Kellen Winslow Upset with Browns, Savage About Contract | Winslow Suspended

(Update: Kellen Winslow has been suspended by the Cleveland Browns for one game for conduct detrimental to the team.)

I am taking a quick break from work to point all Cleveland Browns fans and interested observers about the Kellen Winslow situation in the direction of a great article by Terry Pluto on He goes into more depth about Kellen Winslow’s current frustration and his point is that this entire fiasco is about one thing: money.

kellen winslow cleveland brownsI have been a huge supporter of Kellen Winslow, but am now starting to feel like I was blind to the facts and that the assertion on that the Browns might be better off without Winslow was not as far off as I originally though. I already discussed Winslow’s selfishness in the Browns-Redskins recap from last night, and I don’t want to steal too much of Terry Pluto’s thunder. Read his article, and know that I agree with him wholeheartedly.

With respect to contract disputes in the NFL, I typically side with the player. The NFL is set up in such a way that owners have all of the leverage. Contracts are not guaranteed, players can be cut at almost any time, and unless you are a super-duper-star and have a very favorable deal, there is very little guaranteed security. For that reason, and considering the potential for injury on every play, I think players and their agents have to look out for the player and exercise their leverage whenever they have it. If it means a holdout as a rookie, or before a season after the player has performed well, I don’t usually hold it against the player if they are being reasonable.

In this case, Kellen Winslow is not being reasonable.

Before his NFL career even got of the ground, Winslow proved that he is a knucklehead when he got into the serious motorcycle accident that left his knee forever damaged. The Cleveland Browns were perfectly within their rights to terminate Kellen’s contract and not pay him. However, because the Browns were committed to Kellen Winslow as a long-term piece of the puzzle to build around, they did pay him. And now that Kellen is actually coming off a season in which he played 16 games, he’s crying that he’s underpaid.

How about how overpaid you were when you weren’t even on the field — because of your own stupidity and recklessness!?!? Kellen, are you serious?

Look, Phil Savage should have called Kellen Winslow if he didn’t. And if Kellen had a staph infection, then Cleveland needs to ramp up the vigilance and figure out what the hell is going on. They have taken extreme measures already, but the problem may not yet be solved. Guess what — time to move onto plan C or D or whatever this would make it. So I have no problem with Kellen being upset about those two issues.

But the crux of Kellen’s discontent is his contract. He has a new agent in Drew Rosenhaus, which means that demands for a new contract were a given. Remember, agents only get paid on a new deal. The old agent makes the commission on the deal signed before. So of course Kellen Winslow would be angling for a new deal. To a certain extent, he is not outside of being reasonable in wanting a new contract at some point. He’s a major player for the Browns, and probably is slightly underpaid at only $4 million this year when Dallas Clark just signed a huge new contract with the Colts.

But, the history has to be taken into account here. Look at all the Cleveland Browns have already done for you and quit acting like a selfish child, Kellen. Take a stand and tell Drew Rosenhaus to shove it up his rear, and that you’ll renegotiate at the end of the season with your best interests and the interests of the Browns in mind. Remember the Browns Kellen? The name on the front of your jersey? Remember when Phil Savage and the Browns took care of you when they could have cast you out on the street when there was no guarantee you’d ever be a healthy, effective player again? A high character player who is a team leader and a building block of a championship team, who is worthy of a big contract, would act with at least some semblance of selflessness and team-first spirit. You have to look out for yourself as NFL player, but Kellen Winslow is actually one player that was protected by his organization, and given money that he did not necessarily deserve.

Kellen Winslow, however, decided to air his dirty laundry immediately after the most crushing loss of the Browns season. Put two and two together; you’ll know my new opinion of Kellen Winslow, whose jersey I proudly wore all day yesterday.

I just feel like a schmuck that I didn’t take off the rose-colored glasses and see all of this before.

(Update just read on both and that Kellen Winslow could potentially be disciplined by the Browns for going public with his comments. Romeo Crennel reacted to Winslow’s outburst today and was none to pleased that his start tight end went to the media before bringing his problems up with organization.)

