to make of this. The interesting part is that, according to the story, Quinn flew down to Alabama on his own initiative. The story does not say whether Quinn told the Browns he was going, but it certainly seems to allude to the possibility that he did not.

Honestly, it would not really surprise me if Quinn just went on his own. It was pretty obvious that he was pissed off that Crennel benched him on Sunday, and the Browns do not exactly have the most successful record when it comes to medical matters. Something tells me Brady did not want to be skipping over to the Cleveland Clinic in anything less than a HazMat suit.

It shall be interesting to see what comes of this. First off, hopefully the finger is okay and does not require any further surgery. Nothing against Derek Anderson (hell, I cheered when they put him in Sunday…before reflecting on it and realizing it was a poor decision) but the Browns need Brady Quinn to start the next five games. We have to see what we have in him, and he needs the experience. Any setback due to injury would be disastrous in terms of planning for next year.

Secondly, I will be interested to see if the Browns have a comment. It doesn’t exactly look good when your franchise QB is flying on his own to get second opinions on his injury and, ostensibly, not including the team in the decision.

Either way, the Browns play the Colts this weekend, and would get smoked even if John Elway was playing quarterback if the defense cannot do a better job against Peyton Manning than they did against…ugh…Sage Rosenfels. But hopefully Brady is back from Birmingham with a positive opinion of Dr. James Andrews. The Browns need him under center as they play out the string and plan for the future.

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  1. Chad Brady says:

    Brady Quinn looked good enough in place of Derek Andersen. Maybe he’s the future the Browns were looking for, assuming Braylon Edwards can catch a ball.


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