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(Admin Note: This is the first in a new periodic series to be featured here at Midwest Sports Fans: the Sports Agent Corner. Gary Glick, President and founder of the Dallas-based sports agency Synergy Sports Inc., will be our regular guest. Mr. Glick has worked recently with former Big 12 standouts Maurice Purify, Marcellus Rivers, and Dwayne Blakely.)

Midwest Sports Fans: One of your players is Maurice Purify of the Cincinnati Bengals, who has found his share of trouble. You have said that too big a deal has been made out of his off-field issues. How so?

gary glick agent synergy sportsGary Glick: Maurice Purify transferred to Nebraska at a rough time in his life and although I make no excuses for a player’s behavior, Mo had 4 close relatives pass away during that time. He was accosted by a bouncer at a club and got into a fight and was charged with assault. During his probation, he received a DUI and then subsequently during a house party, he and his uncle (a school counselor from Missouri) were watching an ESPN special in the basement of a friend’s house when the police burst in and asked people to leave. The people in the basement (including Mo) did not hear the request and were issued citations (even his uncle). The citation constituted a violation of his probation.

When looked at as a whole, his “offenses” do not appear that egregious and surely do not constitute the seeming “black balling” he received on Draft day.

For those who read this, try to keep in mind that Maurice Purify was a college kid and try to remember the things you did in college, whether you got caught or not.

I have gotten to know him and have seen a humble guy that is incredible with fans and with children. To actually know Maurice Purify is to realize that he is not this player with ridiculous “off the field issues” but a good guy that wants to succeed and has the ability to succeed with the Cincinnati Bengals and in the NFL.

MSF: Maurice has been hurt, and the Cincinnati Bengals offense has been terrible. What is his outlook for the rest of the season?

Gary Glick: Mo split the webbing in his hand during training camp and received 9 stitches, which caused him to miss significant time in training camp and preseason games. He came back too earlmaurice purifyy from the injury and re-split it, causing him to miss even more time. Maurice was placed on the Practice Squad, but all indications from speaking with team officials are that he is well-received and is expected to contribute positively to the Cincinnati Bengals. As you may be aware, when a player is on the Practice Squad, they are eligible to be picked up by any NFL team and placed on that team’s roster; so if Maurice does his job, we feel sure he will be on the Cincinnati Bengals or another roster relatively quickly.

MSF: Can Maurice succeed in Cincinnati, or would his chances improve by going to a better team or one without such experienced wide receivers?

Gary Glick: I really believe that Maurice Purify can succeed on any team that gives him the opportunity. He has been an incredible athlete and contributor wherever he has played. In fact, he was even an All-State basketball player in California before transferring to Nebraska. He has the size (6’ 3 1/2” and 220lbs) and the speed (4.4 in the 40) to be an effective NFL player. His “off the field” problems are more of a perception than a reality due to the fact that as an athlete each incident, regardless of the degree, was documented in the press.

The Cincinnati Bengals are really a talented group and I can think of few QB’s that I feel could work with and develop the success of Maurice Purify more than Carson Palmer. They are somewhat strong at WR, which was not the case when Mo signed a contract. In fact, at the time, Chad Johnson had indicated he was absolutely not coming back, Chris Henry was suspended and it was our understanding that he was also not coming back, so they were relatively thin at WR, especially in terms of depth. There are teams that are indicating an inmarvin lewis cincinnati bengalsterest so we will not know exactly where Mo will be in the near future, but feel comfortable that he is liked by the Cincinnati Bengals, knows the system, and has an excellent QB in Carson Palmer who can only make him better.

MSF: What did you think when the Bengals undercut the purported wishes of head coach Marvin Lewis and brought Chris Henry back?

Gary Glick: I have a great deal of respect for Marvin Lewis and can never be sure of the “behind closed doors” conversations between coaches and personnel. From my own beliefs and even for somewhat selfish reasons, I was disappointed.

Selfishly, I feel it took a roster spot away from a WR which might have been filled by Maurice Purify. In fact, as I mentioned, when we signed it seemed that the Bengals were not intent on bringing Chris Henry back.

From a standpoint of beliefs, I feel everyone should be given a second chance; but when a player starts earning third, fourth and fifth chances, its time to have an “enoughs is enough” attitude. There are literally scores of talented players just waiting for an opportunity to try out for a team. It’s a shame that those who could make a team and who have a good, criminal-free reputation are on the outside looking in while players who continue deviant activities are given multiple opportunities.

MSF: What is your philosophy on taking a player like Chris Henry or Adam “Pacman” Jones. Worth the trouble or no?

Gary Glick: I am a firm believer that everyone deserves a chance–even a second chance. On the other hand, once a player has proven himself to be a habitual trouble-maker, it is time to cut ties. With both of these players, Chris Henry and Pacman Jones, ample opportunity was given for them to make amends. In the case of Pacman Jones, I think it is appalling that he is in the league. He was blessed with incredible talent (which is obviously the only reason he has been given so many chances) but has proven time after time that he is not deserving of the NFL and all the league should stand for.

Numbers of children watch the NFL and emulate these talented players. What does it say to a child when a player has been arrested six times in three years and has had an additional seven run-ins with the police? To me it says that no matter what you do or how many crimes you commit, its acceptable if you are a good enough athlete.

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