(Update #2 — A very good article from the Northern Ohio News-Herald regarding Kellen Winslow and the staph infection epidemic in Cleveland. Highlights of the article include: a) Kellen Winslow and Phil Savage engaged in a heated exchange in the tunnel before Winslow spoke with the media; b) good perspective from coach Romeo Crennel regarding the pressure that NFL players face due to the fear of injury; c) more information regarding the Cleveland Browns and their inability rid themselves of staph infections.)

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  1. MidnightWriter says:


    What is this? Nazi Germany? I guess you are not allowed to talk to the press about a staph infection. Because now, Kellen Winslow, perhaps the Browns best playmaker, the guy with the golden hands, the man who has played hurt since day one, has been suspended for one game.

    Against the friggin’ Jaguars, for God’s sake! Coming on the heels of quarterback Derek Anderson’s worst outing, yet, in the Browns 14-11 loss to Washington on Sunday.

    That is indeed, a Savage punishment that hurts the team’s chances to win and tells all Browns fans that Savage would rather lose a football game than have any player disobey him and tell the truth!

    Kellen’s own team is suspending him! Not for getting drunk all the time or beating up his own body guard (ala Packman Jones), but for embarrassing Phil Savage by TELLING THE TRUTH.

    Midnight Writer is so mad and disgusted with the Browns organization, that I’ve begun to post at the ungodly hour of 6:30 pm. EST.

    This cannot happen. If Kellen Winslow’s sentence is not suspended by the time the Browns play Jacksonville, the Browns fans — throughout the Midwest — across the country will rise up and make ourselves heard!

    Calling all Browns fans! I look forward to your comments.

    A game suspension for having the audacity to speak the truth as to why he was in the hospital. Kellen, I feel your pain.

  2. I don’t think we know enough about this situation to make accurate judgments.

    However, here is a little more info: the statement from Phil Savage:

    Phil Savage Official Statement

    I appreciate your passion Midnight Writer, but I do not think that Browns fans “everwhere” are going to rise up. What exactly would be the end result of an “uprising?”

    Here is what we know:
    –The Browns have had waaaaay too many staph infections, and need to get it figured out. Now.
    –Kellen Winslow reportedly acquired another staph infection.
    –Kellen Winslow accuses Phil Savage of not calling him to see how he was doing. Sounds strange, and if true, I fault Savage. One of your players is in the hosptial — how do you not call him? If this isn’t true, I have two words for you: Drew Rosenhaus.
    –According to the Savage statement, the Browns, Kellen, and his representation agreed to not reveal the nature of the injury.
    –Immediately following the most crushing loss of the season, Kellen pops off about the situation with little regard for how it negatively impacts a team that is on the brink as it is.
    –Kellen’s new agent is Drew Rosenhaus.

    Hmm…that last one should give you pause. You remember Mr. Next Question right? Remember TO’s antics when he wanted a new contract in Philly? Remember what Chad Johnson did all offseason? Remember that agents do not get paid on a contract negotiated by an old agent. And Kellen suddenly switched to Drew Rosenhaus before the season. I’m sure that Drew Rosenhaus is noted for his patience and willingness to let Kellen honor his contract.

    Yeah right.

    Is Phil Savage probably in the wrong if he did not call, and perhaps for wanting to hide the truth? Sure. But wouldn’t you rather the Browns try to keep it under wraps than let the world know? Perhaps Phil Savage was looking at signing free agents for the next five years as opposed to winning one game. You think free agents will be more willing to come if the Browns are honest about every staph infection? They’re doing everything get it figured out. Why compound the problem? This is the NFL…where information is an advantage.

    Hence — conduct detrimental to the team. Truth or not, the conduct was detrimental in many ways and violated the agreement management had made with Kellen.

    Besides, the last time I checked, we won our last game without Kellen. We’re 1-4 with him. Just sayin’…

    Perhaps instead of jumping to conclusions we should look a little deeper. Phil Savage and Romeo Crennel are under fire for the 2-4 start. Do you think they would just flippantly suspend one of their most talented players? Please. That’s preposterous. It leads me to believe that there is plenty more behind the scenes going on and that part of the reason for the suspension is a) we may be better without Kellen if he’s only thinking of himself, and b) The Browns want to nip the Drew Rosenhaus charade in the bud right now.

    We’ll see once more information comes out. Losing Kellen sucks, because he always brings it on Sunday. But his big, emotional mouth just cost him, probably justifiably, $250K.

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